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BillYoung ‘61
Jerry Cismoski ‘66
Tom DuMais ‘66
Tony Byrnes ‘71
Larry Heavey ‘71

Brint White
Alumni Association
2016 Junior of the Year

The Board of Directors of
Brother Rice High School
Extend Congratulations to:
The Class of 1966
Bill Young ‘61
Jerry Cismoski ‘66
Tom DuMais ‘66
Tony Byrnes ‘71
Larry Heavey ‘71
Viriliter in Christo Jesu

32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
- PROGRAM Brother Rice Alumni Association
32nd Annual All-Alumni Reunion Dinner
Friday, November 11, 2016
Tom Carmody Center (BRHS Cafeteria)
Cocktails ....................................................................................................... 7:00 p.m.
Class of ’66 Procession into Carmody Center
Brother Rice Fight Song, National Anthem, and Taps – Brother Rice Band
Opening Prayer .....................................................................................Brother Collins
Welcome and Presentation of Edmund Rice Award.............................. Dr. Kevin Burns
President of Brother Rice High School
Master of Ceremonies ....................................................................... Tom Gorman ’85
Junior of the Year..................................................................................Brint White ’17
Other Finalists: Joe Alvarez ’17
Ryan Kutt ’17
Brian Paperinik ’17
Jack Pufunt ’17
Man of the Year & Alumni Hall of Fame................................................. Bill Young ’61
Jerry Cismoski ’66
Tom DuMais ’66
Tony Byrnes ’71
Larry Heavey ’71
Live Heads & Tails Raffle .................................................................. Tom Gorman ’85

CLASSES OF 1961, ’66, ’71, ’76, ’81, ’86, ’91, ’96, ’01, ’06, AND 2011


32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
Welcome Back Fellow Alumni:
We hope you enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you! “We” includes today’s
faculty, staff, and students, along with the many outstanding volunteers from the
Alumni Association and other organizations who move the school forward, including
our Board of Directors, led by Steve Rosenbaum ’74, a member of both the school and
alumni halls of fame.
Two men who lead Brother Rice today, Dr. Kevin Burns and Jim Antos, remind
me daily what I learned when I was 14, fifty years ago. You do not have to be a
graduate to fully embrace and embody genuine Crusader spirit, as noted in our list of
Alumni Association Men and Women of the Year and our Honorary Alumni within
the Alumni Hall of Fame. The commitment to build and improve Brother Rice is
stronger than ever.
This year’s alumni honorees – Bill Young ’61, Jerry Cismoski ’66, Tom DuMais ’66,
Tony Byrnes ’71, and Larry Heavey ’71 – exemplify the full range of gifts that alumni
bring. Please read their profiles, for it is because of alumni like these that we can
sustain our position as the number one choice for boys seeking Catholic education
in our area. When over the past two years Bill Young followed Jerry, Tom, Tony, and
Larry, with his historically huge gifts, we started using the theme, “Forever Young,”
which describes the young men these men support and the new life their gifts bring
toward sustaining Brother Rice.
We know many of you are here to be with old friends, but we also know you are here
to bring new life for today’s Crusaders. Many alumni come every year because they
enjoy giving back to Brother Rice, with many giving something every year throughout
the year. You continue to be an inspiration to everyone who works at building and
sustaining our future.
While enjoying our time together in the Carmody Center, please remember those who
cannot be with us because they are ill or are no longer with us, and in a special way,
please remember on this Veteran’s Day those who died in service of our country, or
while in the line of duty, to keep us safe.
We have much for which to be grateful, and you being here tonight on campus, thanks
to the sacrifices of many, reminds us how fortunate we are to be together again.
Gratefully and sincerely,
Jim Casey ’70
VP Alumni Relations

What is the distinction between Man and
Woman of the Year & Alumni Hall of Fame?
A Man or Woman of the Year can be nominated by anyone associated with Brother Rice
High School in Chicago. The Brother Rice Alumni Association then discusses and decides
who is selected for a particular year based on the following criteria.

• Any man or woman who has provided outstanding service or support on behalf
of the students of Brother Rice High School over an extended period of time.

• Any man or woman who has provided outstanding service or support on behalf
of the students of Brother Rice High School in a momentous (significantly
increasing) way for a shorter period of time.

There are now four ways in which a man or woman or family can be inducted into the
Alumni Hall of Fame:

1. Any alumnus who has been selected as Man of the Year. In 1998 there were 13
alumni who were grandfathered into the Alumni Hall of Fame because they had been
previously honored as Men of the Year. Also in 1998, three new alumni were honored
as Men of the Year, so they also entered the newly established Alumni Hall of Fame.

2. Any alumnus who distinguishes himself in an outstanding way outside of Brother
Rice High School. In 1998, there were three alumni who were deemed to have fit
this criteria.

3. Any previous Man or Woman of the Year, whose impact on Brother Rice has been
so extraordinary for an extended period of time, that he or she can be inducted into
the Alumni Hall of Fame as an Honorary Alumnus, since he or she did not graduate
from Brother Rice. From 1998 until 2015, there are five men inducted in this manner.

4. Any family whose members have collectively contributed to the generational vitality
of Brother Rice High School. Thus far, one family has received this award.
* In 1998, the year the Alumni Hall of Fame was established, there were 13 alumni
grandfathered into the Alumni Hall of Fame, while three alumni were inducted as new
Men of the Year, and one (Tom Mitchell) was inducted as the first Honorary Alumnus.
The following facing pages list Men and Women of the Year, beginning on the left page,
with additional Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees on the right page. All alumni listed on the
left page (with graduation years) are also inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame and are
pictured on a plaque in the hall that leads from the Carmody Center toward the indoor
athletic complex. Honorary Alumni are listed on both the left side, indicating the year they
were Men of the Year, and the right side, indicating the year they were inducted into the
Alumni Hall of Fame.
We welcome nominations from all Brother Rice family members.



