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11 NOV2016

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NZs top

12/10/2016 3:44:28 p.m.

NEW ZEALAND | 11 November 2016

Indian Weekender survey: law and

order on top, housing follows closely
Sandeep Singh

hile all political parties

have their own assessment
of what they believe are
the main issue for the electorate
of Mt Roskill, Indian Weekender
reached out to the community to
know their major concerns that will
determine votes in this by-elections.
40% of all respondents clearly
identified law and order as their top
priority in this election.
Housing was closely behind at
35% as the second most important
issue for the Mt Roskill voters.
Surprisingly, public transport was
at a distant third with nearly 12%
of all respondents choosing as their
main issue in this election.
The random survey was conducted
by Indian Weekender team which
met a sample size of 200 residents
in the Mt Roskill area at different
locations to know their opinion
on the main issues dominating
the by-elections.
The team visited different parts
of Mt Roskill including Royal Oak
Mall, a popular Asian vegetable shop,
an Indian food mart and grocery
stores, and met people from different
ethnicities. Mt Roskill is one of the
most ethnically diverse constituencies
where more than 45% of current
residents were born overseas. It is


Law &





Major issues for Mt Roskill residents

also known as New Zealands Bible
Belt despite having a large chunk
of people of Chinese and Indian
descent, where Christianity is not a
major religion.
The respondents were allowed
to choose the main issue from four
optionslaw and order, public
transport, housing, and general
economic environment.
Despite a small size of the
survey and an acceptable level of
margin of error in the projections
made from it, there were some
interesting revelations.

Law and order was an equal

concern if not more for the section
of electorate traditionally identified
as Europeanwhites, in comparison
to the people of Asian or Indian
descent, as is commonly perceived.
Mt Roskill is shadowed by
crime, every now and then a
local convenience store is robbed
at gunpoint for some cash and
cigarettes. This is a matter of huge
concern and should be addressed
with absolute urgency by the political
leaders and the police, said Bruce
Scott, a Hillsborough resident.

Interestingly, a significant number

of ethnic migrant residents who
identified law and order as their
primary issue in this by-election did
not intend to vote.
There was a separate question
added to the survey asking how
likely the residents were to vote in
this by-election.
In response to this, a large number
of residents who initially responded
that they are not likely to vote, later
identified law and order as their
primary concern. Clearly signalling
that the contestants relying purely
on migrant voters on the law
and order issue may fall short of
their expectations.
Equally, candidates ignoring the
law and order issue as an appendage
of new immigrants within the
community may have to do their
homework better.
Housing has a clear lead over
the public transportanother pain
area for an average Aucklander
as the next priority issue in the
Mt Roskill elections.
This may suggest that the politics
of Auckland light rail, as it dominated
the political space in the last few days,
may be purely off the mark.
For Mt Roskill electorate it may be
substantial but not urgent.

I think housing is a big concern in

the Mt Roskill area. More apartments
should come up to accommodate
increasing population in the
area, says Elakkiya Prabhakan, a
Dominion Road resident.
Another interesting revelation of
this survey was that the ChineseNew Zealander community, despite
having a public perception of being
rich overseas investors, has a concern
about the rising housing prices.
The image of Mt Roskill as a
culturally diverse place in New
Zealand, which offered every
hardworking resident a chance,
regardless of their origin, culture,
nationality, or ethnicity to start a new
life in New Zealand and fulfill a kiwidream, is seriously at risk because of
rising housing prices.
Importantly, only 15% of all
respondents acknowledged having
already made up their mind for
whom to vote, thus leaving an ample
room for the contestants and political
parties to work upon.
The trajectory of our survey and
the visible positioning of all the key
and newly formed political parties
suggest that there is a gap in their
electoral campaigning.
A smart recalibrating of electoral
campaigns for all players in the fray
is in the order.

Nov 14th & 15th



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11 November 2016 |


NZ Peoples Party vows PM John Key launches

to focus on law and order

NZPP leader and candidate for Mt Roskill Roshan Nauhria (centre) at the campaign launch event

Sandeep Singh

ew Zealand Peoples Party, countrys

newest ethnic political party, officially
launched their campaign for Mt
Roskillby-electionon Saturday, October 5, at
Three Kings, Auckland, in a well-choreographed
cultural event.
If the intention of the event was to
display its connection with various ethnic
communities of New Zealandother than
the Indian community as is often alleged
then it can be considered as successful, as
there was a considerable presence of various
ethnic communities.
To what extent that was not choreographed
is another matter.
However, many known Indian community
leaders who were previously seen publically

at the time of the official announcement

of the party in August this year remained
conspicuously absent from this event.
While the mainstream political parties
appear to be least concerned with the ethnic
partys decision to contest in the Mt Roskillbyelections, NZ Peoples Party remains undeterred
and has vowed to make ethnic crime as their
main poll issue.
The party General Secretary Anil Sharma
proposed, and the party Vice President Steven
Cheng seconded, the name of their party
President Roshan Nauhria as the candidate for
the Mt Roskillby-elections.
Nauhria reiterated that NZ Peoples
Party wants to increase representation of
ethnic communities in the parliament and
that they want a balance of power in New
Zealands politics.

Nationals campaign
Sandeep Singh

In some way, the prime ministers speech

reflected a clever mind game intended to put
rime Minister John Key on Saturday,
pressure on the Labour Party ahead of thebyNovember 5, officially launched the
elections by first declaring that Nationals
campaign for National Party candidate
are under no pressure to win this seat; then
Dr Parmjeet Parmar for the Mt Roskill subsequently stating that the outcome of
thisby-electionwould in no way affect the 2017
general elections.
Unlike the Labour Party a week before, when
They [Labour] are worried about Mt Roskill
Labour leader Andrew Little announced a
and they should be worried, he said.
$1.3 billion light rail project for the Mt Roskill
electorate, there was no major announcement.
Dr Parmar, currently a List MP based in Mt
Apparently, this reflects Nationals increasing
Roskill, outlined her commitment to running
confidence in their chances of creating a history
a strong campaign focused on the issues that
matter to locals.
in winning a seat in aby-election, which no
other incumbent government has done so far.
Im out there talking with the community
We have got a once in a lifetime opportunity
about improving safety on our streets and in
of putting a National MP here in Mt Roskill,
our homes and businesses; improving roads,
the prime minister said at the launch of
public transport, and parking; creating more
the campaign.
affordable housing especially for young people;
and supporting our fantastic local businesses,
We have a real opportunity in thisbysaid Dr Parmar. The Mt Roskill by-election is
election,which no other incumbent government
being held on December 3 and Michael Wood is
has ever done and that is to win a seat that it does
standing for the Labour. Theby-electionswere
not hold, further asserted the prime minister to
called after incumbent Phil Goff was elected as
a thunderous applause from the party workers.
Aucklands mayor.

National Party MP and candidate for Mt Roskill Dr Parmjeet Parmar and PM John Key at Parmars
campaign launch in Auckland



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NEW ZEALAND | 11 November 2016

ANZ goes the extra mile

with Migrant Expo

Responsible business with lasting

relationship in the community
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The team behind ANZ Migrant Expo at the Vodafone Events Centre

Rizwan Mohammad

NZ Bank recently held its fourth

Migrant Expo in Auckland aimed to
inform migrants about their rights and
duties in the country.
The expo was catered to both existing and
new migrants. It provided an opportunity for
the ones who are settled to learn more about
the new changes in the banking system and how
they can integrate and flourish in the changing
economy. For new migrants, the expo covered
topics such as education, employment, and
rights as a visitor. A Chinese dance performance
by group young school females from different
ethnic backgrounds denoted the cultural
richness of Auckland city.
ANZ General Manager Andrew Webster
the brain behind the migrant banking that was
started 10 years agoinaugurated the event.
The expo offered a platform for different
government entities such as Citizens Advisory
Bureau, Inland Revenue, Employment
Mediation Services, Auckland Chamber of
Commerce, Immigration New Zealand, and

NZ Police to educate and inform the migrants

of their rights and how to utilise their services
for their benefit.
ANZ also hosted multiple seminars through
the day delivered by experts for groups and
one-on-one sessions with individuals to discuss
topics such as settling in the country, starting
a business, preparing for employment, the
healthcare system, and different taxations for
individuals and businesses.
The NZ Police stall informed the visitors
about how they should react and reach out to the
police when in distress and make the community
a safer place for everyone.

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The expo encouraged ethnic media houses

and SMEs to reach out to a greater set of
audience and interact with them. This gave
SMEs an opportunity to know more about the
needs of the market and explain their products
and services to the visitors.
The expo was held at Vodafone Events Centre
in Manukau on November 5 and was attended
by more than 5000 people from the Asian and
Indian community.

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11 November 2016 |

Phil Goff: We are happy to facilitate community

demand for a Little India in Sandringham
Sandeep Singh

government to find funds for

solving Aucklands problems?

ndian Weekender spoke with

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff for
the first time after the elections to
discuss a range of issues concerning
Aucklanders in general and the
Indian community in particular.
Among issues such as rates, housing,
public transport, and Mt Roskillbyelections, we asked questions about
a long felt latent demand within
the Indian community to declare
Sandringham area as a Little India.
The mayors answers varied on a scale
from being an activist to diplomatic
on many issues. His diplomatic best
was saved for the last question on the
demand for a Little India, where he
chose to be a facilitator instead of
being an endorser of the demand.
We present excerpts from the
interview below.
IWK: How has been your first
few days as Aucklands Mayor?
Phil Goff: Hectic and busy! I had
almost 18 interviews lined up with the
media immediately after the elections
were announced and it hasnt slowed
down. Its great to be in a position
where I can do something to create
an Auckland that we can enjoy
working and living. It is not going to
happen overnight. We are starting
the processes to make Auckland
council a more efficient and less
wasteful body. We are also starting a
process of working with our ministers
to invest in the infrastructure for
housing and transport.

