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Model questions for IPO Examination

Based on Financial Hand Book Part I ( Chapter I)

Q1 From ----------- the accounts work relating to the postal branch of the P& T department was
separated from P& T audit
a. 01.04.1977 b.01.04.1976 c. 01.08.1980
Q2 The bifurcation of Posts and telegraph department was happened
a. 1985 b. 1976 c. 1990
Q3 The business performed by telecommunication was transferred to ----------- on 01.10.2000
a. VSNL b. BSNL c. P& T department
Q4 The telephones General manager, Telecom stores is included in --------- category
a. Director General b. Head of department c. Head of Circle
Q5 what is the usage of form LI-37?
a. repayment of loans of PLI b. voucher for any payment c None
Q6 All cheques , Bills etc preferable at a treasury for payment being non-negotiable instruments
can be endorsed only once .
The above said statement is
a. True b. False
Q7 For What purpose the Specimen signature of AD in charge of PLI is circulated to whole circle
a. To enable Payment of government Securities at any post office. b. to Limit the payment of
PLI selected offices C. None of these
Q8. What is the purpose of special metallic embossing seal ?
a. Stamping the voucher of final payment of GPF b. Stamping the any type of payment voucher
c. None of these
Q9 . ---------------- is necessary to draw the pay and allowance when a staff transferred from one place
to another.
a. LPC b Pay slip c . Service Book
Q10 The right of government servant to TA including Daily allowance is forfeited or deemed to have
been relinquished within ------------- from the date on which it becomes due.
a. Six month b. One year c. 18 months
Q11 The government employee must submit his claim within -------- for reimbursement of the
expenditure incurred on the Journey , if the advance has been drawn for availing LTC
a. Three month b. Two month c. One month
Q12 The term over charge and is related with -----------a. LTC b. Claim of LTC c .Railway fares and freight for calculating claim
Q13 . When a specific approval from Director general for investigation is needed for a claims to
arrears of pay to Government official ?
a. Claims more than six year b. Claims more than one year c. Claims more than two yea r

Q14 The Indian stamp Act

a. 1898 b.1850 c.1899

Q15 In case advance not drawn for LTC , the officials are liable to submit their claim within
a. One month b. three month c. One year
Q16 No Government officer may issue duplicates or copies of receipts granted for money received
The above said statement is
a. true b. false
Q17 In post offices defalcations or losses, should be charged in the schedule of --------------- and
payments and recoveries of losses should be credited in the schedule of --------------a. UCP, UCR b UCR, UCP, c. receipts , payments
Q18 When a term serious loss occurring to immovable property of department
a. all loss exceeding Rs 1000/- b. all loss exceeding Rs 5000/- c. all loss exceeding RS 10000/Q19 A register of destruction of records in form ------------should be maintained in each office and
prepared preserved permanently
a. ACG 91 b.ACG 7 c ACG 67
Q20 Charges against two or more major heads should be included in one bill
The above said statement is
a. True b False
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Q21 The transaction relating to the business managed by the department on behalf of the
government are included in --------------------

a. Major account heads b. remittance and debt sections of the account c. None of these

Q22 The capital accounts concepts created on the basis the department of Posts are recognized
as ---------------------- department

a. Government b. non commercial department c. Commercial

Q23 The capital accounts of the Posts and Telecommunication departments on a commercial basis
with effect from -----------

a. 01.04.1925 b. 01.01.2000 c.04.05.2002

Q23 P & T Revenue fund was instituted with effect from ---------------a. 01.04.1925 b. 01.04.1960 c.03.05.1960

Q24 If a government servant from whom a recovery is ordered , is transferred to the jurisdiction
of disbursing officer

a. recovery should be completed before his transfer . b. order of recovery should be passed on to
that disbursing officer c. None of these

Q25 Representations against recovery should be submitted by aggrieved Government servant

within a ------------a. One Month b. Two month c. Three Month

Q26 The objections statements are prepared by the accounts offices in ---------------

a. Duplicate b. Triplicate c. Single Copy

Q27 The account records against which audit objections are pending should not be destroyed until
final settlement of audit objections

