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Employee Number & Identity / Access card
An employee number is provided to each employee on joining, to establish a unique
identification and is used in official documents / correspondence. An employee will also
be provided with an access card which will enable him / her to gain access to the various
facilities of Symphony Teleca India Pvt Ltd. Any loss or inadvertent destruction of access
card must be intimated to HR immediately. HR will invalidate the old access card.
Attendance Guidelines
It is mandatory for everyone to use access card for the purpose of registering attendance.
An employee is expected to apply leave / vacation and have his / her leave approved
through the st HR suite leave system before he / she proceeds on leave.
Personal Information
The HR department maintains personal records of all the employees. It is important that,
at the time of joining, full particulars are furnished to HR together with copies of
education certificates, proof of age, service certificates, if any, etc. The Company
reserves the right to initiate disciplinary action, which could result in termination of
services, if at any time, it is found that the information given by the employee is
misrepresented or false or that the employee has consciously tried to suppress
information pertinent or effecting his / her employment in the Company.
Please communicate in writing immediately to HR, if there are any changes relating to
your address, contact phone number, additional qualifications, marital status, change of
nomination, passport details etc.
All employees will be eligible for gratuity as per the payment of Gratuity Act. An
employee who has worked for 5 years and above in the Company is eligible to receive
gratuity at the time of separation.
The leave year will commence from 1st January to 31st December. All employees are
eligible for a total of 26 days of Privilege leave for each year of service. This leave
accrues each month that an employee works, however, it is credited to the employees
leave account in advance on the date of joining or beginning of each quarter, whichever is

earlier. Availing of leave will be subject to the Companys Leave rules in force from time
to time. More details on leave are published in the Companys Leave Policy.

The Company reserves the right to transfer an employee to any other location,
department, establishment or branch of the Company in India or abroad. In such case, the
employee will be governed by the terms and conditions of service as applicable to the
new assignment.
Termination Notice
Just as any employee may resign at any time for any reason, the Company reserves the
right to terminate an employee at any time without assigning any reasons thereof.
However, in such a case, notice period as mentioned in the separation policy will be
Settlement of dues
Any employee separating from the Company shall complete their exit formalities with a
no due clearance from his/her manager and from the support departments. Dues if any
shall be settled by the company or the resigned employee as the case may be.
Conflict of Interest
An employees position with Company calls for whole time employment and he / she will
devote himself / herself exclusively to the business of the Company. An employee will
not take up any other work for remuneration (Part time or otherwise) or work on advisory
capacity or be interested directly or indirectly (except as share holders or debenture
holders) in any other trade or business, during his / her employment with the Company,
without permission from the Company.
All the above terms and conditions including those in your appointment letter based on
Company policies, procedures and other rules are currently applicable and are subject to
amendments and enhancements from time to time. An employee will also abide to all
other rules and regulations of the Company with regard to work timings, working beyond
office hours, training and any other policies that shall be in force.