QTY: A PRELIMINARIES & GENERAL A.1 Water connection A.2 Water consumption A.3 Electrical connection A.4 Site hut A.5 Toilets B SUB-STRUCTURE B.

1 SITE CLEARANCE & BULK EARTHWORKS B.1.1 Site clearance B.1.2 Bulk earthworks B.1.3 Removal of excess material B.2 Excavations & Backfill B.2.1 Excavate 450 x 450 foundation strip footing B.2.2 Excavate 600 x 500 foundation strip footing B.2.3 Hired equipment B.2.4 Backfilling / level / compact under surface bed B.3 Concrete Work B.3.1 30mpa / 19mm stone Foundation concrete B.3.2 Reinforcing in foundations B.3.3 Plasing / level of Foundation concrete B.3.4 30mpa / 19mm stone Surface bed concrete B.3.5 250mic UBS Green under surface waterproof B.3.6 Plasing / level / wood floated surface bed B.3.7 Plasing / level / steel floated surface bed B.4 Brickwork B.4.1 Clay stock bricks B.4.2 Pitsand B.4.3 Cement B.4.4 Brickwork reinforcement B.4.5 Lay one brick foundation wall C SUPER-STRUCTURE C.1 Structural Concrete work C.1.1 Reinforced concrete slabs C.1.2 Concrete beam C.2 External brickwork C.2.1 Stockbricks C.2.2 Pitsand C.2.3 Cement C.2.4 Brickforce C.2.5 Lay 230mm stock brick wall C.2.6 External plaster & Paint C.2.6.1 Smooth wood floated plaster around windows & doors C.2.6.2 Paint the above C.2.6.3 Cemcrete finish onto brickwork item item m² 1.00 1.00 200.00 1000 m³ bag rol m² 22.00 22.00 150.00 30.00 200.00 m² m 83.60 6.00 1000 m³ bag m m 4.00 4.00 24.00 150.00 30.00 m³ item m m³ item m² m² 8.00 1.00 58.00 9.00 2.00 67.00 34.00 m m item item 4.00 55.00 1.00 1.00 item item item 1.00 1.00 5.00 item item item item item item 4.00 1.00 4.00 1.00 4.00 4.00

RATE: 15,000.00 1,500.00 300.00 1,100.00 750.00 500.00

TOTAL: 60,000.00 1,500.00 1,200.00 1,100.00 3,000.00 2,000.00 10,900.00 68,800.00

2,900.00 5,000.00 600.00

2,900.00 5,000.00 3,000.00 8,060.00

40.00 40.00 2,100.00 3,600.00

160.00 2,200.00 2,100.00 3,600.00 18,331.00

650.00 1,500.00 30.00 650.00 740.00 23.00 30.00

5,200.00 1,500.00 1,740.00 5,850.00 1,480.00 1,541.00 1,020.00 8,300.00

700.00 100.00 50.00 4.00 110.00

2,800.00 400.00 1,200.00 600.00 3,300.00

37,336.00 410.00 510.00 34,276.00 3,060.00 42,220.00 800.00 110.00 45.00 15.00 75.00 17,600.00 2,420.00 6,750.00 450.00 15,000.00 8,000.00 2,250.00 750.00 25.00 2,250.00 750.00 5,000.00

