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To what extent, if at all, is ideological division a problem in the United States?

answer this question, Ideological division isn't really a problem within the United States. To
further justify my answer, Americans choose to live in ideologically homogenous communities.
This means that Americans with the same body of ideas generally stick with one another and so
for. Americans sort of floating together causes a state of political separation as one side of the
spectrum is arguing with the other for their rights. Overall, the framers of the constitution
favored public opinion, such as debates, which bring about many different ideological issues
whether its political, cultural, or from a religious standpoint.
To begin with, Ideological division has to deal with the separation of belief among
the American population. In document 1, the author states, America may be more diverse than
ever coast to coast as this statement shows that division of ideas are present coast to coast.
This document also states, Americans have been sorting themselves over the past three decades
into ideologically homogenous communities as this also means that citizens of the United
States unite around who believes in what they believe in. however in Document 2, Obama states
that, ...We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us
defending the United States of America. Obama is opposing Document 1 by saying that
although opinion is present, we are one as a whole and not ideologically homogeneous
communities. To continue, Document 4 is a prime example of ideological division as it shows a
poll for different issues around the united states. This is a good example because it shows that
different types of americans such as solid liberals and hard-pressed democrats have different
views on some issues, and some issues they have nearly the same views. This document also
shows how ideological division is present and also how different types of Americans differentiate
from one another when it comes to beliefs which is part of the United States being ideologically

To further justify my claim, documents 5, 6, and 8 all show that there is

ideological division within the United States. According to Document 5, the last paragraphs title
states Little Shift in Ideology, and basically this is stating that people's views or beliefs had little

change despite electoral swings in the recent elections. Document 6 is telling us that Americans,
although they disagree on specific issues, they share the same core values and beliefs: Equality,
Liberty, and Democracy. When the author stated his/her first sentence he clearly said, Although
Americans often disagree on specific issues, they share a number of core values and beliefs
which means that ideological division is not a problem in the united states but is present due to
public opinion. Document 8 states that, Americans have been debating since before the Constitution
was ever signed. Debating is what offsets different political values of different Americans and debates
further prove ideological division and being that the Constitution supports debate to reflect on certain, key
issues ideological division is not a problem in the United States. In conclusion, Documents 5,6,and 8
show and prove that ideological division is not a problem within the United States through plain text and
visuals such as graphs to show little change in ideology and that there is not a problem pertaining to
ideological division.
All in all, ideological division is not a problem within the United States. People of the
same ideologies have hung or migrated with one another for years and is still done today. Although many
would disagree and say ideological division is a problem, they fail to realize that ideological division is
what the public's opinions, which fuel major candidate elections, and other, even small, issues within the
United States. Ideological Division is not a bad thing due to its importance in society in which Americans
have different views and these views are what forms the United States, home of a Democracy.