Phil Goff: I think that is what we

need to explore for things such
as Auckland light rail, which has
become an election issue in the Mt
Roskillby-elections. I am infavourof
the light rail. The Labour party has
said that they will pay for half of it,
which I welcome, but then, they say
that you will have to pay the other
half of it, which is another $670
million. Actually, in most cities of this
country, all major transport projects
are 100% funded by the government.
So I will be advocating for the people
of Auckland for the best deal with
the government.
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff at Indian Weekenders office

IWK: Will you be working for

Auckland of today or would you
be busy in creating Auckland
of future?
Phil Goff: It is a good question, and I
think it is both. The problems we face
in Auckland today are real problems
that need to be tackled now. Having
said that, we have to create an
Auckland for our coming generations
too. We cannot afford to thinkshortterm. We have to plan for the longer
term and for the generation to come.

We are
starting the
processes to make
Auckland council a
more efficient and
less wasteful body.
which is getting worse and not better
at the moment; and third, to work
with the government to deal with
housing and affordability, which
gives us a title that we did not seek for
our citythat we are the fourth least
affordable city in the world.

IWK: What are your top three

priorities right now?
Phil Goff: I have set out three
priorities: first, to have an effective
and best performing city in the
country; second, to work with the
government to start to tackle the
problems of traffic congestion,

IWK: Are there any other plans

apart from working with the

IWK: Do you have any special

promises for the Indian
community as
Aucklands Mayor?
Phil Goff: (laughs) My promise to the
Indian community is that I will have
the same relationship with you that I
had for the last 30 years. You know
me, you have worked with me, and
you have seen what I have done. I am
grateful that the Indian community
has expressed confidence in me, so
none of that will change. Am I there
to make big spending promises to
different community sections? Of
course not! What I will do is that I
will be there listening to the Indian
community. I will be there working
as hard as I can for an inclusive rich
diverse multicultural community. I
will be there to celebrate everything

that the Indian community brings to

Auckland. I will be there working on
the same problems as you have and
as every other Aucklander has
rates, transport, and housing.
IWK: There has been a latent
demand in the community
for some time todeclare
Sandringham as Little India.
Do you support that demand?
Phil Goff: Well, that is interesting.
The council came up with a proposal
that Balmoral should be called
Chinatown, and when we went [to]
businesses all around Balmoral,
mostly Chinese businesses were
strictly opposed to the idea and
categorically rejected to be called as
Chinatown. They wanted to be seen
as inclusive with other communities.
But if there was a strong view within
the Sandringham community and
that is what they wanted, then I am
there to acknowledge the will of the
local people on local issues. So yeah,
if there is an overwhelming view
of that kind, then I am happy to
facilitate that. But I will listen closely
to what the local board, the local
community, and local retailers have
to say before I jump to any decision.
IWK: Shall we take this as a yes
for your support for the Little
India demand?
Phil Goff: I am saying that if that
is what the whole of the community
wanted, then we will be happy to
facilitate that. But I dont know yet if
that is what everyone wants.

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11 November 2016 |


from South Island

A mountain of food at

Swaminarayan Temple in Christchurch

Annakutand Diwali celebrations signals the beginning of the Hindu New Year

Paramchintan Swami and Adarshmuni Swami at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Christchurch
during Diwali and Annakut celebrations

Gaurav Sharma

he day following Diwali marks the

beginning of the Hindu New Year
and is traditionally celebrated with
theAnnakut, which means a mountain of food.
In Christchurch, Annakutcelebrations were
organisedon November 6by thecitys branch
of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam
Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS).
Apart from hundreds of people from the
community attending the event, we were
also blessed by Paramchintan Swami and
Adarshmuni Swami this year.Annakutis a grand
offering of hundreds of different vegetarian
food items to thank Swaminarayan for his
providence over the past year and to seek his
blessings for the year ahead. Similar to what
Lord Krishna did when he liftedGovardhan
Parvatand urged the people of Gokul to
offer thanksgiving to nature for all its gracious

bounty,said Sanjay Patel, secretary of BAPS

in Christchurch.
National list MP from Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
based in Manukau East,Inspector Hirone
Waretini, who is in-charge of Canterbury Police
Maori, Pacific and Ethnic Services Group,and
Minister Nicky Wagner were present at
the event.
The event comprised an Annakut Thal,
followed by the Annakut Sabha.
The almost three-hour long event ended
with Mahaprasad, said Patel.
On the occasion, the organisers also
informed about some of the new initiatives of
BAPS in Christchurch. This includes BAPS
Shayonasnacks to promote a scripturallybased Hindu diet based on the concepts of
purity, non-violence, and devotion as well as
Gujarati language and children tabla classes
on weekends.

Sri Chinmoys music touches souls

The performance held at The Piano in Christchurch on November 6
was part of Sri Chinmoy Centres very own grouping of musicians
Australasian tour
Gaurav Sharma

ot many know him in India; the reason

being he left the country in his early
30s and made New York his permanent
home. But Sri Chinmoys influence can be
gauged by the fact that in 1970, at the request
of U Thant, the third Secretary-General
of the United Nations, hefounded a nondenominational programme at the United
Nations in New York, which offers meditations
for world harmony, interfaith programmes,
and cultural activities for UN delegates, staff
members, and special guests. The programme
runs till date.
Among his other talents, Sri Chinmoy was a
prolific music composer, with his compositions
crossing the 22,000 mark. In total, he organised
more than 770 musical concerts worldwide
to promote peace and harmony among the
human race.

After Sri Chinmoy passed away in 2007, his

disciples, who were also talented musicians, got
together to form an informal group called Songs
of the Soul to carry forward his legacy. They
have been travelling ever since, performing Sri
Chinmoys music for audiences worldwide.
Projjwal, who hails from Germany and is
the manager of the group, said, This is our
171st concert in the last eight years. From
here, we will go to Auckland, followed by
three concerts in Australia. All of us are Sri
Chinmoys disciples.Tonight, we had around
30 performers with a majority coming from
overseas. Monk Partythe father-son duo
from AucklandParees International Singers,
Sahadeva Ensemble, Alap with his Zen-Duduk,
and Mandu and Visuddhi on the Chinese Erhu
and classical harp were some of the performers.

Heart of Joy, a choir of international young women performing Sri Chinmoys music as part of the Songs
of the Soul concert


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NEW ZEALAND | 11 November 2016

Diwali reaches other parts of

the South Island
Gaurav Sharma

he small but rapidly growing town of

Ashburton, just south of Christchurch,
celebrated its own Diwali festival in
the last week of October. Organised by the
Ashburton Indian Multicultural Charitable
Trust (AIMCT), the event was held at the
Balmoral Hall and was attended by more than
150 people.
Rohini Sukul, secretary of AIMCT said,
We had a $5 entry at the door and provided
a vegetarian meal, sweets, and refreshments for
the audience. In addition to that, there was a
diya lighting ceremony where the audience were
invited to help us light the candles and diyas.
We had Indian songs and dance
performances to entertain the people present.
The Ashburton Ramayan and Timarus
kirtan group also supported us this time, with

Participants at Ashburtons Diwali festival

Bishnu, a local Nepalese dancer, entertaining

the audience with her beautiful dance. The
highlight of the event was some locals coming
dressed in Indian dresses to celebrate Diwali
with us, which was great.

Community holds a vigil for Manmeet

Gaurav Sharma

ndians living in Christchurch along with

other members of the wider community
came together on November 4 at the citys
Victoria Square to share grief and mourn
the tragic loss of fellow Indian Manmeet
Alishervictim of recent senseless attack
in Brisbane, Australia. Few of Alishers close
family members living in Christchurch were
also present at the occasion.
Pavitar Noori, who knew Manmeet
personally and had organised the vigil, said,
The 29-year-old Indian was just filling in for
one of his colleagues [and] this was not his
shift. He was driving a local city council bus
when he was burnt to death after being set
alight by a passenger, Anthony ODonohue.
With whatever we know till now, this was not

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a hate crime. Manmeet was just at the wrong

place at the wrong time.
Other local community leaders, including
Surinder Tandon from the Christchurch
Multicultural Council and Natu Rama from
the Indian Social and Cultural Club, were
also present at the occasion. Nicky Wagner,
Nationals MP from Christchurch Central
addressed the gathering, condemning the
brutal killing.



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11 November 2016 |


Exotic and budget-friendly wedding destinations

Destination weddings dont

special day unforgettable as you tie the knot on

this charming island.

have to burn a hole in your

pockets. Here are some exotic
and affordable destinations
to tie the knot in New Zealand
and India.

T does not get holier than this! Choose

Rishikesh to get hitched by the spiritual river
Ganges overlooking the stunning mountains.

Akanksha Mehra

very girl has replayed the dream of

walking down the aisle. Some may have
it all planned in their head. But the
minute that gleaming rock rests on your finger,
it all stands still.
Amidst the excitement, congratulatory notes
pouring in, and a million things to be planned
for the wedding, it is common to find the couple
jittery and overwhelmed.
The most important thing to do after the date
is set is to book the wedding venue. But there is
a slight problem.
The place could be out of budget. Hold
on, as we bring some of the most exotic and
affordable locations to get married in New
Zealand and India.

destination situated metres away from the

shores, amidst large panoramic mountains to
allow uninterrupted quaint views.

Waiheke IslandVineyard
or Resort

aiheke Island offers the perfect

backdrop for your D-day. Ones who
prefer intimate weddings could opt for a
vineyard or the beach, and for the ones
who would rather have a grand reception,
there are a number of lodges and resorts to
choose from.

Bay of Islands



ake your wedding a memorable one

in one of these beautiful locations
back home.


eemrana is located just hours away

from Delhi/Gurgaon and provides a
perfect setting for your big day. Expect some
breathtaking photos with an architecturally
beautiful fort in the background. This piece of
history makes a great contemporary wedding

ouples fall in love all over again in

the true maharaja-style wedding in the
fascinating architectural and cultural beauty
of Jodhpur.

New Zealand

iving in one of the most beautiful countries

in the world definitely makes the task of
choosing the perfect location a tad easier.

Good Shepherd Church at

Lake Tekapo

Not a surprise that this destination has made

to the top of our list. The Good Shepherd
Church is a perfect spiritual and romantic

While you finalise the perfect

wedding destination for your
special day, Indian Weekender
brings you this feature on Wedding
to help you plan all the excitement
without being stressed out

f you wish to take your vows while

overlooking the turquoise water, then the Bay
of Islands is the destination for you. Make that

Wedding Supplies
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For Bride: Hard working, independent, entrepreneur and good looking

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For Groom: Tall, slim, kind and animal lover. Nursing is her occupation.
She was born in 1986 and settled in NZ a decade ago. She is very family
orientated and religious at heart.