C.3 Windows & Doors C.3.1 Standard steel windows & steel glass doors C.3.2 Glass for steel windows & doors C.3.3 Standard steel doorframes C.3.4 Paint: windows & doorframes & doors C.3.5 Single, framed, braced and batten door: 813 x 2 032mm high C.3.6 Garage double door: 4 800 x 2 100mm high C.3.7 Entrance door: 813 x 2 032mm high C.4 Roof C.4.1 Roof tiles C.4.2 Wooden Trusses C.4.3 Labour for roof C.4.4 ITC Certificate C.5 Internal walls C.5.1 Stock bricks C.5.2 Pitsand C.5.3 Cement C.5.4 Brickforce - 75mm C.5.5 Brickforce - 150mm C.5.6 Lay 230mm stock brick wall C.5.7 Lay 115mm stock brick wall C.6 Internal Plaster C.6.1 Plaster sand C.6.2 Cement C.6.3 Plaster steel floated C.7 Staircase D INTERNAL FINISHES D.1 Floor Finishes D.1.1 Tiles (R70/m² CP) & Labour D.1.2 Carpet (R90/m² CP) D.1.3 Mosaic tiles with screed to showers D.1.4 Wooden skirtings with varnish D.1.5 Dividing strips between different floor finishes D.2 Internal Wall Finishes D.2.1 Paint to walls D.2.2 Tiling to bathrooms and kitchen walls D.2.3 Mirrors in bathrooms D.3 Ceilings D.3.1 Plaster and paint to soffits of slabs - Ground floor D.3.2 Nailed-up gypsum ceilings with isolation and paint - First floor D.3.3 Cornices with paint - First floor E FITTINGS E.1 Kitchen cupboards E.1.1 Kitchen cupboards and tops 600mm wide E.2 Build in cupboards E.2.1 Bedroom cupboards, 600mm wide x 2 400mm high E.3 Steel work E.3.1 Steel balustrades, 1 000mm high E.3.2 Stair handrail F SERVICES F.1 Plumbing and Drainage F.1.1 Sanitary points F.1.2 Sanitary ware, bath & basin F.1.3 Shower doors F.1.4 Drainage F.1.5 Sanitary fittings F.2 Electrical Installation F.2.1 Electrical Installation, including fittings (Allowance) F.2.2 Stove G EXTERNAL WORK m² No 204.00 1.00 140.00 4,000.00 28,560.00 4,000.00 No item No m item 15.00 1.00 2.00 50.00 1.00 950.00 16,000.00 1,800.00 180.00 750.00 14,250.00 16,000.00 3,600.00 9,000.00 750.00 m m 10.00 2.00 200.00 120.00 2,000.00 240.00 m 6.60 1,800.00 11,880.00 item 1.00 22,000.00 22,000.00 m² m² m 87.70 71.00 95.00 65.00 75.00 40.00 5,700.50 5,325.00 3,800.00 m² m² m² 450.00 38.00 2.00 30.00 100.00 300.00 13,500.00 3,800.00 600.00 m² m² m² m m 135.00 45.00 2.00 82.00 10.00 120.00 90.00 350.00 30.00 45.00 16,200.00 4,050.00 700.00 2,460.00 450.00 m³ bag m² item 12.00 45.00 450.00 1.00 160.00 45.00 23.00 3,000.00 1,920.00 2,025.00 10,350.00 3,000.00 1000 m³ bag rol rol m² m² 9.00 9.00 54.00 6.00 11.00 42.00 69.00 690.00 110.00 45.00 15.00 15.00 80.00 45.00 6,210.00 990.00 2,430.00 90.00 165.00 3,360.00 3,105.00 item item item item 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 12,600.00 15,000.00 5,500.00 650.00 12,600.00 15,000.00 5,500.00 650.00 item item No m² No No No 1.00 1.00 9.00 32.00 2.00 1.00 1.00 15,000.00 7,500.00 150.00 90.00 780.00 8,900.00 3,000.00 15,000.00 7,500.00 1,350.00 2,880.00 1,560.00 8,900.00 3,000.00














32,169.00 G.1 Paving G.2 Boundary walls G.2.1 New boundary wall east G.2.2 Bag and paint existing boundary wall south G.2.3 Palisade fence and gate - street front G.2.4 Paint boundary wall north G.3 Outdoor braai including brickwork H CONTINGENCIES m² m² m m² No item 28.00 68.00 17.00 75.00 1.00 1.00 310.00 23.00 300.00 23.00 7,000.00 8,916.97 8,680.00 1,564.00 5,100.00 1,725.00 7,000.00 8,916.97 8,916.97 m² 90.00 90.00 8,100.00

Sub Total Vat TOTAL: RATE/M²


519,483.47 72,727.69 592,211.16 2,903.00

Excavator Is the site cleared sufficiently to commence setting out Are foundation set out in accordance with plan dimensions Are foundations excavated to correct widths, length and are bottom of trenches level Was any excavation excavated too deep, if so, was it brought to the correct level with concrete Are foundation re-measurement drawings required Is shoring done to satisfaction Is the excavations safe guarded against flooding Is material for back filling acceptable Is protection against termites necessary Was backfill material approved


Concrete & Reinforcement Are concrete pegs in trenches to correct height Was samples of sand and stone for concrete approved Was the cement type approved Was a slump test performed using approved material Were test cubes made Is shuttering adequately supported Has steel been assembled and bound together correctly Was steel approved by an engineer and certificate issued All required sleeve pipes, conduits etc. laid in correct Is steel spacing from inner face of shuttering correct Is steel clean and free from grease Is shuttering clean and ready to receive concrete Did stripping of the formwork comply to set down stripping Was concrete cured correctly without ant cracks Damp proof membrane under surface bed Compacted hardcore filling under floors

Brick layer Is building sand clean and free of clay Are bricks for foundations hard burnt bricks Was facebrick samples approved Were samples of bricks for foundations submitted Is cement mortar of correct mix (proportionally 6:1) Does the setting out of brick wall conform to plan Are all joints in foundation brick work grouted solid rd th Is brick force built in at correct intervals (every 3 /4 course) Damp proof course at floor height Damp proof courses at window sills Have cavity walls been bricked solid at top of walls Is weep holes provided at bottom of cavity walls Have roof ties been built into brick wall (at least 4 courses) Has firewalls been constructed to conform to SABS codes Is under-surface bed damp proof membrane of correct type Flashings pointed properly and thoroughly waterproofed