32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
Men and Women of the Year Honorees

Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees

(Men of theYear who are alumni are also
inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame)

All Alumni Men of theYear
and the following:



Joe Johnston
Brother Eugene Pilon, Tom Mitchell, Marty Berry ’64
Brother JB Moore, Joe Bergmann, John Leahy ’61
Brother EV Corrigan, George Sedlacek, Bob Andrews ’64
Will Kellogg, Dan Schramm ’63
Brother KF Chapman, Bob Baader, Marty Auz ’66
Brother CJ Gattone ’66, Pat Cassidy, Steve Ruff ’64
Tony Hanrahan ’61*
Brother JR McDonald, Tom Lyons ’63, Cliff Petrak ’60
Brother TJ Collins, Don Pawelski ’78
Shirley Cari, Brian Lynch ’80
Brother ET Hennessy, Leo Henning
Mike Fitzgerald ’76
Jack Hackett ’61, Ed Kilcoyne ’62, Tom Broderick ’78
Jim “Moose” Mulcrone, Ed Zabrocki, Jim Casey ’70
Mike Barton ’60, Frank Daily ’60, Raleigh Kean ’60, Dr. John McInerney ’75
Rich Marfise, John Wakerly ’66, Greg Papiernik ’76
Helen Pitula, Kevin Ryan ’67, Gary Little ’69; 2002
Jim Cannon ’63, Bob Twardy ’65, Paul Duggan ’68, Brian Bulkley ’78
Tom Billish ’64, Dennis Duffy ’64, Ed Napleton ’69
Nick Markulin, Tom Palmer ’70
Jim Antos, Pat Condon ’66
Tom Murrihy, Bob Jacob ’67, Phil Morris ’67, Jim Cranley ’82
Dorothy Mendes, Larry Platt ’68, Tom Carmody ’69*, Bill Chromizky ’73
Mark Donahue ’74, Brian Farrell ’74
Joe Terrell ’70, Tom Gorman ’85
Mark Sterk ’71
Brother E. Owen Carty CFC
Jerry Aguiar ’73, Rick Cunningham ’73, Marty W. Grogan ’73,
Bob McDonough ’73, Leo J. Novosel ’73
Mike Elwood ’74, Steve Rosenbaum ’74 and Tom Mikrut ’79
Ed Murphy ’65, Brian Coughlin ’75, Joe Ferrick ’75
Bill Young ’61, Jerry Cismoski ’66, Tom DuMais ’66, Tony Byrnes ’71,
Larry Heavey ’71





Dave Collins ’66, Larry Korpitz ’68*, Jim Capraro ’68,
Tom Mitchell (Honorary)
John Harper ’60*
U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Ray O’Hare ’84**
George Sedlacek (Honorary)
Michael Flatley ’77, Bob Martin ’77
John C. Reilly ’83
Dr. Thomas G. Moran ’74
Bill Dunne ’65, and Ten Alumni Who Died in Service of our Country**
(see Memoriam Page)
Joe Bergmann (Honorary)
J.J. Konstant ’99
John Knight ’78**, Alex Valadez ’00**, Jared Stanker ’06**,
Brian Carey ’99**, Tom Wortham ’98**
Brother Tom Collins (Honorary), Bill Hite ’66
Marine Corporal Conner Lowry ’06**, Harrigan Family
John R. Powers ’63*
Michael Kamin ’64
Jim Antos (Honorary)

* Posthumous
** Died in Service of our Country or In The Line of Duty

* Posthumous



32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
2016 Alumni Men of the Year
and Alumni Hall of Fame
November 11, 2016
Bill Young ’61
On February 18, 2014, Bill Young ’61 left a voice mail for Jim Casey ’70 as a reply to an
email invitation sent by Brian Barkowski ’95 about Career Day.
The message stated that Bill would consider participating in Career Day, but only if we
really need the help. Bill said since he would be making a trip from Manhattan Beach,
CA., he hoped to speak with more than one class.
Casey called back when he learned that prior to 1994, Bill served as President and Chief
Executive Officer with Volkswagen of America, and from 1994 to 2000 he was the
Chairman, President and CEO of Advanced Machine Vision Corporation, and then
from 2003 to 2008, he was an Executive Director at J.D. Power and Associates, while
also serving as a director on the Board of Directors of Lithia Motors Inc. from 1997 to
2008, before rejoining the same board in 2010.
Bill convinced Casey that Brother Rice would be lucky to have this alumnus speak to
our students, who said he would prefer to feed off the energy of a larger audience. Jim
discussed class schedules with Associate Principal Bob Alberts, and arranged for 12
classes to be spread over three periods to meet in the Theology Center to learn from
Bill. He so wowed the combination of mostly juniors and seniors, that some were heard
sharing with each other their penetrating insights, with words like “what a cool guy.” At
the graduation ceremony, a month and a half later, valedictorian Matt Sweiss ’14 was
personally moved to share with the audience some of Mr. Young’s insights.
Bill delivered beyond Casey’s best expectations. He said he would make it about the
students, not himself, by sharing what he had learned, and believing his experiences
would be “of value to them in their personal and business careers.”

“…My father taught me to use my own fears to my advantage.”
“…Let’s get rid of the notion of ‘normal behavior’. There’s no such thing.”
“…Once you judge others, you defeat your own success, so be aware of your own prejudice.”
(At that point Bill told a story about how he prejudged a kid with dyed hair and multiple
piercings before the kid deliberately walked ahead of Bill in order to hold open the door
for him. Bill hesitated to stifle tears, while admitting his shame. Then he told a story
about how he deliberately purchased a home in a neighborhood where a loan officer had
used a racial slur and told him not to move there. Later, he enjoyed explaining to the
loan officer later why he financed his home from another banker.)
More wisdom:
“…Don’t let anger or criticism possess you.”
“…Exceed expectations, yours and others, because if you exceed them on a regular basis,
you will be rewarded.”
“…Live in the present. Don’t focus on things you’re not going to get. That’ll drive you
bat s__t.”
“…When you make a mistake, own up quickly…people who don’t make mistakes are
“…If you want to be a failure, don’t think of others. If you want to be successful, think
of others first and foremost.”
“…Technology is no substitute for human communication. Tell your girlfriend you love
her with passion.”
And then repeating:

Bill’s overriding theme: “I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.”
Here is a small sampling of how Bill Young connected with Brother Rice students:
“…It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react.”
“…We create our own problems, because 98% of what I worried about never happened.”
“…After three and a half years at University of Illinois, I didn’t finish college because of
a ridiculous dispute, so when I went to work I had to spend too much time explaining
myself, and then I had to work twice as hard.” (Bill added later that most of his later
success stemmed from what he learned at Brother Rice.)