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q28 The second part of audit inspection reports is ------------------------

a. Schedule of Persistent irregularities b. Outstanding objections from previous reports in brief

c. Introductory

Q29 Audited bills , Vouchers can be resend by audit office after a requisition submitted through
------- to Circle account office

a. Head of the Division b. Head of the Circle c. Disbursing officer

Q30 Credit challans and pay orders should be treated as ----------------a. Cheque b. Credit certificate c. None of these

Q31 A cheque drawn on any bank located at the same station as that of the head post office and
accepted at any of its sub offices will also be regarded as-----------

a. Local Cheque b . Outstation Cheque

Q32 Cheque payment of Postage from the holders of Franking machine licenses can be accepted
with bank guarantee.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q33 ACG 28 denotes -----------

a. Register of dishonoured Cheque b. Register of cheques received and cleared c. None of these

Q34 The transaction is entered in cash book on the basis of ----------

a. Occurrence b. amount c None of these

35 Tr 29 denotes

a. cash Book b . Contingent register c. HO Summary

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Q36 From the following allowance , which is exempted from court attachment
a. Basic Pay b all kinds of travelling allowance c. DP .
Q37 Net amount attachable = X-Y-1000/3 then y represent
a. Total Gross emoluments b. net emoluments c. Subsistence Allowance
Q38 The period for which the officer has been declared temporarily unfit should be intimated to
the --------------a. Circle Account office b. Head of the Region c. Head of the Circle
Q39 Withdrawal for claim for travelling allowance of government Servants may be allowed even
without Surrender of LPC
The above said stamen is
a. True b. False

Q40 Arrear of Pay, fixed allowance or leave salary shall be drawn in ----------- Bill
A Separate Bill b. Monthly Bill c. None of these

Q41 Form No C P W A -52 is used for

A Register of certificate b. Register of Cheque Book c. Register of issued cheque

Q42 The pay and allowance for the Month of March will be paid

on the ----------------- of April

a. First working day b. Second working day of April c. First working day of April
Q43 If Pay or allowances be due in India to government servant absent outside then Government
will make arrangement to pay the due amount to him
The above said statement is
a. true b. False
Q44 Form No ACG 17 is used to record the payments to ---------------

a. honoraria granted to person not in Government Service b. . honoraria granted to person in

Government Service c. none of these
A45 Claims to honoraria granted to officials of the department should be drawn in the pay bill form
No-------------a. Form ACG 7 b. form ACG 67 c. ACG No 20

Q46 ACG 19 is related with

a. Building b. Establishment c. Over Payment
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Q47 The service books of non gazetted officials on deputation to Army Postal Service should
kept at
a. Office of ADG APS b. Director of Postal Accounts , Nagapur C. Account office of Parent

Q48 The service books should be kept arranged -----------

a. alphabetically b on the basis of cadre c. None of these

Q49 Preservation period for keeping service Books after death, resigns and discharge of
employee is -------

a. 10 years b. 2 Years c. 5 Years

Q50 The descriptive particulars on the --------- of a government servants service book should
be reattested every five year by the supervising officer
a. Last Page b. Second Page c. None of these
Q51 Form ACG 20 is denote ----a. Monthly Bills b. Arrear Bills c . Bonus Bills
Q52 The Period of Joining time should be shown separately in absentee Statement
The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q53 When will prepare monthly statement at Sub office

a. 30 of Month b. 10 day of Month c. 20 day of Month



Q54 From the following document , which is the supporting document for submission of TA Bills

a. GAR 14 C b TA-14 C. GPR-23

Q55 The outstation allowance is sanctioned for ----------

a. all officials b. sorters and mail Guards c. None of these

Q57 The ubdisbursed pay and allowance should be kept in a register

a. ACG 7 b. ACG 67 c. ACG 54

Q58 Acquittance rolls and offices of the bills are not to submitted to the circle office
The above said stamen is
a. True b False
Q59 The amount paid against advance from GPF -----------

by service money order

a. Can be transmitted b. Cannot be transmitted

Q60 The amount of subsistence allowance in respect of officials under suspension who cannot attend
personally the due amount to the officials forwarded by service money order to the concerned
The above action is
a. Correct

b. Not correct

Q61 Special Contingencies can be incurred without the previous sanction of Superior authority

