*** (07:17:23):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room. alainanoelle says to (07:17:25): Hi Dallas!

sookiebontemps says to (07:17:30): Nice to see you again, Izzy. GingerYoungblood says to (07:17:32): What a fangtastic episode!! txladyjane says to (07:17:35): I thought I was going to have a heart attack when they showed Bill and Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sookiebontemps says to (07:17:40): Hello, txladyjane! isilwath says to (07:17:43): :D Sookiebontemps you, i ma still alive ;D alainanoelle says to (07:17:48): Hi Sook. sookiebontemps says to (07:17:57): I'm going to be bouncing back and forth between here and Twitter, but y'all know where to find me. ;) isilwath says to (07:18:06): txladyjane: I loved the B/S scene, esp after the "too gay" coment in the car. :D alainanoelle says to (07:18:06): Ok. True Blood in Dallas says (07:18:09): Hey Sook arianwyn says to (07:18:11): i was done for when Eric came on the screen i about had a heart attack

GingerYoungblood says to (07:18:11): @txlady I know! I swear I could hear every fanficc'er's heart speed and and the mouthes drop!! LOL True Blood in Dallas says (07:18:29): hey wiki gals ! txladyjane says to (07:18:33): It was HOT sorry to say LOL True Blood in Dallas says (07:18:40): Its so nice to see all of you Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:18:43): Hello Ladies arianwyn says to (07:18:45): hi dallas txladyjane says to (07:18:49): hey Portia True Blood in Dallas says (07:18:52): Hey Ari! alainanoelle says to (07:18:55): Good to be here Dallas. Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:18:58): Hi jane isilwath says to (07:19:02): aranwyn: But... but.. butt!!! ;D Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:19:03): Hello Dallas Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:19:06):

Hello Sookie True Blood in Dallas says (07:19:06): Hey alaina arianwyn says to (07:19:17): :) I so wanted to be yvetta. alainanoelle says to (07:19:20): What did ya'all think? lafemmetopaz says to (07:19:23): Peeps txladyjane says to (07:19:26): hey alan txladyjane says to (07:19:30): howdy lafe greeneyegirl says to (07:19:37): The Sam Bill Moment - well yuck alainanoelle says to (07:19:44): Hey txladyjane Lauren Levy says to (07:19:44): heyy lafemmetopaz says to (07:19:45): hi jane txladyjane says to (07:19:45): GEG I loved it LOL txladyjane says to (07:19:53): Ginger I am sure

Lauren Levy says to (07:19:53): amazingg 1st episode of season 3 lafemmetopaz says to (07:19:54): We learned several things tonight all arianwyn says to (07:19:55): i did too ladyjane alainanoelle says to (07:19:57): GEG..I knew it was adream Lauren Levy says to (07:20:02): whats GEG? isilwath says to (07:20:08): i think the B/S fanfic community has just imploded. ;D txladyjane says to (07:20:10): Greeneyegirl Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:20:12): hey everyone! great episode!!!! GingerYoungblood says to (07:20:15): When Sam & Bill went shirtless...I swear, just about every TB fan swallowed HARD and starting thinking bad, bad things Lauren Levy says to (07:20:15): ohh lol txladyjane says to (07:20:16): hey Brand lafemmetopaz says to (07:20:16): isi....lol lafemmetopaz says to (07:20:28):

I loved the vamp speed thrusts lafemmetopaz says to (07:20:29): lol alainanoelle says to (07:20:30): I couldn't believe it arianwyn says to (07:20:31): i agree issy arianwyn says to (07:20:38): you and me both lafemme lafemmetopaz says to (07:20:48): I was dying laughing Lauren Levy says to (07:20:51): ohh when eric was thrusting at high speed!! omgggg Lauren Levy says to (07:20:54): loved it!! Lauren Levy says to (07:20:59): lol lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:00): and from the show.. Bill doesn't do vamp speed thrust txladyjane says to (07:21:02): I can tell there is still going to be 2 sides of the fence tonight lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:09): Sookie/Anna's expression was priceless alainanoelle says to (07:21:16): Yeah..that was ahem..interesting

arianwyn says to (07:21:18): i'm telling you all Sookie is missing out by staying with Bill. Lauren Levy says to (07:21:30): my fave line: "Hell hath no fury like a vampire queen broke!" isilwath says to (07:21:36): lafemme: notice how her eyes kept drifting downwards? ;P txladyjane says to (07:21:37): it was nice of Bill to leave Olivia money arianwyn says to (07:21:38): that was a great line Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:21:39): My couisin terry was so profound tonight alainanoelle says to (07:21:46): That was good Lauren lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:49): isi.. yeppers BillohBill1 says to (07:21:49): WOOHOOOOOOOO! txladyjane says to (07:21:53): howdy BOB isilwath says to (07:21:54): the supportng cast rocked the show robi says to (07:21:54): Howdie! Whoohooo! Lauren Levy says to (07:21:54):

i loved it!! arianwyn says to (07:21:57): i liked the "conscience off, dick on" line isilwath says to (07:21:59): BOB!! ;D alainanoelle says to (07:22:00): BOB! BillohBill1 says to (07:22:00): Great show! txladyjane says to (07:22:04): Terry did a good job tonight BillohBill1 says to (07:22:09): Hey peeps! Lauren Levy says to (07:22:09): yes arainwyn alainanoelle says to (07:22:10): It was great Lauren Levy says to (07:22:16): i laughed at that so much txladyjane says to (07:22:16): PAM PAM PAM PAM MMMMM BABY alainanoelle says to (07:22:21): Lots of action Lauren Levy says to (07:22:22): hey billohbill

BillohBill1 says to (07:22:24): I think the guys in BT lost their shirts! robi says to (07:22:25): BoB....I had visions of you jumping up and sdown on your couch with Bill scene w wolves arianwyn says to (07:22:28): pam was smokin in this episode alainanoelle says to (07:22:29): I liked Pam tonight BillohBill1 says to (07:22:39): You know it Robi! Even Mr. Bob was happy for me! Lauren Levy says to (07:22:40): those wolves in the postmortem were adorableee txladyjane says to (07:22:46): I was hooked on Pam from her first moment on set isilwath says to (07:22:46): pam got great screen time tonight. :D robi says to (07:22:47): HA! BillohBill1 says to (07:22:52): Everyone was fanulous. Great premiere Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:22:53): Hello Miss MK txladyjane says to (07:22:55): howdy Lauren lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:00):

Alex has a cute little butt greeneyegirl says to (07:23:01): BOB!!!!!!!!!!! BillohBill1 says to (07:23:01): Hi Portia! Hang on folks! arianwyn says to (07:23:05): i think this was the best episode of the series sookiebontemps says to (07:23:06): Holy wow. You step out of the chatroom for a sec and the room grows by 20 peeps! alainanoelle says to (07:23:08): The postmortum was cool sookiebontemps says to (07:23:08):

HELLO EVERYONE! arianwyn says to (07:23:09): alex is so hot Macyblue says to (07:23:10): Hello Truebies!!!! isilwath says to (07:23:13): lafemme: nothing about Alex is little. ;D Lauren Levy says to (07:23:14): heyy sookie txladyjane says to (07:23:16): Lafe that is an understatment LOL robi says to (07:23:18):

Hey Sook! alainanoelle says to (07:23:18): Agreed arian lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:20): I loved the directing. the walking up to Anna/Sookie with hands on his hips Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:23:24): HELLO SOOKIE!!!! Macyblue says to (07:23:25): great episode lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:27): NO SHAME recordcozy says to (07:23:33): Hi there! SheiroQ says to (07:23:35): *waves* txladyjane says to (07:23:39): hey there Record Macyblue says to (07:23:42): Hello this is BOB!!!!! MK :) txladyjane says to (07:23:43): hey there Shero sookiebontemps says to (07:23:43): Hello, robi, brandy, and lauren! isilwath says to (07:23:51): sheiroQ: heys!! :D

sookiebontemps says to (07:23:52): Hello, Kristina! SheiroQ says to (07:23:54): Hey TX! lafemmetopaz says to (07:24:00): Who directed this episode? Lauren Levy says to (07:24:03): lauren (aka Heartless0687 from twitter :D) True Blood in Dallas says (07:24:03): 1 (646) 929-0825 you guys call in lafemmetopaz says to (07:24:07): Its one of my favorites arianwyn says to (07:24:16): idk but they need to direct more SheiroQ says to (07:24:21): Hey Sook and Izzy!! :D lafemmetopaz says to (07:24:22): I agree arian txladyjane says to (07:24:26): we are up to 50 users and guest LadyAmethyst says to (07:24:30): Lots of Pam, she was great. Lauren Levy says to (07:24:32): todays BT football game was GREAT lol alainanoelle says to (07:24:34):

Lots of guests Lauren Levy says to (07:24:38): Renegades wonnnn Lauren Levy says to (07:24:41): :) yay!!! isilwath says to (07:24:46): methinks the internets will implode tonight. isilwath says to (07:24:49): ;D arianwyn says to (07:24:58): if the episodes continue like tonights this season is going to be fantabulous Lauren Levy says to (07:24:58): LOL isi txladyjane says to (07:25:09): I tend to try and keep count I'm bad that way I even do it in Church alainanoelle says to (07:25:11): The queen is starting to loose it lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:17): The dream sequence with Sam/Bill Lauren Levy says to (07:25:18): the queen is great!! Lauren Levy says to (07:25:20): lol Lauren Levy says to (07:25:25): OMG

sookiebontemps says to (07:25:28): The queen and the Magister were fantastic tonight. lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:32): I thought ERW was good tonight LadyAmethyst says to (07:25:33): I hope she really loses it. Lauren Levy says to (07:25:34): that dream sam had!! i wanted to be there!! HAHA Lauren Levy says to (07:25:40): EPIC LadyAmethyst says to (07:25:44): Poor Sam. isilwath says to (07:25:45): sophie-anne is gonan hang poor eric & pam out to dry alainanoelle says to (07:25:46): I thought the magistrar was restrained tonight LadyAmethyst says to (07:25:48): Dreaming of Bill txladyjane says to (07:25:49): Evan R. Wood did a good job tonight I was scared when she grabbed Eric Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:25:54): love this song? who is it? alainanoelle says to (07:25:58): He has his suspisions arianwyn says to (07:26:00):

she is if they don't turn her in first isilwath says to (07:26:22): but at least we know eric wasn't the one who kidnapped Bill. txladyjane says to (07:26:26): I think the Magristar will Torture it out of Pam greeneyegirl says to (07:26:31): Hi ya Izzie... alainanoelle says to (07:26:32): I think she will Iz isilwath says to (07:26:37): GEG: heys. D lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:39): I loved Pam tonight.. "maybe its the pink I wear. everyone thinks that I care" greeneyegirl says to (07:26:40): Alaiana arianwyn says to (07:26:47): thank god iz, i was so afraid they were going to do something like that. alainanoelle says to (07:26:55): In one of the promos wasn't Pam hanging? alainanoelle says to (07:26:55): Hi GEG! isilwath says to (07:27:03): alain: yes txladyjane says to (07:27:26): yep

alainanoelle says to (07:27:32): Poor Pam Lauren Levy says to (07:27:45): pam gets dissed alot lol alainanoelle says to (07:27:45): I hope she doesn't take the fall for Eric greeneyegirl says to (07:27:46): how are you Alaina robi says to (07:27:51): I personally thought Jessica was the best part... greeneyegirl says to (07:27:56): Robi! alainanoelle says to (07:27:58): Great GEG..and you? Lauren Levy says to (07:28:00): oh poor jessica robi says to (07:28:02): GEG!!! Lauren Levy says to (07:28:05): couldnt turn the guy txladyjane says to (07:28:08): I want to say more but I know this is PG RIGHT? arianwyn says to (07:28:11): i feel bad for Jessica lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:12):

he was dead already greeneyegirl says to (07:28:13): good..glad to have our show back LadyAmethyst says to (07:28:16): Jessica didn't know whether to freak out or think of Hoyt. kimmie81 says to (07:28:19): Hello Sookie LadyAmethyst says to (07:28:19): Poor kid txladyjane says to (07:28:24): Hey there Amethyst alainanoelle says to (07:28:25): Me too! Lauren Levy says to (07:28:28): i feel bad for hoyt alainanoelle says to (07:28:30): Missed everyone Lauren Levy says to (07:28:37): jessica hangs up on him Lauren Levy says to (07:28:38): !! txladyjane says to (07:28:38): this show has a PG rating right??? alainanoelle says to (07:28:44): Jason with the two girls!

lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:48): jane...lol Lauren Levy says to (07:28:51): haha jason is hilarious lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:52): nope.. MA Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:28:53): Jason that himbo txladyjane says to (07:28:53): meaning the talk show??? lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:53): MA alainanoelle says to (07:28:55): And he couldn't do a thing with em! lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:01): nope True Blood in Dallas says (07:29:02): hey guys i minute Lauren Levy says to (07:29:05): gunshots?! robi says to (07:29:07): PG? Come on, if you just watched the show...hee hee FelDharma says to (07:29:14): OMG FINALLY--BlogTAlk was hassling me--HELLO GUYS AND GALS! txladyjane says to (07:29:21):

ok well then this show is having a lot more D/s flair to it lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:21): lol True Blood in Dallas says (07:29:25): yes we have ageneral rating on blogtalk and itunes TES2008 says to (07:29:27): Hello Truebies!!! Lauren Levy says to (07:29:27): lol the show is for mature audiences...this cant be PG lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:30): TES.... alainanoelle says to (07:29:30): It was pretty R tonight Lauren Levy says to (07:29:32): hey TES Macyblue says to (07:29:34): TES!!! robi says to (07:29:34): I am glad to see that BoB made teh chat work for her this time, hee hee BillohBill1 says to (07:29:36): TES! LafayettesTribe says to (07:29:40): Can't wait!! isilwath says to (07:29:41): tes2008: TES!!! *GLOMP*

BillohBill1 says to (07:29:48): Yes Robi, on the first time. alainanoelle says to (07:29:50): HiTES txladyjane says to (07:29:52): Hey TES CryGaia says to (07:29:53): Hello all! SheiroQ says to (07:29:54): Hey Tes! txladyjane says to (07:29:58): Hey there Cry arianwyn says to (07:29:59): hey tes BillohBill1 says to (07:29:59): Hi Cry! BillohBill1 says to (07:30:02): Sherio! txladyjane says to (07:30:03): Mc TES2008 says to (07:30:05): Today feels like a holiday! BillohBill1 says to (07:30:10): I know TES! SheiroQ says to (07:30:11):

BOB!! isilwath says to (07:30:17): hey hey the gang's all here. ;D Macyblue says to (07:30:18): so glad its back on!!! robi says to (07:30:18): you're getting the hang of it (or someone glamoured the blogtalk log in peeps) alainanoelle says to (07:30:20): It was like unwrapping a Christmas gift Lauren Levy says to (07:30:22): yayaay BillohBill1 says to (07:30:23): Izzy, LOL True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:24): sounds ? greeneyegirl says to (07:30:27): macy!!!!!! Macyblue says to (07:30:28): counting down til next sunday already!!! True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:27): sound BillohBill1 says to (07:30:29): Do we have sound? Macyblue says to (07:30:30): GEG

sookiebontemps says to (07:30:31): CHECK, DAllas FelDharma says to (07:30:34): Was I the only one who was more excited tonight than on Christmas? BillohBill1 says to (07:30:35): MACY! arianwyn says to (07:30:35): me too macy txladyjane says to (07:30:36): woot abvin says to (07:30:36): is the sound on,? sookiebontemps says to (07:30:37): I've got sound. alainanoelle says to (07:30:38): Is there an encore tonight? LafayettesTribe says to (07:30:42): First time in the chat room! Lurked all last year and listened to all of Dallas' broadcats. True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:42): thanks txladyjane says to (07:30:45): I hear music alainanoelle says to (07:30:46): No soundyet TES2008 says to (07:30:48):

Yup...omVg said on Wiki earlier that it's like Christmas morning, your wedding day or prom night. Macyblue says to (07:30:48): BOB!!!!! lots of shirtless bill tonight! isilwath says to (07:30:52): houston... errr.. dallas we have sound, ;D robi says to (07:30:53): There we go! Music! BillohBill1 says to (07:30:56): Waiting for sound to start Lauren Levy says to (07:31:00): im a fan of eric and sam!! :) kimmie81 says to (07:31:04): No Fel I have been bouncing all day waiting for the show to start it was like Christmas morning for me abvin says to (07:31:05): thanks :) Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:31:06): i had music but not anymore txladyjane says to (07:31:08): refresh SheiroQ says to (07:31:10): SOUND! :D TES2008 says to (07:31:14): Hearing music! FelDharma says to (07:31:15): hee hee kimmie

lafemmetopaz says to (07:31:18): me too arianwyn says to (07:31:18): i've got sound TES2008 says to (07:31:20): Yay, welcome back TRUE BLOOD!!! alainanoelle says to (07:31:21): I refreshed TES2008 says to (07:31:24): *HOWLS* arianwyn says to (07:31:27): who hoo Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:31:28): thanks! alainanoelle says to (07:31:28): Dallas!! robi says to (07:31:29): DALLAS!!!! txladyjane says to (07:31:31): howdy Dallas TES2008 says to (07:31:34): The wait is over... TES2008 says to (07:31:36): :D SheiroQ says to (07:31:37):

Missed ya, Dallas!! greeneyegirl says to (07:31:38): TES! LafayettesTribe says to (07:31:39): Oh my gosh??? What happened to "Wow!", Dallas??? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:31:40): South Houston represented!!! alainanoelle says to (07:31:40): Thank god! kimmie81 says to (07:31:44): I turned everything off but my tv when it started I was not going to be disturbed greeneyegirl says to (07:31:47): macy! Marleneemm says to (07:31:49): Dallas: I'm in the que~Look for "0825" Marleneemm TES2008 says to (07:31:52): I loved Eric's technique in the dungeon. lafemmetopaz says to (07:31:57): TES txladyjane says to (07:31:57): Fort Hood Represented too arianwyn says to (07:31:59): you and me both tes lafemmetopaz says to (07:32:02):

dont' we all TES2008 says to (07:32:03): Hi everybody!! alainanoelle says to (07:32:07): Eric was hot TES2008 says to (07:32:09): BOB, Macy, lafemme txladyjane says to (07:32:10): 92 users Marleneemm says to (07:32:14): I loved the show!!! FelDharma says to (07:32:14): Hey TES! arianwyn says to (07:32:16): eric is always hot Lauren Levy says to (07:32:17): whoaaa BillohBill1 says to (07:32:18): Who's lost? LOL Besides Bill! isilwath says to (07:32:24): TES: oh i dunno, i'm a big fan of quailty not quantity. ;P arianwyn says to (07:32:27): even in a green smock and foils LafayettesTribe says to (07:32:27): Users? V users?

kiltandboots says to (07:32:27): evening :) kimmie81 says to (07:32:28): Eric was very hot greeneyegirl says to (07:32:30): is there sound? robi says to (07:32:30): BoB, I think I am lost....hee hee Andy Swist says to (07:32:31): Hey Dallas and Sookie! (and everyone!) TES2008 says to (07:32:32): Izzy!! Macyblue says to (07:32:35): hey TES!! love your avatar on the wiki!! sookiebontemps says to (07:32:35): ANDY! alainanoelle says to (07:32:39): Refresh GEG abvin says to (07:32:40): alrighty had to sign on a second time >.> txladyjane says to (07:32:43): Hey Macy Marleneemm says to (07:32:43): Hey everyone!! How did you like the show??? LafayettesTribe says to (07:32:48):

Love Andy Swist! Macyblue says to (07:32:51): hey tx TES2008 says to (07:32:51): Thanks Macy. That avi will stay there for a LONG time. Lauren Levy says to (07:32:51): show was amazingggg alainanoelle says to (07:32:54): Loved it Marlen Andy Swist says to (07:32:55): LOVED THE SHOW!!! LOVE IT!!!! TES2008 says to (07:32:56): (6) sookiebontemps says to (07:33:11): Lafayette sends his love, but his a buttload of V he has to move by next Sunday. Marleneemm says to (07:33:12): Want the QSA dead`!! Can't stand her! robi says to (07:33:18): Great start tonight greeneyegirl says to (07:33:20): Thanks I can hear now TES2008 says to (07:33:20): Great show tonight; enjoyed all the story lines being shown before the opening credits. recordcozy says to (07:33:21): Oh my gosh! Yay for Andy! Love Blood Work!!!

BMQ says to (07:33:21): I'm in! Andy Swist says to (07:33:36): That scene with Bill and Sam ....pant pant pant! robi says to (07:33:36): Yeah Sookie, I hear it is half off? :) BMQ says to (07:33:39): GEG, TES, howdy LafayettesTribe says to (07:33:41): Hundred thousand? Marleneemm says to (07:33:45): Loved Eric!! Oh yes!! Great show I'm a happy camper SheiroQ says to (07:33:52): LOVED Bill/Sam scene! TES2008 says to (07:33:54): Howdy BMQ. txladyjane says to (07:33:54): hey marlen JessicaHunny says to (07:33:59): It was AWESOME abvin says to (07:34:02): I missed the Bill/Sam scene :( TES2008 says to (07:34:02): Hello again to everybody!! Too many peeps to single out. :D txladyjane says to (07:34:04):

hey jessica JessicaHunny says to (07:34:07): Hello!! sookiebontemps says to (07:34:08): Welcome to all the new peeps tonight! txladyjane says to (07:34:11): abvin it was great BillohBill1 says to (07:34:12): BMQ! LafayettesTribe says to (07:34:13): Bill/Sam scene had my heart beating just a little! arianwyn says to (07:34:15): 98 users now wow Marleneemm says to (07:34:16): Txladyjane: How goes it? JessicaHunny says to (07:34:19): Hola :) show was great what a way to open up BMQ says to (07:34:20): BOB!!! abvin says to (07:34:24): I just saw the very end of it before Same answered his phone Lauren Levy says to (07:34:25): lots of usersss isilwath says to (07:34:25): poor sophie-anne, the IRS is after her. I wonder how much 100+ yrs of back taxes would add up to. O.O

Lauren Levy says to (07:34:28): whoaa txladyjane says to (07:34:28): pretty great thank you and you Marlen? LafayettesTribe says to (07:34:30): V usres? sookiebontemps says to (07:34:34): We definitely have the best crew of experts on board! elilu says to (07:34:36): so whoo was happy about bills bangs XD i was FelDharma says to (07:34:40): LOL isilwath alainanoelle says to (07:34:41): Izzy..that's funny LadyAmethyst says to (07:34:42): Personally I hope the IRS gets ahold of her. Marleneemm says to (07:34:44): Arianwyn: We've had more in the chat room before! ChoChoMojo says to (07:34:44): Indeed Sook! sookiebontemps says to (07:34:51): Tonight, author Rebecca Wilcott will be with us. alainanoelle says to (07:34:52): Me too Ladya Andy Swist says to (07:34:56):

I expect MORE Bill/Sam hotness next week! :)) Lauren Levy says to (07:35:03): TB experts!! yay! BillohBill1 says to (07:35:04): Becky is awesome! Read her Books peeps! LafayettesTribe says to (07:35:13): Bill/Sam and Lafayette/Eric!!! isilwath says to (07:35:16): hey you know, now it's undeath and taxes are the only certianties in the universe. ;D kiltandboots says to (07:35:17): lol Andy-it was such a tease Andy Swist says to (07:35:18): Bill's bangs looked goooood! Marleneemm says to (07:35:20): LA" Good thought~Yes,let the IRS get her of tax ivasion! robi says to (07:35:25): DITTO BOB! Here book is great! abvin says to (07:35:27): LOL isilwath arianwyn says to (07:35:28): lol izzy Lauren Levy says to (07:35:28): Hoyts haircut was cute! ChoChoMojo says to (07:35:31): Andy: http://twitpic.com/1wlzvd

arianwyn says to (07:35:38): hoyt and jessica are so cute LafayettesTribe says to (07:35:38): Glad Bill stoppped with the henna rinse. Love him, but y aknow. JessicaHunny says to (07:35:39): Hoyt is adorable BMQ says to (07:35:44): Hoyt looked hot! Marleneemm says to (07:35:50): Loved how Andy told Jason~You have to go get some BillohBill1 says to (07:35:58): BILL CAME UP OUT OF THE DIRT AGAIN!!! *THUDS* FelDharma says to (07:35:59): at least Bill's hair isn't looking so bad--even with the dirt :-) JessicaHunny says to (07:35:59): Yes I love them alainanoelle says to (07:36:03): Andy is in contro Marleneemm says to (07:36:03): tail!! BMQ says to (07:36:08): Yeah, but he had pants on LafayettesTribe says to (07:36:08): Hoyt's been hittin' teh gym alainanoelle says to (07:36:09):

Control that is Macyblue says to (07:36:12): andy was funny JustAimer says to (07:36:12): hi all :) Lauren Levy says to (07:36:14): thats was creepy BoB BillohBill1 says to (07:36:15): Yes, Marlene that was hysterical! abvin says to (07:36:15): Ooohh I cannot wait until the next episode TES2008 says to (07:36:15): Bill loves going to ground. BillohBill1 says to (07:36:18): YAY BECCA! Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:36:18): Yes My cousin and Brother were awesome tonight isilwath says to (07:36:22): BOB: I dunno wanna know how many bags of oreos they crushed for that scene. ;D Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:36:29): Yes mIss Macy he was LadyAmethyst says to (07:36:31): It's peat moss robi says to (07:36:31): BECCA!!!!!!