“…I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.”
It became clear that it wasn’t just what Mr. Young said to the young Crusaders, it was
how he said it that kept them connected with his message. His passion was as genuine
as it was wide-ranging, from laughter to tears. He left time for Q & A, and when
one student asked him what motivated him to make the trip to Brother Rice from
Manhattan Beach, CA., he again hesitated from emotion, explaining, “I have 14 stents.
I’m dying. It’s time to give back.”


32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
After each of the three 45-minute sessions, Mr. Young could not catch a break from the
young Crusaders, as they swarmed him with more questions after the bell, unafraid of
being late for their next class.
Earlier, Bill had joined Casey, President Dr. Kevin Burns and Vice President Mike
McShane, for lunch, and all three came away thoroughly impressed with the man’s
kindness and consideration of others, thrilled to have him speak to the students, without
yet having a clue that his kindness was going to extend well beyond speaking to a
number of classes.
After school, Bill deliberately engaged Casey and McShane in a discussion about the
needs of Brother Rice, and they laid it out, emphasizing how tuition is becoming out of
reach for too many who live in the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods, and how
good teachers and smart technology are more expensive than when Bill attended Brother
Rice and was taught by good teachers who mostly took vows of poverty.
On May 9, 2014, Bill Young called Casey’s office and explained, with McShane and
Major Gifts Officer Brian Badke ’92 listening on speaker, that he planned to help “fund
the future sustainability” of Brother Rice High School. Casey described it as the most
thrilling phone call he experienced in 27 years at Brother Rice. Not only does Bill wish
to build a foundation primarily with funds from his own personal portfolio, he wishes
to convince other alumni like him to make the same commitment and connection to
Brother Rice.
“It’s easier for me to beat up on someone for a big number, if I give a big number in
order to help sustain the school for the next 30 to 40 years,” Bill said.
Casey, McShane, and Badke wish every potential big donor could meet or otherwise
become inspired by Bill Young or by their own sense of giving back at a crucial time.
After meeting Bill and spending time with him again later in the summer, Dr. Burns and
Casey were simultaneously inspired to consider the theme “Forever Young” for the first
Brother Rice Gala Event in January of 2015. It will remain Forever Young.
In the meantime, Bill and Tish Young have given generously to the already established
Brother Rice Foundation, while engaging with members from that board to produce other
means for sustaining the school’s future. To date, Bill has given more to Brother Rice
within a two-year time period than any graduate in our history, and he is now among the
top three leading all-time alumni donors. In case you are curious, the top three numbers
are very close to each other, and as of this writing, each is just south of a million.
Bill gave his last 500K+ as part of a match challenge, and thereby pumped more than a
million dollars of funds into a combination of immediate needs, mostly Lifeguard and
school improvements, and into the Brother Rice Foundation to fund sustaining needs.

It is because Bill’s words and actions have inspired and funded more future Crusaders
than we can measure, already and well into the future, that we are humbled and thrilled
he accepts our award as a 2016 Man of the Year, whom we thereby induct into the
Alumni Hall of Fame. Thanks to Bill, we will stay Forever Young.

Jerry Cismoski ’66
By now, you would think we would have already honored a 1966 graduate who has been
among our top donors since 2007. We tried to honor Jerry Cismoski ’66 in 2011, but
he declined, preferring instead to let others share more of the spotlight. Happily, Jerry is
glad to accept this year, on the occasion of celebrating his 50th anniversary as a Brother
Rice graduate.
Jerry’s first visit to Brother Rice in the Spring of 1956 was unauthorized, when he was
not yet 8 years old. Brother Rice was under construction and Jerry and neighborhood
friend Gene Gremley ’67 were there to play in and around the site, once climbing
so high, he wondered and worried how he would get down. Three years later, Jerry’s
brother Jim ’62, would lead the way to Brother Rice, as their parents were thrilled to
have an all-boys Catholic high school so much closer than Leo. It was a natural decision
to graduate from Most Holy Redeemer and proceed to what Jerry calls the “exciting
High School Years at Brother Rice.”
Jerry said, “So much formation of the person I am today occurred during my high
school years, and I am ever so grateful that those years were with and among the faculty
(Brothers and lay men), and fellow students of Brother Rice.”
During his four years, Jerry remembers many “life questions” being answered by adult
faculty dispensing “wise perspective and Christian guidance.” A small freshman, Jerry
was cut from football on the first day, but would later make the baseball team that would
fill his high school life with some of his best memories of friends and of his “awesome
coach,” George Sedlacek.
Jerry said, “Coach Sedlacek was Lombardi-like, filling me with lessons that improved my
baseball skills, and at the same time filling me with character building lessons that have
served me throughout my adult life.”
Other outstanding memories for Jerry include as a sophomore attending Vicariate
meetings at St. John Fisher to learn the new English Mass and Rituals and sharing his
instructions with classmates and performing in Brother Shannon’s productions of Music
Man and Oklahoma during his junior and senior years. His most outstanding memory,
however, is going to Senior Prom with Susie Saladin, who is now his “wonderful wife of
45 years.”


