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What should we try and keep hold of?

The History our story (from the start 1998)

Connections Whats going in different areas.
The work that goes on in Regions
Talent in the room
Keeping in touch The Network Developing Self advocates + carers.
Keep a structure that has reps naturally who are voted to represent their
peers by their peers: Do not have reps to represent us who are pictured by
Government or an organisation that is not set up to represent solely people
with Learning Disabilities needs and views.
Our voice- being heard by Government
Representation of National meetings because this is also about professional
learning from people.
Need to kep talking together about our ideas and making sure people with
Learning Disabilities key their voice. This needs to be face to face.
Keep our friendship with other members.
Keep the value of everyone in the Forums working together, supporting each
other when things get tough.
The Forum has been through hard times, this is the best its ever been, we
want to keep it going.
Keeping the chain of feeding up to decision makers from local level and
passing information down.

What we have achieved

Develop leaders with learning disabilities nationally.

First to make Ministry of Justice aware of Learning Disability Hate Crime.
Helped develop IHaL
Backed death by difference
Housing project work.