TES2008 says to (07:36:37): Loved the line from Andy to Jason: "Conscience off; dick on." LMAO! alainanoelle says to (07:36:37): Izzy..I thought that too! Andy Swist says to (07:36:38): Beeca: love you! Lauren Levy says to (07:36:43): yay twitter Marleneemm says to (07:36:43): Loved how Sookie told off Sheriff Dearborne FelDharma says to (07:36:45): Agreed TES arianwyn says to (07:36:45): that was the best line tes Macyblue says to (07:36:49): lmao TES that was the best line greeneyegirl says to (07:36:50): That was the line of the night TES alainanoelle says to (07:36:52): Maybe they used coffee grounds too JessicaHunny says to (07:36:53): Loved Lafeyette kimmie81 says to (07:36:53): I lauged my butt off when Andy told Jason that Tes TES2008 says to (07:36:54):

I'm in 4 different sites and can't keep up. LOL! BillohBill1 says to (07:36:57): HELLO, THIS IS SOOKIE! FelDharma says to (07:36:59): Told hubby that was a line to remember greeneyegirl says to (07:37:03): BOB! Lauren Levy says to (07:37:03): heyyy TES2008 says to (07:37:07): Hell hath no fury like a broke vampire queen. isilwath says to (07:37:08): alain: but no creme centers. mabe the whole cast had a oreo cream eating party. ;D JustAimer says to (07:37:11): fabulous episode robi says to (07:37:11): (lmao at Dallas) BillohBill1 says to (07:37:12): geg! Lauren Levy says to (07:37:16): lol Marleneemm says to (07:37:17): We've waited for 10 months for this show! alainanoelle says to (07:37:21): LOL!

JessicaHunny says to (07:37:23): The wait is ovaaaa BillohBill1 says to (07:37:26): rOBI, Did Dallas spill her drink again? TES2008 says to (07:37:31): Queen Sophie Anne is going to be a crazy biatch for sure. alainanoelle says to (07:37:33): Th wait was toooo long Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:37:34): Hello all!! LafayettesTribe says to (07:37:35): Glad no CGI with the wolves!!!! robi says to (07:37:36): Agreed, I lost track wth all the the "extras" LadyAmethyst says to (07:37:44): I loved Pam's line about "Are you pickin' up, what I'm puttin' down" robi says to (07:37:45): FAB is right on the real wolves Lauren Levy says to (07:37:45):

postmortem with the wolves was AMAZING Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:37:46): Evan Rachel Wood really put some critics to rest today. TES2008 says to (07:37:48): Love the real wolves. They're breathtakingly beautiful.

Lauren Levy says to (07:37:49): i loved it FelDharma says to (07:37:51): Yay no CGI wolves! alainanoelle says to (07:37:54): The scene in the car with the weres was crazy Andy Swist says to (07:37:56): Sophie ann... you crazy! Marleneemm says to (07:37:59): Loved how Arlene smelled the cinnamon~and then knew that "She's pregnant"!!! TES2008 says to (07:38:01): I think they'll use real panthers in future too from what we saw in Jason minisode. LafayettesTribe says to (07:38:08): CGI is over-used on some *other* shows BMQ says to (07:38:10): Yeah, so good that AB used real wolves JessicaHunny says to (07:38:10): Sophie Anne is fierce! Andy Swist says to (07:38:12): That were was playing with his tiddies?! LOL TES2008 says to (07:38:15): Loved Lafayette, as always. Marleneemm says to (07:38:16): I'm worried about Tara!! abvin says to (07:38:18):

that was definitely a panther? FelDharma says to (07:38:25): I drank all the various scenes right up--like V alainanoelle says to (07:38:30): Sick weres Macyblue says to (07:38:30): yep that was alittle confusing at first EricsFoils says to (07:38:31): The queen is a scary little tart LadyAmethyst says to (07:38:33): Poor Tara. Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:38:33): Jason is a panther? Confused I thought he was a himbo Lauren Levy says to (07:38:34): oh tara! LadySindell says to (07:38:37): I'm worried about Tara too. that was so out of character for her Macyblue says to (07:38:37): alot going on before the credits TES2008 says to (07:38:38): Looked like a panther to me. LafayettesTribe says to (07:38:39): Who did teh promo photos for TB this season? Looked like some of the 6 Feet Under stuff Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:38:40): Don't ruin the season with hints from the book people...

Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:38:41): Hello trubies!! alainanoelle says to (07:38:43): Then they stab Bill Marleneemm says to (07:38:43): Abvin: What panther? Lauren Levy says to (07:38:44): with the pills!! i was so sad LadyAmethyst says to (07:38:44): Her mother is a flake. FelDharma says to (07:38:44): Yeah, geez, Tara can't get a break lafemmetopaz says to (07:38:51): Kylie...lol Lauren Levy says to (07:38:53): lettie mae is horrible Andy Swist says to (07:39:00): SSSSShhhh peeps dont give out "spoilers"! ;) robi says to (07:39:00): I like that they are taking their time pulling each story to where it needs to be TES2008 says to (07:39:02): sorry Kylie, but there are many spoilers talked about here. lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:04): what makes you think AB is doing the books for the show...lol BMQ says to (07:39:04):

Thanks GAWD Marianne is gone isilwath says to (07:39:05): ladyamethyst: and she made the moves on th Rev Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:39:06): This episode was full of the best one liners!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:39:07): Haha, I've read them, but don't want to ruin them for other people! Lauren Levy says to (07:39:09): horrible mother!! arianwyn says to (07:39:09): i'm so glad maryanne is gone abvin says to (07:39:09): Marlene Someone mentioned seeing a panther in the minisode FelDharma says to (07:39:13): The Lettie Mae/Minister story is gonna be creepy TES2008 says to (07:39:17): If you saw Jason minisode, you clearly saw an animal checking Jasonout. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:39:18): why hasn't sookie cleaned her house yet? JessicaHunny says to (07:39:20): Im gald Maryanne is gone to LadyAmethyst says to (07:39:23): Lettie Mae sure killed some of her brain cells with her drinking. robi says to (07:39:27): I did laugh that Sookie's house still looks like crap

BMQ says to (07:39:30): I hope we don't get an entire seaso of Lettie Mae lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:30): I think everyone knows by know AB is not doing the books to a tie Macyblue says to (07:39:32): i missed the jason minside Lauren Levy says to (07:39:33): totally lady Macyblue says to (07:39:34): minsode elilu says to (07:39:35): who wouldnt check out jason? abvin says to (07:39:35): Sookie hasn't cleane her house because it hasn't been too long sine Maryann has died alainanoelle says to (07:39:37): Pam like it robi abvin says to (07:39:39): *cleaned LafayettesTribe says to (07:39:40): Sookie's gonna hire a cleaning service with theat check from Eric! Marleneemm says to (07:39:41): Abvin: Only panther in tonight's show is on jason's cap Lauren Levy says to (07:39:42): we see coot

JessicaHunny says to (07:39:43): Jason si too cute Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:39:45): lo-jack was funny JessicaHunny says to (07:39:46): is* Lauren Levy says to (07:39:51): badass coot robi says to (07:39:58): ...again, Jessica is awesome Macyblue says to (07:39:59): jessica was cracking me up too....her killing that guy lol Macyblue says to (07:40:06): poor little vamp JessicaHunny says to (07:40:07): lol yes Andy Swist says to (07:40:10): Jessica is amazing! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:40:11): Uhhhh, Alexander Skarsgard has the nicest butt. EricsFoils says to (07:40:12): Pam wears the perfect amount of pink - love her Chanel suits Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:40:12): Woooo. alainanoelle says to (07:40:13):

Jessica needs vampire training! Lauren Levy says to (07:40:16): jessica is so naive abvin says to (07:40:18): Even though it was funny that Jessica didn't know what to do, it was kind of sweet that she felt bad Lauren Levy says to (07:40:23): so young still LadyAmethyst says to (07:40:25): Poor Jessica. GingerYoungblood says to (07:40:29): Oh man--I was so sidetracked by the wet t-shirt contest BillohBill1 says to (07:40:29): I think Jessica made a Vamire Macyblue says to (07:40:29): yes it was abvin JessicaHunny says to (07:40:33): love her lafemmetopaz says to (07:40:37): and did anyone see Pam's married name in the credits Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:40:38): so what did everyone think bout this episode?! abvin says to (07:40:41): @Kylie-Ayn ---- Alex does have a nice butt xD Marleneemm says to (07:40:41): Kristian Bauer Von Straten

Andy Swist says to (07:40:41): Jessica will get it together soon... I think. Macyblue says to (07:40:47): who are they talking about?? what guy FelDharma says to (07:40:49): wouldn't that be interesting BoB LafayettesTribe says to (07:40:50): If he were a vampire wouldn't he not smell? Macyblue says to (07:40:58): marshall??? FelDharma says to (07:40:59): true lafayette BMQ says to (07:41:02): Dunno Lauren Levy says to (07:41:03): he wasnt a vamp recordcozy says to (07:41:04): They're talking about Tommy Mickens. LadyAmethyst says to (07:41:06): In the previews Jessica goes to Pam for help. Lauren Levy says to (07:41:08): he just died alainanoelle says to (07:41:09): he's not a vamp Lauren Levy says to (07:41:12):

jessica failed LadyAmethyst says to (07:41:12): Talk about the opposite of Bill Macyblue says to (07:41:12): ok...thanks Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:41:16): Hello Andy...you have the same name as my brother... Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:41:20): I think Jessica will go to Pam next episode. abvin says to (07:41:28): me too LafayettesTribe says to (07:41:36): Love that Jessica is actin IN character. I thought the trucker scene might signal a departure, but this has torn her up. Lauren Levy says to (07:41:37): i hate having to wait a whole wk for a new episode LadyAmethyst says to (07:41:38): She needs the help for sure. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:41:40): I love the women stepping it up this season. Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:41:41): i found the bill & sam moment very amusing :) JessicaHunny says to (07:41:43): this season just looks soo good. Macyblue says to (07:41:43): me too lauren

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:41:46): Actually everyone is fiesty. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:41:48): i love jessica's blogs FelDharma says to (07:41:50): Agreed Lauren Lauren Levy says to (07:41:51): bill and sam moment was great!! robi says to (07:41:54): Lauren...yep, waiting still sucks Lauren Levy says to (07:41:58): lol TES2008 says to (07:42:01): Here's Jason's minisode; check out what's watching him: http://tinyurl.com/2barte7 BMQ says to (07:42:03): I was a little worried about Bill and Sam... lafemmetopaz says to (07:42:03): Dallas... I didn't get a screen DVD this season Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:42:04): Eric was screaming, the Queen, and Pam all were vicious. FelDharma says to (07:42:06): Oh, Bill & Sam--my husband was "don't do it guys" LadyAmethyst says to (07:42:06): Especially the last one she did, balancing the bottles Lauren Levy says to (07:42:14):

i was like :O LafayettesTribe says to (07:42:18): The season is looking more like the opening sequence, which has a great atmosphere. lafemmetopaz says to (07:42:20): so they were really particular with the screeners this season Lauren Levy says to (07:42:26): LOL Fel Marleneemm says to (07:42:28): get rid of the damn Queen~& Yvetta. Lauren Levy says to (07:42:40): evan rachel wood was amazing Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:42:43): Did that scene being a wet dream actually suprise anyone? BillohBill1 says to (07:42:44): The Queen is going down. lafemmetopaz says to (07:42:46): why Yvetta? BillohBill1 says to (07:42:52): No Kylie it didn't LadySindell says to (07:42:52): I love the queen. Her look is fierce TES2008 says to (07:42:55): The Queen is asking for a staking early. JessicaHunny says to (07:42:56): I made this for Sophie-Anne

greeneyegirl says to (07:42:56): Whos she going down on BOB? alainanoelle says to (07:42:56): No Kylie Lauren Levy says to (07:42:58): pinning skargard up against the wall like that alainanoelle says to (07:43:02): I thought it was a drem abvin says to (07:43:04): A lot of the teasers we saw had clips from the first episode...a lot of them BillohBill1 says to (07:43:04): LOL Geg, she's outta there! lafemmetopaz says to (07:43:06): She hasn't done anything yet.. but allow us to see Alex in all his male prowess FelDharma says to (07:43:09): No K-AK, but still it was funny/creepy Andy Swist says to (07:43:10): LOL "don't do it guys"! LOL alainanoelle says to (07:43:11): dream that is.. LadyAmethyst says to (07:43:12): I hope the Queen goes down. I really liked the Queen in the books better. Lauren Levy says to (07:43:12): damnnnn Marleneemm says to (07:43:15):

