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Table of Contents

1. Topic Selection2
2. Introduction..3
3. Analysis4
a Objectives..
b Limitations....
c Evaluation.
4. Design..
a Plan....
b Description of the methods and solution.
c Hardware...
d Software....
5. Testing....
6. Conclusion..

Topic Selection
The topic I chose for this QBasic project is Information on computer
hardware. Most of the people know a lot of things about the operating system
they are using in their computer, phones, tabs, etc. But only a few know about
the computer hardware. They do not know about how the hardware
components works as well as they know about software. So this is my main
motive of selecting this topic for my QBasic project.
Computer hardware is the collection of physical elements that constitutes a
computer system. Computer hardware is the physical parts or components of
a computer, such as the monitor, peripherals, data storage device, graphic
cards, sound cards, memory (RAM), motherboard, and so on, all of which are
tangible physical objects. Software is stored and run by hardware. A computer
hardware cannot run without software and software cannot run without

I have chosen the topic Information on computer hardware for my QBasic
project, as I have always been passionate about computers. When I was a
child, I used to ask my father many questions about how a computer runs and
what a specific part of a computer part was. Computers have an integral role
in our daily lives. So a person should know what is going in their computer. It
will also help them find out what problems are going on in their computer if
they come across such circumstances. The main reason I chose this topic as
my project is because I want to improve my programming skills as well as
increase others knowledge on computer hardware. Also, this project will help
me increase my knowledge on QBasic programming.
For this project, I will use all my knowledge I have about QBasic
programming. Also I will refer to various websites like Wikipedia to obtain
information for this project. In order to make people who do not understand
much about computers, I will simply the language to reach to their
understanding level.

a. Objectives of this project

To improve my knowledge on QBasic Programming

To increase others knowledge on computer hardware

b. Limitations
I believe that the major limitations for this project are that firstly, this that this
project will not look attractive likes HTML, CSS, etc. The information in the
project may not have all the computer hardwares information.

Evaluation of old system

Pong was previously an arcade game which was the first ever sport game to
be created when released in 1972. Pong quickly became a success and is the
first commercially successful arcade video game machine, which helped to
establish the video game industry along with the first home console, the
Magnavox Odyssey. Soon after its release, several companies began
producing games that copied Pong's gameplay, and eventually released new
types of games. As a result, Atari encouraged its staff to produce more
innovative games. The company released several sequels that built upon the
original's gameplay by adding new features. The previous system had simple
controls which were just controllers with two basic knobs and the arcade
system required a coin to be put in to work as all arcade systems did. This
made the system very expensive and not practical for gaming at home until
video game console versions of the game were released.
The old system however, had many advantages one being that
the controls were very simple being only a controller with two knobs. The
arcade system was also easier to boot and required to only be plugged into
an electrical socket to work.
On the other hand, the previous system also had numerous
disadvantages. The major one being that the game was very buggy and had
many glitches. These glitches were fixed as time progressed but the players
could still encounter numerous problems in a simple game. Yet still, being the
first ever game, pong was commercially very successful. Another major
disadvantage of the old system was that pong being an arcade game, ran in
an arcade box which was very expensive and consumed a lot of space at that
time, making the system not very practical.

The problems mentioned above however have been solved through the
production of gaming consoles.
Now with consoles there are better controllers which are easy to
use. This is a huge advantage foe the new system

The user has to press F5 in order to start this program. After pressing the key,
there will be the title, after which there will be given a brief introduction about
computer hardware. Below that are 8 choices of various parts the user can
choose from. The user has to choose which parts information to display by
inputting a number (ranging from 1-8). After a few seconds, the information
will be displayed on a fresh screen. (A little bit more time would have been
during programming was to assign keys for the users to control the ingame
paddles specially since the program does not support controllers. I solved thi
problem by assigning the key
Q: for moving up
A: for moving down
For player 1 and
The arrow keys for player 2
For this project to run, it will require the hardware that can run the specific
Operating System. It needs a processor to process the program. RAM is
required to speed up this process. It also needs peripherals to input the
command by the user.
In order to run this program the computer requires an operating system with
DOS. If the computer cannot support QBasic, then a DOS emulator called
DOSBox is required to run this program.
The only data required to be put in by the user in this program is to control the
paddles to hit the ball in the game. Therefore, when in valid data is put in the
program, the paddles do not move and the player is unable to control the
If incase wrong data is frequently inputed then the program displays a
message stating illegal Action and terminates the program.
I enjoyed working on this project and doing this project I have learned a
lot by doing this project. I would like to thank Nabin Sir for giving me this
wonderful opportunity and doing this project I gained knowledge about QBasic
Programming. I also learnt many things aboit computer hardware. Thought I

had some difficulties and ups and down when I was doing the project it still
worked (a little bit more time could have been appreciable).
It really helped my to understand the program I was using rather than just
memorizing or copying them. So, I have learnt a lot thanks to this project and
this project seemed more as a learning opportunity for me than just a
pressurizing work.