For Groom: 1973 born, beautiful, soft spoken, easy going, independent
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finance assistant.
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11 November 2016 |

Knotted: finding your

best match

Bride: Hard working, independent, entrepreneur and good looking

ndian guy originally from Hoshiarpur. He is living in NZ since 2010.

wns his own restaurant.

got good
of young
Groom: Tall,notted
kind and
is her quality

New Zealand.
was born in 1986
NZ a decade
ago. She settled
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company and meets each of their

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in 1991 and is currently
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Milan Eventsorganising your

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ith Milan Events as your event management

company, do no longer need to stress out
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wedding, a birthday party or any other event.

Milan events, based in Auckland, aims to help the

bride or a family organise a wedding, or their special
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planning process.

Honeymoon in case of a wedding or just parts of the

event. Give me a call, and we can discuss the details,
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Especially with weddings it is important to be able to

enjoy the lead up to the wedding. This does not happen
if you are doing it all on your own. Getting an event
planner on board takes away a large part of that stress
factor out.
We can help with the entire event from start to finish
starting with Invitations right through to organizing the

Pepperjacks restaurant and Bar

ideal function venue

epperjacks Restaurant and Bar is

situated at the beautiful Pine Harbour
Marina in Beachlands.
It looks out across the marina and Hauraki
Gulf, allowing diners to watch the boats
and ferries drift and beautiful sunsets. The
restaurant has an indoor-outdoor flow with a
covered patio.
The restaurant and bar has a relaxed and
friendly atmosphere, reflecting its coastal
community ambience and makes a perfect
venue for weddings, birthdays, weddings and
other celebrations.
Guests can choose from a wide range of menu
items to suit most requirements from their all
day nibbles to a substantial meal. Indian menu
is also available on request. Vegetarian and
gluten free options are available as well.

Waterfront Venue

Discover Pine Harbour and Pepperjacks
by ferry from Auckland CBD. Ferries run
approximately every half hour and arrive
virtually at their doorstep. Alternatively,
take a leisurely drive to Pepperjacks. The
scenery is picturesque and it is close to many
lovely beaches.
For enquiries and bookings, please contact
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11 November 2016 |

Special Occasions: creating

wonderful memories

Police Minister confident that

burglaries have gone down
Rizwan Mohammad

pecial Occasions NZ began

in April 2012 after seeing
a gap in the market for
affordable wedding decor.

Weddings are a time to create

being required paying a high price for it.
Special Ocassions offer the best advice to their
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All their Indian wedding decoration packages
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pre-wedding events such as Haldi, Mehndi
etc. With the wedding season just around the

he National government is all set to

present a positive picture on crime
statistics ahead of the upcoming
elections next year.
Speaking at a National party public meeting
corner they have brought in new products
the community on November 7 at the
that are the latest trend these days. The new
Club in Mangere, Minister
prodcuts include flower walls, antique mandaps
of Police Judith Collins affirmed that the
and lighting. They cater decor for all types
policy change initiated by the government last
of events, ranging from weddings, birthdays,
monthwhich declared burglary as a priority
school balls, corporate events, charity functions
issuehas begun to yield dividends. There has
and everything in between.
been a decline in burglaries in Auckland.
Contact Special Ocassions for a consultation
Collins admitted that the crime statistics
and get the best offer in town.
were still high and a matter of high priority
for the government. However, she emphasised
that according to global indexes, New Zealand
is considered as the fourth safest country in
the world.
The meeting was facilitated by National MP
Kanwaljit Bakshi, who is the Chairperson of
to provide great products, awesome customer
the Law and Order Select Committee and a
service and the best prices possible!
Member of Commerce Select Committee.
To know more and to shop online visit at
Mark Rowbottom, Inspector of Counties
Manukau and a senior police officer, along
with the minister, responded to queries
from the members of the public present in
the meeting.
The latest crime statistics suggests that there
Crystal mandaps now $1000has
withbeen a 26% increase in robberies and
extortion on the Indian community in the
any decoration package hire
last year.
The numbers jumped from 426 in August
021 050 2991
2015 to 537 in August 2016.
When Indian Weekender brought forward the
issue of the growing concern of the Indian
community, the minister acknowledged that
there was a problem but blamed it on bad
parenting of some members of the community affordable
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2016. Farah had a DIY wedding herself
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(Top) Minister of Police Judith Collins and (above)

Mark Rowbottom, Inspector of Counties Manukau
speaking at the meeting

rather than any systematic target aimed at a

specific community.
The minister hinted again that soon the
prime minister would announce a big decision
on police, which is speculated to be an increase
in the number of police officers. Earlier in
Christchurch, Collins had stated the same.


Barristers and Solicitors


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If you are looking for venue where you can hold

large Indian weddings or other functions in Onehunga,
Shri Shirdi Saibaba Centre is the venue. A superb
venue in the heart of city with modern kitchen
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Hall is located close to Motorway 20 (Neilson St. Exit).
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Aarati Timings
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11 November 2016 |


Ready for work

David Shearer

Labour MP

ew Zealand currently has 74,000 young

people under age 24, who are not in
work or training. Their future looks
bleak and likely to worsen the longer they are
out of the workforce and relying on benefits.
I know the Indian community places a real
emphasis on education and hard work and is
under-represented in the crime statistics, but
we all benefit from those young people being
in work.
Remaining unproductive is not just bad news
for that individual; it also places a huge burden
on the state. Just paying the unemployment
benefit over the course of someones life is
nearly half a million dollars, without factoring
in the health costs or accommodation expenses
that will need to come from taxpayers.
Some people argue there are plenty of jobs
available for those who want them. But for
many young people, its not that easy. There are
complex reasons why they remain unemployed
or not carrying on some form of training.
Some come from families where there is no
tradition of work or where their home life is
dysfunctional. Many have grown up with a
negative view of themselves, or they may never
have experienced good work habits: getting up,
going out the door, and working.
Thats why Labours policy, Ready For Work
was launched last weekend. It will aim to turn
around the fortunes of people while theyre still

Diwali marks fresh initiatives

Modi to visit New Zealand. We look forward

to welcoming the Indian Prime Minister in the
near future.

young. Well get them into the workforce and

help them establish skills, confidence, and work
habits for life.
Unemployed young people will be placed with
environmental and community organisations to
do much-needed work that would not otherwise
get done at the same time helping to inspire a
sense of dignity and worth, by a young person
being engaged in productive activity.
The Department of Conservation, for
example, is struggling to keep tracks walkable,
keep pests under control, and look after our
ecological heritage. Councils also need willing
hands to help them in their important work.
Under Labours policy, young people who
are currently on a benefit will be paid to carry
out useful work with these organisations, at
the same time turning around what may
have become a lifetime of unemployment
and dependency.

Labour has put aside $60 million to help

10,000 of these young people each year an
amount that will be repaid in spades when those
people join the workforce and start paying tax.
We could of course, simply ignore those
thousands of young people sitting at home and
receiving welfare support. Thats what happens
now. But we dont believe thats an option. As
it stands, these young people run a higher risk
of getting into trouble, into drugs and crime,
and become a burden on the state when they
could instead be helping organisations that
are crying out for willing hands, receiving an
income, and turning around their lives. Surely
turning around a life that is costing us millions
is a much better use of precious taxpayer funds
than turning a blind eye.

Kanwaljit Bakshi
National List MP

ctober began with festivities for Bandi

Chor Divas, Dushera, and Diwali and
ended with an important visit to India
with Prime Minister John Key and a strong
delegation of New Zealand businesses.
My colleagues and I attended a number of
Diwali celebrations across the country. The
Prime Minister attended the Auckland Diwali
organised by Auckland Tourism, Events and
Economic Development (ATEED). ATEED
does a wonderful job in organising the Diwali
in central Auckland. Over 30,000 Aucklanders
take time out to celebrate Diwali with everyone
in the community.

On Thursday November 24, Hon Craig

Foss, Minister for Small Business along with
his team of experts is holding a session for
small and medium enterprise owners of our
community from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at
the Vodafone Event Centre 770 Great South
Rd, Wiri, Manukau. The event usually goes
for two hours, the last 45 minutes to allow for
businesses to have one on one discussions with
representatives from government agencies
such as ACC, IRD, Statistics New Zealand,
WorkSafe, Employment New Zealand to name
a few.
The Regional Business Partner and the
government agencies all give short presentations
on what support, tools and resources they can
provide small businesses followed by a question
answer session. I encourage all in the community
to make use of this excellent opportunity and
attend this free of charge event by registering

We celebrated Diwali in Parliament on

November 10. The Prime Minister along with
MP Mark Mitchell (Chair of the Defence,
Foreign Affairs and
Trade select committee)
and I visited India
Minister Key and his
discussions with regards
New Zealand India
relationship. Our Prime
Minister John Key meeting with visitors at the New Zealand High ComMinister has invited Mr Prime
mission in New Delhi during his recent India Trip

NEW ZEALAND | 11 November 2016

Safer communities together

INS Sumitra: Indias Naval Ship to

dock at Auckland port

New Zealand Police works with the community to make New Zealand safe and
secure for its citizens. We seek to prevent crime, improve public security, and detect
offenders. The unwavering commitment of NZ Police officers to provide service to
the public helps in maintaining the law and order in the country. As a part of the NZ
Police force, we are actively involved with the community to ensure that we address
the grievances of the citizens.

Sandeep Singh

ndias naval ship INS Sumitraa Naval

Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV) is on its way
to participate at the Royal New Zealand
Navys 15-Nation International Naval Review
to be held in Auckland as part of its 75thanniversary celebrations.

The review will begin with fleet entry in

Auckland harbour on November 17, followed
by international street march on Queen Street
on November 18.

Sergeant Gurpreet Arora

District Ethnic Services
Coordinator, Counties Manukau

The Naval Review will be held in Auckland

Harbour onNovember 19 and INS Sumitra
will be open to public on November 20.