32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
Of his “exciting” days at Loyola in Chicago, Jerry said, “I would often experience
moments of real appreciation for how well Brother Rice prepared me for the educational
challenges I was presented with almost on a daily basis.”
In 1970, Jerry made his “move into the real world to earn his keep.” He joined his two
older brothers at Val-A Company, a “mid-size enterprise distributing and manufacturing
a broad range of farm and agricultural supplies,” started by their father, Val, in 1931.
Jerry pointed to the confidence he gained at Brother Rice for solving problems and
moving forward as “a basis for a confident personal willpower to take on challenges,” so
that he could help grow the company and thereby expand opportunities for many people
committed to its success.
“There was not a year from 1970 through 2015 that my Brother Rice nurtured Faith and
Trust in God did not come in to play – being my guide and inspiration in dealing with
many business, employee, and family matters,” Jerry said.
Jerry believes he was blessed at an early age with “a long term perspective on life,” causing him
to appreciate older people, and praying that God would bless him as he would become one of
those older people. He now believes he is in the “fourth quarter of a good life.”
“What it is and what it can be is just as important as the three quarters that preceded it,”
Jerry said. “A key principle taught at Brother Rice is to become the best you can be and
do the best you can do with the gifts your good God has blessed you with.”
During what he now considers the “early years of his fourth quarter,” Jerry is working
with the Lighthouse for the Blind of St. Louis, who purchased his business in June
2015, and for whom he has been “commissioned to help develop new business and new
products.” Concurrently, Jerry works with a young couple who own MISLEK Furniture
Polish Company, witnessing and helping them double their business in a year, “while
maintaining their good Christian perspective along the way.”
Jerry likes the “work” involved, but he credits advice he received once from an “older”
man, who told him to have something in his later years that “you need to shave for.”
That’s not a misprint. He literally meant “shave” as in being engaged with people in
enterprises and projects that force you to “not look like a bum.” To that end, Jerry looks
forward to exchanging some of his current “work” hours for time spent committed
to The Cara Program, which “inspires motivated individuals to break the cycle of
homelessness and poverty, transform their lives, strengthen our communities, and forge
paths to real and lasting success.”

Wisconsin as heaven and his home in Florida as paradise, and his added time with Susie
as having “fallen in love all over again.”
Jerry’s accumulated donations to Brother Rice between 2002 and 2007 remain among
the top five in the school’s history. It is because we remain grateful that Jerry remains
so grateful for his high school years at Brother Rice that he has decided to give so much
back, that we are thrilled that he has accepted the honor of being a 2016 Man of the
Year, and thereby inducted into The Alumni Hall of Fame.

Tom DuMais ’66
Tom DuMais ’66 began his high school career at Quigley South, the archdiocesan
seminary, but his best friends from St. Margaret of Scotland were “very happy” at Brother
Rice, so he transferred for the start of junior year. “It seemed like you went where your
friends went,” said Tom about his decision more than 50 years ago.
When it came to selecting a school for his son, Dr. Brian DuMais ’93, Tom remembers
being more selective: “He is much smarter than I am, and we looked at all of the
possibilities,” Tom said. “He had a much better sense of what he wanted to do in life in
terms of studying medicine, and we decided Brother Rice was best for him, and it helped
that the school had a good swimming and water polo program,” he added.
Brian and his wife Leigh found themselves 26 years later helping their son Patrick ’19
select a high school from an even larger pool (no pun intended) of choices from Brother
Rice to Mokena, where they live. When Patrick, another bright student who is also
a swimmer and water polo player, freely selected Brother Rice, they became a threegeneration Crusader family, without the first or second generations forcing the next
generation to do so.
Tom recalls the significance of his decision to go to Brother Rice as follows: “School was the
center of everything. There was never a question of whether you were going to a game, or
a dance or any other event. It was just a matter of ‘Who can drive?’ I have great memories
of games and dances and stories from classrooms about teachers and classmates. Tom says
with a chuckle that his wife Christine is not from Chicago, so when he reminisces with old
friends, she frequently gets tired of hearing the same stories over and over.
Tom said, “Choosing Brother Rice when I left the seminary ultimately turned out to be
very high on the list of significant decisions in my life. It changed what I thought about as a
career choice, where I went to college, how I met my wife and the career I ultimately had.”

Jerry’s fourth quarter is off to an auspicious beginning, and his vision clearly anticipates
God’s goodness, along with his own investments of time, treasure, and talent, as flowing
to and from his business, his charity work, and his family. He describes his home in

Tom’s unusual schedule his junior year was a result of his transfer, and left him with a late
study period, where he served as a hall guard outside Brother Shannon’s Guidance Office,
which led him to read more college catalogues than an average student might read. This



32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
expanded Tom’s horizons beyond a typical Midwestern Catholic boy’s interest in Notre
Dame and toward Georgetown in Washington D.C., “even though they didn’t have a
football team,” and before they became known for basketball. He thought he would
work either in international affairs or become a lawyer when he pursued and gained a
degree in international affairs. After two years in the Army, Tom worked in international
operations in a bank and proceeded toward a 35-year career in international banking and
investments, managing large and small groups, spending some time living and working
in Belgium, Germany, England, and Japan.

Tom is being honored as a 2016 Man of the Year because he has given back what he
could of his time, talent and treasure, especially while serving on the Board and realizing
the “massive undertaking it is to keep this institution growing and improving,” while
always advocating for maintaining “The Soul” of Brother Rice as the best way to ensure
that Brother Rice will be here for a 4th generation and beyond. With this honor, Tom
is inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame as he celebrates and remembers the Class of
1966, especially friends like Phil Griswold and Don King, and his brother-in-law Craig
Head. “I love them all. I laugh every time I am with them,” Tom said.

Tom said, “At every stage of my career, I tried to get better, to learn from others and to
do more. I learned all of that at Brother Rice. ‘Act Manfully in Christ Jesus’ was a motto
that wasn’t talked about as much when I was at Rice, but the spirit was there, and it fed
into the Jesuit commitment at Georgetown, ‘To be a Man for Others.’”

Tom also still remembers, with a mixture of sadness and appreciation, John Toman, who
had a brain tumor but found the strength 50 years ago “to come out on stage and get his
diploma,” because of what it means to be “a Crusader” and a “graduate of Brother Rice.”
He died the next week.

As an adult, Tom has remained active in supporting the Catholic Church. At St.
Barnabas, Tom was the Chairman of the Finance Board, Head of the Financial Aid
Committee, and a member of the Master Plan and Capital Campaign Committees.
He also maintains an acute interest in efforts to promote Down Syndrome Awareness,
“especially in support of my youngest grandson,” Tom said.

To all of us Tom says, “Never forget how good it is to say, WE ARE BR!”

