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Burning Issues

I know people who are aware what Mate Crime is but still let it
happen because they are lonely.
Can a rule be added: if you need time-out, take it that is fine.
4-5 years ago we had transport minister, tell the Forum that bus
times can only be changed by local councils. Can the equity Act
Environment needs to be autistic friendly. More young people and
another complex needs rep.
National Forum needs help making the information they provide
more easy read. I can help train you to do this Jason from
We went to the Making sense together conference run by the
challenging behaviour foundation they were talking about making
docs to explain co-production and good support. It would be good
if we could share with them some of the papers work NF has done
to save them having to reinvent the wheel.
The Kent Learning Disability Partnership board has this question
for the National Forum.
In his presentation at the last National Forum, the care Minister
said the government is aiming to have the employment gap. Is the
National Forum going to make sure the minister is regularly asked
what progress is being made towards this goal?