Although Indian and New Zealand navies

have enhanced their mutual interactions over
the last decade as a part of Indias growing
geopolitical footprints in the Asia-Pacific
region, this port visit comes after a considerable
time gap.
The last time an Indian ship visited Auckland
was when the Indian Navy frigate INS TABAR
arrived in Devonport for a five-day port visit on
July 2, 2006.

Police in action
miles and is capable of embarking one Dhruv
or Chetak helicopter.
The ship was commissioned in the Indian
Navy on September 04, 2014 at a ceremony
held in Chennai.
The primary role of the ship is to undertake
surveillance of the countrys exclusive economic
zone besides anti-piracy patrol, fleet support
operations, maritime security of off-shore
assets, escort operations, and counter maritime
terrorism operations of the Navy.

INS Sumitra

INS Sumitra is the first major ship to be

based in the southern Indian city Chennai in
view of the growing importance of the region
and enhanced surveillance needs.

NS Sumitra is the fourth and last Saryu class

patrol vessel of the Indian Navy, designed
and constructed indigenously by Goa Shipyard
Limited.The ship has a range of 6,500 nautical

The ship has a major role to play in patrolling

Indias eastern seaboard and is an important
component under the Eastern Naval Command
(headquartered at Vishakhapatnam).

New Moon

t about 3:45 a.m.

on November 8, six
unknown males drove onto
the forecourt of a service
station in East Tamaki and
attempted to break down the
front doors with a metal pole.
At the time, there was a male
attendant present in the store.
The attendant ran to the rear
of the service station, locked
himself in the back room,
and activated the fog system.
The males were unsuccessful
in breaking the front glass
and decamped in a vehicle.
The matter is currently under
investigation and the police are
pursuing lines of enquiry.
At about 9:30 a.m. on
November 5, a male entered a

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In case of an emergency,
dial 111 or go to the
nearest police station
in case of reporting
something that is
not urgent

s part of Operation
LOG, NZ Police visited
Otahuhu, and Wiri

While giving information

to the police on phone,
try to speak slowly
and clearly

NZ Police engaged with

the community at Diwali
celebrations throughout the
Counties Manukau District

The operator will ask

you several questions,
answer patiently

students initiative
New to New Zealand

The police have access

to interpreters who can
help explain things

he international students
initiative, New to New
Zealand, is a proactive
approach to prevent crime
among international students.
Counties Manukau Police
is working with the SouthAsian community to inform
ensure that they do not
become victims.

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Calling NZ Police in
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Police in community

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www. and
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liquor store in Manurewa. At

the time, there was a female
attendant present in the store.
The male aimed a weapon
at the victim and demanded
money to which the victim
complied. The male took the
money and left the store. A
police investigation is ongoing
in the case.

The review will take place from November

17 to 20 and will see at least 20 vessels and a
number of aircrafts participate in exercises
and manifestations.

The offshore patrol vessel, commanded by

Commander K.P. Shreeshan, is on operational
deployment in the Southern Indian Ocean and
the Western Pacific Ocean.


A publication on your
rights as a victim is
on the New Zealand
Ministry of Justice
website at www.justice.
You can contact
Sergeant Gurpreet Arora
on 021-191-0461.

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When was your last road trip?


Here comes the unknown!

Is the world ready for it?

or many of us, the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.
The world, more than the 325 million Americans who were supposed to vote for
their next President, has been living in this perpetual fear ever since Donald Trumps
campaign began gaining real traction during the presidential campaign leading to elections.
A surprise but now a reality, victory of Donald Trump has brought every one of us to face
this fear of unknown.
While we are keen to see how Trump will make America great againan election
slogan which propelled Trumps ascendency to the White House, the world leaders prepare
themselves for how to best deal with this deluge of unknown coming their way.
How would the post-Trump world order look like?
New Zealands political leadership is already apprehensive about the future of much
debated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the delayed American pivot to the Asia-Pacific
which never happened in any real sense as many of other pet projects announced by the
outgoing President Barack Obama.
There is a great learning for all of us to how best face our fears of the unknown.
Another great learning and a little bit more relevant for what we do here at the Indian
Weekender is the humbling experience of mainstream media around the world in their
assumptions and projections of the possibility of Trumps victory in the American elections.
Apparently, the global mainstream media around the world is falling short of comprehending
the dynamic changes going on in our world accurately.
Our world is facing a collective public disdain towards the establishment, the status quo,
elitism, and the brand of intellectualism generally imposed on a reluctant masses around the
world, which now finds solace in an another media platform which allows them to plunge
without niceties linked with the current status quo.
The mainstream media has to pivot itself to face the all pervasive onslaught of social media
sooner rather than later lest risk being pushed to irrelevance.
On that note, the Indian Weekender team took baby steps, however minuscule, to pivot
ourselves with the people of Mt Roskill who are to vote soon to elect their representative in
the Parliament.
Our endeavour was to understand what matters them the most for the upcoming elections.
There were few interesting revelations which we present in our cover story on
the by-elections.
We also bring a story about an upcoming romantic-comedy film Stars In Her Eyes that
is set in Aucklands Indian community. The star cast of the movie recently visited us at
our office.
We also bring our wedding/catering special feature in this edition just to reflect the marriage
season back in India, which many in the community still consider as their original home.
So just celebrating the nostalgia that is associated with the hullaballoo of weddings.
Last but not the least, we carry Auckland Mayor Phil Goffs interview who took time out of
his busy schedule to come to our office.
We asked him the question that many believes is a latent demand of the Indian community
to get Sandringham declared as Little India to acknowledge the richness, diversity, and colour
that people of Indian origin bring to this beautiful country.
See his answer and the excerpts of the interview inside.
Thats it for now!

Sahil Sharma, Mt Roskill

It was just last week that I went on a road trip to
Manukau Heads with my best buddy. The lighthouse
was stunning, and the signal station had a beautiful
view and the weather perfect for a road trip. And
since I had an excellent company, the trip became
much more memorable.

Kanwaljeet Singh, Mt Wellington

It has been almost a year now since I have taken to

the roads. Last year September, a few friends and I

made an ad hoc trip to Mt Ruapehu. It was just a kick of
the moment, a few calls and we all were set to the ice
capped mountain. We stopped by small towns near to
Mt Taranaki and Taupo for lunch, took turns in driving,
and it was one hell of a trip for all of us. Since then, I
havent met them.

Gagandeep Singh, Takanini

We were five friends; we all were working and so that
road trip was unforgettable for us. We started at 7
a.m., and by 2 p.m. we were at the ice mountain, we
skied there and played with snow. What made the
trip special was not the places we went, but the fun
that we had.

Deep Balbehra, Mt Eden

It was earlier this year; we went to the tip of North
Island. It was a long weekend, so we stayed at a
local motel and camped nearby. We enjoyed the
most at the sand mountain, a few kilometres from
Cape Reinga. We borrowed surfboards and skated
from the top of the dune to bottom. I was the best
thing I have done in New Zealand so far.

Rajbir Bhatia, Mt Eden

We went to ice mountain (Mt Ruapehu) last summer
and landed on the black rocky mountain as if it was
a coal mine. We left the place shortly after, drove
across small towns and forest around. There was
one forest which is said to be haunted. I dont know
whether that was just a hoax or not but we didnt
experience anything adverse, and we loved
the forest.

Till we meet again. Have a great weekend!

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Himadhar Nani, Manurewa

I took a road trip alone from Hamilton to Wellington
almost two years ago. It was the new years eve, and
I didnt have much work. I stayed there for two days
and then hitchhiked to Taupo with some German
and French travellers. I camped at a free camping
zone with them, played games and took the 20 km
Mt Tongariro crossingsurrounded by Volcanic
mountainsthe next day. I can write a book on the
trip that lasted for ten days on the roads.

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is

always beyond your grasp, but which, if you will
sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
Nathaniel Hawthorne

WORLD | 11 November 2016


Trumps triumph: Thumbs up for

being politically incorrect
Amulya Ganguli

he American voter has turned President

Barack Obamas expectation of a
preference for wisdom and decency in
the presidential poll upside down.
Instead, the electorates choice has been for
a person whose negative aspects range from
racism to misogyny to vulgarity.
If Donald Trump has nevertheless been
preferred for all his seemingly glaring faults, the
reason has to be much deeper than an intense
dislike for crooked Hillary Clinton, who has
also been dubbed a criminal by The Donald,
as the victorious Republican candidates first
wife used to call him.
Considering how Trump had no hesitation in
calling Mexican immigrants rapists and had an
African-American dissenter thrown out of one
of his rallies, it is obvious that he deliberately
chose to be politically incorrect in order to
appeal to what can be called the base instincts
of the voters.
Instead of displaying wisdom about, for
instance, global warming, or reinforcing the
standard aversion towards the nuclear or the
so-called doomsday weapons, he appealed
to the chauvinistic, anti-foreigner mindset of
the American public by blaming China for the
production of greenhouse gases and asking his
policy advisers to explain why the Bomb cannot
be used although the US has any number
of them.
He also exploited the same inwardlooking
attitude by
as well as India of stealing jobs
from America.
Hence, his rejection of the phenomenon of
globalization, which also drove the Brexit voters

in Britain, and the threat to do away with trade

treaties unless they favour the US.
Trump reflects, therefore, the upsurge of
Right-wing demagoguery which has little time
for diplomatic niceties not only in the matter
of relations between nations, but also about the
relations between different racial groups.
The people in Trumps camp have been
dismissive of the charge of the support extended
to him by the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan,
arguing that the latter are a minuscule group of
little consequence.
But the fact that Trump represents the
traditionally insular WASP (white AngloSaxon Protestant) factor is undeniable. It has
been argued that his support base comprises
the largely uneducated white middle class
which has borne the brunt of the loss of jobs
in America because of the preference of the
corporate giants for outsourcing.