Tom served on the Board of Directors for six years as chairman of the Curriculum
Committee. For more than 20 years Tom was a steady and increasing donor in response
to many different financial appeals, while also attending and supporting many other
events, often with Chris or Brian.
Tom reflected upon his and his family’s experiences at Brother Rice: “I have been very
blessed. My wife Chris has been at the center of it since the October immediately after
graduation from BR when we met at Georgetown. She has made me a better person.
Our two children have made us proud all of their lives, and have chosen partners in life
who add immeasurable joy to our lives. I have been lucky to follow the adventures of 5
beautiful grandchildren. I am especially proud that Brian did a much better job of taking
advantage of his years at Rice, which was a better place when he attended. He really grew
because of that, and now my oldest grandson, Patrick is a sophomore. Not only is he an
Edmund Rice Scholar and a member of the Swimming and Water Polo teams, but he
was also selected to be part of the first class of students in the Engineering Program. Rice
keeps getting better, and I know from personal experience that young men truly benefit
from that. Despite my last name, I am truly a “Southside Irish Catholic” and all of us
know what that means in terms of the importance of family, faith and friendship. It is
shorthand for people who try to do better for family and others around them who are less
fortunate. That spirit is strengthened at Brother Rice and grows even stronger today.”

Tony Byrnes ’71
Tony Byrnes ’71 still remembers the Brother Rice High School Band playing on stage
for an Open House in 1967. He knew he wanted to go to Brother Rice from that day
forward, and when as a freshman he witnessed John Pacetti ’68 run back the opening
kickoff in the first football game Tony had attended, his spirit for Brother Rice would
run as high as anyone’s since. Nothing would dampen Tony’s spirit, not even a lifethreatening stroke in 2004 that left him in the ICU for 8 days, in the hospital for 30
days, and in out-patient recovery for 6 months.
It was this undying devotion to Brother Rice as an adult, primarily with the Dad’s Club,
at first as a hot dog wrapper which led to his “promotion” as a grill assistant, that inspired
Dad’s Club legend Ed Kalata to nominate Tony for the 2016 Alumni Association Man
of the Year and Alumni Hall of Fame.
As a student at Rice, Tony was a starter on the Flies and then the Lights in basketball,
where he became a leading scorer as a junior and senior, when he was also All-Catholic.
When he wasn’t playing for the Crusaders, he was watching other teams from other sports
play. He remembers how the camaraderie between the Lights and the Heavies influenced
and solidified his overall school spirit, as he felt they were one team, even though they
practiced and played separately. Tony would go on to play basketball three years at Chicago
State University, and remembers being invited to tournaments that would allow him to
witness some of the “big-time” games throughout the country in the 70’s.

Tom remains grateful for the great sacrifices his parents made so that he, his brother and
4 sisters could benefit from a Catholic education. He is also grateful for the teachers and
coaches at Rice who “set me on a path that enabled any success I have had in life.”

Tony would pass along his love of sports and Brother Rice to sons Brian ’04 and Brendan
’06, and they became part of the first two Crusader Volleyball Teams to go downstate.



32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
Tony’s lifetime devotion to the Chicago Fire Department originated with his Great
Grandfather in 1895 and through his Dad, a 34-year dispatcher for CFD, and it never
wavered during his early years as a paramedic-in-charge from 1976-1985, when the
program was in its infancy with only 39 ambulances covering the entire city (today there
are 80, and another 150 firefighters providing Basic Life Support for the same population
size). It also never wavered after numerous life or death situations as the first responder
administering Advanced Life Support, when not everyone survived. Tony would receive
many unit citations for his heroic work, including once saving two kids who fell through
the ice in the Jackson Park Lagoon, and another time triaging and treating 6 kids who
drove into a tree on a joy ride in Washington Park. While Tony had a role in saving all
but one in each of these incidents, the tragic losses took their toll, but he can also look
back on having delivered 25 babies over his career, 23 as a paramedic and 2 as a firefighter,
which he became in 1985, and remained a vital member until his stroke in 2004.
Tony would learn that 80% of those who had a stroke like his would die before hitting
the ground, but he was determined to overcome his disability and was named a Patient
of the Year at the Christ Hospital Rehab Center. However, after eleven months, while
he improved, it became obvious that he would remain occupationally disabled, as Tony
recalls that he went from being able to make a basketball shot from out of bounds, to
dropping only 2 out of 10 bean bags into a milk carton at his feet. Tony’s biggest regret
during his rigorous rehab was missing his son’s volleyball game downstate.
Although his career was cut short, Tony vividly recalls his experiences from age 7, sliding
down the fire pole at 54th and Wabash, all the way through his mandatory retirement at
age 63, as being a part of the best fire department in the world.
Tony calls the Brother Rice Dad’s Club among the greatest examples of volunteerism he
knows, although he also cites two other groups as outstanding examples - Good Shepherd
Manor and the Mulliganeers – for which he also volunteers. Tony calls Ed Kalata the
“glue of the Dad’s Club,” and then begins to name five other guys, and then stops himself,
fearing he would leave someone out because there are so many outstanding Dad’s Club
volunteers, all of whom are happy to see Tony be honored by the Alumni Association,
after having been already inducted in the Dad’s Club Hall of Fame in 2011 and the school
Hall of Fame in January of 2013. These men know that Tony has been showing up with
unwavering reliability, but for 2004, for everything, without ever expecting anything in
return. Everything means working all the football and basketball Brother Rice varsity
games and countless other high school and grade school events, every year, while also
attending as many BRHS events as possible. Since 2014, Tony has also been selling ads
for the Circle of Champions program book, where it is estimated that he contributed to
more than 80% growth in pages sold, again, expecting nothing in return.
Tony says he could not have possibly worked 3 jobs and perform so many volunteering
duties for so many years without the support of his wife, Joyce, and his kids Megan,

Lauren, Brian, and Brendan, whom Tony delivered on his own birthday, May 24th.
He refers to his volunteer work as “contagious,” as is the good feeling he continues to
spread every time he comes to Brother Rice, including his visits with his Grandson
Gavin, whom the family proudly lists as a member of the Class of 2031. Tony may
expect nothing in return, but naming him a 2016 Alumni Man of the Year and thereby
inducting him into the Alumni Hall of Fame is the very least we can do.

