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CSA 2016 – WEEK #14

August 18, 2016

News From the Farm
It is gift of Mother Nature, a day of rain for the farmer...

This week in your
 Baby Carrots
 Summer Squash
 Tomatoes
 Beets
 Basil
 Eggplant
 Spicy Peppers
 Zucchini
 Young Purple Potato
 Cabbage
 Lettuce
 cucumber

This past week we saw rain at the farm that continued on and off
for an entire day. It was a much needed relief for both our fields
and our bodies at Tilian. I think everyone has been struggling to
find the energy to push through these dog days of summer, and we
all took a deep breath, followed by a long sigh...then a nap when
the rain began! I know I haven’t been as productive at the farm the
past couple of week as I would have liked to be, as I’ve been
seeing the effects of the weather on my health. Farming in high
heat is a true health risk for farmers everywhere and we need to
take extra care and thought to stay hydrated if we are to keep
working to get our daily tasks completed. I find that taking
additional water breaks along with wearing sun protective clothing
helps. As much as I love the sunshine, it almost feels better to
wear a light weight long sleeve shirt on hot days than a tank top.
Farming attire has been on my mind a lot lately. In the hoop house
where the tomato plants reach the top of my head, I have learned
one can be highly sensitive to tomato foliage; breaking out in itchy
hot rashes. And in the field, the tiny ground bees (I call sweat
bees) are attracted to the salts on your skin. They will land on your
open skin and often sting if provoked by accident. I propose that
women of the farming world come together to create a true,
affordable female workwear line of clothing -to support our bodies
as we farm day in and day out for our families and our

We have fresh eggs available!
Abby’sAcres (a Tillian farm) has eggs available for $6/
doz. If you’d like them along with your share, let me
Lets talk about those ugly, but tasty cucumbers you’ve been
getting in your share. The unsightly scuff markings on the outside
of your cucumbers is due to cucumber beetle damage. They are
the most prominent pest of cucumbers and melons and can
cause total loss of the crop, if not careful. So what can we do
about it, you ask? Well, there are a number of “organically
allowable” insecticidal sprays that can help, they can also be
protected by physical barrier until they flower and need pollinating
(this is only a partial solution,} and some people find success by
growing cucumbers in a hoop house setting– often with insect
netting on the hoop house sidewalls to keep the beetles from
entering. This season I chose to use row cover (physical barrier)
rather than any type of spray “government approved” or not. This
posed the risk that when I needed to open the cover, the beetles
could be in high population and cause a lot of damage, which
they were and they did. All that said, I hope you’ve been able to
enjoy your cucumbers this season.
I hear there’s even a new found appreciation for “ugly” produce in
Europe, called the “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” campaign!
Maybe the United States will follow suit in the future, and we can
all begin to enjoy less food waste and more interesting looking
“inglorious” food in our homes!

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