By this token, large sections of the

electoratethe liberal, educated whites, the
blacks, the Hispanicswere supposed to be
against Trump.
The same was expected to be true of women
because of his risque locker-room banter
about his success in groping them because of
his wealth and stature.
And, yet, despite this formidable line-up of
social groups which were expected to root for
Hillary Clinton, the putative outsider in the
Republican camp has now become the most
powerful Insider to the dismay of liberals all
over the world.
Evidently, an appeal to the gut instincts
of chauvinismboth in terms of male and
national superiority pays and so does the
typical exhortation of the unabashed rabblerouser about his ability to set everything right
by remolding the existing rotten system
something which the communists also used to
say at one time.
In contrast to Trumps bombast, Hillary came
through as the supine creature of the system,
beholden to Wall Street, with her ubiquitous
emails on a private server, who was not a natural
politician, as she admitted, like her husband
and Obama.
To deflate Trumps pretentious bluster
which had little substance, Hillary had to
articulate a vision which highlighted the
dangers of the uninhibited consumerism
advocated by a businessman (who doesnt
file tax returns) because of the perilous
environmental consequences.
Perhaps the professorial Leftist, Bernie
Sanders, might have been a better foil for the
hectoring Rightist.

But The Donald has not only proved Obama

wrong about the innate American intelligence
and niceness, but has also shown his own
Republican Party - some of whose members
called him nuts that he is indeed a genius,
as former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani said
for the dexterity with which Trump avoided
paying taxes.
It is on the cards, therefore, that in the process
of making America great again, as Trump has
pledged, he will remake the Republican Party
by taking it further to the Right with regard to
abortion, tax cuts for the rich and gun control.
On the other hand, the rest of the world
at least those in favour of a nuanced,
sophisticated approach to problemswill
be on tenterhooks about the bull in the
china shop with Beijing wondering whether
its own smug arrogance has at last met
its match.
At the same time, Rightist parties like the
National Front in France and Alternative
for Germany (Alternative fur Deutschland)
are likely to see in Trumps victory an
omen in favour of their own success in the
coming elections.
In India, there are elements in the saffron
camp who have a liking for Trump because of
his anti-terror and anti-Muslim stance. As a
result, they will expect the US under Trump to
take Pakistan to task with greater vigour than
what the Democrats did.
On the domestic front, however, Narendra
Modis policy of sabka saath, sabka vikas
is a far cry from Trumps blinkered white,
Christian sectarianism.
Amulya Ganguli is a political analyst. The
views expressed are personal.

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11 November 2016|

Rs 14 lakh crore
cash junked
what that means
for black money
Abhishek Waghmare

s 14 lakh croreor
$217 billion, 86 per
cent of the value of
Indian currency currently
useless from midnight of
November 8, 2016, as a
part of the governments
crackdown on black, or
unaccounted, money.
Rs 500 notes amount to Rs
7.85 lakh crore (approx. $120
billion), while Rs 1,000 add up
to to Rs 6.33 lakh crore ($97
billion), according to Reserve
Bank of India data.
Here are three ways in which
this move should affect the
black-money economy, which
according to a 2016 report
by Ambit Capital, a financial
research company, forms a fifth
of the Indian economy:
The sudden announcement
will directly affect black
money hoarded by Indians,
and will possibly present
either deposit the money
after identifying themselves
to banks, or exchange
the money by November
24, 2016.
calculations, with a daily
limit of Rs 4,000 a day,
a person can exchange a
maximum of Rs 60,000 in
15 days from November

10 to November 24. From

November 24 onwards,
the exchange process will
be eased for convenience,
meaning the exchange limit
will be increased. However,
there is no limit on deposits
As the deadline for Indian
the Income Declaration
September 30, 2016, no
unaccounted for money can
be declared now. It ceases to
be money, instead it will be
a worthless piece of paper,
as PM Modi termed it in
his speech.
the form of bundles of
work anymore.
While bank notes increased
40 per cent from 2011 to 2016,

Rs 500 notes increased 76

per cent and Rs 1,000 notes
increased 109 per cent, the
finance ministry said.
New notes of Rs 500 and
Rs 2,000 will be introduced
for circulation from November
10, 2016. Rs 2,000 notes will
be monitored and regulated
by RBI. The Rs 2,000 and
Rs 500 do not have nano
chips and cannot be tracked,
as WhatsApp forwards have
been claiming.
The government had earlier
withdrawn old Rs 500 notes
from circulation, in effect,
demonetising the currency
two years back, IndiaSpend
reported in January 2014.

Cheaper money now

illegal, costlier
money stays

he Rs 1,000 note was the

cheapest note produced
in India. It required

only 0.32 per cent of its face

value to produce but a Rs 100
note requires 1.8 per cent of its
face value, a Rs 50 note 3.6 per
cent and a Rs 10 note 9.6 per
cent to print.
There are 15.7 billion notes
of Rs 500 and 6.3 billion notes
of Rs 1,000 in circulation in
India. Thus, 22 billion notes in
the country have been junked.
The move will also have a
positive byproduct: individuals
and households with no bank
accountskeeping all income
in cash and at homeswill
now have to create bank
accounts to deposit money,
making financial inclusion
indirectly inevitable.
Some relaxations on the use
of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes
have been given to account for
special situations, for example,
expenditure and petrol pumps
till November 11, 2016.
The sectors that could
probably be hit the worst in the
short-term could be bullion and
real estate since they handle a
lot of transactions in cash.
In arrangement with, a datadriven, non-profit, public
interest journalism
platform, with whom
Abhishek Waghmare is an
analyst. The views expressed
are those of IndiaSpend.

Indias productivity
boost can help South
Asia become export
powerhouse: World Bank

ndia and the other South Asian countries need to

boost the productivity of their firms by at least 2 per
cent year-on-year to push exports significantly from
the region, a new World Bank report has said.
South Asia could become the fastest growing
exporting region of the world if India and its South
Asian neighbours enhance the productivity of their firms
by at least two percentage points each year, according
to the report titled South Asias Turn: Policies to Boost
Competitiveness and Create the Next Export Powerhouse released
on Wednesday, November 9.
A broad set of constraints limit the growth and export
potential of Indian firms vis-a-vis their competitors in
East Asia and the rest of the world, it said, arguing
that increasing productivity of firms in India and
the rest of South Asia is the only sustainable path to
improving competitiveness.
Improving productivity requires a greater shift
of resources from agriculture to manufacturing and
services, reforms to current practices inhibiting firm
formation and growth, strengthening of economies that
take advantage of proximity of suppliers and qualified
workers, more widespread adoption of new technologies
and investments into skills training, it said.
World Bank Country Director in India Junaid Ahmad
said that while Indias leading firms are comparable to
many in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and
Development countries when it comes to productivity
and technology adoption but with stronger global
competitive pressures and slowing world trade,
ensuring that all Indian firms are able to improve
their productivity to create jobs, reduce poverty, and
boost shared prosperity is the key policy and regulatory
challenge for the government.
The regions great potential to boost its competitiveness
is evidenced through a number of examples in the
report, ranging from the highly successful apparel
industries in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to Indias auto
parts, agribusiness, software and Business Processing
Offshoring (BPO) sectors.
With the right set of productivity-enhancing policies,
South Asia, led by India, could more than triple its share
in global markets of electronics and motor vehicles and
come close to doubling its already significant market
share in wearing apparel (excluding textiles and leather)
by 2030, it said.
Productivity of Indias firms could also be enhanced
by improving managerial capabilities and making more
effective use of technology, the report says.



Auckland Office

Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Rd, Papatoetoe, Manukau 2025

Ph: 0800 BINDRA (246372)

Authorised by Mahesh Bindra,

Parliament Buildings, Wellington | 11 November 2016




Despite setbacks, Indians keep Australian

dream alive
he Indian community in
Australia is growing rapidly.
The increase in numbers is
complemented by an increase in
the average income of the Indian
diaspora settled down under.

The presence of Indian migrants

in Australia is most noticeable in the
annual tax figures. According to an
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
report released recently, Indian
taxpayers generated a whopping
$7.9 billion (US$6.06 billion) in the
financial year 2011-12.
According to the ABS report,
Indian migrant taxpayers were
number two on the tax generators
list, only marginally behind taxpayers
from the United Kingdom.
What these figures are telling us is
that the Indian community seems to
be in a rush to realise its Australian
dream. Undoubtedly, there are a
number of impediments which slow
down this chase, but the diaspora
members are well on their way to
be counted as first among equals in
this reasonably prosperous country.
Racism and lack of opportunities are
often cited as two primary reasons
that make many Indo-Australians
wonder whether the Australian ethos
of the Fair go is meant only for the
majority Anglo-Saxon community

A rude reminder came recently, as a

Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Alisher
was burnt alive by an Australian of
European descent for apparently
no reason. Some of the community
members have blamed racism for
the unprovoked attack. There is no
sign whatsoever to suggest that such
tragedies would discourage skilled
Indians from boarding the flights to
Australian destinations.
While there has been a spike in
the Indian arrivals after 2005, a large
component of the diaspora living in
Australia consists of international
students. The Indian taxpayers
are overwhelmingly male and 40
per cent of them are reported to
be in the prime employment age
00-25-34 years.

According to a 2013 ABS

report, Indian migration increased
dramatically from 2006 to 2011.
Around 53 per cent of the Indian
skilled migrants have arrived in
Australia after 2005.
According to the 2011 census,
about 300,000 Australians were
born in India and there were
nearly 400,000 responses for Indian
ancestry (largest group consisting of
Indo-Fijians). In 2011-12 Indians
were the largest source of permanent

to the 2011 census,
about 300,000
Australians were born
in India and there
were nearly 400,000
responses for Indian
ancestry (largest
group consisting of
migration (15.7 per cent of the total
migration programme) to Australia.
The social scene in Australia,
which promotes multiculturalism as
an official policy, is also changing
gradually. A visible change can be
noticed in the outer suburbs of
Sydney and Melbourne.

