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Sharp has expanded its LEDbacklit LCD Suite...

Introducing 8 new Sharp LED-backlit LCDs: 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch, 7.0-inch, 10.4-inch, 12.1-inch and 15.0-inch, plus select touchscreen options. LED-backlit LCDs enable you to create products with slimmer design profiles, while also delivering added durability and longer backlight life – even in the most rigorous of industrial applications.

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June 2010

I mage P roces s or

CX92735 Interactive Display CX92735 Interactive CX92735 Interactive Display and Image and Image Processor Display Processor
Display Applications: Digital Frames • Interactive Kiosks • POS Terminals Automation/Security • • iPOD Docks with Viewers • Phones • Digital Signage • Home Automation/SecurityiPOD Docks with Viewers • VoIPVoIP Phones • Digital Signage Display Applications: Digital Frames • Interactive Kiosks • POS Terminals Interactive TV Appliances • Speakerphones • Home Web Terminals • Baby Monitors Interactive TV Appliances • Speakerphones • Home Web Terminals • Baby Monitors
Conexant’s CX92735 SoC delivers a new level of imaging performance for connected digital Interactive SoC Appliances • Speakerphones • Home photo Conexant’s CX92735 TV delivers a new level of imaging performance connectivity. The Web Terminals photo frames and devices with integrated Internet and touchscreen for connected digital SoC frames and devices with integrated Internet and touchscreen LCD interface, and supports advanced processing, features best-in-class image processing, a a new connectivity. The SoC features best-in-class imagedigital Conexant’s CX92735 SoC delivers flexible level of imaging performance for connected a flexible LCD interface, and supports advancedaudio features including streaming media content, MP3 features including streaming mediawith integrated Internetplayback with slideshow functionality, audio photo frames and devices content, MP3 and touchscreen connectivity. The SoC playback with slideshow functionality, and Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Ethernet connectivity. The proprietary image ® and Wi-Fifeatures best-in-class image processing, a flexible LCD interface, and supports advanced , Bluetooth®, and Ethernet connectivity. The proprietary image processing pipeline processing pipeline handles concurrent processing and enhancement of high-resolution JPEG images for LCD features including streaming media content, MP3 audio playback with slideshow LCD handles concurrent processing and enhancement of high-resolution JPEG images for functionality, display. A high-performance 32-bit ARM9 processor supports a robust embedded operating display. Aand Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, andARM9 processor supports a robust embedded operating high-performance 32-bit Ethernet connectivity. The proprietary image processing pipeline system and a flexible user interface design. handles concurrent processing and system and a flexible user interface design. enhancement of high-resolution JPEG images for LCD
The CX92735complete user interface solution on single-chip. A software evaluation The CX92735 is and aaflexiblemultimedia solution on aasingle-chip.A software evaluation development kit is system a is complete multimedia design. available allowing manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively and a wide range of products. development kit is available allowing manufacturers to quicklydesigncost-effectively design The of products. a wide range CX92735 is a complete multimedia solution on a single-chip. A software evaluation
display. A high-performance 32-bit ARM9 processor supports a robust embedded operating

Display Applications: Digital Frames • Interactive Kiosks • POS Terminals • Home

and Image Processor

Home Automation/Security • iPOD Docks with Viewers • VoIP Phones • Digital Signage • Baby Monitors

Key Features Features

development kit is available allowing manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively design a wide range of products.

Benefits Benefits

Benefits ARM9Key Features with Vector Floating Point Unit expanded ■ EasilyEasily handles complexcomputational and system tasks  microprocessor with Vector Floating Point Unit and ARM9 microprocessor  handles complex computational and system tasks and expandedcaches on-chip cacheswith Vector Floating Point Unit ■ on-chip microprocessor ■ Easily handles complex computational and system tasks ARM9 and expanded on-chip image processor and JPEG codec Dedicated high-performance image processor and JPEG with ■ Quickly provides superior photo rendering and  Dedicated high-performance caches  Quickly provides superior photo rendering and multimedia multimedia processing codec■ MPEG4/H.264 high-performance image processor and JPEG with MPEG4/H.264 video decode support with hard■ Quickly provides superior photo rendering and processing Dedicated video decode support with hardware video post ware video postwith MPEG4/H.264 video decode support with hardprocessor and high-speed DDR2 memory DDR2 memory multimedia processing codec processor and high-speed
USB USB 2.0video post processor two host ports 2.0 ware high-speed device andtwo host ports DDR2 memory high-speed device and and high-speed

USB 2.0 high-speed device and two host ports

Enables high-speed, bidirectional data transfers for faster  Enables high-speed, bidirectional data transfers for faster image ■ Enablesand connection bidirectional data image transfer and connection peripherals transfers for faster transfer high-speed, to USB to USB peripherals
 Supports all major media card types and expansion Supports all major media card types and expansion options for ■ Supports all major media design design options for flexibility flexibility card types and expansion options for design flexibility  Supports up to HD resolution with flexible display Supports up to HD resolutionwith flexible display interface for LVDS ■ Supportsdevices HD resolution with or for up to interfaceHDMILVDS or HDMI devices flexible display interface for LVDS or HDMI devices  Low touchscreen implementation with proven drivers Low cost cost touchscreenimplementation with ■ Low cost touchscreen implementation with proven drivers
proven drivers image transfer and connection to USB peripherals

 memory card interface, including SDIO Robust Robust memory card interface, including SDIO

Robust memory card interface, including SDIO LCD Controller

LCD LCD Controller Controller

 Direct resistive touchscreen support via integrated ADCs, Direct resistive touchscreen support via integrated ADCs, and ■ support for capacitive touchscreens Direct resistive touchscreen support via integrated ADCs, and support for capacitive touchscreens
and support for capacitive touchscreens
For more information, including pricing, availability, datasheets and samples (if available), please visit

