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Commandr for Google now

Context Parkinson Disease

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning
that symptoms continue and worsen over time. Parkinsons involves the malfunction
and death of vital nerve cells in the brain, called neurons. Parkinson's primarily
affects neurons in an area of the brain.

User requirements

Navigating the phone interface

User might take longer time than normal human being to navigate through
their mobile smart phone.


Parkinson patients have a hard time typing a text accurately but with
this voice recognition application,they can just speak what they want
to send as message .

-using phones/tab to browse the internet

They have disadvantage on typing a text and also click accurately on

but that appear at smartphone this make they has difficult on using the
phone to browse internet.

-Make calls /answer

They have difficulties in making calls since they need to press the
number they wanted to call or accessing their mobile contacts and
pressing the call button. They also have a hard time swiping the phone
screen while answering the calls.

-play music/media including photos

Difficult on playing or even open media and photos because in order to

open it,they should click the right button on the smartphone.

Party collaborate to achieve the task.


Where the apps need the google server before they can use the apps.
The must sign up a new google account or sign in an old google
account before use it.

-Android Phone

They should has a smartphone to use the apps such as

The apps will support a new version of android only because some
features in this apps cant be open in previous version of android


Of course we need an user to use this apps .without them,this apps

cant even working.

Why the task is achieved the way it is ?

How the apps handles

Google commandr uses voice recognition based on google voice but it

increases the availiability of the application in helping people with physical
disabilities such as Parkinson patients,who are having trouble in handling and
navigating their smartphones.Using google commandr,features in smartphone can
be handled easily as the user only need to start with okay google phase to
activate it and say what kinds of task they wanted to do such as calling,text
messaging,open flashlight.
Before using google commandr,user must set the task with voice command that
they want in the setting provided along with the application.So it is customizeable
for the user if they are unable to speak clearly as they can set it according to their
own voice.


ICT 551
(Google commandr)


: Muhammad Najib Bin Fathi (2015)

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: CS243
: Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences