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Division within 100

Teachers Name: Ms. Olivares

Lesson Title: Division Within 100
Subject Area: Division with whole number
Time Allotment: 60 minutes

Grade Level: 3

Description of Lesson:
In this lesson the students will get a further understanding of division. The teacher will
start off explaining how to divide by regrouping whole numbers within 100. This way the
students will be able to prepare for a division without illusions. The goal for todays
lesson plan is to teach the students how to divide by using the process of regrouping
whole numbers within a 100.
State Curriculum Standards Met in this Lesson:

3.M.1 Students develop an understanding of the meaning division of whole numbers

through activities and problems involving equal-sized groups, arrays, and area
models; division is finding an unknown factor in these situations. For equal-sized
group situations, division can require finding the unknown number of groups or the
unknown group size. Students use properties of operations to calculate products of
whole numbers, using increasingly sophisticated strategies based division problems
involving single-digit factors. Students will learn division.
Introduction Activities:
The teacher will explain why it is important to learn how to divide by giving a real life
scenario, such as if your mom gives you a bag of jelly bean but tells you, that will have
to divide it equally between your three siblings. The student will be able to divide up the
bag in four equal parts. This scenario will get the students attention for future usage and
hope one day their mother gives them a bag of jelly, to divide with their siblings to show
their mother they know how to divide by regrouping.
Instructional Objectives:
Students will be able to solve division problems within a hundred by regrouping whole
numbers. Students will be able to recognize, how to divide larger numbers by using
circles and marker dots ( jelly beans for the ADHD student or any learning disability
students.)The students will be about to recognize division by the end of Grade 3, know
from memory all products of two one-digit numbers

Maribel Olivares

3rd Grade Lesson Plan and Page 1

November 7th, 2016

Step-by-Step Instructional Procedures/Learning Activities

1. To start off first, start gathering all the materials such as the whiteboards, expo
markers, the star stickers.
2. After that gather the children in the center of the smartboard and open the smart
notes, which is the program to use the smartboard.
3. Then start a couple of problems like ten divided by two.
4. Draw two circles on the smartboard with the markers and start dividing the
5. Regroup by drawing two circles and a dot in each circle till you run out of dots to
be placed in the circles.
6. Repeat the step above for the next few problems.
7. Once some problem have been solved by the teacher, allow the students to
participate by helping the teacher solve the next few division problems.
8. Then dismiss the students in groups of two mixed with GE students and adhd,
learning disabilities or with the special education students.
9. Write a couple of division problems on the board. (The Teacher will scope around
the classroom making sure everyone is going in the right path).
10. If it seems like there still is several students not understanding the process of
regrouping to divide then do a few more examples to help them out. (Students
who still need more help hand out sheets of paper with the circles drawn on
already and hand out jelly beans).
11. After a few more examples begin asking for volunteers to come up to the board
and redraw the circles needed and to divide the problem; therefore this allows all
the students who the division problem is done.
12. Hold out a star sticker to everyone who volunteered or participated .
Integration of Technology
In this lesson plan we will be using a smartboard as the integration of technology. It will
enhance the effectiveness of the lesson and will help students learn by looking at
visuals and participating in a hands on activity. Volunteers will be asked go up to the
smartboard and solve division problems within a hundred.
Lesson Materials and Resources:
Start of by getting materials ready such as:
1. Smartboard
2. Smart board notebook( program to access the smart board)
3. Whiteboards
4. Markers
5. Jellybeans
6. Star stickers
7. Sketch of paper
Maribel Olivares

3rd Grade Lesson Plan and Page 2

November 7th, 2016

8. volunteers

International Society for Technology in Education for Students (ISTE

Students use critical thinking skills to learn step by step how to solve division problems
by using appropriate digital tools and resources.
1a. Division sets personal learning goals, develops strategies leveraging
technology to achieve them and reflect on the learning process itself to improve
learning outcomes.

After the activities and some practice on dividing wholes by regrouping, the students will
be working individually to solving some division problems on their small whiteboards.
They will raise their boards up and be checked by the teacher. The teacher will
acknowledge the results and take notes on who might need a little more help in the
future. Meanwhile some other problems are being solved, the teacher will scaffold
around the classroom.
Adaptations for Special Learner:
To modify the lesson for special education students or for learning disabilities, provide a
paper with the necessary circles and will hand out some jelly beans so they could have
a hands on activity. With the students with learning disabilities, the first part of the
second activity of releasing the students to their seat, the students will be grouped up
into groups of two between a GE students and a student having difficulties so one
another can helps each other. These two different approaches will allow those students
with special needs or difficulties learning engage with other classmates to be
understand how properly divide within a hundred.
Materials, Resources, and Technology:
In the lesson plan and were used to prepared this lesson plan. With other materials
such as a laptop, scratch paper and a pencil. All these materials were used for complete
the lesson plan.

Maribel Olivares

3rd Grade Lesson Plan and Page 3

November 7th, 2016