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1.0 Abstract
MATLAB TIME RESPONSE SIMULATION is about how to simulate the time response by
using the given transfer function of the system.
2.0 objective and scope
the first objective of this experiment is to simulate a transfer function control system using
MATLAB command and RLTOOL and the second one is to analyze the value of transient
response which are peak time, rise time, settling time, percent overshoot and the other one is
to analyze the value of steady-state response performance which are steady-state value and
steady-state error of the system.
3.0 experiment/project background
The experiment is about how to applying the concept of open-loop control system and
closed-loop control system by using the MATLAB TIME RESPONSE SIMULATION.
The definition of control system is a system of devices that manages, commands, directs or
regulates the behavior of the devices or other devices or other systems in order to achieve
desire results. In other words, it can be called as A control system is a system which controls
other system. In example, practically, every each of our things in this world or in our daily
life is affected by some control system nor the less or more. Such as, our bathroom toilet
tank, our refrigerator, air conditioner and many more.
The needs in control system is there should be a mathematically clear relation between input
and output of the system. The relation between input and output of the system can be
represented by a linear proportionality which is called linear control system. Besides, if the
relation between input and output of the system cannot be represented by single linear
proportionality or the input and output are related by some non-linear relation then the
system is referred as non-linear control system.
There are two basic types of control systems:
1. Open-loop control systems are those in which your controller tells your system to do
something but doesnt use the results of that action to verify the results or modify the
commands to see that the job is done properly.
2. Closed-loop control systems are about continuously monitors the performance of your
system and changes the commands as necessary to keep on track
Therefore, this experiment was asked us to do the irrigation system which is to continuously
supply water to the plants so that the humidity of soil can be maintain. The transfer function
of the system is given by

G ( s )=

s +3 s+ 4

The system then was conducted by applying the open-loop control system then the
performance of the system was observed and recorded by using the MATLAB command and
RLTOOL that already featured in MATLAB. As for the closed-loop control system we added
a feedback into the system so that the current humidity level of soil can be monitored for a
certain time.

The figure above shows the block diagram on how this experiment is conducted for Openloop system.

The figure shows the block diagram of the system by applying the Closed-loop system as we
can see that the different with the open-loop system is by adding the feedback on the system.