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Reflection Day 15


Today in the kindergarten we had Grandparents day. This is where

students could bring in their Grandparents to have a look at their rooms,
portfolios and also have a play with the children outside. When doing
events like this it is great to see the connections made with the parents,
grandparents and guardians of the students. Connections between the
students and grandparents, the teacher and the grandparents and also
gives grandparents and parents the opportunities to see what the
students have been learning and also how they have progressed.
However, these events benefit mainly the Grandparents and the students
that have Grandparents coming. Inclusion within a classroom is very
important when helping guide and develop individuals and develop skills
and values in a group. In this event my mentor teacher made inclusion a
priority. Students who did not have a Grandparents were still able to play
and interact with their friends Grandparents and play in the playground.
Students were not segregated in any way. Although students were able to
participate in the same way as those students my mentor teacher still
recognised that the students were not included in celebrating their own
Grandparents and were not able to do anything nice for them. To include
these students my mentor teacher took photos of each child who did not
have a Grandparent here and sent the picture to their Grandparent.
Although these adjustments were made on the day my mentor teacher
had also been talking to the students prior to the day and on the day
about Grandparents. By doing this the students not only gained
background knowledge but also understood that some understanding the
some Grandparents live far away and are unable to come to events.
As a future teacher I will consider in every lesson how to ensure I am
doing the best practice in the area of inclusion. By considering my
practices and the children within my class I can plan, teach and create
events that will benefit all learners rather than most learners.

I will also make collaboration with family members and other stakeholders
in the childs life a priority as I can see the significance it has on having
the family involved in the child learning and also how important and
highly valued these times are for the students.