The above said statement is

a. True b false

Q62 Contingent charges may be divided in to ------------- classes

a. Four b. Two c. Five
Q63 The policy regarding engagement of casual labour reviewed by government as per the
judgment of Supreme Court delivered on -------a. 17 Jan 1970 b. 17 Feb 1989 c. 17 Jan 1986



Q64 When did minimum wages act formed

a. 1956 b. 1982 c. 1948

Q65 The National Holiday is also considered for calculating the pay for contingent staff is it
correct procedure ?
a. Yes b. No

Q66 what is the time limit for completing the review in connection with appointment of casual
workers in postal department
a. 5 Year b. 1 year c. 6 Months

Q67 The amount received on account of premium of PLI , repayment of loan should be accounted
under ---------------------- head

a. PLI Annuity Fund b. Postal Insurance and Life Annuity Fund Receipts c. PLI receipts
Q68 The financial Powers delegated by the President of India to Various officers of the department
is called as
a. Rules of financial power b. Schedule of financial Powers c. None of these
Q69 What is mentioned in rules 42-A , General Financial Rules ?

a. Creation of Temporary Posts b. Retrospective Sanction for revision of Pay and grant of
Concessions c. Lapse of Sanction
Q70 The appointing authority can create posts on the basis of anticipation
The above said action
a. incorrect b. Correct

Q71 Government promissory notes received for safe Custody must record at -------------- in a
register in Form Sec 19

a. Once b. Twice c Once in a month

Q72 Security deposits of Government Servants are --------------- from commission
a. not exempted b. exempted
Q73 Fidelity bond in form GPR -34 has been accepted from

a. Public b Government Servants c. Both

Q74 What is the purpose of Preparation of Form ACG 69 ?

a. Register of all Assets b. Register of Land and building c. Register of expenditure

Q75 What is the purpose of preparation of correction slip and when it will prepared ?

a. record revenue and capital , Quarterly

b intimation of addition /modification of land and building to circle office , end of the year

c record the asset details , monthly preparation

Q76 When will Pre Audit of Estimates is applicable
a . on estimates of work of Government department executed through
Civil wing
b . The amount incurred for work is very high

Both cases

Q77 While making the payment of amount which is due for civil work to government agencies ,
the full amount can be paid
The above statement is
a. True b. False
c. Subject condition and considering the circumstance , the advance payment of full amount
shall be drawn

Q78 When will stop the recovery of GPF concerned the official due to retire on superannuation ?

a. One month before retirement b. Two month before retirement

c. Three month before retirement
Q79 Recovery of Cooperative Society Dues are mentioned in

a. Rule 561 of FHB 1 b Rule 559 of FHB I c. None of these

Q80 From the following official records which have more preservation period
a. Cash Books b. Arrear Claims c. Service Books
( 10 years )

Q81 What is the preservation period of Pay Bill Register ?

a. 10 years b . 20 Years c. 35 years

Q82 From the following records , which record is permanent One ?

a. Service Book b. Stock Book c. Register of particulars of accounts records destroyed

Q83 From the following records special sanction is needed for destruction from Head of circle
a. Bill Register b. Memo of Disbursement c. Sub Office Saving Bank Journal
Q84 When subscriber dies while in service and nominee is minor
Then who will collect due amount from GPF ?

a. minor b natural guardian of minor c None of these

Q85 The Procurement officer is belong from ------------ department

a. Central Purchase organization b. Telecom department b Postal Department

Q86 The Term FRAC is related with


a. Rent assessment of PO building b. Maintenance of departmental Building c. Audit


Q87 who will fix the maximum value of stamp to be kept in stock in non Gaztted Postmasters
a. Postmaster b. Divisional Heads c. PMG
Q88 Consolidated schedule of stamp should be sent along with--------- to DAP

a. Cash Book b.Cash Account c. Treasures Cash Book

Q89 The Commemorative stamps are Supplied by-----------

a. Circle Stamp Depo B. Philatelic Department c. Nasik Security Press

Q90 International Bureau at Berne has given exclusive right to DOP to hold stock of -------------article

