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Muhammad Asif Butt

56-Sanda Homes National Town, Sanda Road Lahore,

Punjab, Pakistan.
Email ID:

With reference to your advertisement at, I would like to apply for

the post of GIS Specialist position. I believe my interests and credentials are well
suited to the requirements you are looking for. Also, I have attached my resume for
your further consideration.
I have started working as a GIS analyst from October 2014. I have completed my
Bachelor's Degree in Space Science (2013) with Majors in GIS and Remote Sensing
and Master of philosophy in Geomatics (2016) from University of The Punjab,
Lahore. My experience in this field made me highly knowledgeable in analyzing
complicated data, and resolving problems with proper complex solutions. I have
good fluency in computer software and have basic knowledge of programming
languages, and I can work properly in a team oriented environment. My work
experience includes:

Preparation of GIS database from Topographic sheets

Land use Maps, Base map preparation
GIS based Infrastructure inventory preparation
Preparation of cross sectional and GIS based ancillary data for various
Dams, Irrigation and Road projects
Evaluation of Topographic surveys and Projection transformations
Acquisition of satellite imageries
Digital images and stereo data processing, GIS based vector & raster
Preparation of 3D flythrough of the projects, Monitoring of GPS and
instrument based survey
SRTM and ASTER based Elevation data processing, hence extracting
topographic information
Collection of GCPs by using GPS

Please take a few moments and go through my enclosed resume to know about my
experiences. I sincerely look forward to put my skills and work experience with your
organization. You can contact me for any clarifications if needed. I would like to thank
you for your valuable time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,
Muhammad Asif Butt