Loved hearing Eric admitting to Sookie that he loves her~even thought he knows she belongs to someone greeneyegirl says to (07:43:16): Mustachiooooooooooooo JessicaHunny says to (07:43:16): I made this for Sophie- Anne robi says to (07:43:18): I thought Vamps could tell if you were lieing...I could tell the Queen was.. so what was the magister's excuse? BillohBill1 says to (07:43:19): I agree Lady A EricsFoils says to (07:43:22): Sookie, I agree - there was a lot of plot revelation that I would have prefered to be surprised about. JessicaHunny says to (07:43:25): http://www.flickr.com/photos/hunnydesigns/4515022021/ isilwath says to (07:43:27): tes: I agree and she better not push a viking too hard, or he'll find a away to push back recordcozy says to (07:43:28): The shrieking was like Mortal Kombat or something though. lafemmetopaz says to (07:43:30): Marlneemn.. stop lying lafemmetopaz says to (07:43:36): he ain't admitted to lovin her BMQ says to (07:43:36): Ditto Lady A arianwyn says to (07:43:37):

i agree tess and izzy alainanoelle says to (07:43:38): The magistrar knows.. BillohBill1 says to (07:43:45): LOL Lafemme alainanoelle says to (07:43:45): He's just biding his tim txladyjane says to (07:43:48): Big LOVE alainanoelle says to (07:43:49): time Marleneemm says to (07:43:49): I hope QSA gets caught with her pants down around LafayettesTribe says to (07:43:50): The magister was creepy in Big Love JessicaHunny says to (07:43:56): Arlene being preggers again lol Marleneemm says to (07:43:57): her ankles Lauren Levy says to (07:44:02): i have a serious thing for sam trammell BillohBill1 says to (07:44:04): Agree with you Tribe. I just don't like him anymore. arianwyn says to (07:44:05): QSA is going down

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:44:07): What about Eric screaming at someone for not kidnapping Bill? robi says to (07:44:09): All I can see him is as the character in Big Love now...kinda similuar isilwath says to (07:44:09): i think christoher wlaken would have made a awesom magister ;D BillohBill1 says to (07:44:11): Maybe Bill will buy a cadillac now Andy Swist says to (07:44:12): The car wreck WAS crazy! LadyAmethyst says to (07:44:15): That actor was in Season 2 of Heroes and he was creepy there too. Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:44:20): I heart baby vamp!! BillohBill1 says to (07:44:21): Hi Andy! Macyblue says to (07:44:23): the weres were freaky in the car feeding off of bill Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:44:23): I hope Alan stops painting Eric in such a bad boy way. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:44:31): oohh - Walken would have been a good choice txladyjane says to (07:44:31): Jessica did a great job lafemmetopaz says to (07:44:33):

why? Kylie BillohBill1 says to (07:44:34): I know Macy, they were making me hungry. Lauren Levy says to (07:44:35): i find him so sexyyy LafayettesTribe says to (07:44:36): I lOVE that Arlene is showing a little racism. Of course I hate racism, but it gives a dimension to her character. Andy Swist says to (07:44:36): Sophie jumping on Eric WAS fun/ scary! GingerYoungblood says to (07:44:37): Eric is a bad boy Kylie BillohBill1 says to (07:44:40): I wanted to take a taste of Bill, LOL Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:44:40): this show is so audacious!! lafemmetopaz says to (07:44:40): I love Eric bad boy vamp alainanoelle says to (07:44:41): Macy..it was wierd isilwath says to (07:44:42): sophie threatening to castrate eric with her high heels was funny robi says to (07:44:43): Surprise...eric is suppose to be bad Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:44:44): it is good to jump every now and then

JessicaHunny says to (07:44:48): Eric looked really good abvin says to (07:44:49): Eric isn't bad JustAimer says to (07:44:54): that's what makes Eric so yummy - bad boy Northman alainanoelle says to (07:44:58): Eric hissed at the queen TES2008 says to (07:44:59): macy, loved when were said, "That's gay." and other were said, "Playing with your titties with car full of men isn't?". TES2008 says to (07:45:00): LOL! robi says to (07:45:03): I want more blood. Exploding vamps? YAY! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:45:04): bady boy with a nice butt! EricsFoils says to (07:45:04): Were those Weres who kidnapped Bill? What's with the tattoos - and if so, do Weres feed on Vamps or get high on V?? BMQ says to (07:45:04): Deborah Woll is doing such a good job Marleneemm says to (07:45:08): Tonight's episode shows that there are more than Vampires,shifters Andy Swist says to (07:45:08): Naked Eric is ridiculous.... !

Macyblue says to (07:45:09): lmao TES!!! abvin says to (07:45:10): LOL Tes - yes that was funy lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:12): TES>> I laughed at that too GingerYoungblood says to (07:45:14): Eric evolves through the books just like I am sure he will do some with the telly show abvin says to (07:45:17): Rene Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:45:17): bad WERES do recordcozy says to (07:45:19): Terry, yeah? LafayettesTribe says to (07:45:19): Eric apparebtly is a total S+M master type. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:45:20): He isn't they antagonist they make him out to be. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:45:22): the* Macyblue says to (07:45:24): terry robi says to (07:45:24): Rene? Marleneemm says to (07:45:25):

Who's Arlene's baby daddy~ RENE BillohBill1 says to (07:45:26): Eric looked nervous recordcozy says to (07:45:26): Oh. Yeah. robi says to (07:45:27): Terry? txladyjane says to (07:45:28): I thought Arleen was having MaryAnn lay overs robi says to (07:45:31): Bud Dearborn? isilwath says to (07:45:31): TES: and then fllow it with the B/S moment. ;D Lauren Levy says to (07:45:33): isnt terry the baby daddy?? arianwyn says to (07:45:34): naked eric is always great Macyblue says to (07:45:34): aww wow txladyjane says to (07:45:35): lol robi says to (07:45:41): There was some crazy orgies going on as of late alainanoelle says to (07:45:42): That was funny!

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:45:43): I liked the way the revealed Arlene was pregnant. ChoChoMojo says to (07:45:45): I hope it's Terry's baby BMQ says to (07:45:45): Ohhhhh that's right. Maybe the baby daddy is Rene FelDharma says to (07:45:45): the serial killer thing WAS a great line TES2008 says to (07:45:46): That Bill/Sam moment was so erotic. Liras says to (07:45:46): haha Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:45:47): they* LafayettesTribe says to (07:45:48): Who hasn't fallen in love with a serial killer???? LadyAmethyst says to (07:45:55): I'm sure that Arlene's babys' daddy will be Terry Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:45:58): TES yes, it was really hot. Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:46:00): the episode is full of great one liners yes!! FelDharma says to (07:46:04): it HAS to be Terry TES2008 says to (07:46:09):

Hubby was getting freaked out with Bill/Sam scene; my sis-in-law and I were salivating. txladyjane says to (07:46:12): Danger sure was robi says to (07:46:16): Twitter has gotten insane. I loose track! Liras says to (07:46:20): my mom freaked out on the Bill and Sam scene Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:46:21): are you picking up what i'm putting down!? FelDharma says to (07:46:21): LOL TES JustAimer says to (07:46:22): I thought tonight's premeire was AWESOME isilwath says to (07:46:25): tes: I was going OMG OMG OMG too lafemmetopaz says to (07:46:28): man and man action is HAWT alainanoelle says to (07:46:28): I don't twitter much these days txladyjane says to (07:46:31): TES I loved the BILL and Sam scene Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:46:40): it was not trending in houston which i thought was disappointing Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:46:43): My Cousin Terry is gonna be a Daddy?

TES2008 says to (07:46:45): I'm really hoping we see Eric w/ Talbot this season. Andy Swist says to (07:46:46): Whos watching the Tonys? isilwath says to (07:46:47): TES: I think Steve and Sam Trammell had a blast with that scee FelDharma says to (07:46:48): I twitter more for business Marleneemm says to (07:46:52): Lauren: Could be~ But if you think back to Season 1 Arlene thought that she might be preggers with Rene's baby~and its only a few weeks since Rene died lafemmetopaz says to (07:46:52): so do I TES FelDharma says to (07:46:54): writing, etc TES2008 says to (07:46:54): Yes, Izzy. I agree. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:46:56): eric w/ talbot - gross! editinganne says to (07:46:57): Any scene with a bare chested Bill is a scene worth watching. LafayettesTribe says to (07:46:59): I Tivoed the Tonys!!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:47:06): I can't wait for James Frain.

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:47:11): I have such a big one for him. JustAimer says to (07:47:13): loved the Sam/Bill dream scene - priceless alainanoelle says to (07:47:14): Steven looked good Liras says to (07:47:16): i can't wait for Alcide Lauren Levy says to (07:47:17): i twitter like crazzzzyyyy TES2008 says to (07:47:19): James Frain is going to be such a great addition. alainanoelle says to (07:47:19): barechested Andy Swist says to (07:47:21): TES I think the Bill/ Sam moment will be my fav scene for this season!! WOOF! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:47:24): ooohhh alcide! me either GingerYoungblood says to (07:47:25): Every fangirl with a working eye and a beating heart was swooning over the Bill/Sam scene. Marleneemm says to (07:47:26): Who cared about the Tony's or the Basketball game! LadySindell says to (07:47:26): Sam is sooo sexy. BMQ says to (07:47:27):

Stephen looked REALLY good. He's been working out Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:47:28): Hookah! Macyblue says to (07:47:30): yep james frain is a great actor Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:47:34): James Frain is a lovely actor and I find him so attractive. BillohBill1 says to (07:47:37): Marlene that's a good point. What if it is Rene's? Dun dun dunnnnnnn Macyblue says to (07:47:38): cant wait for alcide!!!! JustAimer says to (07:47:40): makeup on vamps seems much better thus far alainanoelle says to (07:47:40): Pussy overflow Macyblue says to (07:47:41): he looks HOT FelDharma says to (07:47:42): Ha! P-overflow! Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:47:42): conchus off dick on!! LafayettesTribe says to (07:47:42): Can't wait for the Lafayette/Eric scene alainanoelle says to (07:47:43): LOL

TES2008 says to (07:47:45): I still think of him as Forney from "Where the Heart Is", but his performance in TB will change that. greeneyegirl says to (07:47:46): Macy ALCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! robi says to (07:47:48): BOB! (dallas just said pussy) Lauren Levy says to (07:47:51): LOL BMQ says to (07:47:53): BOB, I think the baby daddy is Rene Macyblue says to (07:47:54): me too TES!!!!! Liras says to (07:47:58): ohhh Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:48:01): FORNEY IS WHERE I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. GingerYoungblood says to (07:48:01): Conscience off. Dick on. Andy Swist says to (07:48:03): Laffy toilet seat covers! YEAH! Macyblue says to (07:48:09): loved him as forney!!! riverdragon169 says to (07:48:10): loved loved loved his bathroom! txladyjane says to (07:48:11):

lol isilwath says to (07:48:13): heheheh Laf's toiletseat. :D TES2008 says to (07:48:15): Lafs toilet seat cover was over the top! robi says to (07:48:17): My brother (who doesn't watch teh show) goes..>NICE TOILET COVER?!? lafemmetopaz says to (07:48:19): I think of James Frain as Cromwell for the Tudors Lauren Levy says to (07:48:20): laffys toilet seat covers!! haha GingerYoungblood says to (07:48:21): I loved Lafayettes Hat!! ROFL abvin says to (07:48:23): is there a pic of the coveR? arianwyn says to (07:48:23): lafa is so great FelDharma says to (07:48:24): i gotta pay more attention to the bathroom editinganne says to (07:48:25): Forney, I knew I recognized him from somewhere. I loved those toilet seat covers. hawaiizach says to (07:48:26): hey everyone JessicaHunny says to (07:48:27): Yes he is sooo work out!!

