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Professional Responsibility

Practice Questions
1. While reviewing the estimates from the functional managers assigned to your project you

discover that one cost estimate is clearly higher than those submitted for previous projects.
You should
a. Reject the estimate and remove the functional manager from the project
b. Request the supporting details for the estimate to ensure it has been properly

c. Accept the estimate and plan to use the additional funding as a reserve.
d. Question each functional manager for information about this estimate.
2. You are working in a country where it is customary to exchange gifts between contractor

and customer. Your company code of conduct clearly states that you cannot accept gifts
from any client. Failure to accept the gift from this client may cause grave offence. What
should you do?
a. Provide the customer with a copy of your company code of conduct and refuse the gifts.
b. Exchange gifts with the customer and keep the exchange confidential

Contact your Project Sponsor and /or your legal or public relations group for
d. Ask the Project Sponsor or project executive to exchange gifts.

3. You are asked to write a paper for your sponsor to present at a convention. You are told

that you will not be acknowledged as the author of the paper. What should you do?
a. Go along with the request.
b. Request that your name also appears

Refuse to follow the instructions

d. Go over the head of your sponsor seeking advice

4. Each of the following describes the use of an ethical approach except .
a. Attempting to understand the religious and cultural sensitivities of the country in which

you have been assigned.

b. Ensuring that personal interest does not interfere with your decision making process.
c. Accepting gifts in exchange for favoring one contractor over another
d. Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information obtained during the Project Life Cycle.

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5. To maintain the customer's schedule, massive overtime will be required between Christmas

and the New Year. Many of your team members have put in for vacation during this time.
What should you do?
a. Let the schedule slip and inform the customer
b. First give the employees the choice of working overtime

Make the employees cancel their vacation plans and work overtime
d. Hire temporary employees for the overtime

6. Which of the following situations describes a violation of the PMP Professional Code of Ethics

and Professional Conduct?

a. Accepting a gift that is within the customary guidelines of the country or province you are

currently working in.

b. Use of confidential information to advance your position or influence a critical
c. Complying with laws and regulations of the state or province in which project
management services are provided.
d. Disclosing information to a customer about a situation that may have an appearance of
7. Your sponsor has given you a cash bonus to be disbursed among your team members.

One of them has performed poorly on your project. You should

a. Provide everyone with an equal share

b. Provide everyone a share based upon their performance

Ask the workers to decide among themselves how the bonus should be subdivided
d. Ask the sponsor to make the decision

8. Before reporting a perceived violation of an established rule or policy, a Project

Manager should _.
a. Determine the risks associated with the violation.
b. Ensure there is a reasonably clear and factual basis for reporting the violation.

Ignore the violation until it actually affects the project results.

d. Convene a committee to review the violation and determine the appropriate

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9. You have been assigned two concurrent projects. Because of the nature of the

projects, you have a conflict of interest. You should .

a. Do the best you can and tell no one.
b. Ask to be removed from one of the projects.

Ask to be removed from both of the projects.

d. Inform your Project Sponsor and ask for his advice.

10. You have managed the construction of an effluent treatment plant. You learn that there is a

very slight risk of polluting the local water supply under conditions of exceptionally high
throughput, which could cause slight stomach problems to anyone drinking the water. As the
Project Manager, you s h o u l d
a. Order a detailed examination to determine the extent to which the problem exists and keep

the public fully informed of the situation.

b. Do nothing because the risk is very low
c. Tell the public there is no problem.
d. Advise the public not to use the water for drinking until further notice.

PMP Exam Complete Training Course Material-Master of Project Academy

Not for distribution, sale or reproduction. Cannot be used without permission of the Author.