Hindu and Sikh temples in

suburbs Parklea, Revesby, Rosehill,
Turramurra and Mays Hill in Sydney,
and Craigieburn, Carrum Downs,
Deer Park, etc., in Melbourne, are
a few of the religious shrines which
cater to the increasing number of
the diaspora.
While Australian policymakers
may be paying tribute to taxpayers
from India for making significant
contributions to the Australian
exchequer, it would be relevant to
mention here that the Indian link
with Australia goes back thousands
of years.
According to a research by Max
Planck Institute for Evolutionary
Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany,
the Indian DNA reached the
Aboriginal population in Australia
141 generations ago. It is believed
that Indian migrants settled in

Australia roughly 4,000 years back,

i.e., much before Captain Cook
located the east coast (New South
Wales - Sydney) in 1770.
The first group of Indians to arrive
in Australia governed by the British
roughly three decades after Captain
Cooks well-celebrated discovery
of Australia was that of convict
labourers sent by the British colonial
masters in the years 1800-1816.
The last four decades of the 19th
century witnessed a large number of
Punjabis settling on the eastern coast
of Australia. Most of these migrants
were recruited as labourers. The
services of the hardworking migrants
were also used to run camel trains.
From running camel trains to
driving luxury cars, Indians have
definitely come a long way in their
chase of the Australian dream.

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11 November 2016 |


I want to
Focus is on playing attacking cricket, Ronaldo:
play until I am 41
DRS will come later: Rahane

ith all eyes on the controversial

Decision Review System (DRS)
during the upcoming Test rubber
against England, Indian vice-captain Ajinkya
Rahane this week said the teams primary focus
is to play aggressive cricket rather than banking
on the technology.
Its a completely new concept. We have
to wait and see about DRS. We have been
discussing about this from the last series against
New Zealand and we have some plans, Rahane
told reporters ahead of the opening game that
started in Rajkot on Wednesday, November 9.
But the main focus is to play good, attacking
cricket and DRS will come later on. We want to
dominate the series.

We have been playing some very good

cricket over the last one and a half years.
Rahane further emphasised on the importance
of maintaining consistency and continue with
the momentum. Its important for us to be
consistent. Yes, our aim will be to dominate all
their bowlers and the more we do it the better.
Its (also) important to start well in Rajkot and
continue the momentum, he said.

importance of staying fresh in a long five-match

series, which he felt also gave an opportunity
to bounce back once a team finds itself on
the backfoot.
In a five-match series its important to be
fresh till the last Test. We played a five match
series in England in 2014 and got an idea about
how to approach.
That was a great learning experience as a
young unit. It was important to remain fresh
till the fifth match. You get an opportunity to
come back while playing a five-match series,
he explained.
Rahane also warned his side against any
sort of complacency while facing the newlook England attack, especially against the
slower bowlers.

Playing against England will be a challenge.

They have a decent side; their bating line-up

We are looking to play some good cricket.

Right now we are focussed on building
our strength and playing to our strengths,
he added.
After citing lack of accuracy and objecting
to its usage in the past many years, the Board
of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) finally
agreed to use the DRS on a trial basis for the
upcoming five-match series against the English
team. The 28-year-old also focussed on the

is pretty experienced. Their batsmen have

been here. Yes, their spinners are new. Their
bowling attack is comparatively inexperienced,
especially the spinners, he said.
But I always believe you have to give respect
to all opponents whether their bowling attack is
new or experienced.

For us its important

to focus on our
strengths and we
will be playing to
our strengths and
potential. I am
sure it will be a
he added.
Ajinkya Rahane

Its important for

us to be consistent.
Yes, our aim will be
to dominate all their
bowlers and the more
we do it, the better.
Its (also) important
to start well in Rajkot
and continue the



Ronaldo said that he hopes to carry
on playing football for another 10
years when he will be 41 years old.
The Portugal captain made his comments
at the press conference held in Madrid on
Monday, November 7, after he extended his
current contract with Real Madrid until the
summer of 2021, when he will be 36 years
old, reports Xinhua. After thanking the club
and the fans, Ronaldo said it was a very
important day for him. I have renewed my
contract for the next five years, but it will not
be my last contract. I want to play on until
I am 41, he said, adding he intended to
carry on making history with Real Madrid.
Five years is a long time
and I am going to give
my best... I want to
and I want to
carry on learning,
forward. I have a
long time ahead
of me to enjoy at
a professional level.
I have 10 years left to
play, insisted Ronaldo,
who also didnt rule out remaining at the
club when he finally hangs up his boots.
You never know; I am very happy in
Madrid, my son is also happy seeing his
father here, so are my family and friends...
I dont know if I will still be here because
the present is what matters, but I am always
going to be connected to and identify with
the club, he assured.



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This year there were

11,000 more victims of crime
in the Country compared
to the same period last year.
Burglaries are up by 12 %

Why is that?
I will tell you why.

The people committing

these crimes know
more and more that
they have a good chance
of getting away with it
and never being caught.

Im about to change that.






11 November 2016 |

Become stress-free, with ease

Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

hen I first came to the United States,

wherever I went, I heard people
talking about stress management.
We manage our families, our money, our
property, our businesses; we manage whatever
is valuable to us. Why would anyone manage
stress? It took me a while to understand that
people had come to a conclusion that stress is
an inevitable part of life.
Stress is not a part of life. It is not your
lifestyle, work, family, or the situations in which
you exist that cause stress to you.
It is your inability to manage your system
your body, mind, emotions, and energy. The
cause is your lack of understanding of how
this system functions, your inability to use the
system the way it should be used.
People can be stressful in any kind of
situation. It is not about this job or that job, it
is not about one kind of situation or the other.
People are capable of being stressful for just
about anything.
What can you do about it? You do not need
to do anything about it. Stress is like a friction in
a machine. Friction occurs either because there
is no proper movement of the parts or there is
not enough lubrication. The less friction you
have, the more efficient the machine is.
We need not look at how to manage stress
or keep it under the surface. We need to look
at how not to create it because stress is your
creation. If you start the simple process of
Isha Yoga, you will find that within six weeks,
the entire system begins to function with a
certain ease.
You will see that your pulse rate and heartbeat
drops. When the very nature of your existence

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary, and a

prominent spiritual leader. An author, poet, and
an internationally-renowned speaker, his wit and
piercing logic provoke and widen our perception
of life.To know more about Isha activities in New
Zealand, call 0221099771/02102763956 or visit

comes with ease, you are restful all the time.

Then, there is no such thing as stress.
Restfulness is the basis of all activity.
You can be most effective in your life
only when everything is at complete ease
within yourself. If your ability to act becomes
effortless, then naturally, there would be no such
thing as stress.
If your body and mind took instructions
from you, would you create stress for
yourself or bliss? You need to look at the
fundamental mechanics of life, at why
your body and mind are not doing what
you want. Isha Yoga is the technology to do
this. If you begin a process of yoga, it needs to
be in its full depth and dimension, not just the
physicality of it as it is generally practiced today.
People practise yoga as just a physical or mental
exercise. It is neither physical nor mental; it has
something to do with the core of your life.


If all of you is not involved in the yoga

that you do, if it has not been transmitted to
you, if it has just been taught to you as a bundle
of instructions and not an initiation, if that is
so, you are using yoga like a car instead of the
airplane that it is.
Suppose I gave you an airplane and you did
not know what it was. You knew only about
automobiles. There are these two ugly things
that hit your buildings and lampposts, so you
chop off the wings and drive around happily.
Likewise, you are happy your backache is gone
and the thyroid problem is fixed but that is limited
because a man who knows what it means to fly,

November 11 to 17 | By Manisha Koushik

Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui consultant based in India
with a global presence through the online channels. She is available for consultations online as well. E-mail her at or contact at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +919015607139

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Changes envisaged on the home front are likely to be
initiated now. You may fail to deliver something that is
expected of you on the professional front and fall from a
superiors grace. Your efforts on the social front are likely
to come in for praise. Making your romantic life lively and
happening is on the cards and promises lots of fun. A group
travel is foreseen and will make the journey interesting.
Money earned by you may disappear due to irresponsible

Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23)

You will need to be more thorough in whatever you are
handling to avoid errors from creeping in. Those out
shopping need to look for bargains or they may end up
spending more than required. An ailment may need care.
A blame game ensuing at home may leave a bad taste in
mouth. Your romantic aspirations are likely to be fulfilled
in full measure! A leisure trip can unexpectedly materialise
and delight you. Setting up a new house or buying
something new for the house is indicated.

Lucky no.: 9 Lucky colour: Golden brown

Lucky no.: 17 Lucky colour: Dark grey

Taurus (Apr 21-May 20)

Romantic front may find you and lover pulling in opposite
directions. A ticket for a journey may remain unconfirmed
and give you a rough time. You can get into a legal hassle
regarding a piece of ancestral property. Some of you can
make efforts to rub shoulders with celebrities and whos
who on the social circuit. Ill health threatens to keep you
moody and irritable. Work piles up on the professional
front and may undermine your enthusiasm. A bad financial
move is possible and can result in losses.

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Chances of availing a break by undertaking a fun trip
cannot be ruled out for some. A property issue is certain
to be decided in your favour. You will need to be better
than rivals to come into the eyes of superiors on the
professional front. Financially, you will need to come into
the saving mode at the earliest. You are likely to keep
yourself entertained by remaining socially active. Tensions
cropping up on the romantic front will subside, as you
grow more tolerant towards lover.

Lucky no.: 5 Lucky colour: Light green

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)
An invitation may take you out of town for a marriage or
a function. You may have to be a bit more assertive and
aware of what is happening around you at work. Although
you are monetarily comfortable, you will still choose to
conserve money. A prime property may come into your
name. Socially, this seems to be an excellent week, when
whatever you do is likely to be followed by others. There
seems to be a strong possibility of finding a suitable mate
on the romantic front.



Lucky no.: 6 Lucky colour: Peach


A: 1/165 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill
P: 09 620 6707
Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by
Dr Parmjeet Parmar MP, Parliament Buildings Wellington

Lucky no.: 1 Lucky colour: Light red

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 11)
You can be at your ingenious best at making excuses for
refusing money to someone. Something said in jest on
the romantic front may offend lover. Dont be in any sort
of haste while driving. You will be able to garner support
and resources for something you have undertaken on the
professional front. A changed mindset is likely to make you
more acceptable to others on the social front. Avoiding
excesses and focussing on health may become the key
factors in attaining total fitness.
Lucky no.: 3 Lucky colour: Purple

Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 20)

Financial prosperity is likely to follow closely at your heels
and keep you in a comfortable situation. Your enthusiasm
and gusto will be much in evidence on the social front
and may prove infectious. Possibility of an office romance
cannot be ruled out. Good company is likely to make a
journey pleasurable. Dont disclose your cards to anyone.
Things which seemed going the wrong way at work will
suddenly come out right. Your mental prowess will help
you take on the best on the professional front.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21)

A deal that showed all signs of coming to you threatens to
peter out. Living beyond your means may get you in the
red on the financial front. An ailment not attended to in
time can cause problems. Dilly-dallying may let a property
deal slip out of your hands. Remain available for those in
need. You may feel used on the social front by those whom
you hold dear and feel quite upset about it. Some problem
or the other may continue to bug you at work.

