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Lesson Plan Template





Number of

KG 2

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

Changing levels of the voice in the classroom based on the situation.

Learning Outcomes:


(Link to the ADEC / MOE K-5 curriculum document)

Students will be able to:

- Identify the colors such as, red, green,
blue, yellow, pink and orange.
- Sort and classify objects by green color.
- Arrange a group of objects based on
the green color.
- Identify the light green and the dark

Flash cards
White board
Water colors / water / plate
Computer / headphones

Lesson Intoduction
Whole group activity: Time 10

Question (Blooms Taxonomy)

Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)

Remembering (low level):

Do a days of the week song with students.

Do a review about the colors.
Play a video song about green color.
Show the students pictures in green color.

Active Engagement: (Bullet points)

Ask the students questions.

Place in front of students colored board
marker, to students pick the green color and
draw a circle on the board.
Show the students colored flash cards, and
ask them to pick the green card.

Link: (Bullet points)

Use the material in suitable way to

be a good student.
Share the colors with your friends
in the learning centers.

Students will identify the green color between

colored pictures that shows at the powerpoint from
their previous knowledge.
Understanding (low level):

Students will describe a green color by collecting

green materials in the classroom.
Applying (low level):

Students will draw a circle on the board

by choosing a green color between 4
Analyzing (high level):
Students will separate the green flash

cards from other colors of cards.

Evaluating (high level):

Students will be assessed by coloring

the hand picture in the worksheet with

green color.
Creating (high level):

Students will design the hand picture in

the worksheet by stamping their finger
in it with green color.
Learning Center Resources or Materials
Learning Center 1
Science area
(Puzzle, small basket
and pieces of

Learning Center 2
Art area
(Water colors, water
and plate)

Learning Center 3
Computer area
(Computer and

Learning Center 4
(if needed)

Small Group Learning Centers: Time 15

Learning Center 1 (Science area-medium
level): (Bullet points)

Students will have a color matching puzzle

in flowers shape and basket that include
pieces of that shapes.
After that, students will solve the puzzle by
matching the colored pieces of shapes.

Learning Center 2 (Art area-low level):

(Bullet points)

Learning Center 3 (Computer area-high

level): (Bullet points)

In this area students will set one

by one in front of the computer, to
play an online game.
The game about choosing green
color pictures between several
colored pictures.

Students will have a worksheet about hand

After that, students will dip their finger in
green color and then they will stamp it at
the sheet.
Afterward, students will repeat this process
of stamping their finger until they color the
whole hand picture.

Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)

Explain step by step what the students will do

Closing activity: Time: 10

After the lesson end, I will sit with students in the circle area to discuss about green
color and where we can see green color in the classroom.
Assessment for Learning:

Ask them questions.

Give them a worksheet to color it in green color.

General Comments
I support the discussion process because whenever students have an opportunity
to talk or participate in the classroom, they get experienced and earn knowledge in
various of aspects. Thus, this method will help me and the students to get interact
easily and understand each other.
Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus
During this lesson, my aim will be praising every student who participates in the
classroom because whenever students receive a praise by teacher actions or by her
encouraging words, they become enthusiastic to learn more.

SHJWC Lesson Reflection


Green color


Mariam Yousif


Amna - Najma



Antoinette - Aisha

Al Hanan advanced


KG 2



Firstly, discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well. Try to
analyze why you think it worked well and what hints you would share with
resource/activity/management style etc.
To facilitate learning in this lesson I had taught students classroom rules by
showing them pictures that indicate each rule and let them apply the rules by
performing it. Thus, I realized that this method I had done it very well, and it
worked with students, because when I said to them who will sit quietly and
follow classroom rules, I will choose him to join the activities with me. So,
from that students started to behave in a proper manner in order to
participate during the lesson.
Further, I had use an effective strategy for students to learn the rules in an
interesting way through sing a song for them by saying hands up, on your
head, crossed legs, go back and folded arms. I believe that every teacher
should use a particular strategy with her students by singing songs or make
movements because students learn more when they get active or motivated.
Secondly, elaborate on the aspect identified by YOU that requires
attention. Discuss what the problem was, why it occurred and what
action you intend to take to be more successful in the next lesson.
For clarifying, the aspect that I should work in is to deal with special needs
students because there is a boy in my classroom who is very aggressive with
people around him, and he behaves with this attitude when he fell board,
whereas he is brainy. For example, he can write, speak in Arabic and English;
he can pronounce the letters and the sounds of it.

Thus, in next lesson I should intend to give him more work in order to keep
him busy or give him things he likes to do it.

Personal focus for next lesson:


Try to understand each students personality.

Be positive with students in every situation.
Give students activities according to their levels.