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Personal Philosophy of Healing

The principal foundation for my philosophy of healing comes from direct

experience with two types of technology that will be discussed in the following essay.

The first type of technology is derived from the use of waves to achieve resonance with

the targeted pathogen, thereby causing destructive sympathetic oscillation to occur. The

second type of method is that of an immune stimulation system, which is centered on the

targeted detection of immune suppressing enzyme presence. While I do believe in the

power many plant properties show for healing, their use is not generally suggested while

using the resonance method due to the effect known as electroporation, which causes

cells to take in herbal supplements at a much higher rate, thereby causing increased


The use of Plasma Emission Frequency Technology or PEFT can be beneficial for

a number of ailments, which can be targeted based on their mortal oscillatory resonant

frequency or MOR. This technology was first developed by Royal Raymond Rife during

the 1930s and was used at that time to eradicate breast carcinoma in over 400 rats.

Additionally another 16 humans with various types of cancer and advancement of

proliferation were also treated and consequently achieved full recovery from their

previous condition. The AMA at that time headed by Morris Fishbein was at first very

enthusiastic about this new technique in disease eradication and consequently many

doctors from around the nation gathered at a banquet at Scripts ranch in La Jolla

California to herald what would initially be called a cure for all diseases. Later political

agendas and Rifes unwillingness to play along with them led to the blacklisting of Rife
and other doctors who stood by the notion that this technique should be further

integrated into the mainstream medical establishment. For the last 70 years various

methods of chemotherapy and radiation have been pursued as alternant and largely

ineffective methods of treating the various types of cancer (a very broad term) that afflict

and kill so many people in the world today. While Rifes technology is making

resurgence in public awareness and use amongst alternative health practitioners, there

seems to be little awareness in the mainstream medical community of its existence. The

exceptions are the United States Air Force and countries such as New Zealand. The

USAF holds a semi-annual Electro-Med conference, which discusses the implementation

of such technologies for defense applications; mainly the decontamination of troops and

equipment from biological agent contamination. New Zealand has integrated this

technology into their public health care system.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto has recently achieved outstanding result in the

treatment of various types of cancer using an injection called GcMAF or glyco-protein

macrophage activating factor. A weekly injection of 1/10th of a milliliter stimulates the

immune system into overriding diseases such as aids, Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, and

various types of cancer. The FDA refuses to license GcMAF due to the fact that a

vitamin D binding protein in derived from human serum and therefore presents a threat

for cross-contamination. Recently a grant was acquired at Arizona State University to

genetically engineer alfalfa to produce the protein and thereby eliminate the concern

about potential contamination. While this strategy waits for complete development, Dr.

Yamamoto has taken his philosophy and techniques for immunology to Japan and is

making some progress there. It is unfortunate that the political economic structure in the
United States precludes further development of strategies such as the two mentioned so


The initial interest in plant biology and consequently medical botany has led to

my involvement with the above-mentioned techniques for immune system support and

target pathogen elimination. While both techniques are somewhat far removed from

direct use of plants, I do believe that many useful compounds can be derived from plant

sources and incorporated into ones daily health regimen, as well as when disease takes

hold in the body. Ones strategy should focus on maintaining a state of healthful living

by keeping daily awareness of health benefiting techniques at an optimum. The more we

learn about how to take care of ourselves the less chance we have of encountering serious

health issues in the future.