Rethinking Globalisation and World Development: Future of consumption

Prof. Markku Wilenius Group Economic Research & Corporate Development Allianz SE CLUB OF ROME meeting in Vienna 16 16-17th April, 2009
Based on Mokka, Roope & Neuvonen, Aleksi (eds.) 2009 We Were consumers: Four Tales from 2023

“Democratizing” Democratizing” consumer society

rplus production

Consumer electronics boom

long-tail ma

Short history of consumption
1960 1970 1980 1990 2000



Marketing & new needs

Niche markets

necessarily correlate…

opment of wealth and life satisfaction in the US

Consumer society beyond ecological overshoot?

tizen: We have to put strictions and gulations on consumption

onsumer: No! Do you know hat followed when they arted restricting things Soviet union, Germany, orth Korea and Burma?

Consumer society is stronger than politics?

consumer society

0 -80%



2020 CO2 -30%


4 scenarios to year 2023


Da Capo

Awakening to Planetarism

tomistic Society
15 Years More Doctor Local Solutions

Societ Directed Comm Responsi

No Global

15 years more

No agreement on climate other global resources Apathy after failed Copenhagen summit Fierce competition Ecological consumption niche market

New start towards global

Doctor local solutions
No global agreement

Strong local commun

Peer-pressure and surveillence on consumption patterns

Ecological forerunner regions prosper Everything is local

Awakening to planetarism

Global ecumenical movement for climate agreement Strong post-Kyoto agreement Global government

Big global infrastuctu projects

Rapid change in consumption patterns

Da Capo
Global agreement

1950’s sense of responsi Web 2.0 surveilence on consumption

Large individual freedom New local solutions

50~70‘s I need welfare state


nt consumer society, individualization

2000‘s can knowledge-based society

It is an age whe people want to b players, not jus spectators


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