Larry Heavey ’71
To say that Larry Heavey ’71 has been volunteering for and participating in Brother
Rice alumni events for many years is a gross understatement. It would be difficult to
find anyone in the Brother Rice data base with more entries for gifts of time, treasure,
or talent, and it is probably true that only half of how Larry supports Brother Rice is
recorded there.
Larry supports EVERYTHING sponsored by the Alumni Association and has done so
for almost thirty years. Every year Larry fills his schedule with the alumni dinner, ad
book, golf outing, career day, post-game reception, softball games, BRAIN for Business
meetings, monthly Alumni Association meetings, and a handful of other events, along
with attending many high school games.
Since joining the school’s Board of Directors four years ago, Larry also attends their
meetings and the Development Committee meetings. Additionally, Larry supports
many different events and activities hosted by many different organizations throughout
the school, including but not limited to the Edmund Rice Camp, the Circle of
Champions, the Yearbook Thanksgiving distribution party, and he annually chairs the
Junior of the Year Alumni Selection Committee. Rather than let up or cut back, this
year he has made more phone calls than ever before.
Anyone who has ever played golf with Larry knows he is never lacking for conversation,
and yet when asked to answer a few questions about his devotion to Brother Rice, he
could not have been more brief. His actions speak louder than words, so much so that his
younger brother, Michael ’83, his wife Jackie, his daughter Jamie, and son Matt ’12, have
all followed his lead in supporting Brother Rice. Michael, a retired Navy pilot who now
flies for United Airlines, shares his experiences with our students on Career Day, while also
donating to our Foundation auction a special experience, a ride on a Russian Supersonic
Mig Fighter Jet. Jackie has worked at the hole-in-one par 3 for the Alumni Golf Outing
for many years, often joined by Jamie, currently enrolled in the University of Illinois School
of Veterinary Medicine. Matt plays in the Alumni Softball League. He also served very
capably as a bartender at the Spring Crusader Fest, while also accepting his Dad’s invitation
and sponsorship at the golf outing. Jackie has also worked many All-Alumni Dinners.
Larry led the way for his brother and kids. Even though he and Jackie would raise their
family in Orland Park, traveling to 99th & Pulaski became “a given.” Larry said, “Mike

32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
honestly admits he followed my lead to Brother Rice twelve years after me, and no
other schools were on Matt’s or Jamie’s radar than Brother Rice and Mother McAuley.
I pushed them toward Rice and McAuley, and they learned on their own to appreciate
the difference in attending good Catholic high schools, and even though I never
badmouthed the competition, no other school appealed to them.”
Larry is grateful to his parents for supporting his desire to attend Brother Rice, and he
believes he has personally benefitted from living the school motto to Act Manfully in Christ
Jesus. “I never misled a client or a prospect, and I never lied to win a deal or promised
something I knew I could not deliver,” Larry said, gaining for him a long career of
trustworthy business relationships. He has many such relationships, but cites as the “most
exhilarating” his encounters with fellow Crusaders in a business setting, an enthusiasm he is
glad to share at BRAIN for Business meetings and other alumni gatherings.
As someone who has volunteered for so long, Larry’s vantage point is uniquely wellqualified in observing changes at Brother Rice. He said, “The physical plant is light
years ahead of what existed in the 70’s. I do not miss the mobile classrooms.”
During the 30 years since the mobile classrooms were removed, Larry and Jackie have
sent more than 60 donations in response to more than 30 appeals including General
Unrestricted, Lifeguard, Capital Campaigns, Endowment, Foundation, CAAC, and
many others. In some way, large or small he has either given something, attended
something or put in a good word for something involving virtually every improvement
made at Brother Rice. He may have moved to Orland Park 22 years ago, but he spends
almost as much time in Mt. Greenwood, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, and Beverly as
people who live here, because of Brother Rice.
Because Larry Heavey ’71 can be counted on as much as any Crusader has ever been, the
Brother Rice Alumni Association is proud to honor him, our longest-serving volunteer
board member, as a 2016 Man of the Year and induct him into the Alumni Hall of Fame.


Junior of the Year
Officially named the Brother Rice Alumni Association John P. Leahy Award for
Outstanding Junior, the award was created in 1972 and named after the Rice graduate
who was the driving force behind its creation. The purpose of the award is to make
the student body aware of the Alumni Association, while also serving as a means for
alumni to give something back to the school.
The goal of the award is to reward overall excellence. The selection process begins
with juniors selecting 10 representatives. These 10 candidates are submitted to the
faculty, who select the finalists. A committee of the Alumni Association interviews the
finalists and selects the Junior of the Year.
The Junior of the Year is awarded a scholarship for $2,500.00 for his senior year
tuition. The other finalists also receive tuition assistance.
Listed below are the past winners of the award and their graduation years. You will
notice that no scholarships were awarded for three years during the early 1980s. This
marked a time when the Alumni Association faltered and scholarship funds were nonexistent. With your continued help and participation in the Alumni Association, that
will not happen again.

Junior of the Year Award Winners
Brendan Lynch ’74
Gregory Oberland ’75
Michael Barrett ’76
John York ’77
Richard Klein ’78
Michael Casey ’79
Brian Lynch ’80
John Mundo ’84
John Quigley ’85
Michael Harlin ’86
Matthew Himelman ’87
Joseph Valenti ’88
Michael Murphy ’89

Robert Fanelli ’91
Joe Carney ’92
James Wills ’93
Sean Giblin ’94
Mike Minervini ’95
Adam Wojcik ’96
Dan Lazarz ’97
Jeremiah Adeszko ’98
Frank Cheers ’99
Steve Scott ’00
Timothy Carroll ’01
Devin Kruski ’02
Timothy O’Connell ’03


Luke Rohan ’05
Brian Coughlin ’06
Patrick Vail ’07
Thomas Hickey ’08
Thomas Rynne ’09
Michael Rohan ’10
William McGivern ’11
Marty Kyler ’12
Cal Kennedy ’13
Mitchell Strahlman ’14
Patrick Hosty ’15
Andrew Dyke ’16
Brint White ’17

