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State your Plaid

1. Green(strongest)
2. Gold and Orange (tied for 2nd strongest color)
3. Blue (color least like me)
1. I do believe that Green is my strength color because I do like to gather
data and information to create a big picture perspective. I also do have a
lot of determination and use my optimum effort when I do tasks. Some
strengths I feel I pull from gold would be my organizing and planning skills
as well as the ability to weigh out consequences before acting. I have
learned how to hold my tongue and think before I speak. I find my
strength in the orange section being excellent in crisis situations and
performs well under pressure. Whenever my friends or family have an
issue I am always there on top of it and can use my skills of planning and
looking at a bigger picture to problem solve and create a plan of action.
2. Some skills from Green that I use are analyzing and problem-solving
(green), Getting to the core of complexity(green), planning and organizing
(green, gold), good informational listener(gold) responding to emergencies
(orange), Managing multiple projects (orange). I am a people person and I
am quick on my feet, I like to know whats going on at all times. I am
willing to listen to everyones needs in order for them to succeed. I feel I
can take on a lot of projects and able to keep them organized.
3. The traits I feel energize me in the color green are emotionally selfcontrolled and improvement oriented. It has taken me personal growth to
understand how to fully tap into my inner peace and become selfcontrolled but I have done it. It takes a lot for me to take things personally.
I have learnt how to let others words slide off my back and understand
their emotion and reasoning behind their words/actions. I feel if I can
emotionally control my actions it is easier for others to open up and
communicate their feelings, issues or opinions with me.
With my ability to have open communication with others I feel there is
always room for improvement in all aspects of life. Without improvement
we would just be stuck in the same old limbo. I am always trying to find
ways to improve my own quality of life as well as try to help my friends
and family reach their potential. I love watching people as well as my self
achieve their goals and strive for bigger and better things.
Two of the weakest traits of the color green that apply to me would be lack
of concentration if disinterested and impatience and lack of understanding
toward emotional arguments/pleas. I found in high school that I became
very frustrated when it came to certain classes and/or assignment
because if I was not interested in the task at hand I had a very hard time
concentrating. I later dropped out of high school and just got my GED
instead as I knew the information I just am impatient.

I can also have a lack of understanding towards emotional

arguments/pleas as I feel if I can accomplish something then so can
anyone. I get aggravated when I try and help someone or give them
information on how to help them achieve something and all they have is
excuses and no drive. I understand sometimes everyone needs a kick in
the rear but if there is no reciprocal movement by the other party then I
have a hard time understanding their justification.
a. The area of my work I enjoy the most is helping out my resident
and co-workers. Whenever I see a problem/conflict arise I always
like putting my thinking cap on to help create a solution.
b. Gathering information and data and finding the bigger picture are
two strengths I have to have at my current job. Gathering
information from residents to create a bigger picture for my
management team always helps create goals for the Long term
care facility. Strengths as an Office Admin a lot of the green
strengths are perfect. Some examples would be absorbing and
sorting knowledge, seeking comprehensive information, gathering
data and information and contributing optimum effort
a. I feel like I can handle any situation or responsibility. As a green, we
have knowledge and competence to manage any task at hand
b. During an interview I would share the following things with them: I
follow directions well, I am organized and orderly, patient,
cooperative and determined, strong belief in policy and procedure
as well as contributing optimum effort.
a. I had a job when I was younger at Tim Hortons. I had a hard time
working with one of the supervisors because she allowed to walk all
over her and she cared to much about the personal things instead
of running the business. There was no structure and direction when
she was running the shifts
b. I feel she was a blue she was worried about more personal
relationships than running/supervising the shift
c. Everyone has their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses.
Ways to minimize conflict is to accept the person as they are find
out the way they work and their needs. Having a good relationship
and open communication with someone goes a long way as well
because if they are struggling with something and its your strength
they would be able to approach you and ask for help... maybe even
switch off a task with them. In relation to section 6b, as a team we
knew that she wasnt able to run a shift properly so the stronger
team leaders stepped up and filled in the holes so the shift ran a

little smoother. We did this without her realising so we didnt make

her feel like she let us down or was incompetent.