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Scholarships in Zimbabwe | South Wales University

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Thanks to UNICAF and the 80%

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I can now afford to study for a
World-Class MBA Degree with the
University of South Wales.
Segun Adebumiti | UNICAF Student

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Scholarships in Zimbabwe | South Wales University

Save up to 80% from tuition fees!

Pay only a small portion of the full programme's cost.
Pay the remaining balance in small monthly payments.
Thousands of students already study with a UNICAF Scholarship!

Benefit from a University of South Wales Degree!

Internationally recognised degrees.
USW is ranked eighth in the WhatUNI list of top UK universities 2016.
Earn a recognised British Master's Degree to increase your career prospects.

Benefit from Distance Learning!

Flexible, 24/7 Online Access to Fit Your Lifestyle.
Learn while working, taking advantage of a state-of-the-art online platform.
Study Online, Graduate on Campus!

Apply for a UNICAF Scholarship!

To Start your application for one of the programmes offered, complete the application form
A UNICAF Adviser will contact you within 24 hours to guide you through your application process.

UNICAF through it's partnership with University of South Wales provides the
following online Master's degrees

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MA Education

MSc Business Psychology

What is UNICAF?

Scholarship Eligibility

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Scholarships in Zimbabwe | South Wales University

Master in Business Administration

This challenging course will expose you to all areas of business through a diverse range of modules.A critical part of the University of South
Waless MBA is exploring how people impact on business thinking and the systems that can enhance this fundamental part of an organisation.

Why get an MBA:

93% of the MBA graduates landed their dream job (GMAC 2013 Survey)
The same graduates reported median salary on a global scale of $128,569 (GMAC 2013 Survey)
Having an MBA often leads to an increase on average salary (Financial Times 2013)

This dynamic MBA course will be of interest if you are in, or aspire to, a senior managerial position and will build the vision and skills needed in todays
business climate.
During the MBA course, you will develop key leadership skills such as creativity, innovation, collaboration and problem solving. The MBA is grounded in
principles that underpin business today and will give you a fresh strategic approach to the issues managers face.

Apply for a UNICAF Scholarship Today!

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Scholarships in Zimbabwe | South Wales University

Contact Info
UNICAF Kemp House, 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
+44 203 815 8006

USW Cardiff Campus, Adam St, Cardiff CF37 1DL, United Kingdom

What Our Students Say

Thanks for your patience and untiring will to help me. Online education in Zimbabwe is a very new system. Not many people are familiar
with it. Many were discouraging me that its difficult and that I wont make it. But as a determined woman, a mother of three, a psycho-social
support render, I am looking forward to be one of Zimbabwes great teachers.

-Simangaliso Ncube

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