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corn bibingka

rice cakes with coconut milk & kesong puti- farmers cheese 7

peel & eat 7-up shrimp

black tiger shrimp, garlic, butter, 7-up soda 11


[pm- p- g- n]

baked tahong with queso de bola

black mussels, garlic cream, melted mild cheese, scallions 10

tuna kilawin
ceviche of mango, tomato, red onion, coconut milk, taro chips 12

spicy chicken langkawas

grilled wings, galangal, chilies, lime, palm sugar, coconut milk 10

jicama & heart of palm salad

pomelo, red onion, tomato, peanuts, salted egg, dried shrimp,
lemon dressing 8
add grilled tuna +4

bola- bola dumplings

beef meat balls, steamed and pan seared, soy-calamansi dip 8

sizzling pork belly, ears, cheeks, chicharron, jalapeno 10

filipino bbq
grilled skewers of chicken -or- pork, smothered w/ filipino bbq sauce,
atchara- pickled papaya 13

cebu style roast chicken

half of moms chicken, organic, roasted w/ lemongrass and garlic,
served with its broth for dipping, giannone air chilled 14



duck inasal
grilled crescent duck breast, lemongrass, calamansi & annatto butter 18

grilled spare ribs

slow braised san miguel beer, banana bbq sauce, berkshire pork 16

whole fish inihaw

todays fish grilled in banana leaf, topped with mango & avocado salad,
salted egg 21-28

homestyle beef short rib asado

chinese style, slow baked in hoisin, honey, 5 spice and star anise 16

liempo- grilled porkbelly

succulent berkshire porkbelly, spicy cane vinegar dip 14

sizzling bistek
grilled angus new york steak, sizzling in a bistek gravy 16

overnight chicken adobo

dads dark meat adobo, always better the next day! 13

antibiotic and hormone free proteins

pancit canton- egg

pancit bihon- rice



noodles, oyster sauce, celery, carrot, snow peas 3.5

noodles, cabbage, snow peas, fish sauce, lemon 3.5

laing- taro leaves or kale, shrimp paste, coconut milk 3

naked lumpia- the veg without the wrapper 3
kang kong- sauted morning glory, chili, garlic 3.5
green beans & longanisa- sweet & spicy sausage 3.5
callos- garbanzo, tripe, ham 3.5
mac salad- macaroni, pineapple, carrot, raisin 3

any 2 sides

with entree

chop chop salad- 3.5

rice- garlic 3/ java 3/ brown 3/ milagrosa 2.5
please let us know if you have any allergens or dietary restrictions, menu descriptions do not list all ingredients, such as shellfish or chicken broth.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.




tapioca & agar agar

(sago & gulaman)


taro shake, coconut pearls


mango shake, black jelly


cantaloupe slush, agar-agar

avocado shake, tapioca


strawberry shake, lemongrass, tapioca


palm sugar slush, tapioca, agar agar


pineapple shake, coconut milk, pandan jelly


chocolate & peanut butter shake, pearls


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