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This contract of Indemnity is made and executed on this ___ day of October
ABC (Private) Limited, a Company incorporated in Pakistan under the
Companies Ordinance 1984 through Certificate of Registration bearing Number
------------ and having its registered office at _________ ISLAMABAD (hereinafter
referred to as the INDEMNFIER, which expression shall, wherever the context
so requires, means and includes successors-in-interest, liquidators, attorneys
and assigns) of the ONE PART
XYZ & CO, a Firm registered in Pakistan under the Partnership Act, 1932 through
Certificate of Registration bearing Number ---------------and having its
registered office at __________ ISLAMABAD (hereinafter referred to as the
INDEMNITY HOLDER, which expression shall, wherever the context so
requires, means and includes successors-in-interest, liquidators, attorneys and
assigns) of the OTHER PART
WHEREAS the Indemnifier and the Indemnity Holder are the parties to
a Contract dated ------------------------- for installation of a Gas operated Power
Generation Plant by the Indemnifier within the premises of the Indemnity
Holder on BOT Basis for a term of 5 years, (herein after referred to as the
WHEREAS the Indemnity Holder is subscriber of a Gas Connection
bearing Number ----- of the SNGC, (hereinafter referred to as the
WHEREAS the said connection shall be under the exclusive use of the
Indemnifier who will receive Gas from the said connection for generation of
Electricity through the said Plant.
WHEREAS as per the agreed terms and procedures between the aforesaid
Parties the price of the Gas consumed by the Indemnifier is to be paid by the
Indemnifier directly to SNGC.
WHEREAS the Indemnity Holder being subscriber of the said connection
is exposed to risk on account of any default by the Indemnifier on account of
non-payment of the Bill(s).
NOW therefore the Indemnifier has executed this instrument of
Indemnity on the following terms and conditions:

That the Indemnifier shall deposit the payment against Bill(s) issued by
SNGC on account of the Gas consumed from the said connection on regular
basis and within the due date as described on the Bill.
That the Indemnifier shall hereby holds harmless and indemnified the
Indemnity Holder from any and all, actual or alleged, claims, demands,
liabilities, losses, of whatsoever nature and kind whether brought by SNGC or
any other individual(s) or organization(s) or authority, or imposed by a Court of
Law that might arise against the Indemnity Holder out of any act, omission,
default, negligence or misconduct of the Indemnifier.
This indemnification shall also apply to and include without limitation the
payment of all penalties, fines, attorneys fees, and related costs and any
reimbursements to Indemnity Holder whatsoever and as the case may be.
That in case the Indemnifier fails to fulfill his covenants/obligations
stated above, it shall be deemed to be breach of this contract and the
Indemnity Holder shall be at liberty to avail all or any of the remedies
available under the law severely and/or jointly against the Indemnifier and its
That the Indemnifier hereby confirms that it has the legal power through
its Memorandum and Articles of Association to execute this deed as per its
clauses and Mr. ------------ has been dully authorized by the Board of Directors
through Resolution Number-------- dated ------ to sign this instrument on behalf of
the Indemnifier.
That this instrument shall be registered with the concerned authorities
and certified copies shall be deposited with the Registrar of the Companies and
to all having any lien or charge on the assets of the Indemnifier at present as
well as in the future.
This deed is signed by the parties at Islamabad this the ------------- day of
October 2016 in the presence of following witnesses.


This GUARANTY AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as this Guaranty) is
made as of the 13 day of October 2016,
ABC Bank Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor), of XYZ Computer
Supply & Services Company (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) for
the benefit of the Bahria University Islamabad (hereinafter referred to as the
WHEREAS, XYZ Computer Supply & Services Company (Contractor) is an
account holder/ client of the Guarantor;
WHEREAS, Owner and Contractor have entered into an agreement on 01
Oct 2016 for supply and repair services of computers for the use in Owners
Labs (the Contract);
WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 10 of the Contract, the Contractor is
obligated to provide Owner with this Guaranty; and
WHEREAS, Guarantor as the Banker of the Contractor, is willing to execute
this Guaranty in consideration of and to satisfy the terms of the Contract.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and mutual covenants
set forth herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt
and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties hereto agree
as follows:
1. That in consideration of the award of the Contract by Owner to Contractor,
the Guarantor hereby guarantees to and for the benefit of Owner the full and
timely performance of the obligations of the Contractor under the Contract
when and if such obligations becomes due according to the terms of the
Contract (Obligations).
2. That any modification or amendment of any of the Obligations in
accordance with the terms of the Contract shall not affect the liability of
Guarantor hereunder.
3. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Guarantor's liability
under this Guaranty shall not exceed Contractors liability under the Contract
or Rs. 2,000,000/- (Rupees Two Million) whichever is less.
4. That this Guaranty shall be irrevocable and continues in full force and
effect until all of the Obligations have been discharged.

5. That this Guaranty shall be governed by the law of the jurisdiction

governing the Contract, and any dispute under this Guaranty shall be finally
settled under the dispute resolution provisions of the Contract.
6. That this Guaranty may not be assigned by Owner without Guarantors
prior written consent.
7. That this Guaranty may not be modified, amended or waived, except in
writing signed by the Parties.
8. All notices, requests, demands, and other communications under this
Guaranty shall be deemed to have been duly given (i) to Guarantor, if
delivered in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 15 of the
Contract to the address below and (ii) to Owner, if delivered in accordance
with the requirements set forth in Section 16 of the Contract to the address
set forth therein.
To Guarantor: ABC Bank Ltd, 10 C, Markaz Sector F-10, Islamabad, Phone:
051 111000111, Fax: 051 111000222 Attn: Mr. Fiaz Branch Manager.
To Owner: Bahria University, Shangrila Road Islamabad, Phone: 051
111000333, Fax: 051 111000444 Attn: Mr. Imtiaz Director Stores.
9. That on receipt of any notice from the Owner the Guarantor shall
immediately but not later than 03 working days release the amount
demanded subject to the terms of this Guarantee.
That this Guaranty Agreement has been duly executed by
authorized representatives of each of the Parties as follows:
GUARANTOR: By: _________________ Title: _____________________
By: __________________ Title: ____________________
By: __________________ Title:_____________________
Witness No. 1_______________________ Witness No. 2 _________________