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Report to the

National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities


North East
October 2016

North east region report for National Forum

meeting in October 2016

What is going well?

We have continued to have a really good attendance at our regional

meetings. The last Regional meeting in September had 44 people.

What are your 3 big issues?

1. Involvement in the regional Transforming Care work we have
been doing a lot of work to make sure groups are fully involved
in this. This included running a day on self advocates and
families doing Care and Treatment Reviews.

2. People are having a lot of problems about the way the

Department of Work and Pensions are doing work capability
assessments. This has caused a lot of people to feel really
anxious. We spent the morning at our last Regional meeting in
September talking about peoples experiences of these

3. Members are also concerned about cuts in money for peoples

support. Some people are getting less choice, or no real choice,
about who they live with and where they live. We feel this
means some people getting ill and unhappy where they live.
There is a danger that they get admitted to hospitals
(Assessment and Treatment Units).

Other news:

The North East Partnership, which is a network which brings

together everyone concerned with services for people with learning
disabilities, was successfully re-launched in July. Its new name is
Together North East.

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