Lucky no.: 18 Lucky colour: Yellow

Lucky no.: 7 Lucky colour: Rosy brown

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 22)

Money is likely to come in dollops and add to your wealth.
Ailments are likely to disappear as you enter a healthy
phase of life. Understanding and love will make you feel
closer to the one you love. Avoid getting at loggerheads
with someone over a trivial issue. You are likely to have a
time of your life on the social front. Much fun is in store for
those on a vacation. Success on the professional front is a
foregone conclusion and will improve your career graph.

Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 19)

Betting or speculation may bring some into big money.
You will get the support you need on the social front. A
wedding in the family is likely to be arranged. Romantic
front may turn into a mutual appreciation club between
lover and you. Dont take health for granted. Your luck
begins to turn for the better. An unexpected career move is
possible that may bring you greater prosperity and mental
satisfaction. Growing prospects in a venture can turn your
focus totally towards it.

Lucky no.: 6 Lucky colour: Crimson

will cry when he sees an airplane with wings

chopped off. Right now, the yoga that is going
on all over on a large scale is tragic. Yoga is not a
solution for your stress because there is no need
for stress. Yoga is the removal of the problem.
You do not create stress anymore, thats all.
If you do not create stress, then why do you
need a solution for it? Stress is your making;
it is not the situation that causes stress. If
you get deeper access to the experience of
life within you, you will distinctly know this
and you will drop it. This is the essence of
Isha Yoga.

Lucky no.: 18 Lucky colour: Purple

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 23)

Spending time in seclusion and murmuring sweet
nothings is likely to be the highlight on the romantic front.
Enhancing fitness level may become the sole aim of those
in the sports arena. Avoid delay in a journey by setting out
early. Pend decision regarding property for some more time.
A productive time is foreseen at work, which will enable
you to clear the backlog. Previous investments may start
giving handsome returns now. Attending a wedding or a
function is indicated and will help in expanding your
social base.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Efforts will be needed by those trying to come back in
shape. An unsuitable mode of conveyance may make the
journey uncomfortable, but you will be able to reach
the destination anyhow. Someones support will help in
keeping your confidence high. Luck favours those buying or
selling property. You may need to weigh the pros and cons
of an action that you contemplate at work. It will be in your
interest to keep a portion of your wealth for the rainy day.

Lucky no.: 2 Lucky colour: Red

Lucky no.: 3 Lucky colour: Rose | 11 November 2016

Apples new laptops, and an app

that helps avoid parking fines



expiration, and at the time of

the expiration, giving you ample
opportunity to avoid a late fine.
Besides scanning, the app
also lets you manually enter the
expiration time along with the
location. You can use this feature
in time-restricted parking zones
such as P10, P30, and P60 zones
or in shopping malls.


MacBook Pro

n October 27, Apple

finally unveiled the long
overdue new range of
laptops that replace the old Retina
MacBook Pros.

The new MacBook Pro looks

similar to the old model but
packs a lot of power and features
smoother graphics. The range uses
Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs with 8
or 16 GB RAM. Pro models come
with a new innovative feature
announced as the Touch Bar and
Touch ID. Touch Bar replaces
the traditional function keys on
the keyboard. The slick OLED
panel also features a Touch ID
fingerprint sensor. Functionalities
of the Touch Bar will be contextsensitive and change depending
on the active application. It will
help autofill fields, edit videos, and
can even be customised. Touch
ID sensor will provide a great new
way to authenticate payment and
do online transactions. Another
big change is the replacement of
all the ports with Thunderbolt 3

The app also allows you to

enter WOF and Rego expiration
dates for multiple cars and avoid
the dreaded $200 fines from
Auckland Transport.
All in all, a well-designed
and useful app that you should
definitely check out.

ports. MacBook Pro comes in three

models: 15-inch MacBook Pro
with Touch Bar, 13-inch MacBook
Pro with Touch Bar, and 13-inch
MacBook without Touch Bar.

Other features include


Brighter display with support

for wider colour gamut

Louder speakers


id you ever have to pay

parking fines just because
you were five minutes late?

Or because you forgot to renew

your cars Rego or get your WOF
done on time? Then you should
install FineAlerta free app
developed by Vinod Menon and
available for iOS and Android.
The app is well designed and easy
to use.
Once installed, the app lets you
scan your parking ticket. As it is
OCR enabled, it retrieves the date
and time from the ticket and saves
it. The app alerts you at various
intervals about the expiration
of your parking validation. The
intervals are 30 minutes before
expiration, 10 minutes before


022-3251630 /



11 November 2016 |

Stars in her eyes to premiere in Auckland

Swati Sharma

talented pool of actors is

all set to entertain you on
November 18 with the
upcoming romantic comedy film Stars
In Her Eyes. Featuring some of the
popular faces from New Zealands
art arena, such as Colin-Mathura
Jeffree and Tarun Mohanbhai, along
with many new artists, the film is set
in Aucklands Indian community.

Having been in law school for

the past few years and shooting the
film during my law exams, I had to
put my new-found interest in acting
on hold.However, I aminterested
in futureacting roles and enjoy
Bollywood films, so you never know,
I may end up acting in India!
says Leila.

The cast of the movie recently

visited the Indian Weekender office. We
spoke to them to find out about more
about the story.
Anousha, played by Leila
Alexander, is pushing 30, inpoor
shape, without a real job and
isbasicallyafull-time caregiver for
her mother.
Talking about her character, Leila
says, Anousha has never had a
boyfriend.In fact, shes never been
kissed. Wereintroducedto Anousha
at a turning point on her journey of
Her hunt for true love comes to
an end with Rajplayed by Vinay
Chinni who is an attractive Indian
bank teller, and the story further
progresses as she tries to fix a date
with him.

The cast of Stars in her eyes at Indian Weekenders office (from L-R) Joshna,
Mohinder, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Tarun Mohanbhai, Negin Allaverdi Gorji

everyone will enjoy. He plays the role

of Anoushas older brother Sanj,
who is a cricketer.
When the script was given to me,
I read it, laughed and thought yeah,
I want to be a part of this. I think
anyone from the Indian community
would relate to the story, says Colin.

One thing that I admire about

Anousha is that I believe she has a
kind heartand is often misunderstood
and blamed by others, but she
isdeeplyloyal, adds Leila.

Negin Allaverdi Gorji, who

plays Anoushkas sister Laxmi, is a
sassy, Ms perfect older sister. She
is successful and portrays the ideal
Indian daughter. Negin says that she
had initially auditioned for the role of
Anousha but was selected for Laxmis
character, as she was a perfect fit for
the role.

Colin, who says that he enjoyed

working on the movie, asserts that
it is a type of movie that he believes

Another well-known face in

Auckland for comedy, Tarun
Mohanbhai, who plays Rajs close

friend, says that it was fun working

on the film and believes that the
audience would have even more fun
watching it.
Leila, a soon-to-be lawyer, says that
she related well with her character, as
they both have a lot in common. We
are both similar in many ways.Like
Anousha,I have grown up in a
family with strong Indianvalues.We
may not have spokenan Indian
languageat home, but there was
always an emphasis on family
and selflessness. Like every young
woman, there have been times when
I have struggled with my image, my
weight,and my self-esteem. I like to
think that these challenging journeys
make life interesting, she said.

Singapore Airlines 2017

(Blackout dates apply) | Commence travel between (10 Feb to 31 October 2017)

One-way Fares starting from 595*

Return Fares starting from 1090* (MAA / BLR / CCU /AMD / HYD / CJB / COK / TRV/ VTZ )
Sales ends on 30 November 2016.

Malaysia Airlines


Economy return fares starting from NZD 999*

Departures between 10 Nov to 17 Nov 16 & 16 Jan 17 to 30 Sep 17.
Sales ends on 25 November 2016.


Economy return fares starting from NZD 1299*

Departures between 10 Nov to 30 Nov 16 and 10 Jan to 30 Oct 17 | Sales ends on 15 December 2016.
Please note availability is Limited/FLIGHT RESTRICTION APPLY. Fares may not be available on all flights.

some of the popular
faces from New
Zealands art arena,
such as ColinMathura Jeffree and
Tarun Mohanbhai,
the film is set in
Aucklands Indian
She further shares that her interest
in performing arts brought this film
to her. Although she had never acted
professionally, she has a natural
appreciation for acting, which she
wishes to continue doing in the future
as well.

Talking about the movies appeal

for an Indian audience, Tarun says
that the film is in general a really
good rom-com and Indian people
would especially really relate to it.
Starring many new faces from the
Indian community, Stars in Her Eyes
is the launching ground for many
new careers. Auckland film-maker
Athina Tsoulis, who brings this feelgood movie, provided a real world
learning opportunity for more than
a hundred Unitec students who
worked alongside seasoned members
from the industry in the production
of the film.
The film will be premiered at Sky
City on November 18 and the cast
and crew invites everyone to come
and join them. The tickets are
available for $15 from Ticketek.
More information can be found at

SIT2LRN Study Anywhere

Study online with SIT2LRN and earn recognised qualifications
from the comfort of your own home!
Agribusiness Management

New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management

Animal Care

New Zealand Certificate in Animal Care


Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5)
New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6)
New Zealand Certificate in Business (Small Business
Management) (Level 4)
Diploma in Professional Coaching

Creative Arts

Human Resources and Coaching

Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Applied Management (Human Resource Management major)
Diploma in Professional Coaching

Marketing and Management

Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Applied Management

Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Applied Marketing
Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Event Management
Bachelor of Applied Management (Applied Management major)
Bachelor of Applied Management (Applied Marketing major)
Bachelor of Applied Management (Event Management major)

Project Management

Bachelor of Applied Management (Project Management major)

Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Project Management
New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4)

Diploma in Digital Film

Diploma in Digital Photography
Certificate in Interior Dcor

Hotel and Tourism


Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Communication (Local

Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Communication (Public
Bachelor of Professional Communication

New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel (Level 5)

New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel (Level 6)


Certificate in Introduction to Teacher Aiding

National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 4)
National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 5)
National Diploma in Adult Education and Training (Level 6)
National Certificate in Adult Education Numeracy and Literacy

Environmental Management

Certificate in Environmental Management

Health and Sport

Certificate in Sports Training and Development

Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
Bachelor of Applied Management (Occupational Health and
Safety major)
Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Occupational Health and
Certificate in Health Sciences (Pre Entry)
Certificate in Health Sciences (Intermediate)


New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (General)

New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Services (Level 4)
Landscape Design Strand
New Zealand Certificate in Land Based Sustainability Practices
(Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Organic Primary Production
(Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Organic Primary Production
(Level 4)

*The ZERO FEES SCHEME applies to all NZ

citizens, NZ residents/permanent residents
and Australian citizens residing in NZ.