LC D Evaluation K its

Tianma and Amulet Technologies partner to launch LCD Evaluator Kits for popular Tianma displays
Plug & Play LCD Evaluator Kits for 3.5” and 4.7” Tianma displays brings display evaluation, GUI design and implementation together
Having trouble powering up your sample display? Don’t want to spend months designing a new printed circuit board and software just to evaluate the display? Then these kits are for you! These two new plug & play LCD Evaluator Kits for popular displays from Tianma are part of Amulet’s LCD Evaluator Program, the industry’s first program to provide plug & play GUI reference designs for individual LCD displays from multiple LCD vendors. The kits provide you with near instantaneous evaluation and prototyping of GUI displays, with volume production in as little as one month. The two Tianma LCD Evaluator Kits (EVK-TA-TM035KBH02 & EVK-TATM047NBH01) support either a 3.5” QVGA (320x240) or 4.7” (480x272) Tianma display. Both provide all of the hardware and software required to turn an LCD display into a graphical user interface, including Amulet’s controller board powered by Amulet’s GEM Graphical OS Chip™ for color displays, an integrated evaluation board (EVB) optimized for a specific display, power supply, USB cable, stylus and a 30-day trial license of GEMstudio™. Now designers can simply connect their Tianma display with the controller board in the kit, power it on, and the display is up and running. Using Amulet’s GEMstudio™ GUI design tool, the designer can easily create a GUI for their embedded application. Designs are directly portable to production with no additional coding required for the user interface. This provides a faster time-to-market and reduced development costs. Designers can purchase kits in conjunction with a specific Tianma LCD through Nu Horizons. Kits are available for $199 each. Display prices vary based on part number. For more information, visit About GEMstudio™ This patented GUI design tool makes it easy to import stunning graphics and 3D visual effects and bind them to any of the view and control objects in Amulet’s popular widget library. The powerful imageimporting engine allows designers to create graphical content and layered graphic effects in their tool of choice, then simply drag and drop them into a GEMstudio™ workspace for creating reusable, resizable GUI components. The tool comes pre-loaded with a library of expertly crafted images and GUI components that are ready to use out of the box. The page layout and alignment tools can then be used by the designer to drag and drop their way to a beautiful GUI.

      Controller Board with Amulet’s GEM Graphical OS Chip™ (GCC-1) Integrated Evaluation Board GEMstudio™ (30-day trial CD) USB Cable Stylus Module Assembly Instructions

GEMstudio™ features:  First drag-and-drop GUI design tool for Embedded Systems that brings the designer straight from GUI design to product implementation, without any additional GUI coding requirements or licensing for production  Supports layers for creating great looking user interfaces  Powerful import function makes it easy to add stunning graphics and 3D visual effects and bind them together with the view and control objects in Amulet’s popular widget library  Automatic image alignment feature  Configurable GUI design workspace supports virtually any TFT or OLED display resolution with a click of a button  Supports the most popular graphic formats JPEG, GIF, PNG including animations  Includes simple-to-use design tools for manipulating graphic objects on the screen  PC Playback allows the user to view and interact with the productionready GUI in the native resolution on the PC before programming the LCD  Easy compile feature allows the designer to view the GUI design, at any stage of development, on the LCD module in minutes. This process virtually eliminates the simulation phase that is standard in other products

Plug & Play! No messing with board designs Significantly shortens the GUI development cycle Get to production sooner and smoother Various LCD sizes and resolutions to choose from Trial version of the easiest, most flexible GUI design tool on the market is included (true WYSIWYG tool)  Access to a technical support hotline  Training videos at     

 Appliance  Consumer Electronics  Medical  Industrial  Home Automation  Any embedded application


LED -B acklit LC D

Introducing 8 New Sharp LED-backlit Industrial LCDs
Sharp has expanded its LED-backlit LCD Suite with new sizes and features to meet your design needs
Introducing 8 new Sharp LED-backlit LCDs: 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch, 7.0-inch, 10.4-inch, 12.1-inch and 15.0-inch, plus select touch-screen options. LED-backlit LCDs enable you to create products with slimmer design profiles, while also delivering added durability and longer backlight life – even in the most rigorous of industrial applications. Plus, their production, operation, and disposal are all far kinder to our environment. Sharp displays feature wide operating temperatures, high brightness and contrast, wide viewing angles, quick response time, durable coating, and other features ideal for industrial applications.

 3.5-inch QVGA LED-backlit LCD (LQ035Q3DG01) This 3.5-inch landscape mode display is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and features 450 nits of brightness and a 500:1 contrast ratio for excellent color rendering. Its format is 320 x RGB x 240 dots panel with 262k colors.  Two 4.3-inch LED-backlit LCDs (LQ043T3DG01 and LQ043T3DG02) The LQ043T3DG01 WQVGA touch screen features 400 nits of brightness and a 900:1 contrast ratio for excellent color rendering, while the non-touch LQ043T3DG02 delivers 480 nits of brightness with the same high contrast. The format for both LCDs is 480 x 272 x RGB dots panel with 262k colors.  Two New 7.0-inch LED-backlit LCDs (LQ070Y3DG3A and LQ070Y3DG3B) These ultra-thin displays add new touch panel (DG3B) and non-touch (DG3A) options in their size class. Both feature excellent color rendering and exceptional temperature range. Their format is 800 x 3 x 480 dots with 16 million colors.  10.4-inch VGA Digital LED-backlit LCD (LQ104V1DG62) This rugged Sharp “Strong 2” panel features a minimum 50k hour backlight life, wide operating temperature of -30˚C to +80˚C, brightness of 550 nits, and a high contrast ratio of 600:1. Sharp’s Strong 2 designation outlines stringent industrial specifications for brightness, contrast, temperature range, shock, and vibration. The panel is a mechanical and electrical (except for backlight) drop in replacement for Sharp’s samesized LQ104V1DG51 and LQ104V1DG61 CCFT modules.  12.1-inch SVGA LED-backlit LCD (LQ121S1LG81) This SVGA LCD module is ideal for industrial applications. Its features include 50k hour backlight life, wide temperature range and viewing angles, and 450 nits of brightness with a high 800:1 contrast ratio. It is a mechanical and electrical (except for backlight) drop-in replacement for Sharp’s same-sized LQ121S1LG41 module.  15.0-inch XGA LED-backlit LCD (LQ150X1LG82) This LVDS panel offers high-speed operation of 8ms. It also carries a minimum 50k hour backlight life and operating temperature of 0°C to 60°C. It is a mechanical and electrical (except for backlight) drop in replacement for Sharp’s same-sized LQ150X1LG81 module.