32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
Junior of the Year 2016 Profiles
2016 Junior of the Year Brint White ’17 completed his junior year with a 3.63
G.P.A., after having been on the honor roll all three years.   He has been a busy young
man. While serving as a member of the National Honors Society for two years, the
Spanish Club for two years, and the Politics Club for two years, Brint has also been
a member of the Rugby Team (3 years), Football Team (3 years), Soccer Team (1
year), and Wrestling Team (1 year) . Brint was elected to the Student Council (4
years), where he now serves as a member of the Executive Board. During the last two
summers, Brint joined his fellow peers and Alumni Hall of Famers Principal Jim Antos
and Teacher/Coach Marty Grogan ‘73 to Rutledge, Tennessee to assist with running a
day camp for the children of migrant Hispanic workers.  During all of this, Brint has
maintained his ties with his grade school, St. Columbanus, serving as an assistant in
the Athletic Department for a small stipend, while also serving as an ambassador for
Brother Rice, encouraging grade school boys to come to Open House and Shadow
Days with him, while also speaking to parents about his experiences at Brother Rice.
Brint was voted into the top ten by his classmates and into the top five by the faculty
and staff, and selected as the 2016 Junior of the Year by the Alumni Committee led by
Larry Heavey ’71.

Other Finalists
Joseph Alvarez ’17 had been a one year member of the football program and a one
year member of the soccer program. Joe was a manager for the basketball team for
two years, and he has been the manager for the baseball team for four years. Joe is
also a three-year member of the National Honors Society, and he is currently the Vice
President. He has been a member of the Scholastic Bowl team for four years, helping
the team win both the Catholic League Championship and the Catholic League
Tournament Championship, as well as a Regional Championship last year. He is a
Mrs. B Memorial Scholar and a member of the Crusader Game Day Team. Also, Joe is
currently a team leader in the broadcast journalism class. Joe has also been an assistant
to Mr. O’Connell and Coach Frasor in the Admissions office for four years. Outside
of school, Joe is a member of the Live Like John Service and Leadership Institute. This
institute is made up of other high school students that work together in order to raise
money and awareness for pediatric brain cancer. Joe currently holds a 4.59 GPA, and is
ranked 15th in his class. Joe hopes to pursue a business degree in college.
Ryan Kutt ’17 will mark the Spring of 2017 as a four-year varsity starter for the
baseball team. As a sophomore, he earned All-Catholic League in the CCL Blue. As
a junior Ryan was voted CCL Blue Player of the Year, Southtown Player of the Year
and The Reporter Player of the Year. He then went on to be voted First Team All- State
for the IHSA, First Team Louisville Slugger All- American, and was voted onto the
PBR First Team All- State selection. He made the Area Code team that plays in Long
Beach, California in front of hundreds of professional scouts from all 30 Major League

teams. He was recruited by multiple schools in the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, and PAC-12
conferences. He ended up committing to the University of Illinois at the end of his
freshman year on a baseball scholarship. Ryan is a 3-year member of Student Council,
and was a nominee for the Action Leadership Convention in Florida. He is very
involved in every aspect of Brother Rice, and loves to spend his time here. Ryan holds
a 4.05 GPA and is near the top of his class. He is still deciding whether he wants to
pursue a Business or Pre-Medical degree in college.
Brian Papiernik ’17 has been running down the halls of Brother Rice since the time
he began walking. Brian’s father, Greg ’76, not only brought Brian on Sundays to help
set up for the Alumni Softball League, he also attended almost every Brother Rice
football game, Brother Rice basketball game, and alumni golf outings for the past 15
years.  Now a senior, Brian has written his own story as a Brother Rice Crusader. He is
currently ranked #4 in his class, holds a 4.79 GPA, and scored a 32 on the ACT Test.
Brian had been a one-year basketball player as a sophomore after not making the team
freshman year, a one-year cross country member, a two-year baseball player, a member
of the Scholastic Bowl team that made it to the Sectionals last year, a member of the
French Honors Society, a member of the National Honors Society, and a leader for
Edmund Rice Camp (a camp for underprivileged children). He has kept the statistics for
the varsity basketball team since junior year.  He was the executive baseball manager for
the varsity baseball team as a junior.  He was a player on the varsity baseball team over
the summer that became the summer state runner-up, and he is an avid member of the
Crusader Crazies. Brian proudly serves as a Peer Minister and Eucharistic Minister at
Brother Rice.  He is a proud member as a candidate of Kairos #135 and a proud leader
of Kairos #138.  Brian hopes to attend the University of Notre Dame, the University of
North Carolina, Northwestern University, or Boston College.
Jack Pufunt ‘17 has worked the Edmund Rice Camp, a free camp offered to children
who could not normally afford summer camp, for the past three years.  He served
as a leader his last two years, holding more responsibility for the fundraising and
organization of the program.  During his junior year, he was chosen to take part in the
Action Leadership Convention in Florida.  Jack has been a member of the National
Honors Society for the past three years, while also participating in the Politics Club
and Spanish Club.   Recently, he led Kairos 138 as Assistant Rector and now works as
a Peer Minister.  Currently, he is an Executive Board member of the Student Council
and holds a 4.71 GPA, ranking eighth in his class.  Jack plans to pursue a college
degree in computer science.


In Recognition and Memory of those
Alumni who have made the supreme sacrifice
as First Responders....

Officer John Knight ’78
Officer Alex Valadez ’00
Firefighter Brian Carey ’99
Officer Tom Wortham ’98

Dr. Kevin G. Burns, President
James G. Casey’70
Vice President Alumni Relations
Brother Rice High School



BRAIN for Business
Ann Sather Restaurant - Tom Tunney ’73
@ Properties - Dave Urbaniak ’71
Barrett Brothers - Rick ’71, Bob ’74, Tim ’78
The Barton Family – Terry Barton ’69
The Broderick Family – Tom Broderick ’78
Century Ear, Nose & Throat - Dr. Brian Farrell ’74
Chicago Financial Services - Jim Walsh ’86
First Personal Bank – Randy Schwartz ’77
Grobe Realtors - Nick Caulfield ’78
The Heavey Family – Larry Heavey ’71
The Papiernik Family – Greg Papiernik ’76
Pickens Kane – Tom Broderick ’78
Realty Executives Midwest – Joe Kenny ’87
Schiff Gorman LLC – Tom Gorman ’85
Wintrust – Dennis O’Malley ’82 & Derek Wasilevich ’96































































