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Report of the

Eastern Region Forum to

the National Forum
October 2016
Carol Lee MBE

People added to the maps we

started at the last meeting showing
self advocacy groups and
involvement groups

This one shows what people like

about living in the East of England

We showed the new

National Forum website and

What would you like to see on the

Eastern Region page ?

Thinking about the future we asked :

What are your successs as a self
advocacy group or organisation?
what are the challenges?
What would you like help with?
We talked about the future and shared
the letter from the Co-Chairs about
We are going to make a plan to keep
going as a Forum

Hilda brought a cake to share as it
was her birthday the following

Sharon Stanley from the Parliamentary

outreach team told us about her job and
how people could get their voice heard
through their MP
We watched the new Empower film

We talked about whether the National Forum and the

Eastern Region join Learning Disability England

Ideas for our next meeting in February 2017