For more information, including pricing, availability, datasheets and samples (if available), please visit

 Longer operating life  Lower power consumption  Environmental friendliness (Mercury [Hg] free)  Greater resistance to mechanical shock (no glass tubes)  Quicker illumination to a stable brightness level  Wide dimming ratio (to less than 1%)  Reduction of electronic noise (low DC drive voltage)

Some specific applications for Sharp LCDs include:  ATMs  Factory Automation  Gaming/Lottery  Home Automation  Industrial Controls  Multimedia  Medical Devices  Navigation Systems  POS Terminals  Test and Measurement  Transportation  VoIP  White Goods  and more..


Lifetime Comparison for LED and CCFT (estimate)
Long Lifetime at Room Temperature
Ambient Temperature=25°C
100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 100%

Long Lifetime

Excellent Long Lifetime in Low Temp.
Ambient Temperature -20°C

LED @ 100,000 h
Relative Light Output

90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000

Relative Light Output

LED @ 200,000 h CCFT @ <3,000 h

CCFT @ 60,000 h

nearly 100 times

Time (in hours)

Time (in hours)

LED and CCFT Technology Comparison
Dimming Ratio Electrical Noise Safety (Hazardous Material) Mechanical Shock

CCFT Backlight
(25%) to 100% Dependending on Inverter design Strike: 1,000 to 15,000 Vrms Driving: 600 Vrms (50 - 60 kHz) Hg in CCFT Weak (CCFT)

LED Backlight
Extremely wide (<1% to 100%) DC 32 V Safe (No hazardous materials) Strong (No glass to break)


TFT D isplay Modules

New Transflective TFT Display Modules – 2.2” and 3.5” with Touch Panel
Offering the best balance on Quality, Price, and Performance to meet all applications and markets
Tianma Microelectronics designs and manufactures small to medium sized TFT panels and modules, such as our featured 2.2” (TM022HDHT1) and 3.5” (TM035HBHT1) TFT display modules. Our Transflective TFT display modules are ideal for outdoors applications that require high readability in direct sunlight. With its QVGA (240 x 320) resolution, high quality, high reliability, and competitive market pricing; these displays are ideal for a variety of applications, including portable GPS, Multimedia Player, POS, Medical device, Industrial controller, and others. Both display module features integrated one-chip solution, with controller/driver and power management on-board. Easy to interface with our digital RGB standard and low profile LED backlight. These displays are available with or without 4-wire resistive touch panel. These displays will enhance any electronics products to give users an impressive visual experience.

Key Features
      True Transflective TFT 240 (RGB) x 320 resolution Native portrait mode Digital RGB interface Low power LED backlight Reflectivity – 6%
Diagonal Size
1.45 “ 1.77 “ 2.0 “ 2.0 “ 2.2 “ 2.3 “ 2.4 “ 2.7 “ 2.83 “ 3.2 “ 3.5” 3.5” 4.7 “ 4.7 “ 5.7 “ 6.0 “ 6.2 “ 7.0 “ 10.4 “ 15.0 “ 15.6 “ 19.0 “

    
128 x 128 128 x 160 240 x 320 240 x 320 240 x 320 240 x 320 240 x 320 320 x 240 240 x 320 240 x 400 320 x 240 320 x 240 480 x 272 480 x 272 640 x 480 800 x 480 800 x 480 800 x 600 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1366 x 768 1440 x 900

 Consumer Electronics (MP3/MP4, Mobile Phone, DPF, PMP, GPS, etc.)  Industrial (Keypad, Meter, Tester, POS, etc.)  Medical (Glucose Meter, Heart Monitor, Diagnostic, etc.)  Automotive (Radio, Cluster instrument, Electro Chromic Mirror, etc.)
Contrast Ratio
350:1 500:1 350:1 350:1 350:1 500:1 350:1 400:1 500:1 500:1 350:1 350:1 500:1 400:1 500:1 500:1 500:1 400:1 400:1 600:1 500:1 1000:1

High quality and reliability Competitive pricing Sunlight readability One-chip solution RoHS Compliant
Module Size (mm)
32.36x38.00x2.60 34.0x47.0x2.6 44.04x49.75x3.60 38.03x51.65x2.35 44.40×55.30×2.35 50.90x45.80x2.25 42.72x60.26x3.40 65.5x46.6x2.6 50.0x69.2x3.05 47.6x80.9x3.9 76.9x63.9x4.0 76.9x63.9x3.15 114.3x72.5x5.0 114.24x72.88x3.15 144.0x104.6x12.3 145.5x87.8x5.4 155.2x88.2x4.9 155.5x118.7x5.7 236.0x176.9x5.6 326.5x253.5x11.13 363.8x215.9x14.3 428.0x278.0x16.5

Module Number
TM014FDH05 TM017FDH19 TM020HBH01 TM020HDH01 TM022HDH16 TM023KDH01 TM024HBH41 TM027CDH02 TM028HDH11 TM032LBH02 TM035KBH02 TM035KDH03 TM047NBH01 TM047NDH01 TM057QDH01 TM060RDH03 TM062RDH03 TM070SDH01 TM104SDH01 TMS150XG1-12TB TMS156WX1-01TB TMS190WX1-05TB

Active Area (mm)
26.04x26.04 28.03x35.04 30.24x40.32 30.24x40.32 33.84×45.12 46.75x35.06 36.72x48.96 54.0 x 40.5 43.2x57.6 41.76x69.60 70.08x52.56 70.08x52.56 103.68x58.75 103.68x58.75 115.2x86.4 133.20x73.80 137.40x77.28 141.0 x 105.0 211.2 x 158.4 304.13x228.10 344.23x193.54 408.24x255.15


Viewing Angle T/B/L/F
70/60/70/70 70/55/70/70 60/60/40/60 60/60/55/60 65/20/40/40 70/60/70/70 50/20/45/45 55/65/65/65 75/55/75/75 70/55/70/70 40/60/60/60 40/60/60/60 50/70/70/70 50/55/65/65 70/60/70/70 60/70/70/70 60/70/75/75 45/65/65/65 45/65/65/65 80/80/80/80 20/45/45/45 80/80/85/85