TES2008 says to (07:48:30): Lafs pimp hat... Marleneemm says to (07:48:31): If the baby's Rene's~ I still think that Terry will stand byArlene and marry her an raise the child JessicaHunny says to (07:48:31): I loved it robi says to (07:48:32): Oh please no! TES2008 says to (07:48:35): Love Laf. FelDharma says to (07:48:40): LAF's hat! I know! robi says to (07:48:41): That is one thing that this world does not need more of Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:48:43): hookah!! Lauren Levy says to (07:48:45): i love laffys wardrobe and designss lol Liras says to (07:48:47): ahhaa editinganne says to (07:48:49): Laf's hot jersey dress Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:48:51): I think it has been too long since the Rene plot line. Andy Swist says to (07:48:52):

Laffy is in trouble? How he gonna sell all that V? JessicaHunny says to (07:48:52): Eric is sexy robi says to (07:48:57): Laf's shirt was pretty spectacular though hawaiizach says to (07:48:59): hey dallas Lauren Levy says to (07:48:59): he should have his own clothing line LOL robi says to (07:49:00): BECCA! Andy Swist says to (07:49:03): BECCA! <3 LafayettesTribe says to (07:49:04): Lafayette is back and SASSY! I liek him so much more than the mopey Lafayette Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:49:04): eric v line is hot!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:49:04): I think they try to make the seasons new fan friendly. Liras says to (07:49:04): Pam said "i'm not a hookah...i haven't been one fore a very long time" BMQ says to (07:49:11): Laff's hot jersey dress with a low slung belt - nice arianwyn says to (07:49:23): it's really only been a about a month since the Rene storyline

BillohBill1 says to (07:49:24): Love Becca Wilcott! txladyjane says to (07:49:24): 98 TES2008 says to (07:49:27): So very happy Lafs wasn't killed off. Lauren Levy says to (07:49:28): lol liras great line Marleneemm says to (07:49:29): LaFayette was wonderful~loved how he told his aunt off. He don't take any bS from her TES2008 says to (07:49:31): Excellent decision by AB. LafayettesTribe says to (07:49:34): That was a jersey basketball top, no? editinganne says to (07:49:43): And his beaded wave cap GingerYoungblood says to (07:49:48): It was a basketball jersey! :) Marleneemm says to (07:49:56): Think so~that Laffy was wearing. LafayettesTribe says to (07:49:56): Always better when belted! Shows the figure editinganne says to (07:50:01): Yes, jazzed up and layered Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:50:01):

I think AB made some great additions to the series. Jessica snd Lafayette's life. EricsFoils says to (07:50:04): Lafayette's eyes looked pretty too robi says to (07:50:07): ITS A GREAT BOOK! LadyAmethyst says to (07:50:09): I love Lafayette. Liras says to (07:50:11): i agree Kylie Ann arianwyn says to (07:50:12): it was one of thos basketball jersey dresses LadyAmethyst says to (07:50:16): He is so awesome. Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:50:26): Yes Terry is a gentleman and he would Miss M FelDharma says to (07:50:31): This season looks like it's going to be the geratest departure from the books editinganne says to (07:50:42): I am over watching Tara constantly suffering every season. FelDharma says to (07:50:46): changes at least Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:50:50): Lettie Mae flirting with the Pastor was freaking awkward. robi says to (07:50:52): Even if it doesn'tgo by the book, I bet you it will "end up" where it needs to be.

abvin says to (07:50:56): lol LafayettesTribe says to (07:51:00): I dunno they go to the bar in Miss., and meet the king. (Spoilers already in trailers) editinganne says to (07:51:00): She needs to get her stuff together. Lauren Levy says to (07:51:03): LOL kylie JustAimer says to (07:51:03): I think we need to accept the fact the show is going to depart from the books & enjoy it for what it is... robi says to (07:51:03): DO IT! alainanoelle says to (07:51:05): I think so too robi FelDharma says to (07:51:05): true robi--but I like the change Marleneemm says to (07:51:11): Does anyone know that TrueBlood was reviewed on Friday by the NYDailyNew's Dick Hinckley and he gave the show **** stars and said it's the best show of all of the Vampire show out ther txladyjane says to (07:51:15): ^5 Just alainanoelle says to (07:51:20): It does depart from the books but it's good FelDharma says to (07:51:21): Agreed JustAimer--I'm not complaining Andy Swist says to (07:51:22):

you all should get Becca's book: it's AMAZING and lots of fun! Truly,Madly, Deadly http://tiny.cc/kiz46 robi says to (07:51:26): I love the change! It keeps it interesting. Freaking awesome Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:51:28): I hope it doesn't go exactly by the book... actually, it is zig zagging in different diffections, but it will end up in the same place. LafayettesTribe says to (07:51:28): Have to check the NYDaily News alainanoelle says to (07:51:29): The books are not enough sookiebontemps says to (07:51:32): @JustAimer: Books on the shelf, TV on the stand. Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:51:32): this show beats anything else on tv LadyAmethyst says to (07:51:33): It's like having two story lines with favorite characters. FelDharma says to (07:51:35): Yes Robi alainanoelle says to (07:51:35): To do a show JustAimer says to (07:51:42): don't get me wrong - I have read all the books, some multiple times, but I'm lovin the show riverdragon169 says to (07:51:46): think of the book and show as 2 separate stories! editinganne says to (07:51:47): Yes because all other vampires are uber restrained and true blood let's it all hang out.

robi says to (07:51:55): You should River...I agree Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:51:56): Show and books are two seperate experiences Lauren Levy says to (07:51:59): the TB RP are hilarious alainanoelle says to (07:52:00): Alan Ball is so interesting..I met him last Oct. Lauren Levy says to (07:52:03): love em ALL JustAimer says to (07:52:05): that is - I love the books, but I also love the show - as long as they don't f' up Eric too much on the show lol alainanoelle says to (07:52:11): He's fun to listen to abvin says to (07:52:13): i have to go to bed you all :( tiiired --- good night TES2008 says to (07:52:13): I love the book series and the show. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:52:14): but, it is fun to compare them! EricsFoils says to (07:52:20): Eric's glutes TES2008 says to (07:52:22): I really don't mind the changes. FelDharma says to (07:52:24):

Bye abvin JustAimer says to (07:52:24): I don't think they will mess Eric up too much on the show.. GingerYoungblood says to (07:52:27): True Blood--where the only thing that sparkles is Lafayette :) EricsFoils says to (07:52:32): and me Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:52:35): Nice one Ginger. TES2008 says to (07:52:36): I don't find Eric messed up. FelDharma says to (07:52:36): Hee hee Ginger BMQ says to (07:52:37): What about those glutes?? Marleneemm says to (07:52:40): Have read the books twice and just finished Book 5 in one day!! and will be reading books 6-10 this summer Liras says to (07:52:43): that Eric pounding Yvetta scene was crazy i was like "O.O holy shizzz" EricsTXGal says to (07:52:45): there you are! JessicaHunny says to (07:52:49): Im tempted to read the books sookiebontemps says to (07:52:53): KIM!

TES2008 says to (07:52:55): He was slamming into her...GUCK. Andy Swist says to (07:52:55): HELLO BECCA WILCOTT! JessicaHunny says to (07:52:57): Are they better? GingerYoungblood says to (07:53:01): Read'em Jess. Soooooooo worth it FelDharma says to (07:53:02): 6 hours with Eric? Sorry, that means SORE Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:53:03): We will see. I don't really like that Eric was attempting to kidnap Bill before the weres got there. editinganne says to (07:53:04): I prefer the show's ERIC to the books ERIC LafayettesTribe says to (07:53:05): The books are different JustAimer says to (07:53:05): I just hope hope hope book 4 comes to screen Liras says to (07:53:06): hahah Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:53:06): wow have long have we been waiting for this exact? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:53:08): Is that what you got from that scene? BillohBill1 says to (07:53:09):

TES LOL! Andy Swist says to (07:53:14): I want 6 hours with Bill! txladyjane says to (07:53:14): Barnes n Noble LOL LafayettesTribe says to (07:53:18): LOVE book four!!!! arianwyn says to (07:53:24): i will deal with the soreness. give me 6 hours with eric JustAimer says to (07:53:28): wouldn't be too bad fel if Eric uses his blood to - erm - heal stuff during that 6 hours - lol BillohBill1 says to (07:53:30): ANDY! ME FIRST! EricsTXGal says to (07:53:32): LafayettesTribe! I love that name!! Liras says to (07:53:35): hahahah FelDharma says to (07:53:36): Hee hee arianwyn JustAimer says to (07:53:42): Beeel did it for Sookeh LafayettesTribe says to (07:53:46): I couldn't handle 6 hours with Bill JustAimer says to (07:53:48): made her lady parts feel better

JustAimer says to (07:53:53): tee hee hee TES2008 says to (07:53:53): I know Season 4 won't follow Book 4 but as long as I get to see a soaped up Eric in a shower, I'll be happy. Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:53:53): I want me some V!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:53:55): AB said he is starting to take pieces from books later in the series for the seasons. Liras says to (07:53:56): "is Bill's stamins not up to snuff" FelDharma says to (07:53:57): that's true JustAimer Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (07:54:01): just bought it on amazon for $10 Liras says to (07:54:01): XD Andy Swist says to (07:54:03): BillohBill1 : We'll have to share... :) Lauren Levy says to (07:54:04): i dont think my comp can handle all this!! :( editinganne says to (07:54:05): omg I would go six hours with Eric anytime arianwyn says to (07:54:05): shower scene absolutely JustAimer says to (07:54:06):

mmmm soaped up Eric... yum yum Lauren Levy says to (07:54:08): damn i need a new comp LafayettesTribe says to (07:54:09): I bet Bill's stamina is just fine Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:54:11): I hope they do the Witch plot line. robi says to (07:54:15): Andy & BoB...LMAO Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:54:19): I will settle for the SHOWER SCENE! JustAimer says to (07:54:20): me too Kylie riverdragon169 says to (07:54:24): Shower scene please!!!!! BillohBill1 says to (07:54:25): aNDY, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! *thuds* bILL SEEMED TO HAVE LOST HIS SHIRT ALL EPISODE, SUCH A PITY! alainanoelle says to (07:54:31): Season 3 may end on the Eric cliffhanger BillohBill1 says to (07:54:34): Oops arianwyn says to (07:54:40): i think so too alaina Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:54:41): I think that would be a great ending

Lauren Levy says to (07:54:42): oo shower scene of bill and sam!? im up for watching that ! LOL JustAimer says to (07:54:44): ultimately as long as I get loads of Eric and nekkid Eric at that - I'll be a happy camper BMQ says to (07:54:48): Bill was drained plus he thought Sookie did not want to marry him EricsTXGal says to (07:54:58): BoB what happened to your original? And shirtless Bill was *thud* worthy BillohBill1 says to (07:55:00): LOL Just! JustAimer says to (07:55:04): I can totes see Eric wandering down the highway as season ender.. LafayettesTribe says to (07:55:08): I like dirty Bill Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:55:10): eric running naked scared Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:55:13): sookie i heart you!! Lauren Levy says to (07:55:19): erics bum was sexxyyyy LOL Marleneemm says to (07:55:19): Txlady jane: www.barnesandnoble.com or call: this # 1-800-843-2665 isilwath says to (07:55:20): BOB: And I am sure you were heartbroken. ;D but at least he kept the boner pants. ;D TES2008 says to (07:55:21):

I'd be happy if Season 3 ends with Eric running down the road and Sookie stopping her vehicle and yelling his name...then he turns around and his fangs pop out. Black screen... alainanoelle says to (07:55:24): Mee too..Eric naked scared Liras says to (07:55:28): hahahaha arianwyn says to (07:55:30): me too tes EricsFoils says to (07:55:30): mmmmm dirty Bill and his lightly furry front Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:55:30): Sexiest bum on the whole show Cavalavalier says to (07:55:31): me to JustAimer says to (07:55:31): YES TES! totally Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:55:33): sorry Bill lovers. BillohBill1 says to (07:55:33): I loved the Graveyard Bill, and by God, he crawled out of the dirt again tonight. WOOT! Lauren Levy says to (07:55:47): skarsgard did good :D Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:55:47): I love how tall he was. TES2008 says to (07:55:52): Bill loves that dirt....or isn't it Oreo cookie crumbs?

riverdragon169 says to (07:55:52): Yes TES Yes!!!! fingers crossed for that scene BMQ says to (07:55:53): But no graveyard sex. boo hoo JustAimer says to (07:55:53): I tried to rewatch 2nite's epi but too into following the chat - lol TES2008 says to (07:55:53): :D Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:55:55): The camera angle seemed so provocative alainanoelle says to (07:55:57): This whole V thing may lead to Eric getting "striped" at the end of the season! Andy Swist says to (07:55:59): LafayettesTribe Dirty Bill is grrrrrreat! Wish he'd get rid of the pants like season1 tho! editinganne says to (07:55:59): I hope there is no wandering Eric. I felt that he lost a lot of edge after that! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:56:01): because it was crotch level almost. Marleneemm says to (07:56:02): We've been waiting for two years for eric NAKKED~~~and we GOT that tonight! JustAimer says to (07:56:05): did rewatch Eric basement scene multiple times - I admit it LafayettesTribe says to (07:56:11): Six Feet Under was wonderful. Lauren Levy says to (07:56:12):

lol Just Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:56:17): I will be rewatching it to JustA GingerYoungblood says to (07:56:19): I dunno...Eric's got a cute backside but Bill crawlin out of the dirt.... *swoon* TES2008 says to (07:56:22): And how did we Eric fans get it tonight. That derriere was tres BEAUTIFUL! TES2008 says to (07:56:26): *Wants to nibble* Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:56:27): 6 ft under was a great show!! riverdragon169 says to (07:56:30): Did Bill leave his shoes on while underground?!?! JustAimer says to (07:56:31): *sigh* nekkid Eric booty BillohBill1 says to (07:56:32): LOL Tes Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:56:37): I want to pinch that bum. BillohBill1 says to (07:56:41): He did River! greeneyegirl says to (07:56:45): Bill in the dirt ...brings back manay memeories alainanoelle says to (07:56:46): Jason had some butt action too

