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Ethics refer to the standard of behavior that tell us how human being should act
accordance to the situation they faced. It provides a systematic, rational way to work through
dilemmas and to determine the best course of action taken to the face of conflicting choices.
Ethics is used when the people want to determine the public policy or when the individual is
facing with difficult decision. Ethics attempt to find and describe what people believe is right
and wrong, and to establish whether certain actions are actually right or wrong based on all
the information available. Meanwhile, ethical dilemmas can be defined as a circumstance
which occurs only when two or more social work values are in conflict. For example, the
conflict between the right to self-determination and the right to confidentiality in the case of a
suicidal client. In this example, an ethical dilemma exists in that both values, selfdetermination and confidentiality, cannot be equally and necessarily upheld. Simply to be
said that, ethical dilemmas is what social workers do is based on values, and social work
ethics are social work values in action. How to think ethically? The answer to this question is
by analyze whether the proposed behavior is consistent with recognized virtue. During the
ancient Greek or according to the many philosophers have argued that the good human being
is one who practices certain value, certain virtues of fairness, honesty and integrity.
In this question, the situation where the ethical approach is taken place is when the
staffs of the ABC Company cant go home after pass the office hour because of the works
that have been given to them is too much until they have to stay back in the office to settle it
before go back home. This situation above affects the staffs to give in their best to service the
customer or attending to queries by customer. The ethical approach in this case above is the
individual approach. Individual approach is guided by what will result in individuals best
long term interest. Simply to be said, that a person will act ethically in the short run to avoid
others harming you in the long run. Back to the case above, it said that logically when a
person working too much that it exceeds his or her capabilities of a human being, his or her
mental strength is not stable enough to think right as the normal person does. This is because
it beyond the ability of a human being to deal their ethical dilemmas and it is crucial to
understand the implicit decisions of social policy to act or not towards the elimination of
social problems which frame human suffering.

This can be further explained where ethics in social work practice are social work
values up close and personal. Hence, when competent practice is efficient, ethical practice is
obligatory. But not all ethical practices are necessarily cost-effective or time efficient. In facts
its contrary as ethical practice at times is laborious and time-consuming. This is proven when
the staff of ABC Company is not having a balance and healthy lifestyle and the lack of
spending time with loves ones between work and family thus its affect the service quality at
ABC Company which will result to issues in retaining customer. Hence, the result to the
above statement is the social workers appeared to be able to articulate their identity only as
being survivors of an unethical system.