LED (140 cd/m2) LED (280 cd/m2) LED (180 cd/m2) LED (220 cd/m2) LED (200 cd/m2) LED (250 cd/m2) LED (180 cd/m2) LED (300 cd/m2) LED (275 cd/m2) LED (250 cd/m2) LED (350 cd/m2) LED (300 cd/m2) LED (280 cd/m2) LED (400 cd/m2) LED (400 cd/m2) LED (350 cd/m2) LED (400 cd/m2) LED (200 cd/m2) LED (400 cd/m2) CCFL (350 cd/m2) CCFL (250 cd/m2) CCFL (300 cd/m2)

Touch Panel

For the complete version of Tianma’s TFT Product List, please visit


For more information, including pricing, availability, datasheets and samples (if available), please visit

High brightness LED backlit TFT-LCDs for industrial applications

T F T- L C D

Optrex offers high bright LED-backlit TFT-LCDs for outdoor use that are very well suited for industrial applications providing excellent performance, product quality, and long term support
Optrex continues expanding their LED-backlit TFT-LCD offering and now offers a full line of high bright TFT-LCDs with white LED for outdoor applications. All the panels are designed for industrial applications and provide exceptional performance such as: high bright or super high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, wide operating temperature range, long LED lifetime, high shock and vibration tolerance, etc. Many of these displays also incorporate Natural Color matrix (NCM), a color improving technology, for vivid color reproduction. Available in various sizes and resolutions including: 5.7”, 6.5”, 8.4”, 9.0”, 10.4”, 12.1”, and 15.0”. More information can be found at

 High brightness up to 1500 cd/m2  Long LED lifetime up to 100K hours typical  High contrast ratio up to 800:1  Wide operating temperature range up to -30° to 80° C  Wide viewing angle up to 85/85/85/85  High shock and vibration standard  Anti-glare (AG) surface with Anti-reflective (AR) as optional Part Number
T-55520GD057J-LW-ACN T-55629D065J-LW-A-AAN T-51750GD065J-LW-AON T-55467D084J-LW-A-AAN T-55562D090J-LW-A-AAN T-55532D104J-LW-A-AAN T-55532D104J-LW-A-ACN T-55563D104J-LW-A-ABN T-55586D104J-LW-A-AAN T-55533D104J-LW-A-ABN T-55566D121J-LW-A-AAN T-55534D150J-LW-A-AAN T-55534D150J-LW-A-ABN T-55519D150J-LW-A-ABN

 High brightness displays ideal for outdoor application  LED backlights are instantly on, no warm up time  Wide dimming ratio  Lower power consumption compared to CCFL  Reduce electro-magnetic interference (EMI)  No mercury, environmentally friendly Brightness
800 700 750 800 800 800 1500 1200 1000 1000 1000 800 1500 1100

       Portable testing equipment Medical applications Navigation and Avionic system Point of Sales and ATM machine Outdoor kiosk machine Marine allocation Drive through

 Gas pump Operating Temperature
-20° to 70° C -30° to 80° C -20° to 70° C -30° to 80° C -30° to 80° C -20° to 70° C -20° to 70° C -30° to 80° C -30° to 80° C -30° to 80° C -30° to 80° C -20° to 70° C -20° to 70° C -20° to 70° C

5.7” 6.5” 6.5” 8.4” 9.0” 10.4” 10.4” 10.4” 10.4” 10.4” 12.1” 15.0” 15.0” 15.0”


Contrast Ratio
350:1 600:1 300:1 600:1 800:1 700:1 700:1 700:1 700:1 700:1 600:1 600:1 800:1 600:1

Viewing Angle
70/70/70/70 80/80/60/80 55/55/60/30 80/80/60/80 80/80/60/80 70/70/65/65 70/70/65/65 80/80/60/80 80/80/65/65 80/80/65/65 80/80/80/60 80/80/80/60 80/80/80/60 85/85/85/85


Sept, 10 June, 10 Now Now Now Now Now July, 10 Now Now Now Now Now Now


TFT-LCD / Touch Panel

Advanced Visual Display Solutions For The Electronics Marketplace
EDT has emerged as one of the premier manufactures of small to medium size TFT-LCD and PolyTouch™ Projective Capacitive Touch Panel’s. Throughout Emerging Display Technologies Corporation’s history, our mission to provide advanced visual display solutions for the electronics marketplace has driven us to create, improve and outperform. At the same time our core values of providing technology, quality, service and value to every customer we serve have not, and will not, change.

EDT Offers the Latest in TFT-LCD and Capacitive Touch Panel Solutions

PolyTouch™ Touch Panel Features
 Excellent Visual Quality - Exceeds optical performance of traditional resistive touch panel. Allows enhanced visual experience for display interaction  Intuitive Interface - Allows direct user commands through the use of simple hand gesture for finger motion. Excellent responsiveness with either direct contact or glove accessories  Function - Supports both single and multi-touch applications. Example function includes, but not limited to: tap, slide, zoom in, zoom out, etc.  Variety - Both standard and customization types are available. Standard includes Touch on Glass (TOG), Integral and Traditional stand alone type  Design Friendly - Complete solution package for easy product design and integration, including driver, touch sensors and etc.  Flexible Design - Glass to glass design, cover lens lamination, and cover lens in cell  Adaptability - Suitable for many applications and designs where user interface is needed  Superior Quality - Excellent durability (up to 7H sturdiness), quick response time, sensitivity and long product life

TFT-LCD Features
 TFT technology capable of generating a vivid picture  High responsiveness for video capabilities  Enhanced module brightness over various ambient lightings  High color saturation  Enhanced wide viewing ranges  Wide operating/storage temperature  Digital interface input allows for full utilization of image data

TFT-LCD Applications
       Hand Held Terminals Medical VoIP Industrial Control POS Terminals Printers / Copiers White Goods

PolyTouch™ Touch Panel Applications
 Remote Controls  Audio Systems  Handheld Devices  VoIP Phones


For more information, including pricing, availability, datasheets and samples (if available), please visit

I m age P rocessor


Display Discovery

Display Discovery

The following questions are designed to help walk you through potential requirements for your next design. Visit for an online version and to be contacted by a Nu Horizons salesperson.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Are you considering another display? Type of Display Module? Type of Display? Mfg: ___________ Part #: _______________

Character: _____ Mono/Color Graphic: _____ TFT LCD: _____ __________________

Transmissive: _______ Transflective: _____Reflective: ______ __________________ 6 O’clock: ______ 12 O’clock: ______ Degrees: ______ __________________ Indoors: ______ Outdoors: ______ Both: ______ __________________ (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____)

Resolution (e.g. 1024x768 XGA or 128x64)? Diagonal size of the display (e.g. 6.4”)? b. Viewing angle requirement:

a. Landscape: ______ Portrait: ______ Wide: ______ 16:9: _____ Special: ______ 6. 7. 8. 9. Brightness requirement (e.g. 350 Nits)? a. Display will be primarily used: Display signal interface? Contrast ratio requirement (e.g. 300:1)?

