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(512) 942-7740, (412) 824-3812
SW 34th Street FL 32608, Palo Alto, United States,





that trust in my



Years of work


Hi everyone, my name is Bob and I'm a sales manager. I was born and raised in San-Francisco, CA, USA, keen on
marketing since shortly after my date of birth. As you can imagine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
was my second home for many years! Although I spent some of this time abroad, gaining knowledge by working
with on of the coolest russian start-ups, ResumUP. My main mission is to convey fabulous stuff to the world with
the help of good sales, great marketing and excellent management. I'm looking for interesting projects open to
any kind of work and collabor.


Junior Sales Manager at General Electronic

Toronto, Canada
May 2000 July 2006

managing sales operations

coordination of all the sales processes
reviewing sales operations for usability aws and recommeding corrective solutions
proactive work on elaborating a new sales concept for Corporate Marketing
creating ideas for advertising and videos for the new sales concept

Sales Manager at Siemens

San-Francisco, CA, USA
May 1997 May 2000

managing sales operations

coordination of all the sales processes
reviewing sales operations for usability aws and recommeding corrective solutions
proactive work on elaborating a new sales concept for Corporate Marketing
creating ideas for advertising and videos for the new sales concept

Sales & Marketing Intern at ResumUP

Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
May 1991 May 1997

creating ideas for advertising and videos for the new sales concept
managing sales operations
coordination of all the sales processes





Richard Williams
Marketing Manager
(412) 824-3812



Bob was employed by our company as a sales representative and worked under my supervision. From the time
that Bob started with the company, I was impressed with his drive, determination, and tenaciousness. He was
hired to introduce our products to a new marketplace, and I am pleased to say that Bob met or exceeded his
sales quota each year he was with us. Bob is a very talented sales representative and I have no hesitation in
recommending him highly. I would de nitely work with Bob again. We miss him already at our company!

John Doe
Sales Manager
(499) 812-4589


James White
Hiring Manager
(412) 809-5678


Eugene Barulin
(812) 347-9034

April 2014

April 2013

I would say that Bob is a very hard working individual who learns quickly. He is generally cooperative and can
perform well as a member of a team but he can work independently as well. He communicates very well orally
and is working hard to improve his writing skills. I saw considerable improvement in this area during the last
year he was with us. As a sales professional, Bob was always among top performers on my sales team. Since he
started from scratch only few years ago, I would say that Bob achieved a lot in his early years as a sales

April 2013

It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Bob as a sales manager. I directly supervised him and was
continually impressed with how he not only got the job done, but came up with innovative ways to increase
sales while building long-term relationships with clients. Bob is one of the most driven, dedicated sales
representatives I have ever met. During the two years he worked under me, Bob set the department sales record
during ve quarters.


February 2011

It was a great pleasure to work and cooperate with Bob; He is the colleague/partner you want to have. I had the
chance to appreciate his talent as professional sales and business development and I learn a lot from him. He
understand how to make the best of a business partners' relationship on both side. He knows what is relevant
for the business and does not mess around with a reliable and pragmatic approach. Bob demonstrated high skill
in managing business relationships with strong attention to business in the B2B market. He got excellent
communication skills. The ability to resolve con icts and the focus on customer satisfaction are the main driver
of his behavior, always looking after the success key factors for each organization. He has a genuine and very
human approach internally in the team and with the customers.





To: Richard Williams

Hiring manager
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
B18 6N
From: Bob Smith
Dayjob Ltd
120 Made Up Road
T: 0044 121 638 0026


Dear Ms Williams,
I was very excited to see your vacancy for a sales manager, which was advertised yesterday on the website. I am a well quali ed sales manager who would be an excellent choice for this
I have an ability to grow with a job, handle responsibility and build positive relationships with work colleagues
at all levels. My present employer is very satis ed with my work rate, and I am con dent that I can bring the
same level of high performance to your company.
Beyond that which is already mentioned in my attached resume, I am someone who knows how to set goals and
achieve them, and have a proven track record of being able to conceive, develop & execute strategies. I feel
certain that my strong time management, solution oriented, creative and communication skills coupled with my
ability to manage people, nd a right way to communicate with clients and explain them the main features of a
product will be of immediate value to your company.
I very much hope that you will look favourably upon my application by recognizing my enthusiasm, talents in
the eld of sales and my future potential. I would dearly like to further discuss the scope of this position, with
you in person, and would welcome the chance of a meeting. I have a proven track record of responsibility,
integrity and commitment to company objectives. I am comfortable working independently or as part of a team,
and I rmly believe that your needs and my skills are an excellent match. In addition to all of this I possess
impeccable personal and work references which I can present to you when we meet.
Currently I am looking to join an exciting and ambitious organisation such as yours, therefore I would like to
arrange an interview with you so I can explain in more detail the contribution I can make to your company. I am
available for an interview at any time, and should you require any further information then please do not
hesitate to contact me. In the meantime I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my application, and I
very much look forward to an opportunity to speak to you in more detail regarding this position.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely,
Bob Smith