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Excise Invoice

this is to inform you that,

what is the business logic behind this creation of excise invoice against delivery document.
delivery to proforma to excise invoice - it is not suggested.
From audit point of view is there any implication - in excise duty recovery account or excise duty
suspense account will get credited in invoice.
when you generate excise invoice the suspense account be debited to KNOCK OFF the credit entry
when you create a excise invoice with reference to delivery the entries will not get KNOCK OFF
Sales order----Delivery----Proforma Invoice-----Excise Invoice-----Commercial Invoice.
Excise Table Entry
The following are the tables
J_1IRG1 Excise RG1 details
J_1IRG23D RG23D register for the depot
J_1IRGSUM RG23 Summary of receipts and issues
J_1IPART1 Excise part I detials
J_1IPART2 Excise Part II details
J_1IEXCDEP Excise information of vendor at detail lev
J_1IEXCDTL Excise invoice line item details
CIN - Excise created in case of sales return
T.Code J1IH and do the following:Customer Credit
Choose the 'Additional Excise' input the original excise invoice reference, document year, company code,
plant and excise group and execute. There input manually what value you need to give credit and save.
Cenvat Debit
Choose 'Other Adjustments' and here also, maintain the datas whatever you input as above and save.
Is correct, If I have a return referred to an invoice with BED, CESS and S&HCess, to use "Additional
Excise" (RG23A) to insert BED and S&HCess and "Other Adjustments" (PLA) for CESS? this means 2
excise documents to rectify excise amounts in case of return.

STO from depot to depot excise is not flowing in j1ij

Actual Depot Sales Cycle consist:
1-ME21n - STO
3-VL02n Replenishment Delivery Goods Movement by 641 & PGI
4- VF01 Billing
5- J1IIN Excise Invoice here use Parent Co. Excise Group & Series Group
6. MB5T to Check Stock In Tramsit.
7- MIGO for Depot
8- MMBE stock check
and sales from depot
9- VA01
10 - VL01N
11- J1IJ Depot Invoice with Ref. to J1IIN Excise Inv. No.
12- VF01 Billing..

In J_1IEXCDTL table, excise percentage is coming.

Number range Issue - Object J_1IARE3, year , excise group
In CIN transactions, against each transaction there is internal document ( in most of the cases).
check the internal number range for ARE3 is exists, if iexist its maintained or not?
Eg: j1IIN will have INTLOCL number ranges without which you cant save the excise invoice, though you
maintain the actual number range.
Excise settings for STO
From Delivering plant after doing VL10B
1. GI VL02N
2. Proforma invoice VF01
3. Out going excise invoice J1IIN
In the receiving Plant (depot)
2. Capture EInvoice J1IG (RG23D will be updated)
To sell from Depot
1. Sales order VA01
2. Delivery and GI Vl01n
3. Proformal invoice VF01
4. Excise invoice Depot J1IJ (RG23D will be updated)
While doing the excise invoice at depot you need to select the Goods receipt EI from "Get Excise Invoice"
push button
5. Commercial Invoice VF01 (system will update the excise duties from the out going excise invoice)
to get this functionality you need to maintain 356 alt cal type in your depot pricing procedure against
excise conditions.

How Consignment is linked to Excise.

It is based on the number range you are maintaining for the object J_1IEXCEXP in SNUM for the export
series group. Excise invoice is raised as normal scenario in J1IIN where you are referencing Proforma
As you would be aware, excise will be applicable only when you despatch a material from a
manufacturing plant and not from the warehouse. Having said that there would be no excise invoice when
you do consignment issue, consignment return or consignment pickup.
Moreover for exports, once we submit the proof of export (authenticated by customs authorities in Excise
Document), immediately, the respective duty amount will be credited, if already paid by the exporter.
Depot Sales-Excise values are not flowing from J1iJ to VF01
In Depot Sales: while doing excise invoive from T-code J1iJ Go to delivery -RG23D selection select the
delivery number XXXXX Excise Group 51 and series Group: 50 ENTER - select the line item and click on
F6 and here we have to click on excise invoice Button for capturing the Input excise duties for taking the
reference. And the excise values are shown here correctly.
Issue: In VF01- when we are raising the commercial invoice , the duty values are not flowing from the J1IJ
transaction. Instead the values are showing Zero for all the three condition types namely JEXP, JECS and
JHCS. We have used the Pricing Procedure ZINDEP and 356 routine.
Inputs on this how to solve will be highly appreciated.. as we are in critical stage.
What are the checks to be ensured to Get the values flow from J1IJ to VF01.
Scenario: STO from Mfrg Plant to Depot and Depot sales to customer.
Me21N-Me29N-VL10B-VL02N-VF01-J1IIn-MIGO-(STO process completes)-VA01-VL01N-J1IJ-VF01(duty
values should flow from the J1IJ referenced Excise Invoice) Correct me if I am wrong.
Any user exits, Notes please let me know. I could not find any. I have gone through the forum threads,
which speaks about 356 routine, J1ID- checks etc.
We have changed the J_1IEXCDEF BED,ECS,SECess conditon types(AR) to JEXP from JEXT.similarly
for JECS from JECT and JHCS from JHCT.
RG Registers