CMOS: ______ LVDS: ______ ARGB: ______ Composite: ______

Will the customer play full motion video on this display?

10. Any low power requirements (Battery)?

11. Is testing or inspection required (e.g. Pixels Defects)?

12. Does AR tempered glass need to be bonded to the front of the display?

DISPLAY CONNECTION KITS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Inverter required for CCFL? (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) Control circuit for LED’s required?

Is a display data interface cable required?

Is an Analog to Digital controller card required?

Does the customer need their parts kitted or labeled with their part number?

TOUCH SCREEN SPECIFICATIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. Touchscreen Resistive 4-wire:__ 5-wire:___ 8-wire:___ Capacitive:__ IR:__ or Other:__ Touch controller 5 V input: ____ or 12V input: ___ USB: ___ or Serial: ___ Integrate touch screen onto LCD? Is a front gasket required? (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) Any special material specification? a. Does the touch screen need to be fully bonded to the display? Y ____ N ____)

TOTAL SOLUTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Is a single board computer required to drive the display? Is a camera part of the total solution? (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____) Is an open frame, rack mount, or enclosure required? Is a waterproof (NEMA) front seal or enclosure required? Are there any other size/package/dimension requirements? Are enhancements required? (Y ____ N ____) (Y ____ N ____)

Is High Bright (Daylight viewable) and/or LED backlighting required?

Is Military enhancements and/or NVIS night vision required (MIL-STD-3009)?

* Common enhancements are anti–reflective film (AR), EMI filtering, vandal protection.. 10

Display Technologies available from Nu Horizons
Cable Solutions

Hantouch Touch International

Display Enhancement Solutions
Landmark Nu Horizons Custom Solutions

Active Enhancements:
■ Hi Bright Backlights: CCFL LED

Emerging Display Technologies (EDT) HT Displays Optrex OSD Displays Sharp Tianma United Radiant Technology Corp. (URT)

Passive Enhancements:
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Anti-Reflective Anti Glare Glass / Acrylic EMI/RFI Shielding IR Blocking Film Optical Bonding Privacy Filters Protective Display Shields

Embedded Solutions / Single Board Computers
Aaeon Axiom Tek Connect Tech Digi International IEI Technology Reach Technology

Total Solutions:
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Display Kit Verification Fully Enclosed LCD Monitors Fully Enclosed LCD Systems (Panel PC’s) LCD Testing and Screening Medical NEMA Rated Products Open Frame Configurations Rack and Panel Mount Assemblies

T E C H N O L O G Y I N C.

Applied Concepts ERG Microsemi Zippy

Touch Controllers:
■ Serial ■ USB

LCD Controller Solutions
Amulet Technologies Digital View Digitron Estecom-USA Kordis Spectrah URT

Touch Screen Integration:
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Capacitive Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) IR - Infrared Touch Projected Capacitive - Extreme-Touch Resistive - 4/5/8 Wire

Value-Add Capabilities:
■ Class 1,000 Clean Room for all LCD Enhancements ■ Display Inspection ■ NVIS Night Vision ■ Optical Glass Bonding ■ Touch Screen Integration

LCD Monitors
Axiom Tek Digitron Estecom-USA IEI Slimage

Open Frame/Panel PC Solutions
Aaeon Axiom Tek Digitron Estecom-USA IEI Technology Nu Horizons Custom Solutions Slimage Spectrah


Embedded Solutions / Single Board Computers available from Nu Horizons
Offering Embedded Computing Platforms so that customers have a single, reliable, cost-effective source to a wide array of CE, FCC & UL certified products. These products include single board computers, embedded systems and barebone systems, panel computers, medical PC, human machine interfaces, and network security appliances.

Supported Markets
Medical Military Heavy Industrial Consumer Gaming & Entertainment Point of Sale Telecom

■ Memory (Flash, DDR, DDR2, DDR3) ■ Heatsink/Fan Assemblies ■ MiniPCI Module ■SA/PCI/PCI-X riser cards ■ I/O cables ■ LCD wiring kits ■ Compact Flash ■ HDD Drives

Supported Processors
Intel VIA Xscale Marvell AMD

Add on Cards
■ LCD converter ■ FPGA ■ Video Capture ■ PCI-Express cards ■ PC104 I/O Modules ■ Wireless ■ RFID ■ Wireless Radio Modems ■ CAN Controllers

System on Module
■ ETX ■ STX ■ Q7 ■ COM EXPRESS ■ XTX ■ SOM Baseboards

■ 1U to 6U ■ Shoe Box ■ Rackmount ■ Compact ■ Embedded

Industrial Motherboards
■ Mini ITX ■ Micro ATX ■ ATX

Power Solutions Embedded SBC
■ Pico ITX
T E C H N O L O G Y I N C.

■ DC/DC ■ Open Frame ■ 1U/2U Power supply ■ UPS Module ■ AC/DC

■ 3.5” Capa Boards ■ EPIC ■ 5.25 Boards ■ RISC CPU Modules ■ PC104

Microsoft, Linux Support

Sun Micro Super Micro IBM

Technical Resources / Customization Resources
■ Sheet Metail ■ Industrial Design ■ Silk Screening ■ Custom Enclosures

Panel PC/POS Solutions
■ Medical Grade Touchscreen Computers ■ Industrial Monitors ■ Digital Signage ■ Video Wall Controllers ■ Heavy Industrial Monitors ■ Rack Consol ■ RISC Based monitor


LED Lighting available from Nu Horizons
LED lighting systems are composed of multiple subsystems: LEDs, LED drivers, thermal management, and optics; each interacting with the other to affect the system’s overall performance. We’ve put together a concise team of industry veterans from each of the LED lighting disciplines. Working together, the team offers comprehensive, crossdiscipline design tools and educational opportunities.