SIT programmes are

NZQA approved and
recognised worldwide.

*Direct material costs apply

Call today or email

0800 4 0 FEES




11 November 2016 |

Bollywood blunder at MTV

Europe Music Awards

Aishwarya looks stunning

in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil :
Abhishek Bachchan

eepika Padukones military green look at the

MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) 2016
has been tagged as a Bollywood blunder by
international publications., which had referred to Deepika as
the female companion of tennis star Novak Djokovic
earlier this year, featured the Hindi film star among the
Worst Dressed Celebs of MTV EMAs, and tagged her
as a Bollywood blunder.
Posting an image of the actress, the publication
described the look: Indian actress Deepika
Padukone may be stunning but her swamp
green bralet and skirt combo did nothing for her
sensational figure.
Another publication,, stated: Indian
film actress Deepika Padukone posed on the red
carpet in what looked like a pair of giant dark green
curtains as a skirt, a black sparkling bralet and huge
chandelier earrings.
Deepika is among the top young stars of Hindi
cinema, having proved her mettle on the silver screen
with myriad roles in films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,
Chennai Express, Cocktail, Bajirao Mastani and Piku.
She will be making her Hollywood debut with xXx:
Return of Xander Cage next year alongside Vin Diesel, and
was one of the presenters at the event along with her co-star
Nina Dobrev. The ceremony took place in Rotterdam
on Sunday, November 6. At the event, Deepikas look
seemed to be in sync with her fierceful and strong
character of xXx: Return of Xander Cage. She wore
a Monisha Jaising ensemblea skirt with a black,
sequin bralette.

Theres a strong buzz in India about Deepikas
Hollywood foray. The trailer of the film was released
on Facebook Live and reached 100 million views across
multiple platforms in two days.
Directed by DJ Caruso, xXx: The Return of
Xander Cage is a sequel to the 2002 film xXx and
2005 film xXx: State of the Union. The film also stars
Ruby Rose, Samuel L Jackson, Donnie Yen and
Tony Jaa.

finds his wife Aishwarya Rai
Bachchan stunning in her
latest Bollywood release Ae Dil Hai
Mushkil. Unfortunately I havent
seen the film yet because I have been
travelling with my football team. I
will be seeing it in the coming week,
Abhishek, one of the owners of the
Indian Super League football franchise
Chennaiyin FC, said.
I have seen the scratches of the film
and kept seeing when it was under
production. I think she is looking
stunning. Also, I am very happy for
Karan Johar and the entire team. I wish
them all the very best, he added.
Abhishek was attending a fashion
show by designer duo Abu Jani

I have seen
the scratches of the
film and kept seeing
when it was under
I think she is
looking stunning.
and Sandeep Khosla to cheer his
sister Shweta Nanda who was the
showstopper. The 40-year-old actor
also praised the designers, saying they
are his favourite. The event also saw
the presence of megastar Amitabh
Bachchan and his wife Jaya.


First Time on the market for 47 years!

Tender: Wednesday 7th December at

4pm, 95 Manukau Road, Epsom
(unless sold prior)
Zoned Business Town Centre Activities include Commercial,
Residential, Leisure, Tourist,
Cultural, Community & Civic services
Typically four storeys high
(subject to council regulations)
Vacant Possession 1st April 2017
Current Tenant paying
$105,438 + GST + OPEX / Annum
Freehold Land 1133m2, Buildings
20 associated Car Parks
Adjacent to Residential &
Commercial property
IM available on request
Download files from
Viewing by appointment

actress Deepika
Padukone may be
stunning but her swamp
green bralet and skirt
combo did nothing for her

Richard White (Txt RW to 215)

M: 021 051 8404

Julie Davies

M: 0275 299 109

Flying to Incredible!

Auckland to Guangzhou twice daily connections to

New Delhi.
Contact your local travel agents to book your tickets or visit

Shopover on your way

72 Hour

Visa-Free Transit

hbours. Its your new place to live happy.


omes completing
30 from March 2017.
M +64 21 894 071
M +64 21 230 6877

Cultural landscaping
combines with open space
designer chic at new master
planned housing community

lay suite:
ays and Thursdays 5pm-7pm, or by

Aucklands cultural heritage
with functionality and designhas
been taken at the new master planned
Richmond residential development in
the Auckland suburb of Mt Wellington.

Richmond stage one will feature 99

contemporarily designed homes being
built throughout 2017. These homes
f construction of the development. They illustrate the proposed development but as design and construction
progresses changes may
made. We reserve the
right to make
will come in three, four and fiverefully with us as construction proceeds and up to date information becomes available, and in particular before entering into a sale and purchase agreement. They are intended
bedroom configurations across seven
of all landscaping in the Richmond
plan types designed to be modern and
community right up to residents
stylish as well as low maintenance.
doorsteps, including maintenance of
Three bedroom homes start at
fruit trees.
$760,000, with five bedroom homes
starting at $955,000.

As part of the landscaping and

vegetation design scheme within
Richmond, the developments streets
will all be planted using native trees
such as pohutukawa and titoki.
Some 374 trees and 14,273 plants
are to be rooted at Richmondwith
the landscaping design and vegetation
selection following cultural Maori
design principles of community and
sustainability. In addition, every home
will be planted with fruit trees such
as citrus, apple and feijoawith the
intention that fruit will be able to be
shared by the residents, furthering
the sense of community within the

Resource consent has been granted

and construction of stage one at
Richmond is underway with a
number of homes being completed and
ready to move into from March 2017.
Home owners will enjoy well-designed
internal and external spaces with
private courtyards and landscaping.
Stylish kitchens with modern SMEG
appliances will add character to living
and dining areas.
Interested? Visit the Richmond
display suite open daily 10-2pm,
late nights Tuesday and Thursday
5-7pm, located at 33 Panama Rd,
Mt Wellington or register your
interest on the website - www.

11 November 2016 |

CAB Housing

Date: Saturday, November 12

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Venue: Manurewa Library
Community Room, 7 Hill Road,
CAB Manurewa will hold a free
information session for newcomers
on housing. Please come and join
to find about renting, your rights and
responsibilities. Refreshment will
be provided. For more info, please
call Patricia Pera at 021 133 2014 or
Armmajit Kaur at 021 142 1855 or
mail at settlement.manurewa@cab.

CAB workshop on
migrants settling
in NZ

Date: Wednesday, November 16

Time: 10.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Venue: East Coast Bays Library,
15 Bute Road, Browns Bay,
Auckland 0630
CAB Browns Bay will hold a free
information session for newcomers
on Helping Migrants to Settle in New
Zealand. Find more about:
How Citizens Advice Bureau helps
migrant to settle in New Zealand,
migrant stories and experiences in
New Zealand, overview of migrants
in our community, overview of renting
a home in New Zealand and a Q &
A session. Refreshments provided.
Sonette de Koster, Branch Manager
of CAB Browns Bay, will facilitate
this session. For more information Call Esther at 489 3873 or email at or
just come along.

through Music
Sachchidananda Swamiji is
the founder of Avadhoota
Datta Peetham in Mysore, India.
As one of the great spiritual leaders
of the present day, Sri Swamiji
promotes ancient Vedic traditions.
Avadhoota Datta Peetham offers
the study of Vedas, Sanskrit,
devotional singing and classical
music, and offers service to the
society by donating food (annadanam)
and blankets to the poor, and also
by distributing equipment to the
physically disabled. Sri Swamiji
has constructed a hospital within
the ashrama, which provides care
to over 100,000 financially needy
people every year.
Datta Peetham has its centres
in different parts of India and
also in many countries overseas
to carry out Sri Swamijis mission
of spreading universal love, peace
and devotion everywhere. Fully
equipped and functional relief
centres are operating in Trinidad,
Venezuela, Peru, Europe, United
States of America and India.
Sri Swamiji hails from a
family of outstanding musicians
in the lineage of the great Sri
Venkatamakhin of the 17th
century. He is a gifted and prolific
composer, having composed more
than 3000 pieces of music. His
bhajans, which are no less than
literary masterpieces, elevate the
listeners to the path of devotion,
while the melody and rhythm of
His celestial music relaxes and

soothes the mind, the body and the

Datta Kriya Yoga, a gem for
spiritual seekers, is another gift of
Sri Swamiji to the mankind.
Sri Swamijis mission is to
guide humans to follow the
path of righteousness (dharma)
and to awaken their dormant
takes Him around the globe
to give meditation and healing
concerts, conduct bhajan satsangs,
consecrate temples, and perform
homas and pujas as desired by
the devotees. Devotees and others
throng these events in large
numbers not only to listen to Sri
Swamijis beautiful compositions
but also seek his guidance and
advice in managing their worldly
affairs and also to gain spiritual
To know more about the
activities of the Auckland centre,
please email: enquiry.dycnz@ or visit
Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Datta
Yoga Centre NZ



0800 002 306

We love that Diwali celebrates the triumph
of light over darkness. Because in a practical,
everyday way thats what energy helps our
customers do. For more wonderful ways to
use energy, visit