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Eng 089

Proofing introduction and conclusion paragraphs

Complete the following exercises

Pg. 560 practice 7
Pg. 561 review practice 1
Pg. 609 practice 1A
Pg. 615 practice 1
Pg. 621 review practice 1
Rough draft introduction & conclusion about movies,
voting, financial aid, or grade inflation

What essay topics interest you the most?

Revising - commas
Highlight all FANBOYS
If there is a complete sentence before and after the FANBOYS, place a
comma before the FANBOYS

Read each sentence. Look for extra information. Place commas

around the extra information.
Is there a beginning of a sentence that can be placed at the end of
the sentence? If so, place a comma after that moveable part of the
sentence (inverted sentence).

Revising Quotation marks & punctuation

Periods and commas go inside the quotation marks
Semicolons and colons go outside the quotation marks
Question marks and exclamation pointsit depends!

Revising Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers

Make sure subjects and verbs are next to each other

Revising Streamlining
Avoid sexist language
Cross out an unnecessary words/phrases (in conclusion, in this
essay, nowadays)

Peer Review
Exchange essays. Write your name on a separate sheet of paper. Answer
these questions on a separate sheet of paper.
In what ways does the hook make you want to read more?
How is that hook revisited in the conclusion? In what ways is it effective?
Identify the thesis statement. What will the essay specifically discuss?
In the conclusion, is there a sentence about each idea mentioned in the
thesis statement?
In the conclusion, read the mic drop statement. How does it make you feel?

Return essay to the writer. Give the writer the sheet in which you answered
the questions.

For Wednesday
Study for quiz #4