Thermal Management
Cooler Master

Integrated Solutions
LED Specialists OptoElectronix

LED Driver Suppliers
Allegro Microsystems Exar IXYS Linear Technology Micrel Sharp STMicroelectronics Supertex

Power Solutions available from Nu Horizons
Manufacturing Services
 45,000 square-foot facility in North America  ISO 9001 : 2000 certified  Facility is safety certified by UL, CSA, VDE and TUV  Product tested to comply with every known safety standard  ATE data retention  Expert power integration

Design Services
 Modified standard product  Add bracket / cover / cable assembly to power supply or fan  Modular products  Standard product in custom enclosure  Switch / circuit breakers / fuse / fans / blowers / heat sinks / connectors / EMI filter / wire harnesses  Simple pcb interface  Complete custom design using DC/DC modules  Printed circuit boards design and assembly  Built in features including: control and/or alarm circuits / monitoring / redundancy / digital interface / hotswap


Nu Horizons Line Card

• Military Discretes (Switching Diodes - JAN, JANTX, JANTXV)

• Wireless (Bluetooth modules, ZigBee modules,
802.11 modules)

• Programmable Clock Devices (Clock Generation,

• Audio (DAC’s, ADC’s, Codec’s, SPDIF, Sample Rate • • • •
Conv., DSP, USB) Memory (EEPROM, DAC + EEPROM) Networking (T1/E1/T3/E3 xcvr, PCM) Sensors (Hall Effect Sensor, 3d Compass) Video (NTSC/PAL Encoder/Decoder, A/V Switches, Video Gain Amp)

• Device Server Modules • Embedded MCU / MPU (ARM7TDMI, ARM9926EJ) • Networking Modules (Wired/Wireless 802.3 /
802.11bg / 802.15.4)

Differential Clock Distribution, Universal Fanout & Zero Delay Buffer, Clock Synthesis, Low Jitter SERDES Clock) • Programmable Power Manager Devices (for Processors, DSPs & Board Level; Watchdog timer, Voltage Supervision, Reset Generation, Sequencing, Voltage Measurement, Trimming & Marginning) • Programmable Logic (Non-Volatile Flash FPGA, SRAM FPGA, SERDES, 8/32 Bit Soft Processor, Ultra-Low Power CPLD, SPLD)

• Discrete (Transistors, FET arrays, Thyristors, Triacs) • Display (Vacuum – Fluorescent Display Drivers) • LED Drivers (Constant Current Drivers) • Motor Control (Brushless DC, Bi-Polar Stepper) • Power (Linear Regulators, Buck/Boost/Fly back DCDC, Charge Pumps) • Sensors (Hall Effect)

• Data Converters (ADC, DAC) • Interface (PLB / PCI / I2C / SPI / USB UARTs,

• Data Converters (Delta Sigma, SAR, Voltage DAC, • Frequency Control (Silicon Timing) • Interface (RS-232, 422/485, CAN PHY) • Power Management (Switching Regulators, Linear
Regulators, DC/DC µModules, LED Drivers, Hot Swap, PoE) • Signal Conditioning (Amplifiers, Comparators, Filters, Voltage References, Thermal Couple Compensators) • Wireless / RF (I/Q Modulators – Demodulators, Up & Down Converting Mixers, IF Amplifiers, PA, RF Log Detectors, RF Power Detector) Current DAC)

RS232/485/422 Transceivers) • Power (Buck/Boost Regulator’s, Charge Pumps, LDO’s, Supervisors, PWM, Programmable Power) • Storage (Data Reduction, Data Security) • Telecom (T1/E1/DS1/DS3/E3 LIU’s, Carrier ETH SONET/SDH Framers, Mappers & Aggregators)

• Analog (Data Conversion, Power Management) • Communications (Bluetooth, LIN, CAN, POTS, • • • • • •
GPS, RF, Zigbee) Memory (Flash, EEPROM, Modules) Microcontrollers (8051, AVR, ARM7TDMI, ARM926EJ, Cortex M3) Multimedia & Imaging (IR, Video) Network Storage (Data Storage) Programmable Logic (FPGA, SPLD/CPLD) Sensors (Biometrics, RF, Smart Cards)

(Fiber Optics Division) VCSELs & Detectors, 1310nm Lasers & Detectors, CML Transmitters,WSS) • Optical Transceivers (GBIC, XFP, MSA300, SFP, SFP+) • Passive Optics (WDM networks)

• Optical Components (WDM Management, 850nm

• Data Communications (10/100/1G/10G Ethernet • Embedded MCU / MPU (ARM V5TE, PXA • Fiber Optic Devices (10G FP TOSA & MM PIN
ROSA, OTDR FP Lasers, 2.5G DWDM DML, DFB TOSA & APD ROSA) • Optocouplers (Transistor Output, High Speed, Solid State Relays) • RF Modules (Zigbee) • RF Semiconductors (RFIC Switch, GaAs FET, GaAs PA, Si LD-MOSFET, CATV Hybrid, Si RFIC) Switches, 10/100/1000/10G PHYs) StrongARM, PPC & MIPS Systems Controller)

• Audio (Embedded/De-Embed) • Datacom (CDRs, Laser Drivers, TIAs, Limiting Amps,
ROSA, PCIe Retimers/Redrivers/Bridges, Optical Modules (SFP), Backplane SerDes) • Video (CDRs, Laser Drivers, TIAs, Limiting Amps, ROSA, PCIe Retimers/Redrivers/Bridges, Optical Modules (SFP), Backplane SerDes)

• Power Management (POLA) • Storage (FAS/SATA/PATA, SAS/Fiberchannel, • Video (Format Converter) • Wireless / RF (802.11 Modules)
Storage Processors)

• Analog (Drivers / Voltage & uC Supervisors / • Embedded Array ( 0.13µ - 0.5µ / 6K – 10.7M
Gates / 50 – 300 MHz) • IP Repository ( ARM926EJ, 8051, USB, PCIE, DDR2, 10/100 MAC, Mil-STD-1553, UART, DMA, Timer, GPIO) • Standard Cell ( 0.13µ - 0.25µ / 5M – 12M Gates / 150 – 333 MHz) • Structured ASIC ( 0.13µ - 0.35µ / 21K – 1.7M Gates / 50 – 250 MHz)