LafayettesTribe says to (07:56:48): Last episode of 6 FT Under was amazing. I cried all day editinganne says to (07:56:50): OMG Dirty Bill beats Dirty RPatz any day! riverdragon169 says to (07:56:51): ewwww! lol sookiebontemps says to (07:56:52): LOL riverdragon. . .too bad we didn't see his feet as he crawled out. Did we? Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:56:52): sookie one word for true blood it's audacious!! arianwyn says to (07:56:52): i was swooning after the eric scene Liras says to (07:56:52): i had hald the mind to make the bum my screensaver isilwath says to (07:56:54): tes: alex may be one of the few guys I think looks as good without clothes as he does in them TES2008 says to (07:56:55): Jason's buns are pinch worthy as well. Liras says to (07:56:56): *half TES2008 says to (07:57:04): Good Lord there are just too many great looking people on this show. Lauren Levy says to (07:57:05): 4 min left til we can rewatch it!! BillohBill1 says to (07:57:05):

Sookie, we did, and yes, he had shoes on! sookiebontemps says to (07:57:06): Dangergrrll: I agree completely. arianwyn says to (07:57:08): did you see those abs omg greeneyegirl says to (07:57:21): Is the Sam story gonna be boring ? Marleneemm says to (07:57:23): TES2008: Most of the men's buns are pinch worthy BillohBill1 says to (07:57:26): Everyone is good looking on that dang show, even Andy! LOL sookiebontemps says to (07:57:26): BOB: you probably pushed pause, didn't you? alainanoelle says to (07:57:26): Oh..I'm going to watch the encore! sookiebontemps says to (07:57:27): LOL Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:57:29): Jason TELLING the girls that he saw gun wounds in their head. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:57:31): HAHA Liras says to (07:57:33): hahahah TES2008 says to (07:57:33): My hubby was happy to see some breasts in tonight's epi as well.

GingerYoungblood says to (07:57:34): Agreed Marlene TES2008 says to (07:57:35): :D Andy Swist says to (07:57:35): Tell it like it is, Dallas! Liras says to (07:57:36): taht was funyn JustAimer says to (07:57:36): won't be deleting ep1 until S3 comes out on DVD - lol Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:57:39): And when Hoyt had to ASK him to stay there. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:57:40): HAHA robi says to (07:57:43): SOOK - YOU KNOW BOB HIT PAUSE, then SLOW MO, then PAUSE BillohBill1 says to (07:57:45): Sookie, it's DVR's, I will stop, and slo mo later! LOL Liras says to (07:57:46): they were like "we ahve to get out of here?!?!?! gun shots" editinganne says to (07:57:48): Oh gosh. I hope they leave Eric naked the entire freaking season. Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:57:48): Eric's v line yowza!! Andy Swist says to (07:57:52):

Hoyt is still adorable! robi says to (07:57:56): HA! BOB! Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:57:56): hotness sookiebontemps says to (07:57:56): BOB HA BillohBill1 says to (07:57:59): ROBI! LMAO!! LOOK AT YOUR POST! LafayettesTribe says to (07:58:01): Hoyt looks great! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:58:01): Hoyt is adorable. sookiebontemps says to (07:58:04): Who doesn't love Hoytybear's new haircut? Marleneemm says to (07:58:04): I want to see what happened with Hoyt's mom? TES2008 says to (07:58:04): I know so many women who won't watch TB 'cause they call it "soft porn". LOL! JustAimer says to (07:58:05): delicious Danger - delicious Liras says to (07:58:06): poor Hoyt Lauren Levy says to (07:58:07): love hoyt

TES2008 says to (07:58:09): Their loss...our gain. robi says to (07:58:09): I CALLED IT! WHOOHOO! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:58:11): I think I like him sex best. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:58:16): lol Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:58:19): second78 alainanoelle says to (07:58:19): Who cares? BillohBill1 says to (07:58:20): tes rEALLY? mORE WOMEN SHOULD WATCH tb FOR THE SEX. LafayettesTribe says to (07:58:21): I hope we get to see Maxine Fortenberry soon!!! Lauren Levy says to (07:58:24): too bad parracks married in real life :/ txladyjane says to (07:58:25): sorry guys my son actually wants to watch it for the first time I am going to watch it with him YEA ANOTHER CONVERT BillohBill1 says to (07:58:26): Oops, damn capslock GingerYoungblood says to (07:58:26): Tes, that is part of the reason TO watch it! Grins JustAimer says to (07:58:28):

last season barely had any sex... JustAimer says to (07:58:32): compared to season 1 that is BMQ says to (07:58:33): TES, really? They're just stupid BillohBill1 says to (07:58:36): BYE TXLADY! Marleneemm says to (07:58:41): TES: The show is Soft porn for Adult Women! editinganne says to (07:58:42): Freaking Hoyt is too beta for me. Take your shirt off Hoyt and join the hotness Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:58:43): This season will be A LOT OF SEX. TES2008 says to (07:58:46): My hubby said he would have to make a trip to the drug store before tonight. I trained him well. LOL!! Liras says to (07:58:48): woah Lauren Levy says to (07:58:52): sex = good :D Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:58:55): Look at the first episode! BillohBill1 says to (07:58:55): LOL Edit, I agree! arianwyn says to (07:58:56): lol

isilwath says to (07:58:58): tes: LOL!!! LafayettesTribe says to (07:58:59): I love a beat man! LafayettesTribe says to (07:59:03): *Beta* alainanoelle says to (07:59:07): LOL TES Liras says to (07:59:08): season 2 had alot of sex in it...orgies lafemmetopaz says to (07:59:09): Izzy... because of you I have started other ubran fantasy books Marleneemm says to (07:59:11): TES: My hubby watched the show~and he's not a fan of it BillohBill1 says to (07:59:12): I wanted to clean Bill off. With my tongue! editinganne says to (07:59:16): Thx BOB1 Lauren Levy says to (07:59:18): 1 min left Andy Swist says to (07:59:20): txladyjane: how old is ur son? OMG hope ur ready for lots of questions! ;) TES2008 says to (07:59:23): I'm sorry Marlene. My hubby enjoys the show.

arianwyn says to (07:59:24): i didn't like the orgy scenes from last season lafemmetopaz says to (07:59:25): I really like Richelle Mead's Dark Swan and Succubus Series Lauren Levy says to (07:59:27): ok im gonna go rewatch JustAimer says to (07:59:27): duh, that is true Liras... I was thinking of the main character sex scenes TES2008 says to (07:59:27): He won't read the books though. alainanoelle says to (07:59:33): He has Oreo crumbs all over BOB Liras says to (07:59:35): oh Lauren Levy says to (07:59:35): have fun in the chat peeps JustAimer says to (07:59:38): I think I blocked all those orgies - lol FelDharma says to (07:59:42): I may to leave because I can't watch the repeat, listen to Dallas and text at the same time Dangergrrrl99 says to (07:59:44): so who's a maker in here? i've hooked all my friends on this show BillohBill1 says to (07:59:47): Mr. Bob loved the show tonight, and was excited everytime Bill popped fangs for me! LOL It took 2 whole seasons! Liras says to (07:59:49):

me Marleneemm says to (07:59:53): Tes: MY hubby doesn't really watch that many series. FelDharma says to (07:59:53): Round 2 for Eric's butt! CaraDonovan says to (07:59:54): Evening folks Liras says to (07:59:56): i've hooke 10 of my friends on this show editinganne says to (07:59:57): Yeah, there was a meanness to the orgies that was not sexy. LafayettesTribe says to (07:59:57): Queer ideology? How about sensibility? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:59:57): Can we not talk about Mary Anne? Please let that be dead. BillohBill1 says to (07:59:59): I'm a Maker! EricsFoils says to (07:59:59): ITS ON AGAIN EAST COASTERS.. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:00:02): :) Liras says to (08:00:03): andi just got one started like 2 min ago isilwath says to (08:00:07): hehhee, :D

riverdragon169 says to (08:00:10): ive hooked many friends on the books :) Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:00:13): YAY!! liras!! alainanoelle says to (08:00:15): I gotta go ya'all..encore time! BillohBill1 says to (08:00:16): LOL Kylie! Agree! greeneyegirl says to (08:00:22): BOB ...who are you making? BillohBill1 says to (08:00:22): BYE ALAINA! editinganne says to (08:00:23): Round 2 FelDharma says to (08:00:26): Gotta go gotta go gotta go! Bye alainanoelle says to (08:00:27): Bye..have fun! Lauren Levy says to (08:00:31): byeeeeeeeee!!!!! follow me on twitter (Heartless0687) or AIM (sn: heartless0687) :D TES2008 says to (08:00:32): My hubby enjoys when the vamps go blood crazy; he wants to see the vamps tear people up. He also wants to see vamps and werewolves fight. BillohBill1 says to (08:00:32): BYE FEL! Liras says to (08:00:34):

yea my friend's won't really read the books but i'll find a way to make them read it Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:00:45): i have watched season 1 & 2 soo many times and never get sick of it Andy Swist says to (08:00:46): G'night Lauren! editinganne says to (08:00:54): I love the books but it is a completely different experience BillohBill1 says to (08:00:56): Me either Danger. I read and reread too. BMQ says to (08:01:03): Gotta go watch the repeat. Buh-bye Marleneemm says to (08:01:04): BillohBill1: We're all "Makers" in one way or another~how many people have you told about the show???? I've tell everyone I know about it Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:01:05): everytime i introduce one of my friends i sit through the entire thing JustAimer says to (08:01:06): I just started reading the newest book - don't spoil me on it - lol - but thus far I'm enjoying it - like a long lost friend coming back to town BillohBill1 says to (08:01:06): Bye Lauren! Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:01:08): with them TES2008 says to (08:01:09): I really enjoy the books and the show. They're a great pair.

Andy Swist says to (08:01:15): True Blood is about being real! WTG ALan Ball Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:01:17): My favorite thing to do is rewatch a season with new fans GingerYoungblood says to (08:01:17): I just ordered season 1 & 2 on blue ray---Eric, Bill & Sam in high def and surround sound--I may never leave the house again! :D Liras says to (08:01:23): hahaha Liras says to (08:01:26): lucky' BillohBill1 says to (08:01:28): Andy, agree. robi says to (08:01:29): I am re-reading CLUB DEAD, so I am avioding Dallas' quiz, feel it woudl be cheating... robi says to (08:01:30): hee hee Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:01:30): I have rewatched them so many times! editinganne says to (08:01:32): hahahaha BillohBill1 says to (08:01:34): Effing show is awesome Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:01:34): and i've also read the books several times Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:01:43):

im hooked wow JustAimer says to (08:01:44): I just got my good friend hooked on it - she watched S1 and now on S2 within the past week BillohBill1 says to (08:01:44): We have sex, drugs fangs, something for everyone! Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:01:47): but like bad KimmieTex says to (08:01:54): I had to go change my name... robi says to (08:01:55): well said BOB BillohBill1 says to (08:01:57): LOL Robi! JustAimer says to (08:02:01): other peeps were already into it - lol TES2008 says to (08:02:02): What's great is that the cast gets along on and off screen; no egos. That clearly shows in their acting. robi says to (08:02:05): KIMMIETEX! I see you know! JustAimer says to (08:02:06): my frenz have good taste Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:02:07): I got my sister hooked and we watched both seasons without sleeping :) robi says to (08:02:09): YAY!