We Honor
Residential & Commercial
Brother Rice Varsity Locker Room
Basketball Locker Room - Visitor’s Locker Room
Coach’s Locker Room

Bill Young ’61
Jerry Cismoski ’66
Tom DuMais ’66
Tony Byrnes ’71
Larry Heavey ’71

From Biagio (Bill) Savarino ’94


Bill Young ’61
Jerry Cismoski ’66
Tom DuMais ’66
Tony Byrnes ’71
Larry Heavey ’71


16001 South 108th Avenue * Orland Park, Illinois 60467
Phone: (708) 460-0007 Fax: (708) 460-0005


Bill Young ’61
Jerry Cismoski ’66
Tom DuMais ’66
Tony Byrnes ’71
Larry Heavey ’71







Get your business found



Social Media


J o e G a l l a g h e r | L o c a l M a rke t i n g C o n s u l a t a n t | C l a s s o f ‘ 0 9



Thanks Bill Gleeson
Brendan Ford ’01



32nd Annual All-Alumni Dinner
Alumni Association
We Honor the 2016 Alumni Hall of Fame
Bill Young ’61
Jerry Cismoski
Tom DuMais ’66
Tony Byrnes ’71
Larry Heavey ’71

We Thank All
of Our Sponsors, Advertisers
and Volunteers
Throughout the Year
Thanks to you,
we are the most connected high
school alumni anywhere.
To our Mission.
To each other.

We are the Alumni Association Board
Jim Casey ’70, School Vice President Alumni Relations
Brian Barkowski ’95, School Vice President Marketing
Amanda Stratton, Alumni Services
Mike Elwood, ’74, Alumni President
Joe Ferrick ’75, Alumni Treasurer
Bob Amedio ’93, Softball Commissioner
Terry Barton, ’69, 60’s Decade Rep, Ad Book Chair
Larry Heavey ’71, 70’s Decade Rep, Ad Book Co-Chair
Gary Stubits ’82, BRAIN Chair
Jim Walsh ’86, BRAIN Co-Chair, 80’s Decade Rep
Joe Kenny ’87, Alumni Vice President for Events
Tim O’Neill ’99, 90’s Decade Rep
Tim O’Connell ’09, 00’s Decade Rep
Br. Thomas J. Collins, Moderator

Alumni Association Committeemen
Tom Mitchell ’63, Bob McShane ’71, Dave Chocola ’77,
Nick Caulfield ’78, Michael Rodriguez ’80,
Dan McGuire ’86, Ed Coghlan ’86,
Tim O’Neill ’99, Kevin Murphy ’07


Act Manfully in Christ Jesus

Post-game v Leo Reception---Friday, February 3, 2017
Career Day---Friday March 10, 2017
Alumni Golf Outing at Gleneagles CC---Friday June 16, 2017
Call or Email Amanda Stratton at
(773)-429-4340 or AStratton@BrRice.org

Go to Alumni.BrotherRice.org


Brother Rice High School 2016-2017


Dr. Kevin G. Burns, President
James Antos, Principal
Michael Hurley, Chief Financial Officer
Robert Alberts ’85, Assistant Principal
M. Jacob Mathius, Assistant Principal
Becky Pacetti, Director of Student Activities
Phil Cahill, Athletic Director
Darlene Diehl, Administrative Assistant
Deborah Cook, Administrative Assistant

James Casey ’70, VP Alumni Relations
Michael McShane ’87, Vice President (IA)
Brian Barkowski ’95, VP Marketing
Tim O’Connell ’03, Director of Admissions
Bobby Frasor ’05, Admissions
Brian Badke, ’92, Annual Fund Director
Donna Eastman, Assistant Director
Amanda Stratton, Alumni Services

Dr. Kevin Burns, President
Br. Dominic Murray ’63
Mr. Steve Rosenbaum ’74
Mr. Shaun Jacob ’93
Mr. Jim Kramer ’64
Mr. Donald Liebentritt ’68
Mr. Michael Elwood ’74

Dr. Augie Cavero ’77
Mr. Dennis O’Malley ’82
Mr. Larry Heavey ’71
Dr. Laura Shallow
Mrs. Joyce Sterk
Mr. James Antos
Dr. Brian Farrell ’74

Mr. Stephen Ruff ’64
Dr. Del Brazil ’87
Br. Dan Casey ’69
Mr. Patrick Folliard ’73
Mr. Robert Martin ’77

Al Albanese
Amy Axelrood
Beverly Buciak
JoAnne Collins
Tim Daniher ’74
Eve Donnelly
Eric Elget
Eric Gamboa
Marty Grogan ’73
Heather Hinde
Lynda Jaros
Mark Klutcharch ’82
Therese Liston
Debbie Lynch
Peg Mason
Don Molenda
Bob Peters
Pat Richardson
Sue Salmon
Sue Stanley
Dawn Tobar
Mark Walter

Samantha Antos
Denis Bergstedt
Marta Carbol
Sindy Corona
Frank DiNovella ’89
Max Dunne
Michelle England
Tom Gibson ’09
Jon Lee Hall
Mary Lynn Hollendoner
Randy Johnson
Marjorie Leahu
Sue Lucheon
Tim Lyons ’92
Tom McAuliffe
Dan Mostyn
Cathy Plumb
John Rolence
Kay Scaletta
Mary Kay Strahlman
Elizabeth Van
Tom Wazio ’97

Joe Augustyn
Kirk Bosi
Cindy Charters
Patrick Creed ’06
Mike Dolan
Dan Dwyer ’88
Chris Forbes
Bill Gleeson
Patrick Hayes
Mary Beth Jantz
Sandra Thomas-Jones
John Lettiere
Leslie Luxem
Lisa Marley
John McCarthy
Steve Parker
Allan Rendak
Janet Rzeszutko
Judy Schramm
Kyle Swynenburg
Karen Van Assen
Ken Williams

to those of us of the

Class of 1966

who made it to this day,
and fond memories of all of our

Classmates, teachers
and friends
who are no longer with us.
John Wakerly ’66

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