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He studied music at The Jose Lorenzo Llamozas School of Music in

Caracas; the cuatro with Maestros Fredy Reyna, Mauricio Flores and
Guitarist Valmore Nieves in Venezuela. While abroad, he pursued
studies in musicology and research at The Regional Conservatory in
Midi Perennes, in Toulouse France; and The Municipal Superior
Conservatory in Barcelona, Spain; specializing in renaissance music at
both these Institutes. He is currently in the process of publishing his
book - a historical documentary - "El Cuatro en el Caribe" (The Cuatro
in The Caribbean), with its historical background in Venezuela,
Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and
Raul Landaeta has had to date an illustrious career. With his naturally gifted musical
and humanistic abilities, this artist, was born in Caripito, in Monagas State in
Venezuela on the 19th. April1964; but grew up on the island of Margarita, just off the
northeast coast of Venezuela. He has represented us on the foremost stages on five
continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin and North America. Furthermore, this integral
Venezuelan has left an indelible mark on these continents, being the heir of a
spiritually uplifting culture which has characterized him as a musical researcher,
teacher, conference orator, writer and certified international chef among other
attributes. In 1997 he did an extensive tour of musical recitals and conferences in
conjunction with La Universidad de Oriente (The Eastern University), and The
Symphony Orchestra of The City of Cumana; Sucre State; as well as The Symphony
Orchestra of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. In 1998 while on a musical tour of Nigeria,
he was the recipient of The Muscon Centre Award of The Musical Society of Nigeria.
This award was bestowed on him for his work in support of world peace, as a result
of his musical rendition on that said tour of seven African countries, during which he
appeared in concert in homage to Nelson Mandela.
He has also appeared in concert at a gamut of renowned world stages such as The
Teresa Carreno Theatre in Caracas, The Henri Pelyel Theatre and Casa de L'
Amerique Latine in Paris, Casa Migue lCervantes in Madrid, Lucieu de Catalua
Theatre, Casa de L'Amerique Latin in Brussels, Real de Amman Theatre in Jordan,
The international Festival in Babylon, Iraq, and The Muscan Society of Nigeria,
Bolivar hall, Washington D.C.,The Galaria Simon Bolivar in New York, and most
recentlyin December 2013, The National Parang Festival in Arinm, Trinidad and
Tobago have all been witness to his extremely remarkable musical talent. In 2001, he
traavelled to France where he represented his country to celebrate the month
of Venezuela which was held in Paris. He preformed at The concord Lafayette Hotel,
The Carousel of The Louvre Museum, and ultimately at the Gardens of Versailles.

When we speak of Raul Landaeta, we infer to one of the best national

references of the arts, to be a refined and distinguished concert pianist
of both genres of classical and popular cuatro. In 2006, he was honored
with a special award by La Universidad de Oriente in Cumana,
Venezuela for his conference titled: Personal Development and Talent
Management of The Musician. Maestro Landaeta is currently expanding
his outstanding musical repertoire by engaging in the cultural
development and integration with parang musicians in Trinidad and

Tobago where he has resided since 2013. Additionally, he is in charge of

a family project - A Venezuelan T Jullliard - in support of his youngest
daughter Vanessa Emperatiz, violionist and singer who is at present a
student of The Rowan University, Barnes & Noble in New Jersey.