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Erics Checklist

Provide a brief description the inappropriate behavior:

Inappropriate behavior would be not following directions, not completing assignments,
being out of seat, and being off task during instructional time.

Provide a brief description of the appropriate behavior you would like to see or
have increase:
The appropriate behavior for this would be for the student to be on task and listening to
directions/following instructions.

Provide a brief description of the self-management system in use (the technique,

where, when, how, describe it):
For this self-management technique, I would use a very basic checklist, which would get
the students ready to learn and follow directions during the day with minimal words,
and added visuals. Since my case study consists of younger children grades K-2, This
checklist is something that the teacher would have to initially go over with the students,
until they can eventually utilize the tool themselves to stay on task during instruction
and follow directions.

Provide an example of the system you would utilize (create the system; this is just
practice and does not have to be in great detail):

Did I Follow Directions Today?

Eyes on the teacher

Listen to directions

Do my work/assignments

Stay focused

Check over work when finished