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Issue #55 - November 2016

This month, Jacques Masiko shares on whether a call to serve in church
should be time bound.
1. What would you recommend as general guidelines for an effective leader in
church ministry?
1. All effective leaders must have a call. Is God calling you? Because a lot of
secularism has entered into the church we have churches which are just
organisations instead of being organisms. It’s not bad for the church to borrow a
leaf from the world but when the ways of the world become the church’s
yardstick it is very dangerous.
2. Effective leaders must have a vision. If you do not have a vision, you will not
have a roadmap because it is a vision that aligns a person. “Where there is no
vision, the people perish” Prov.29:18: So one must align their vision within the call
and when that happens, one becomes a biblical, Christ-centered leader who is
also others’ centered ( Philippians 2:3-5). Being other people centered comes
from the recognition that you cannot do ministry alone.
3. Effective leaders must raise and develop a “Timothy” with potential whom
they are developing to take over (2 Tim.2:2) because as a leader you can burn out
or become the only point of reference as if other people do not have potential
within them.
4. They must also be and remain biblically sound by staying in line with God’s
Word and living a life that is exemplary to the others. God warned in both the
old and new testament that no addition or subtractions should be made to His
word. (Deut.4:2, 12:32, Rev.22:18-19) Staying in line with God’s word is the only
way we can safeguard the church from being infiltrated by false doctrines and
theories. They should be like the Christians of Berea who searched the scriptures
and did not say, “The pastor said,” or “The bishop said,” or “The apostle said”
but, “The Bible says”.
5. An effective leader must be generation focussed. In Deuteronomy chapter 6,
God gave instructions about His word and said that His word must be taught
night and day and must be passed on to the children such that generation after
generation “you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of
them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you
lie down, and when you rise”.

Jacques Masiko
Masiko means “hope”.
Jacques gave his life to Christ at 10
years in 1958.
He is a Medical Lab Technologist by
training, a pastor by calling and a
consultant in leadership studies.
He is married to Cecilia Masiko and
together have 5 children and 11
He first came to KBC in 1969 as a
university student.
At KBC, he served as church
treasurer, deacon and elder.
He assumed pastoral roles at KBC after Amin expelled all missionaries.
Agape Baptist Church Ntinda started in his home.
He currently pastors Agape Chapel in Bukerere.
He was the first Country Director of Compassion International from 1986
to 2006 though he had been volunteering for five years prior to being
officially appointed Country Director.
He has also founded organisations like Water School Uganda (with
Zepha Makelele), Practical Ministry Training Initiative (that trains
He currently oversees Agape children’s village and Agape primary
He also supervises Mosaic Vision which takes care of 400 orphans in
Rukungiri, Uganda.
expire. But today we have borrowed so many leaves from the secular
organisations: we advertise the position of a pastor with a list of requirements,
he is interviewed, and then the pastor is given a contract of say four years. I am
not saying those are bad, but if they are not helping us to align with the vision of
the person, we are likely to have an “officer” in the office, doing only his job.
There are even instances when the board of elders behave like the board of a
secular organisation. They make statements like, “We are paying you to be our
pastor; what are you doing?” But the role of deacons and elders is that of
co-workers, co-labourers in God’s vineyard. A pastor is only a leader among

6. An effective leader must also be creative in a positive way. Everything has a
life span. Even in an individual’s Christian life, if one is not creative, one only
keeps talking about their
past. Creativity allows the
Holy Spirit to bring in new
things to the level of
understanding of the times
which the leader must be
able to understand. Lack of
creativity also brings burn
out as a leader recycles the
same things like sermons
over and over again relying
on their experience and not
God’s guidance. Moses was
chastened by the Lord for
this when God told him to “speak” to the rock and he instead “hit” it as he was A leader is a shepherd, and when does that end? Should there be a time limit?
used to doing (Numb. 20:8b).
Yes. No matter how excellent you have been serving, there is a time for
2. Does the passing of time have any effect on how one effectively leads a everything. A leader is not indispensable and should plan for succession.
Effective leaders must ensure they prepare someone they are going to hand
ministry in church?
Yes. We live in changing times: politically, socially, economically, and you do not over to. I did that in 2004 when I realised that my time of service with
want a leader who is not in touch with those changes because those changes do Compassion was coming to an end and my last year was spent on preparation
affect the people you are serving. A leader needs to align himself to the for a successor. Currently, I am planning on doing it again as I end my pastoral
emerging issues. When you are a ministry leader, the people expect a lot from service at Agape Chapel - Bukerere.
you, they want counsel from you and not only on spiritual issues. And if you tell The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Media
them, “I do not handle those things” you will not be ministering holistically.
Team that seeks to provide an avenue where men and women can share

a leader is not indispensable

3. In politics, there is a general belief that term limits for leaders ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Is this a concept the church should embrace?
Like I said, for any leader there must be a call upon their life. And when one is
following a call, it is completely different—you do not know when that call will
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