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Amy Wayland

EDIS 7010: Courseware Tools

Final Project Proposal

Importance of/interest in project
I have been in the classroom since 1991, spending the bulk of those
years in fourth and fifth grade with a focus on teaching language arts. Last
summer our librarian/media specialist retired and I thought what a perfect job for
me. I was able to marry my love of books with teaching reading skills into a
position as the new librarian/media specialist for my PreK-7 school. I am learning
new things daily, actually by the hour, and loving it. Having said that, I do not
have slew of lessons at my fingertips as I once did. I would like to create
technology enhanced lessons for my library using technologies that I already know
and some new ones to accommodate all of my patrons.
How this project will align with my future goals
Since I plan on spending my years until retirement in the library, I feel it is
essential that my lessons incorporate technology in them so that I am producing
21st century learners who are able to use information and technology ethically and
Overview of learning objectives/project goals
My project is to create technology enhanced lessons to use with my third
and fourth grade students that would correlate to their language arts SOLs as well
as the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) standards.

Proposed Methods (what exactly are you going to do

for this project?)
Detailed description of project context, including participants/learners,
content area, etc.
Participants: Obviously I am a participant, but in the lesson(s) I create, I
would also like to include collaboration with classroom teachers.
Learners/Patrons: Third and fourth grade students

Content Area: 3rd and 4th grade Language Arts SOLs and AASL standards
Detailed description of project context: First, I will identify the specific
SOLs and AASL standards that I want to cover in my lessons. Next, I will find
technologies that would be best suited for the content I want to teach. I will need
to teach my students any new technologies that are going to be used. After that I
will create the lesson(s) keeping in mind the principles of TPCK and the UDL
guidelines. I do not have specific new technologies in mind as of yet. The
technologies that I know that I will be using are a document camera, a SMART
board and Power Pont presentations but these technologies are not new to me.
To demonstrate knowledge of the objectives taught, my learners will have some
kind of assessment, be it formal or informal.
Detailed outline of proposed project activities with timeline:
Week One, November 6-13: Select specific SOLs and AASL standards, research
new technologies to best meet the standards
Week Two, November 13-20: Create the lesson(s) based on SOLs and AASL
standards chosen
Week Three, November 20-27: Finish lesson(s) making sure that technologies are
enhancing lesson and that I can master them and that UDL guidelines and TPCK
principles have been considered
Week Four, November 27-December 4: Tweak lesson(s) as needed, plan for
presentation, reflect on process
How your project will leverage TPCK principles
When creating my lesson(s), I will be consciously keeping the TPCK
principles in the forefront of my mind. I will obviously have included technology
into my lesson to enhance the content. Purposefully adding technology to my
lesson will be a change from the traditional way of teaching lessons and provide
my learners with alternate ways to meet their specific learning needs.
How your project will leverage UDL guidelines
When creating my lesson(s), I will be consciously keeping the UDL
guidelines in the forefront of my mind. I will incorporate ways to differentiate
instruction in a safe environment as well as have the content expressed in several
ways. I will also incorporate a place for self-regulation and/or brain-breaks into
the lesson.

Implications that include:

How your project is important for the intended context and how the
final project will advance your own career goals
This project, I hope, will make me better equipped to meet the needs of my
learners by encompassing technology into my lessons, where in the past, sad to
say, it has not played an important role. As a teacher/library media specialist, I am
a role model and have many pairs of eyes on me at ALL times. It is important that
students see me using technology in an effective and creative way so that they, in
turn, can want to do the same.
Ideally, I want this project to give me the confidence I need and the
validation that including technology into my lessons is something I can do
effectively and without a ton of hassles. It would be a win-win for all involved. I
would be moving along with the times, my students would be receiving a 21st
century lesson, and my peers may want to work collaboratively with me in the
future after seeing the how I am able to incorporate their SOLs into my librarys