• Memory (QDR/DDR SRAM, Zero-Wait SRAM

(NBT), Sync Burst SRAM, Specialty Sync-SRAM)

• Bus Device ICs (USB / PC / PCMCIA / SMBus) • Ethernet (10/100/1000 PHYs, Controllers, Switches) • Linear ICs (Active Filters / Comparators / • Power Management ICs (Battery, Display, HotOp Amps / References / Timers) Swap, PCI/PCIX/PCIE, High Side, LDOs, DDR) • Precision Edge ICs (Clock distribution, generation, synthesizers / Multiplexers, PLLs, buffers, CDRs) • RF (290 – 980 ISM band / ASK/FSK / 200kbps max data rate, RF Modules) • System Management ICs (Fan Control / Thermal Supervisor I2C)

Filters / Switches / Regulators)

• Wireless (802.11 modules)

• Power and Battery Management (IGBT and • Sensor and Imaging Arrays (Hall Effect Sensors) • Signal Conditioning (Solid State Relays, • Telecom (Embedded Modem, MF Trunk signaling,
DTMF) Optocouplers) MOSFET gate drivers)

E2PROM, PSRAM, SRAM, DDR II Synchronous SRAM, Asynchronous SRAM) • Smart Card (Two-Wire Serial EEPROM, Secure, MCU Based, ICs)

• DRAM (DDR3 SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR • DRAM Modules (FBDIMM, RDIMM, SODIMM, • Mobil DRAM (Mobil SDRAM, Mobil DDR SDRAM) • Multichip Packages (MobilDRAM & NAND Flash • NAND Flash Memory (Managed NAND, High
Combinations) Speed NAND, Solid State Storage, Embedded USB) UDIMM) SDRAM, SDRAM, RLDRAM, PSRAM)

• Imaging Solutions (Fax Modems, Fax and MFP • Audio (Speakers-on-a-Chip, PC HD-Audio, PC HD • Video (MPEG Encoders/Codecs, Video Decoders, • Dial-Up Access Modems (PC Dial-Up Modems,
Embedded Dial-Up Modems) Demodulators, Surveillance / Security) Audio Modem Combo) System Solutions, Digital Photo Frames)

• Power (MOSFET, IGBT, Diodes, Thyristors, DC/DC, • RF Power (FETs, Drivers, Amplifiers, Microwave
PWM Control, LED/Lamp/Display Drivers) modules, RF Modules) • Solar Devices (Solar Cells, Solar Bits, Solar Die, Solar Battery Chargers)


Nu Horizons Line Card

(Formerly C&D Technologies)

• AC/DC Power Supplies (200 – 2000 Watts, • • • •

• Power Management (AC/DC, Battery • Frequency Control (Oscillators, Crystals, VCXO,
TCXO, OCXO, Sine Wave Oscillator)

2.5VDC to 48 VDC Out – PCI Modules) Data Acquisition (Electronic Imaging, A/D Converters, D/A Converters, Sample/Hold Amplifier, Multiplexers) DC/DC Converters (0.25 to 340 Watts, 0.02 to 80 Amps, 1.2 to 48 VDC Out; 3 to 75 VDC In) Digital Panel Meters (Voltmeters, Wire Meters, Process Monitors, AC/DC Ammeters) Magnetics (Inductors & Transformers, Differential common-mode filters, Databus Isolators)

• • •

• Communications (CAN, LIN, ZigBee) • Discrete (Diodes, Power MOSFETS, Thyristors, • Embedded MCU / MPU (8/16/32 Bit MCUs) • Logic (Standard – High/Low Voltage, Interface, • Memory (Fast Flash, Low Power SRAM, EEPROM)
Multi-Purpose) Triacs, Transistors)

• • • • • • • •

• AC-DC Power Supplies (125W-375W, 3.3vdo to
56vdo, 90-264vao in, 3”, 3.3” x 5” format) • DC-DC Open Frame Power Supplies (125W, 160W, 3.3-48vdo 3” X 5” format)


Management, DC/DC, LDO, MPU - Supervisor, PoE, VDC References, AC Switches) Discretes (Thyristors, Diodes, FETs, Transistors) Signal Conditioning (Comparators, Op-Amps, Clamp Diode Arrays, Crowbar Diodes, EMI Filtering) Logic (3.3V, 5V, Translators, Gates, Switches, Port Expansion) Sensors (Accelerometers, Proximity, Thermal, Touch) Interface (Smartcard) Wireless (Bluetooth, ZigBee, GPS, RFID) Audio (Decoders, Power Amps, Analog CPU, Digital CPU, Radio) Image Sensor (Camera Modules, Imaging Signal Processor, CMOS Arrays) Video (Demodulator, Decoders) Motor Control (Controllers, Drivers, MCU’s) Microcontrollers (8-bit, 16-bit, ARM7TDMI, ARM926E, Cortex M3)

• Frequency Control (Oscillators, Optical Timing • RF Components (SAW Resonators, SAW RF & IF • RF Modules (ZigBee, 802.15.4, UHF Mesh, FHSS • Standalone RF modules (FHSS, 802.15.4,
802.11b, and Bluetooth) ISM, Bluetooth, 802.11b) Filters, RFIC Transceivers) Clocks, Sine Wave Oscillator)

• Power Systems Engineering Services

• Optoelectronics (LED Drivers, EL Lamp Drivers) • Power (Switching, Automotive, PFC, Backlight, • Transducers (Ultrasound)
LDO, High Voltage Interface / Driver’s, PoE)

• Wireless/RF (2.4G / 900M / 433M Transceiver,
MCU based RF, Audio streaming)

• Communications (Voice & Audio CODECs, Pro-X • • • •

• Power (High Reliability Transistors)

• AC/DC Power Supplies (Industrial and Medical • DC/DC Converters - Industry Standard (1/8-Brick, 1/4-Brick, 1/2- Non-Isolated Point of Load - Intermediate Bus Converters (1/8-Brick, 1/4Brick, Full Brick) 300W - 1500W)