Marleneemm says to (08:02:17): I was hooked after seeing a preview commercial in arianwyn says to (08:02:19): i am hooked on the books and the show Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:02:22): Those cliffhangers just get me isilwath says to (08:02:24): tes: yes it does. i think it's great ;D Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:02:25): yes!! trubies unite and take over!! Marleneemm says to (08:02:36): August 2008, and I saw fangs Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:02:42): I think I got about 10 people hooked on it this year already. Andy Swist says to (08:02:43): I guessed right that weres took Bill! :) editinganne says to (08:02:44): Is it me or is Baby Vamp freaking hilarious! Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:02:50): thats what iove about the show the cliffhangers leave you yearning for more isilwath says to (08:03:01): eidt: Jess is too funny Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:03:02): I can't wait to see the viewer numbers. isilwath says to (08:03:03):

;D LadyAmethyst says to (08:03:07): Yes, Baby Vamp is freaking hilarious! JustAimer says to (08:03:09): I remember accidentally watching the very first episode of S1 and deciding to give it a chance - SO HAPPY I DID!!! Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:03:26): me too justaimer BillohBill1 says to (08:03:27): Yes, Bill is not a big pussy! JustAimer says to (08:03:28): It's on again... I have it on in the bkgd so I can see the Eric scene AGAIN Andy Swist says to (08:03:32): BIll is back! And SEXIER as ever! TES2008 says to (08:03:34): I texted my friend who is a seamstress and told her to make me a Lafs toilet seat cover. LOL! Marleneemm says to (08:03:35): Editinganne: Baby Vamp? read the story Late!!! about eric and Sookie having a Son!! LafayettesTribe says to (08:03:35): Yeah, Bill needs to be a little darker this season arianwyn says to (08:03:40): me too justaimer Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:03:53): I started on the episode Timebomb and got hooked so that night I watched all of season 1 and the episodes I missed. BillohBill1 says to (08:03:54):

Bill is a gentleman, but kind of mean. Forget that. I want to see Book Bill recordcozy says to (08:03:55): Just kidnap your boyfriend for the weekend! BillohBill1 says to (08:03:58): Bring on the lies! LMAO! JustAimer says to (08:04:03): I remember hating Tara and thinking the actress over acted in Ep1 s1 Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:04:05): and then i convinced my roomie to sit with me i kinda pulled out the friend card cuz she was soo not interested JustAimer says to (08:04:18): I do like dirtier Bill - less pussy whipped, might end up liking him this season - lol Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:04:19): but she thanks me endlessly to this day Andy Swist says to (08:04:21): I think Bill is gonna get all twisted and tortured this season. :( SheiroQ says to (08:04:23): This will be such a good Bill Season. Dark & Twisted. Enter Lorena... *grins* Marleneemm says to (08:04:24): BillohBill1: You're not going to see "Book Bill" Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:04:29): Really? I thought Rutina kicked butt in the first episode! editinganne says to (08:04:30): Marleen BabyVamp is Bill's ward greeneyegirl says to (08:04:34):

The scene with Bill and the old lady...he redeemed himself Andy Swist says to (08:04:38): TEAM BILL! TEAM BILL! LafayettesTribe says to (08:04:46): Funny how the two girls from NYU (teh vets) reminded me of Amy from first season Rondaaaaaa says to (08:04:55): evening all BillohBill1 says to (08:04:55): Andy, that's part of being a Bill lover, you have to go through it with him. We feel his pain. *cries* JustAimer says to (08:04:56): I think it was the scene where she snapped on the customer that left a bad taste - but I like her now liked her eventually in S1 Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:05:08): I thought that was hilarious! LafayettesTribe says to (08:05:11): Glad Bill got rid of the henna rinse this season greeneyegirl says to (08:05:23): LT i agree BillohBill1 says to (08:05:26): TEAM BILL! *JUMPS AROUND IN GRAVEYARD DIRT* Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:05:27): I jumped tooooooooo. recordcozy says to (08:05:28): She's prone to do that though. Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:05:29): that actually startled me!!

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:05:36): She scared me. BillohBill1 says to (08:05:38): At least Bill's face wasn't all pasty greeneyegirl says to (08:05:39): Hey MK feel the dirt in the graveyard baby! CaraDonovan says to (08:05:40): Bill definitely won me over tonight Andy Swist says to (08:05:42): BillohBill1: I know... but it's sad to see Bill in pain. editinganne says to (08:05:47): I didn't mind Bill and the old lady. If bite is a metaphor for sex... Seniors need love too! JustAimer says to (08:05:49): I can handle Evan Rachel Wood now - I think it's because I don't have to think about her having sessy times with Alexander in real life - lol recordcozy says to (08:05:50): Sophie-Anne and her growling... Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:05:54): Eric was like a ragged doll to her. Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:06:00): sophie is sexy!! sabby77 says to (08:06:02): team bill TES2008 says to (08:06:03): Sophie grabbed Eric's Gracious Plenty... Marleneemm says to (08:06:04):

When the Queen pegged Eric I was screaming "Get your hands out of his crotch! Andy Swist says to (08:06:05): queen has mega fangs! BillohBill1 says to (08:06:06): Andy....*holds you* We will go through this together........ TES2008 says to (08:06:06): Lucky biatch. LafayettesTribe says to (08:06:07): Bill is great. I just don't want hom *too* domesticated. It went a little far last season CaraDonovan says to (08:06:13): Editing it bothered me until he actually took care of her after isilwath says to (08:06:22): tes: yeah but she didn't appreciate it O.o BillohBill1 says to (08:06:22): The Queen had some cool shoes too. arianwyn says to (08:06:23): i disagree i think that anna and alex have more chemistry on screen than anna and stephen jmo although i love both of them Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:06:27): i hope we see lots more of sophie TES2008 says to (08:06:38): I think we'll see more of Sophie. editinganne says to (08:06:42): I am not a fan of ERW. She is in another series altogether. Marleneemm says to (08:06:42): QSA is also supposed to be alot younger than ERW's 23 years old!

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:06:44): I predict she gets killed this season sabby77 says to (08:06:44): watching season 3 premire again right now! Andy Swist says to (08:06:45): BillohBill1: let's be strong. We can do it. I think. ;) Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:06:45): and soon. Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:06:52): sophie will wear eric's fangs as earrings Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:06:54): By episode 6. BillohBill1 says to (08:06:58): I think so too Kylie. Bye Bye Queen. Maybe Sookie kills her TES2008 says to (08:07:00): Yay, 11 PM replay is on now!!! TES2008 says to (08:07:04): I can't get enough of this show. LafayettesTribe says to (08:07:05): I think after the scene with the tied up dancer, book four HAS to be in the plans!!! JustAimer says to (08:07:15): I'm finally coming down off of my bottle o' true blood - that stuff totes made me wired TES2008 says to (08:07:18): I haven't been affected by a show like this ever... Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:07:19):

yes!! more true blood editinganne says to (08:07:20): Cara, Bill is a gentleman. I knew he'd fix her up. But a man's got to eat. arianwyn says to (08:07:21): this episode was the best ever BillohBill1 says to (08:07:22): LOL Andy! Ok! *hands you Bill's handkerchief* Wupe your tears with @VampireBill's handkerchief, given to me...... TES2008 says to (08:07:33): This summer is going to frackin' rock & sizzle. CaraDonovan says to (08:07:34): lol Anne yeah I guess so Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:07:39): I loved when Andy said atta boy jason. Andy Swist says to (08:07:49): BillohBill1: you have BILL'S HANKIE? Does Sookie know? LOL recordcozy says to (08:07:57): Totally, Andy/Jason is the best. Marleneemm says to (08:08:05): I can't also stand the Magister Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:08:07): There were a lot of amazing subtle things about this epsiode that made it great. Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:08:09): taras a damsel in distress BillohBill1 says to (08:08:12): It is TES. I am going to miss Episode 3

JustAimer says to (08:08:18): The magister is so friggen tiny even compared to the Queen Andy Swist says to (08:08:20): Tara needs a break! Jeeezus! Marleneemm says to (08:08:23): DAW is better this year BillohBill1 says to (08:08:28): Oh Marlene I hate the Magister Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:08:29): I hate the magister's voice. editinganne says to (08:08:36): Yes Andy robi says to (08:08:42): SHE"S AWESOME! editinganne says to (08:08:43): Tara needs a time out arianwyn says to (08:08:43): everybody was great tonight Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:08:44): I think the acting has COMPLETELY improved. BillohBill1 says to (08:08:45): I love Deborah Ann Woll Marleneemm says to (08:08:47): Magister's creepy! Macyblue says to (08:08:55):

Deborah was awesome!!!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:08:58): and I was already a fan. JustAimer says to (08:09:01): I agree Kylie - they've found their groove working together isilwath says to (08:09:07): deb was excellent, yes. ;D BillohBill1 says to (08:09:07): Good thing Jessica wasn't turned during that time of the month! LMAO! Marleneemm says to (08:09:08): Loved Pam~she rocked tonight LafayettesTribe says to (08:09:10): Deborah is an incredible actress CaraDonovan says to (08:09:13): I agree with you Kylie Andy Swist says to (08:09:17): Jessica is one of my first paper dolls for Season 3! ;) JustAimer says to (08:09:17): I totally heart Jessica - such a fabulous addtion to the True Blood world LafayettesTribe says to (08:09:20): Pam is FABULOUS editinganne says to (08:09:23): BabyVamp freaking stepped up, GO DAW BillohBill1 says to (08:09:29): Did Jessica turn that guy into a Vamper?

arianwyn says to (08:09:32): i think they did greeneyegirl says to (08:09:34): No BOB JustAimer says to (08:09:36): no Bill - he's dead BillohBill1 says to (08:09:37): She bit her wrist and put her blood in his mouth CaraDonovan says to (08:09:38): lol My son was drooling over Jessica tonight recordcozy says to (08:09:40): She tried, but failed. JustAimer says to (08:09:48): he was already dead b4 she tried to feed him her blood BillohBill1 says to (08:09:50): Cara, LOL My husband loves Tara GingerYoungblood says to (08:09:51): Tara has gone completely sack of hammers--I mean after everything Maryann did (and that woman DEFINITELY had a kangaroo loose in her paddock), poor Tara has gone off the deep end. LafayettesTribe says to (08:09:54): Andy -- did you see the PBS interview where Chalaine H mentions your paper dolls?????? Marleneemm says to (08:10:00): ERIC"S BUM IS BEAUTIFUL! Perfection Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:10:03): Eric screaming scared me too... I think it's the first time he raised his voice. greeneyegirl says to (08:10:04):

Ginger I agreee Andy Swist says to (08:10:04): Why they call Hoyt "BUBBA"? Anyone think he's gonna be a vamp sometime soon? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:10:10): YESYESYESYES. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:10:13): Best bum. TES2008 says to (08:10:15): Eric's bum. BillohBill1 says to (08:10:16): I AM NOT AN ASS GIRL, BUT BILL'S IS BETTER. Cavalavalier says to (08:10:16): Lovely!! CaraDonovan says to (08:10:17): LOL Bill my husband loves Sookie Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:10:17): eric's v line grrrr robi says to (08:10:17): Stop...please Macyblue says to (08:10:18): WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ChoChoMojo says to (08:10:19): hot!! arianwyn says to (08:10:20): it's great

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:10:20): He would win a trophy. JustAimer says to (08:10:23): They need to make barbie dolls into true blood characters - LOL I'd so have an Eric one... ahem recordcozy says to (08:10:24): Eric-level bum. Marleneemm says to (08:10:25): I keep on asking "Eric what have you done to me" Macyblue says to (08:10:25): HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arianwyn says to (08:10:26): who hoo Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:10:26): Just like the book. editinganne says to (08:10:29): Eric's bum is gorgeous.. More bum the better TES2008 says to (08:10:31): Great derriere. arianwyn says to (08:10:37): give me more gratuity then LafayettesTribe says to (08:10:38): I want an eric blo-wup doll isilwath says to (08:10:39): kylie - a large, large prize. ;D JustAimer says to (08:10:40):

Or life size cutouts like the twinkly twighlighters LadySindell says to (08:10:43): Bill & Jason are nicer to see naked. :) ChoChoMojo says to (08:10:43): Bill's .... HOT TES2008 says to (08:10:45): We've see other characters derrieres so what's the big deal? Marleneemm says to (08:10:49): His bum is Better now then it was in GK. CaraDonovan says to (08:10:50): nice Bum Jason's was nicer should I hide now editinganne says to (08:10:50): MORE BUM!!!!!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:10:51): isilwath YES. LadyAmethyst says to (08:10:52): Only if they get the dolls anatomically correct. Ken has nothing on the TB males. Andy Swist says to (08:10:55): LafayettesTribe: yes. I am soo honored to have Charlene's appreciation. :) JustAimer says to (08:10:56): I would TOTES have a lifesize Eric cutout arianwyn says to (08:11:03): i don't care, more bum editinganne says to (08:11:04): Old bum is still good bum

TES2008 says to (08:11:07): I could never say no to a great bum... BillohBill1 says to (08:11:08): Well Andy those dolls are a hoot. TES2008 says to (08:11:17): Bring on more gratuitous bums thank you very much. isilwath says to (08:11:17): oh ho hum, it's alex's bum. ;D LOL!!! LafayettesTribe says to (08:11:20): Andy, you have many "appreciators" TES2008 says to (08:11:24): Oh please.... robi says to (08:11:27): Oh, sook, you will not live that down! :) Marleneemm says to (08:11:27): I Was watching him getting angry~when he gets mad watch out! BillohBill1 says to (08:11:28): Did Dallas say she liked Eri'c ass? TES2008 says to (08:11:30): Don't complain about the bum please. ChoChoMojo says to (08:11:37): I had my Bill Paper Doll out tonight! arianwyn says to (08:11:40): i'm right there with you tes Andy Swist says to (08:11:43):

