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Neurologist in Faridabad


Neuro sciences are the super specialty branch that deals with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and
rehabilitation of the disorders that affects the brain, spine and complete nervous system. Dr Rohit Gupta
an expert in comprehensive range of neurological disorders works as senior consultant Neurology in
Metro Hospital Faridabad. Extremely dedicated and hard working professional Dr. Rohit Gupta has done
his MBBS from and won Gold Medal while pursuing MD in General Medicine from SN Medical College,
Agra. He introduced botox therapy in the stroke patients and has treated more than 150 paralytic
patients in last decade. Any patient whose age is more than 18 years can undergo this treatment and get
cured. His brilliant treatment methods Thrombolysis in Acute Stroke, Botox Therapy in chronic migraine,
Botox injections, Epilepsy, Migraine and lot more has been appreciated all over world which made him
extraordinary and amazing specialist. Dr. Rohit Gupta has conducted research work for the welfare of
general public on Antiepileptic drugs in Pediatric epilepsy, Pediatric Neurosciences; Micturition induced
reflex epilepsy, Autonomic Seizures as a sequel of Head injury, a randomized, double blind, placebo
controlled, parallel group, multi centric study to evaluate efficacy, of study drugs in subjects with partial
onset seizures and lot more.

Neurology is the branch of medical science dealing with disorders of nervous system. Dr Rohit
Gupta an expert in comprehensive range of neurological disorders. His treatments such as
thrombolysis in acute stroke, botox therapy in migraine, epilepsy, headache, multiple sclerosis,
myasthenia gravis, dementia, neuropathy, myopathy, sleep disorders, neuro otology, neuro
ophthalmology, spine disorders etc has helped people with great health benefits. He always had
great apprehension for stroke patients and initiated thrombolysis 6years ago in acute stroke
cases. Till date he has successfully thrombolysed more than 150 patients which is an
outstanding achievement.

Most famous neurologist Dr. Rohit Gupta has fully functional neuro sleep laboratory where he
undertakes poly Somnography and multiple sleep latency test. These tests are meant for
detecting causes of neurological sleep disorders and sleep related seizures. He has instigated
use of Botox to treat a variety of disorders like chronic migraine, cervical distonia, writers
cramp, cerebral palsy.

Neuro lab of Dr. Rohit Gupta has fully equipped Bed Side Portable EEG, Routine EEG, Sleep
Deprived EEG, Repetitive Nerve Stimulation Study, Nerve Conduction Study (portable), Video
EEG Monitoring Short Term & Long Term, EMG (portable), Video EEG Monitoring Short Term
& Long Term, Brachial Plexus EMG, Para Spinal EMG, Facial EMG, H Reflex, CTS
Study, VEP, BERA, SSEP, Blink Reflex & SSR.Dr Rohit Gupta has been always in news for curing
paralytic patients with the help of botox injections. He has cured stroke patients as young as 24

year old and elderly as 91 year old paralytic lady with the thrombolysis technique. This
technique restores cerebral blood flow in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Prompt treatment
with the drug can help to restore blood flow before major brain damage has taken place.

Legendary neurologist Dr. Rohit Gupta works as Sr. Consultant in Metro hospital, Faridabad
where end to end expertise under one roof, latest technology and infrastructure and best

specialist positions it best among all the super specialty hospital available in NCR Faridabad.
Care and services of metro hospital are so uncommon that it is renowned in other countries
also. Patients from foreign countries like Oman, Sudan, Nigeria, Iran and Iraq are visiting
frequently and existing patients visit periodically.The neurology department possesses a highly
skilled team of neurologist, Neuro surgeon, ER physicians, critical care experts and nurses who
are dedicated to provide comprehensive care to its patients.

Super services like operation theatre, ICU accommodated 400 bedded metro hospital has other
departments like Cardiology & Cardiac surgery, Gynecology, Obstetrics and infertility, Neuro
sciences, orthopedics, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, neonatology where OPD and
emergency cases has been handled by specialists and expert doctors every day. Other facilities
like lab, Blood bank, Radiology, emergency and trauma are available 24*7 in the premises.

More than 17 years of clinical experience Dr. Gupta has achieved great success handling patients
with neurological disorder and is the favorite among their patients. Parkinsons and movement
disease is cured with the help of medicines, deep braing stimulation and botulinum toxic
injections. Brain infections including brain abscess, meningitis, encephalitis, neurosyphilis, some
prenatal brain injuries, structural brain lesions including tumors and others are cured through
Botox treatment by Dr. Gupta.


Sr. Consultant Neurology at Metro Hospital Dr Rohit Gupta Gold Medalist has 17 years of Successful
Medical Experience. He has received many awards for his outstanding achievements. Dr Rohit Gupta
trained in Botox therapy from AIIMS, Delhi in 2011.
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to 8 pm.