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Betsy Ankney, Campaign Manager
Campaign Update
November 3, 2016

Game on, team. Heres the rundown:

Tight races are won and lost due to many factors money and message included but
ground game can make the difference of two to three percentage points. And when it
comes to ground game, no one outperforms Wisconsin Republicans.
We are firing on all cylinders and theres simply no comparison between our operation
and Senator Feingolds. Weve made over 3 million contacts cycle to date, with over 1.6
million on doors alone.
Senator Feingold sent an email on September 24th where he cites knocking on 84,000
doors for the cycle. At that point, we were knocking on 84,000 doors per week and
now we plan to hit an additional 750,000 doors before election day.
Our fundraising prowess and lean operation have allowed us to have an advantage on
the airwaves going into this final stretch.
We entered the final weeks of this campaign with more cash than Feingold and the
ability to put more lead on the target.
One of the many reasons why Harry Reids super PAC had to swoop in is because
mano a mano, we have been outspending the Feingold team on TV.
Senator Feingold and his team are using the same tired partisan playbook that was
used by Democrats in the 1990s back when Russ Feingold still had his principles.
They have spent millions and millions of dollars on false attacks against Ron and it
clearly hasnt worked.
I mentioned it last time but I still find it to be particularly telling Feingold has run 21 ads
since April, and not a single one has mentioned anything hes done or accomplished.
Ron, on the other hand, has shown people who he is and what hes done. Whether
talking about his background as a manufacturer, or showing how he helps out with his
grandkids, or talking about the initiatives hes spearheaded and the people hes helped,
we have largely run a positive campaign that has shown the people of Wisconsin who
Ron Johnson is, what hes done, and what he intends to do.
Thats not to say we havent drawn a contrast we have, but weve done so using
Feingolds own words to demonstrate just how much he has changed over the course of
34 years and how hes in it for himself, not the people of Wisconsin. Well continue to

push who Ron is and how hard hes working for Wisconsin but well also make clear
Senator Feingolds hypocrisy over the final week.
As the Marquette poll showed this week to "audible reaction" from the crowd, this race
is now not only tighter than ever and within the margin of error -- it's a pure toss-up.
o We are leading independents by six points a thirteen-point swing from the last
Marquette poll.
o For the first time, Senator Feingold is trailing Hillary Clinton.
o While the presidential race remains competitive, we are outperforming the top of
the ticket.
Youve all heard me talk about our data operation and we continue to rely on our
internal modeling, which shows us with a slight lead and continues to move in the right
Bottom line is that our internal numbers, public data, and clearly polling from other
groups all show the same thing: this race is a dead heat and consistently moving in our
In a tight race, ground game makes the difference, and theres simply no comparison
between our operation and theirs.
We entered the homestretch putting more lead on the target than Senator Feingold, and
outside groups have come to his defense because hes simply not getting the job done.
Its pretty ironic that hes now having to rely on groups that he once claimed to despise.
This just goes to show how much hes changed over 34 years in politics and how hell
say one thing and do another on any issue if it helps his own political ambition.
Our positive message is resonating with the people of Wisconsin, and its pathetic that
Senator Feingolds lack of accomplishment over his 34 years in politics has forced him
to run such a negative campaign.
This race is a dead heat and continuing to move in our direction. The momentum is
clearly with Ron Johnson.
The bottom line: This race has consistently closed over the last two months and as we enter
the final days, we are right where we want to be and the wind is at our backs. When Senator
Feingold loses to Ron Johnson for a second time, it is going to be an embarrassment of epic