SLICs, USB Audio Codec) Logic ICs (I/O Controllers, ISA Bridge, Power Management, Hardware Monitors, Clock Generators, Power I/C, Card Reader IC’s, IEEE1394) MPU (8-bit 80C51 based, 32-bit ARM7TDMI) Power (ACPI Controller, PWM, DDR Bus Term, Power Switch) Voice Solutions (Record & Playback ICs)

• Flat Panel Displays (LCD – 2” to 65”) • Memory (Flash – NOR) • Optoelectronics (LEDs, LED Modules, Laser Diode,
Photocoupler, IrDA, photo interrupters, Emitters/ Detectors, Sensors) • Power (LDO / Switching Regulators, LED Drivers, Solid State Relays)

Brick, 1/2-Brick)

• Data Interconnect (Signal Conditioners and • •

(Rohm Semiconductor is the official sales channel for Oki Semiconductor products)

• Audio (CODECs, DACs, Amplifiers ) • Display Drivers (LCD / VFD Driver / Controllers) • Embedded MCU / MPU (4-Bit NX 63K / • Memory (P2ROM, DRAM ) • Speech (BGM Mixer - ADPCM & ADPCM2, Voice • Telecom (ADPCM – Linear – PCMA-Law - VoIP • Video (NTSC / PAL / SECAM Encoders –
Decoders, NR-FIFO) Codec’s, Echo Cancellers, Transceivers) Synthesizers & Recorders, Audio Codec) ARM7TDMI / ARM946E / Biometrics)

• Digital Video Processors • Storage Products (Serial ATA - Parallel ATA,

• •

Parallel ATA Controller, RAID Storage Processors, SATA Controllers, SATA Port Multipliers) • Video Transport (HDMI, DVI and iTMDS Products Receivers, Transmitters, Switches, PHYs)

Retimers, Crosspoint Switches, Backplane, Switch Fabrics) Ethernet (10/100/1G/10G PHYs, 10/100/1G/10G MACs, Switches, Transceivers) Storage (FC, SerDes, Transceivers, SAS Controllers, SATA Controls) Transport Physical Layer (TIAs, Amplifiers, Photodiodes, CDR, MUX, DEMUX, Transceivers, PON) Transport Processing (VC, FEC, Network Processors, TSI, Pointer Processors)

• Controllers (Flash Memory Card Controller, USB • Embedded Graphics (128-bit 2D/3D mobile • Analog Image Sensor (NTSC/PAL) • Digital Image Sensor (CIF, VGA, 1.3M / 2.0M / • Image Processors
3.2M / 5.17M Pixel) IC) Flash Controller) graphics engine, Mobile Graphics Coprocessor)

• Memory (SDRAM / DDR1, Pseudo SRAM, Serial
Flash, Parallel Flash)

• Mobile Communication (Mobile Satellite TV Tuner • Multimedia SoC (MP3/WMA Digital Audio Player,
USB 2.0 Megapixal Image Controller)

(Including SaRonix)

• Analog Switches (3-17V SPDT-SPST-DPST-MUX, • Bridges (PCI, PCIX, PCI Express – 32/64Bit – • • • • • • •
Custom HDMI/DVI-PCI-USB-LAN) 66/133MHz) Clock ICs ( VCXOs, Buffers, Drivers, Generators, Skew Controllers) Crystals & Oscillators (Quartz Crystal Resonators) Digital Switches (2-Port, Bus, Crossbar, DDR, Mux/DeMux, Low Voltage Translator) Interface (Re-Drivers, Buffers, Flip-Flops, Gates, Latches, Registers, Transceivers, Voltage Translators) Logic (ALVC, FCT, LCX, LPT) PCI Express Solutions (Packet/Signal Switches, Bridge, PHY, Signal Conditioning, Clock-Buffers/ Generators/Crystals) Translators (Voltage, I/O Signal)

• Advanced I/O Controllers (USB-ATA, Southbridge) • Data Communications (10/100 MAC/PHY • Environmental (Temperature Sensors, Fan Control) • USB Solutions (Card Reader, Flash Drive, Disk
Drive, Hub, PHY) Controller, 10/100PHY, Multimedia Processors, ArcNET, CircNET, USB Ethernet)

• • • •

DSL, Cable Modem, RJ45, PoE)

Filters Inductors Isolators Transformers (Modem, Analog/Voice Switching,


Enhance Your Design...

With Nu Horizons Education and Development Solutions

Portal is a monthly publication containing new products, technologies and development tools available from Nu Horizons leading suppliers. Portal is availabe both in print and on the web. Sign up online to receive your copy, be notified of upcoming issues or to request samples of the products found inside.

LabCam delivers online training opportunities in a way that recognizes the value of engineers’ time. As easily as You Tube® videos, engineers can quickly load and watch videos from industry leaders consisting of insights on products, evaluation kit overviews, end-user applications and more. Each tutorial is up to ten minutes in length and features technology experts, CEOs and/ or peers introducing new solutions or explaining integral aspects of an important product, solution or application. This free value-added program is packaged for short, informative and high quality distance learning.

Nu Horizons is proud to present our education and training program, which offers engineers the opportunity to participate in technical seminars conducted by experts focused on the latest technologies from our leading suppliers. This program provides higher velocity learning to help minimize start-up time to quickly begin your design process utilizing the latest development tools, software and products. Check online for the latest seminar schedule.

Online Learning Center

Nu Horizons Online Learning Center is designed to provide a complete training experience for engineers — without having to leave the office. New supplier trainings are posted twice a month and range from new product overviews to in-depth technical training and potential design implementations. These live trainings are recorded and archived for your viewing convenience.

Application Notes

In order to simplify the design process, Nu Horizons has created a series of application notes designed to guide engineers through the process of interfacing different devices together. Using a detailed step-by-step approach, these design guides identify key elements in the design process. Topics in the application notes are organized by design task and each topic is a stand-alone section, with a short introduction or overview, followed by the step-by-step design guidelines. All steps include a sufficient level of detail to provide the designer with relevant information to proceed quickly and easily from start to finish.

Development Tools

Nu Horizons offers a wide range of development / evaluation boards, tools and kits featuring the latest technology from the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Visit the development tool section of our website for a variety of solutions all aimed at providing a low-cost solution for designers to accelerate a product’s time-to-market.

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