2010 Prospective Speakers

the.Interactive.Conference @the.Voodoo.Experience October.28-29.2010

Humans need to connect. It’s what we do.

From fire we made smoke signals and on the internet we’ve built remarkable communication tools to connect with one another. When connected individuals coalesce around an inspired idea, movements happen. Today’s tools are most powerful when the movement is authentic—when we build meaningful communities both online and off—and when we recognize our unique relationship with technology while leveraging it to make big things happen. Communities driven by a common purpose build tribes. Welcome to TribeCon.

TribeCon is a conference packed full of inspiring and educational presentations by world-renowned panelists—all focused around building communities online, and leveraging those communities to accomplish amazing things in the real world.

“What better place to talk about Community than New Orleans? There’s tech people here, social media people, marketing people, advertising, school teachers, people that run non-profits. All sorts of people are coming here together to learn about the tools that we use online to create communities, and it’s awesome.”

Sloane.Berrent Answer.With.Action

Tom.Martin Converse.Digital
“In the Silicon Bayou, the tech community in New Orleans is paying their dues. They’re bootstrapping. They’re doing little experiments. They’re proving. And they’re embracing change. And that is what is going to lead to a great tech community and cool conference in the next years for all of us.”

“We had lunch, appropriately, at the world’s longest picnic table, kind of a communal table the whole tribe was gathered at. And then there’s the concert tonight. The cliché is the great conversations happen in the hallway, well we’re out in the park here.”

Brian.Oberkich Like.It.Matters

“TribeCon to me is just as much a party as it is a conference. Right? It feels like a family gathering to me. We’re all sharing ideas and exchanging ideas and to me, that’s the best part about TribeCon.”

Taylor.Davidson Narratively

“Under a pink and yellow big top dubbed the Bingo Tent, about 200 bloggers, technology entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts wearing name tags bearing both their names and Twitter aliases came together Thursday to kick off a small conference that local economic development officials hope will produce big results. TribeCon 2009, a first-year technology conference operating in tandem to this year's Voodoo Music Experience, was created to bring together creative professionals in person to discuss a variety of topics including online marketing and social media's role in emergency preparedness.”

Times.Picayune November.1.2009

“If you find yourself going to a lot of conferences like I do, you end up getting an idea like it’s always the same people and it’s always the same ideas. This totally transforms that. Tribe Con is so different. It looks at what a conference could have been like and ways in which it could have been totally mediocre, normal, and boring, and it turns them all around. There is a lot of stuff people can connect to emotionally. That’s why Tribe Con is memorable.”

Julian Smith Author Trust.Agents

October 28-29, 2009 9 conference sessions 19 speakers 250 attendees 75 students 3 days of networking thousands of tweets countless lifetime bonds

Thanks 2009.Sponsors

Why speak for us?


This isn't just another conference. There's something special about sharing your ideas in New Orleans. You won’t be speaking in a hotel or cavernous convention center. You will be on a stage, in a field that was underwater 5 years ago. You will be here to connect and inspire, and we will share meaningful moments.

New Orleans wants you here. This place craves innovation and modernization, and want it now. The city is home to a vibrant tech and entrepreneurial community, and it’s a committed family that’s looking to listen and learn from its predecessors, and share its own success and growth with the world. An open mind is a requirement in New Orleans, and its people are willing to try anything. It’s a great place for innovation.

New Orleans is ready. In recent years workforce and capital resources have consistently expanded, and extensive government incentives for Tech investment are now coming to bear. Attendees from across the country will be coming to the city to learn and observe what’s happening in this new hotbed. Now is the time to see what NOLA tech is doing and what you can do with it.

You will love New Orleans. No matter when you visit, the city welcomes you with humid arms open. Enjoy the music, people, and food and let your new friends from TribeCon lead the way through one this inimitable city. Plus, it’s Halloween weekend. That means the Voodoo Music Experience-on whose grounds TribeCon is held. The Halloween madness grows each year from the French Quarter to Frenchman Street, with costumed party people there to be gawked at, ogled, or joined.

Start a movement. Join us.

For more information on speaking contact Chris Schultz
Photo credits: Taylor Davidson

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