Eric shmerick! :P TES2008 says to (08:11:50): We can't see fine bums like that on regular channels, so don't take that away from us. KimmieTex says to (08:11:50): No, Dallas said she appreciated Alex's acting... JustAimer says to (08:11:51): what is there to complain about? perfection in a fabulous vampire package JustAimer says to (08:11:56): mmmm package robi says to (08:11:57): Alright peeps, heading out...it's bee fun! SEe you next week! editinganne says to (08:12:00): Eric's bum is gorgeous.. More bum the better robi says to (08:12:09): BoB....pause...slow mo...pause TES2008 says to (08:12:09): I can't believe this woman is actually complaining about Alex's bum. sookiebontemps says to (08:12:09): WHAT? I've seen his ass too many times to count. Bored. LOL. robi says to (08:12:11): Got it? editinganne says to (08:12:11): A little camp is fine. Let's not be prudes TES2008 says to (08:12:12): Give me a break...

robi says to (08:12:13): Good! LafayettesTribe says to (08:12:19): When are Eric and Bill just going to get it on, just as the Queen suggested. She's a smart girl. sookiebontemps says to (08:12:19): Maybe peeps should send me pics of Pam's bum? robi says to (08:12:22): Late! (KimmieTex - HA!) BillohBill1 says to (08:12:25): LOL MRobi, you got it, girl! SheiroQ says to (08:12:32): LMAO! Sookie... Andy Swist says to (08:12:32): G'night robi! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:12:33): Someone tweet me a pic of Alex's bum :) Marleneemm says to (08:12:34): I can never get enought of Eric's bum or his body! KimmieTex says to (08:12:36): Poor Sookie getting all those dm pics of eButt...guess I should stop doing that. robi says to (08:12:37): Night andy! GingerYoungblood says to (08:12:40): Eric's bottom is nice...I've seen better though. BillohBill1 says to (08:12:41):

GOODNIGHT ROBI! *SMOOCH* Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:12:41): I'll never get sick of it. TES2008 says to (08:12:42): What do people want from Alex? We've been getting great stuff from Alex. He's the PERFECT Eric. JustAimer says to (08:12:46): erm - doesn't Alex love being nekkid? BillohBill1 says to (08:12:53): Alex is a perfect Eric. editinganne says to (08:12:55): Are you kidding TES2008 says to (08:12:56): Oh please don't write books... GingerYoungblood says to (08:12:58): Alex is a Swede---they love being naked TES2008 says to (08:13:00): Don't want to hear it. JustAimer says to (08:13:02): Alexander is sooo the perfect Eric Andy Swist says to (08:13:05): Alex says he's born nekkid and doesn't mind being nude on camera recordcozy says to (08:13:08): What's the necessity of any of it...? Eric Bum is awesome. BillohBill1 says to (08:13:11): Eric: See something you like? LMAO

arianwyn says to (08:13:16): alex is great and what is so bad about seeing is bum when we had to see so much of sam and jason last season TES2008 says to (08:13:18): Sorry, but I've had too much Grey Goose and I don't want to hear people complaining of seeing actors' bums on TV. Marleneemm says to (08:13:24): Anna had to "keep a straight face"~and i would have found it impossible JustAimer says to (08:13:25): lol Tes isilwath says to (08:13:29): tes: HUGS JustAimer says to (08:13:32): I hear ya lafemmetopaz says to (08:13:34): TES... did you watch Spartacus on Starz? editinganne says to (08:13:35): This is a joke. Eric's bum should have come out Season One, Epi One. SheiroQ says to (08:13:36): Here we go with the Swedes again... *looks away* greeneyegirl says to (08:13:36): BoB are you now vampwich? BillohBill1 says to (08:13:39): YAY PAM! riverdragon169 says to (08:13:40): finally more Pam screen time!!!

lafemmetopaz says to (08:13:40): INCREDIBLE EYE CANDY ON THAT SHOW Andy Swist says to (08:13:46): Pam is going to be important! HUSH! JustAimer says to (08:13:48): OMG Spartacus is way soft core porn lol BillohBill1 says to (08:13:49): No GEG, why would you say that Hookuh? TES2008 says to (08:13:49): Hell yes I watched HOTTICUS on Starz, LaFemme. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:13:56): I want the Bill/Eric sandwich please, I'm hungry! JustAimer says to (08:13:59): PS - LaFemme - it's me - Amy :) recordcozy says to (08:14:01): She should have been there all along, so I was cool with it. greeneyegirl says to (08:14:02): TES HOTTICUS ! lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:04): TES... I love Crixus.. aka manu bennet greeneyegirl says to (08:14:04): LMAO lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:06): LOVE HIM TES2008 says to (08:14:07):

Andy W. is in remission and will start filming Season 2 soon. isilwath says to (08:14:20): tes: that is great news ChoChoMojo says to (08:14:22): Love Spartacus! Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:14:23): beaucoup dien cai dau for true blood!! BillohBill1 says to (08:14:24): EVERYONE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! @BILLOHBILL lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:29): AIMEE greeneyegirl says to (08:14:29): BOB lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:31): hey girly greeneyegirl says to (08:14:34): ou twitter hog Marleneemm says to (08:14:38): Lafemmtopaz: TB has to have more women on the show~cause TB's written with the Ladies in mind KimmieTex says to (08:14:38): I love Book-Pam! So sarcastic arianwyn says to (08:14:39): i love pam JustAimer says to (08:14:41):

hola :) Our show is back!!! lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:44): I thought you today.. about inviting you over JustAimer says to (08:14:48): :) TES2008 says to (08:14:52): Oh Crixus....good Lord. Takes my breath away. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:14:56): I think we will be getting more personality from Pam this year. recordcozy says to (08:15:03): We definitely saw Book!Pam tonight. Made my bookie heart happy. :) lafemmetopaz says to (08:15:06): TES. I loved the character. Crixus JustAimer says to (08:15:08): I got Nancy hooked on the show Andy Swist says to (08:15:08): OK. I need to go and dream about Bill and Sam now. Goodnight folks and keep up the fandom! :) TES2008 says to (08:15:10): Yes TB is written with ladies in mind. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:15:12): More lines! VampireDream says to (08:15:16): what was up with Jessica trying to turn that guy? BillohBill1 says to (08:15:16): NIGHT ANDY!

editinganne says to (08:15:19): Pam is protective of Eric... That is a carry over from the books Marleneemm says to (08:15:22): Eric still owes Pam for those damn pumps she ruined last year! GingerYoungblood says to (08:15:23): I'm tired of the whole Bill versus Eric versus Bill versus Eric...I say we just make Sookie a Vamp-ho and let Bill and Eric make her thhe meat in their vampwich! :D I'd watch a threesome! *grins* LafayettesTribe says to (08:15:26): I want to see more Sookie/Pam scenes this season. I'd like to see their friendship develop like in the books. lafemmetopaz says to (08:15:26): Aimer.. for real Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:15:28): TES, there is plenty on the women side too. editinganne says to (08:15:32): Night All TES2008 says to (08:15:35): I hope Crixus gets reunited with his love in Season 2. JustAimer says to (08:15:36): Yep - she's renting S2 from Blockbuster right now lafemmetopaz says to (08:15:36): We gotta do Sunday nights then Andy Swist says to (08:15:37): Hugs to you all! :) SheiroQ says to (08:15:38): Night Andy! Sweet dreams!!

Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:15:42): Plenty naked gorgeous women. recordcozy says to (08:15:46): Looking forward to Blood Work! arianwyn says to (08:15:47): i think pam is protective of eric at least in the books JustAimer says to (08:15:48): watched S1 via me - but I have S2 on BluRay LafayettesTribe says to (08:15:50): Night Andy!!! KimmieTex says to (08:15:52): The Big Bitch True Blood in Dallas says (08:15:55): call in now !!!! arianwyn says to (08:16:02): pam was not a hooker in the books JustAimer says to (08:16:03): I can not wait to see Alcide True Blood in Dallas says (08:16:06): im taking callas lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:07): Aimer.. I thought tonight's episode rocked greeneyegirl says to (08:16:10): ALCIDE ! JustAimer says to (08:16:11):

hope we don't have to wait toooo long JustAimer says to (08:16:17): Totally agree Lafemme Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:16:20): Do you think there will be a Sookie/Alcide sex scene? TES2008 says to (08:16:20): Who is this woman talking? Marleneemm says to (08:16:21): Ginger: YOU're never goign to get rid of the war between Eric and Bill~and now there's Alcide added to the mix and they all want Sookie lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:25): lol TES JustAimer says to (08:16:28): Amazing way to open the season True Blood in Dallas says (08:16:29): 1 (646) 929-0825 isilwath says to (08:16:40): tes: Becca Willcott lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:42): No sexy sexy? TES2008 says to (08:16:50): No sexy, sexy? lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:50): I love sexy sexy Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:16:51): cochus off dick on!!

TES2008 says to (08:16:58): I need to sign off soon 'cause I'm getting annoyed. isilwath says to (08:17:04): tes: *HUGS* GingerYoungblood says to (08:17:05): I know Marlene, but a girl can dream, eh? lafemmetopaz says to (08:17:06): Aimer.. I loved everyone tonight TES2008 says to (08:17:16): izzy, you going on GChat for a few mins? Andy Swist says to (08:17:16): Blood work! is coming soon!! http://tiny.cc/9e7p0 arianwyn says to (08:17:18): i loved that line lafemmetopaz says to (08:17:18): Eric was great, Pam was good, Lafayette Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:17:20): how bout are you picking up what i'm putting down!! VampireDream says to (08:17:24): is Arlene really preg? JustAimer says to (08:17:25): me too Lafemme - me too - looking fwd to the season as a whole :) LafayettesTribe says to (08:17:30): Can't wait for Bllod Work Ansy!!!! isilwath says to (08:17:31):

tes: sure LafayettesTribe says to (08:17:38): Blood work Andy! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:17:39): Terry/Andy are really cute. TES2008 says to (08:17:39): Signing on over there now. Andy Swist says to (08:17:39): A man's gotta go dream about Bill/Sam now! tootles! ;) JustAimer says to (08:17:41): cleared out my DVR to hold all the True Blood's lol GingerYoungblood says to (08:17:42): Ooooh even better...Sookie can be a Supe-ho! Eric/Bill/Alcide/Sookie sammich with an extra side of SEX recordcozy says to (08:17:43): Yay! lafemmetopaz says to (08:17:48): Aimer.. I have to do that Marleneemm says to (08:17:52): Yes~but I want Sookie with Eric. they're soulmates.Plain and simple. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:17:56): Yes, Ginger. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:17:59): A girl can dream isilwath says to (08:18:06): tes: I'm on it now

GingerYoungblood says to (08:18:24): Well, yeah, in the end Marlene...In the meantime Sookie Supe-ho quad! :D sookiebontemps says to (08:18:32): Supe ho? What? JustAimer says to (08:18:33): YAY Nekkid Eric scene on screen (well, just about to be) GingerYoungblood says to (08:18:40): LOL HI Sookie! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:18:42): You can't have some pit stops with other gorgeous actors before Eric/Sookie drive off together (after) the sunset. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:18:46): can* Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:18:48): whoops. Marleneemm says to (08:18:54): Ginger: I hope she's going to end up with Eric. Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:18:54): not up for lesbian weirdness tonite pam!! Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:18:56): lol JustAimer says to (08:18:57): oh my sssss Pamspumps says to (08:18:59): Great blog talk! lafemmetopaz says to (08:19:04):

I loved the scene with Eric.. even how how Alex just walked to Sookie slowly and stood there in all his glory lafemmetopaz says to (08:19:07): great scene JustAimer says to (08:19:16): sorta sounds like sookeh says "oh my assss" tee hee Dangergrrrl99 says to (08:19:20): i heart pam!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:19:21): He looked so confident with his body lafemme. GingerYoungblood says to (08:19:28): I'm stuck between Sookie ending up with Eric or Bill--I love them both---they both bring something to the table that she desperately needs. JustAimer says to (08:19:28): I heard Alex does not year "the sock" VampireDream says to (08:19:35): that was amazing lafemmetopaz says to (08:19:36): aimer.. it had to be her cuz pam was looking at Yvetta GingerYoungblood says to (08:19:39): So until I decide, Sookie Supe-ho! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (08:19:42): Perfect Eric representation. JustAimer says to (08:19:44): man - Anna got to catch a glimpse of lil' Alex TES2008 says to (08:19:53):

Looking forward to more gratuitous bum shots and sexy, sexy. The acting is great on the show so I have no complaints. lafemmetopaz says to (08:20:04): Aimer.. the actress who played Yvetta said no sock.. au natural Marleneemm says to (08:20:10): Just Aimer: Alex has said he's "too big for the sock" arianwyn says to (08:20:14): you and me both tes JustAimer says to (08:20:17): *sigh* lucky ladies to get a view of that TES2008 says to (08:20:21): Who's next?