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Ref: From the book "A view into the past and lesson for the future" by

Sri Prafulla K Das. M.A

In 1939, the Hindu Mahasabha Leader Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee
went to meet Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji in an Ashram in
a remote place in Bengal. This area is now in Bangladesh.
The great historic conversation in between the Seer and Dr.
Shyamaprasad Mukherjee is as follows:Shyama Prasad Babu : Please suggest how can we
frustrate the move of Muslim League to divide India?
Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji replied :
" Change the name of Hindu Mahasabha and call it Arya
Mahasabha. The Muslims are also Aryans. Make them your
members. Read the Quran thoroughly. Learn Arabic. Teach
the Hindus that Rasul is also one of their Prophets. If the
Muslim League takes any step against the teachings of
Quran, as members of Arya Mahasabha, file hundreds of
cases in the court against them alleging that your Prophet
and the Quran are being distorted. I know it for certain that
Rasul appeared for the welfare, integration and peace of
whole of humanity. Baffle the plan they have made to divide
the country in the name of Rasul and the Quran. I do assert
that there is no difference among true Hindus, true Muslims,
true Christians and true Buddhists.
I suggest another plan; in the whole of India Hindus
outnumber the Muslims in a large measure. Please bring at
least twenty five lakhs of Hindu families from Hindu majority
area and get them settled in Bengal; if there are five
members in each family, there will be an addition of twelve
and half million people in Bengal. Then cause another census
to be made. Thereby Bengal will be a Hindu majority area.
Bengal will not come up in the picture of division. Adopt the
same procedure in the Punjab, Sindh, Beluchistan. North
Western Frontier province to convert these places also into a
Hindu majority area. That region also will remain unaffected.
If the country undergoes division, both Pakistan and India will
be mutually cancerous to each other. None will be a gainer.
Dharma has nothing to do with communal hatred. To
differentiate among Prophets is itself an anti-religious affair.
Conversion is itself a specimen of treachery.

If I wish to follow Christ, why should I have to change my

name? Why should I deny my forefathers? In the final
message Rasul warned all in a sacrosanct manner, so that
they never disowned their forefathers. If obeying Rasul and
God constitute Dharma, if we admit that God is one, if we
make no difference among Prophets, if we tread the path of
love and peace, if the purport of pilgrimage, religious fasting,
prayer, sanctified gift and submission to God and the
Prophets are reflected in our life, then I assert emphatically
that you and I are true Muslims, though we are Brahmins. The
establishment of Islam is verily our interest. I keenly desire
that Muslims should be true Muslims. I do not remember to
have seen another devout Muslim like Khalil da ( Khalilur
Rehaman was one of the several Muslim disciples of this
Seer). He is a Satsangi. I never like that he should deviate the
least from his distinctness and identify as a Muslim. Let every
Muslim be and Ideal Muslim, let every Hindu be a true Hindu,
let every Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Parsi cline to his faith
devoutly and may communal amity reign supreme among
different communities to the exclusion of communal hatred
and disharmony. In my place there are people belonging to all
communities. They live like members of a joint family. I
definitely desire that not only Indian but the whole of the
human race should evolve into something like a joint family
overflowing in love and co-operation.
Shyama Prasad Babu You are asking us to bring Hindus to
Bengal from Hindu majority provinces, but this will involve a
huge expense.
Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji : " There is no dearth of
Zamindars, rajas and wealthy people among Hindus. In order
to escape the calamity they will have to face after the
division of India, they should gladly come forward to undergo
this small sacrifice. It will save their interest. `A wise man
gives up a part, when the whole is in danger of being lost.' It
will not do to move in an easy-going manner. Gird up your
loins. Move heaven and earth for it. Numerous workers will be
needed. You will have to strive untiringly. If you can do what I
have asked you to do, the whole of India will hold you in the
highest veneration. You are the son of a great father, you are
sure to succeed if you mean to accomplish it.
Shyama Prasad Babu : Kindly bless me.
Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji : " My hearty prayer and

pious wishes are there with you. Engage yourself in right