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I stopped blogging...
Soci a l networks

We spend more time on

Teach others before they teach them

How to keep up with students/ youngsters


These days it is all about live streaming

Steverubelstream on facebook

People don't come to you... ha ve to come to them

How can one influence the social graph It is about the Spoke... Img

...and not the hub
Spoke mus t come to peopl e

... That is the wrong question Technology = sexy

Ma p the network How a re peopl e connected Ma ke rel a ti onships

What is the next Facebook / Twitter?
Social search

A strategy is bigger than just being on Observe different kind of people Focus on trends
Not on hypes How do they use technologies

Search will become more social Make a center of excellence Thinking ahead Share best practises It is a skill, part of everyones job
Go-to's Guru's


Real time engagement imperative Where to place social media in org

Who a re the


Consolidate info, such as
Cura tor of i nforma ti on
Will drive people there

Fa s ter

Put words on your Fa cebook pa ge

Add value

They focus on stream

Wi der Deeper

Provide quality
Share info

No more destination: webpage
News feeds Sta tus upda tes Rs s Etc

Peopl e ca n onl y dea l wi th 120 rel a ti onships Qua l i ty over qua nti ty Is s ues Wa tch them

Dunbars law

Due to:

Facebook rules

But, human attention is finate, and

Attenti on i s s ma ll Interes t a re wi de

Do It Yourself (DIY) insights & situational awareness
"fight machine with machines"

Hierarchy of digital distractions

Machines make more decisions

Find the free tool and become a datajunkie
How peopl e s ea rch Wha t words do they us e

Google insights


Look for unmet needs and use the data to plan products and campaigns Effectively Efficiently
Standard for influence

Digital trend of the new decade 3: The Data decade

Keynote Steve Rubel What's going on? An Online Wake-up call!

Huge information overload (infinate)

Map networks to understand how to use them Tool to measure influence

Insights for audience youtube

Kl out

Googl e knows more a bout you tha n your mother Googl e ma kes s ens e of i nformation It i s a bout Pul l You need to fi nd the i nfo It i s a bout Pus h Info wi l l fi nd you

Build in Search

ZEN moments

Make choices Concious decision

2 sources
Social network

Vi s i ted i n a month

Digital trend of the new decade 1: marketing in the age of streams

111 domains

Pretty l ow number

People go to the same site Over and over again Follow the Bell curve Low number

Create content Helps to become digital more visible
You pa y for keywords
Fastest way to communicatie in a crisis Because people will search those words Changing Google is personalizing your search results People don't see the same web When they search for the same info

Every company should be a media company

2,554 webpages

Vi s i ted a month

Exa mpl e a ppl i ca tion

Paid search

Seo (Sea rch Engi ne Opti mi za ti on)

Digital trend of the new decade 2: Googlization of media: build a digital visible business
Optimized search

Is bei ng cons umed l i ke snacks
People don't have time Visual info

Sna cking i nfo

Bite size info People need 3 - 5 times info for it sinks in You need to be in the stream You get in touch with the info in the stream That is more than a Facebook page Win-win outcome Go were the 1. conversation is

Generated content

Ea rned s ea rch

How to bui l d you Reputa ti on progra m for s ea rch Peopl e s ea rch di fferent
Different algorithm Comments Embeds Ratings Then it is visible Drive the visibility of a video, amount of:

Reputational search

4 steps

Facts, based upon USA stats
Social search

Set up embassies Higher need

Information Entertain Collaboration


Crea te qua l i ty Soci a l Connected Content

Embrace multiplicity 2. and diversity Handcraft stories

Textual What part is for each communtiy ring Break up the stories Tell different stories on different venues

3 s teps

Create a service area Create more ways for people to touch you 7 hrs a month on Facebook Force: Social Netwoking It's everywere 6 hrs on different sites On screens

Read the mindmap clockwise Highlighted: important quote World of Minds strengthens the thinking power of people, teams and organizations with visualization and interaction. More info on facilitating events
Use the force, 3. don't fight it Build core skill Create attention Social Media at work: Not a 1 mens job


Important Question Important

Keynote Steve Rubel What's going on? An Online Wake-up call! - Livemindmapping door

Should be 1% of a 100 men's job

Not a 100% of one mens job