Carpenter Only treated roof timber to be used, if not, what preservative has been used Have wall plates been treated Have wall plates been strapped and adequately anchored to walls Are pre-fabricated roof trusses used Was the engineers certificate issued Has roof bracing been carried out correctly Are purlin and brandering spacings correct Are valleys in roofs constructed correctly Is timber near flues and fireplaces at least 100mm away from flue Are purlins secured to rafters with galvanized wire Are ceiling boards fixed to brandering in correct manner Is ceiling insulated Is a trapdoor for roof access provided Do doors comply to door schedule specifications Do windows comply to window schedule specifications Has PVC sheeting been laid over gap under ridge and hip tiles Are roof tiles securely fixed to brandering at eaves

Waterproofing Has surfaces to receive waterproofing been prepared satisfactory Has the correct waterproofing been applied to flat roofs Has it been performed to the manufacturers specification Have corners been filleted correctly Are expansion joints formed to detail Is a maintenance coat of bituminous paint required on sheeting

Metalwork Are steel windows manufactured according to the window schedule Are all window fasteners and stays fitted Do windows close easily and not hinged bound Has all welding of joints on steel work been performed neatly

Plasterer and tiler Was plastering sand checked and approved Does plaster conform to the specified mix Is the thickness and finish to the plaster satisfactory Is granolithic of specified mix Have steps been finished neatly Have metal dividing strips been provided at different floor finishes Are wall and floor tiles of a first grade Are horizontal and vertical joints perfectly plumb and level Has top edge of tiling been filled and finished off neatly What skirting finish has been provided

Drain layer Have excavations been carried out to correct depth and falls Has pipes been laid to straight lines Does barrel of pipes rest on solid ground Are their drains passing underneath building encased in concrete Are vertical bends encased in concrete from bottom to top Have drains been tested and approved Have cleaning eyes and inspection eyes been installed Are gullies at least 70mm above paving level Have approved vents been installed correctly What type if septic tank has been installed (where applicable) Was the porosity test of the soil adequate for the french drain (where applicable)

Plumber Has gutters been fitted to correct falls Are down pipes secured correctly to walls Is building adequately protected against lightning Is piping adequately fixed to walls with appropriate holderbolts Have pans & cisterns been checked and all in order Are seats firmly fixed to pans Have taps been installed correctly Have plugs and chains been fitted to wash hand basin Check waste pipes for leaks Have geysers been fitted with drip trays Check taps & flushmasters Check cisterns for operation

Glazing and painting Does glass thickness comply with safety regulations Are doors fitted with appropriate safety tape etc. Check preparation work to walls before final coats are applied Is final coat acceptable Has painting been cut-in neatly around doors, frames etc. Are floors clean and free of paint spots Ceiling Have nails heads been primed with undercoat Are ceiling boards correctly nailed to brandering (Nails 150mm apart) Are cornices firmly fixed in position Has all steel work been cleaned and primed Are final coats acceptable

OPERATION Week 1 1 Stand
Deed transfer of stand to your name

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Week 15

Week 16

Week 17

Week 18

Week 19

Week 20

Week 21

Week 22

2 Plans
Submission & approval at local authority

3 Finance
Register of building loan

4 Materials
Site board Tenders & orders Tenders & orders Bricks, stone, sand , cement, doors, frames, etc. Store, toilets, scaffolding, tools, etc Setout & ground works Footings Concrete for foundations Found. Brick Plug conduits Brickwork Conduits Trusses Laying of tiles Plaster work Glass installation Insulation Ceilings Doors Tiles Pipe installations Gutter & rwp's Trench Backfilling Installation of kitchen cupb. & fittings Installation of bedroom cupboards Bathroom Sanding & primer Kitchen Final coats Posts Paving Landscape preparations Security Carpets & other Grass & irrigation Final inspection Walls / fence Touch up Geyser Other Sanitary fitt. Sink Drain test Curtain rails Cupboards Other Skirtings Patching & corrections Sills DB Beam filling Cables Geyser Wiring Appliances Light fittings Electrical test Slab

5 Plant 6 Site works
Tenders & orders

7 Excavations
Tenders & orders

8 Concrete works
Tenders & orders

9 Masonry
Tenders & orders

10 Electrical
Tenders & orders

11 Roof carpenter
Tenders & orders

12 Roof tiler
Tenders & orders

13 Plaster
Tenders & orders

14 Glazing
Tenders & orders

15 Ceilings
Tenders & orders

16 Finishing
Tenders & orders

17 Floor installations
Tenders & orders

18 Plumbing
Tenders & orders

19 Drainage
Tenders & orders

20 Kitchen installation
Tenders & orders

21 Cupboards
Tenders & orders

22 Wall tiling
Tenders & orders

23 Painting
Tenders & orders

24 Boundary fence
Tenders & orders

25 Site paving
Tenders & orders

26 Landscaping
Tenders & orders

27 Specialist work
Tenders & orders

28 Clean up

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