User Exit for J1IIN
use this FM's for it( Function Module).
Maintain Chapter Id in VA01/ VF01
While you would have maintained the plant codes in "Excise Indicator for Plant" in J1ID and also in
"Material and Chapter-Id combination" for manufacturing locations including "1" in the field "Declared"
(Field name J_1IDECFLAG).
For CFAs, you can maintain the material and chapter id combination, you dont maintain "1" in the above
field, so that you can avoid that message.
In J1ID, for some materials in Material Chapter Id combination, Declaration flag is maintained as N/M/G
for manufacturing plant. Please refer below points.
Excise indicator for CFA plant is maintained as "0"
It is huge activity to maintain Material Chapter Id combination for all CFAs.
If the Plant code is deleted from "Excise indicator for Plant" would help in not displaying the message?
the excise invoice should not be saved if material-chapter id is not maintained in J1id.
In Corragation Divisions sale order 47000610 Scrap Invoice should calculate asper below mentioned data

No of unit of Scrap sold : 11015/Rate per unit Rs. 2/Pre Tax amount = 11015 x 2 = 22030.00
ADD : Central Excise Cenvat @ 10% on 22030/- = 2203.00
ED. Cess @ 2% on Cenvat Rs2203/- = 44.06
H.S.C @ 1% on Rs.2203/- = 22.03
2269.09 = 2269.09
VAT @ 5% on Rs. 24299.09( 22030+2269.09) = 1214.95
Tax Collected at source @ 1.133% on Rs.25514.04( 22030+2269.09+1214.95)= 289.07
( TCS @ 1%+ surcharge @ 10% on TCS amount+

2% Ed Cess on TCS+Surcharge+1% HSC on on TCS+Surcharge)

Total Bill (Rs.22030+2269.09+1214.95+289.07) 25803.12
TCS charges are applicable for only for the Scrap/Waste materials.
Kindly look into the same and let me know how we have to proceed further in absorbing the same in future months.
where i suppose to maintain thease TCS,HSC,EDU.Cess .

Tax condition type calculation

In sales pricing procedure, we define a tax condition type, let's say ZTAX. We maintain condition record
for ZTAX in VK11. We maintain the rate of 10% VAT for cond type ZTAX. We also define tax code A0 in
condition record in VK11.
In the sales order pricing procedure, for condition type ZTAX, suppose in "from" and "to" colums we take
basic price into account and so when pricing is determined in sales order, the rate of 10% is calculated on
basic price and so the tax amount is EUR 10 in sales order (assuming basic price is 100EUR).
My question are :a) I think, we need to maintain the same conditon type ZTAX in tax procedure for tax code A0 and with
rate as 10% in tax procedure and define tax account keys in tax procedure to determine the tax GL
account. I need to know how the basic price of EUR 100 is carried over from sales order pricing
procedure to tax procedure ??
b) Do we need to define account keys in sales order pricing procedure ??
c) In the sales order pricing procedure, for condition type ZTAX, suppose in "from" and "to" colums we take basic
price minus discount into account and so when pricing is determined in sales order, the rate of 10% is calculated on
basic price and discount and so the tax amount is EUR 8 (10% on 80 EUR) in sales order (assuming basic price is
100EUR and discount is EUR 20). I need to know how 80 EUR is carried over to tax procdure to calculate the tax
amount in tax procedure ?

yes what ever you said is right regarding your explanation about ZTAX condition type in pricing procedure
and its tax code maintaince in VK11 & FTXP.
exactly taxes is based up on base price if you maintain the same on from and to columns.
coming to your questions:
a.a. not necessarily need to maintain same condition type that is ZTAX if it is not an excise duty in tax
procedure if it is there in customer master and material as a ZTAX condition type that is sufficient for sales
taxes or local taxes. but you need to maintain a seperate account key which in turn links to G/L account
for interface to FI. no you need not carry the base price to tax procedure all will be defined and calculated
in pricing procedure itself. but the values will be posted into seperate G/L accounts.
b.b. this is your comfort if you want to take standard account keys you can or else if you want to define
your own account eys that is also great. but we need to have it in pricing procedure.
c.c. here you are discuissing the thunb rules of SAP. normally pricing is calculated as BASE PRICE -

DISCOUNTS + FRIEGHTS + TAXES. you can define the same in FROM & TO Columns that the taxes
has to be calculated in this way. every thing you need to calculate in that pricing procedure sheet itself.
Chapter ID
Use Transaction code: J1ID (table : J_1IMTCHID )for displaying the list of material attached to chapter ID
Also in MARC table, if ur forign trade import view is active u will get t the list whether chapter id is
maintained fo rthe material or not in the field MARC STEUC
How to Create & maintain Chapter ID
Maintain first Chapter Id in J1ID(T-code). for that perticular material which you have maintined (85423100)
click on chapter id--- next click on new entries --- maintain chapter id ---- save
back......... again go to next------material & chapter id combination
material no ------plant -------chapter id & material type as a raw material
GR Ref-- single goods
We can maintain Chapter ID's in the SPRO
Logistics - General->Tax on Goods Movements-->India-->Master Data-->Maintain Chapter IDs

Excise is not calculating on sales order

Some of the checks you need to carry out are
1) Check whether Delivering plant is flowing in sale order
2) Check in customer master CIN tab whether you have maintained the required value
3) Check in J1ID - Excise Indicator for Plant whether you have maintained "1" under the tab
.Material and chapter id combination.
Maintain material,chapter id,plant combination
2.Excise indicator for plant.
maintain excise indicator 1 for plant.
3.Customer excise details
maintain excise indicator 1 for customer.