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Investment banking and Personal banking services across India. Vision “Finest quality Bank in India by 2020.INTRODUCTION Yes Bank is the India Fifth largest private sector Bank Founded by Rana kapoor and Mr. Yes Bank has partnered with various companies for delivering quality product and services namely Cash Tech. A strong network of about over 331 branches in 200cities across the country 2 national. In a general sense the facilities offered by the Yes Bank are:      Corporate and Institutional Banking Financial Markets Investment Banking Business and Transactional Banking Retail Banking Private Banking The bank has a motto of technology advancement with well equipped modern day amenities like net banking. . services-driven bank catering to the “Future businesses of India”. Wipro etc. Ashok kapoor. Yes Bank obtained their certificate of commencement of business on January 21. India’s new age private sector bank is a state-of-art high quality. operating centres in Mumbai and Gurgaon. Yes Bank is among the fastest growing bank of India. VSNL. 2004. Yes Bank is the only Greenfield Bank license awarded by the RBI in last two decades. Cisco systems. Yes Bank is a full service commercial bank that offers corporate banking. customercentric.169. Currently has a market capitalisation of about INR 35.20 cr. mobile banking.

The PESTL analysis is a tool to analyze the forces that driven the industry and how those factor can influence the policy.Indian banking sector is least affected as compared to other developed economy because of policy framework of RBI. PESTL stands for political. environmental law. tariffs and political stability. Ex. Political Factors: - To what degree a government intervenes in the economy. Budget measure  Increase farm credit  Debt waiver for farmers  Setting up of separate task force for those not covered under the debt waiver scheme.External Environment Analysis PESTL Analysis: .PESTL Analysis of any industry investigates the important factors that affect the industry and influence the companies operating in the sector. . trade restrictions. technological and legal analysis. Regulation of government: . economic. labour law. Stricter prudential regulations with respect to capital and liquidity gives India an advantage in terms of credibility. social.

Economic Factors Growing Economy: . Social Factors Loyalty Factor: . Technology advancement has offer 24X7 banking even giving faster and secured service. the report by Yes Bank said. The banks need to have a good royalty factor as compare to counterpart in other countries.IT Services & Mobile Banking Technology advancement has changed the face of traditional banking systems.Banking industry services is lending and borrowing of funds.India has registered a robust growth in plastic money. Increased Penetration of Cards:. India spends around 1 per cent of their total purchases through credit cards where as the world average is stands more that 9 per cent. GDP growth in 2016-17.8 percent. Technological Factor: . Recently RBI increase holding limit to74 percent of the paid-up capital in Yes Bank under the portfolio investment scheme. There is a still lot of potential in the plastic market. .Economy has registered a growth of 8. The financial meltdown on Indian Banks is less impact As compare to other countries.1 expected growth rate for the current fiscal is a shade higher than the bank’s earlier projection of 7. . human capital. Trust. The business strategy implied by yes bank was a runaway success. Reference:    https://en. technology.wikipedia.yesbank. Transparency and responsible banking and a superior customer experience for its www.Conclusion The sustained growth of yes bank is based on the key pillars of http://www.