A. Aerogramme b. international Reply Coupons c. Foreign Speed Post

Q91 The spoilt reply coupons should be dispatched to

a. Circle stamp depo b. Circle account office c. General Manager (Postal Accounts & Finance)
Q92 Who will issue license for Registered News Paper
a. Head of Circle/Region b . DPS c . Divisional Heads

Q93 Who is the responsible person to collect the amount of unpaid postage from insufficiently paid
letters and newspapers?

a. Supervisor of Mail Branch b. Supervisor of delivery Branch c. Postmaster

Q94 From the following classes of receipts , which receipt is treated as receipt from other

a. UCR b. Custom Duty c. RPLI receipts

Q95 From the following duties , which is not entrusted as duty of treasurer
a. Drawing cheque b . supply fund from the office cash c. receive cash from postman
Q96 On what basis the transaction recorded in treasures cash Book
a. on the basis of amount b. on the basis of time they occur c. None of these
Q97 The Postmaster of HO should verify the cash by checking footer entries of ------------------

a. HO summary b. Treasures Cash Book c. Hand to Hand Book from all counter
Q98 From which month the disbursement of Pay and advance is not done on last working day of the

a. April b. March c. December

Q99 Where does the Postmaster has exempted from daily verification of cash and cash?
a. Presidency Post office b. Head Post office c. None of these
Q100 The ACG1 is denotes -------------a. Treasures Cash book b. Cash account c. HO Summary
Q101 Who is the custodian of HO summary ?

a. Postmaster b. Treasurer c Deputy Postmaster

Q102 Subsidiary Account is related with --------- office

a. Night Post office b. GPO

c. Field Post Office

Q103 What is the object of Postmaster s Balance Sheet ?

a. Reconciliation of Daily Cash Book b. Reconciliation of HO Summary c. Reconciliation between

HO Cash Book and TCB

Q104 The schedule of Void Money Order should be prepared in ----------

a. Single Copy b . Duplicate c. Triplicate

Q105 From the following schedule which one is not submitted to postal accounts on 1 and 16 of
every month?

a. Schedule of UCR

b. Cash account c. Schedule of Bills Paid

Q106 The reason for keeping excess cash should be recorded in

-------------------a. HO Summary b. Treasures Cash Book c Cash Account
Q107 what is the purpose of preparation of supplementary Cash Book
a. record the transaction of closing days of March from sub office
b record the transaction of closing days of March from Head Office
c. record the transaction of closing days of March and first working day from sub office

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prepared by S Jayachandran, SA , Divisional Office , Mavelikara-690101- Kerala

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Q126 Gratuity can paid by

a. single sum b. installment

Q127 The claim of payment of any arrears due in respect of a deceased pensioner should be
within ------------a. One month b. Six Month c. One Year


Q128 When indemnity Bond is needed for getting arrear payment due in respect of deceased
a. arrear amount exceeds Rs 1000/-

b arrear amount exceeds Rs 5000/- C. None of these

Q129 On which rule is supported for payment of arrears of arrears of pensions will be made
to the nominees

a. Payment of Arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules 1983 b. Payment of Arrears of pension

(Nomination) Rules 1985 c. Payment of Arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules 1987

Q130 A six monthly statement is prepared for cases of failure to draw pensions shall be
prepared by the head Postmaster . Then how many parts in the six monthly statement?

a. One b. Two c. Three

Q131 Payment on account of pensions and commuted value of pensions made by Head and Sub
Post offices will be entered in a separate schedule
The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q132 The facility of payment of pension to Railway pensioners through

POSB has been introduced from -----------------a. 1987 b.1976 c. 1977
Q133 The reduction in the amount on account of commutation shall become operative within
--------- months after issue of letter by the competent authority

a. Five

b. Two c. Three

Q134 Date of credit in the SB ( Pension ) account may be taken as the date of receipt of

commuted value of the pension

The above said statement
a. True b. False

Q135 Duration of life certificate which is submitted by pensioner

a. Six Month b . One Year c. Every Month

Q136 Who handle the transfer of pension from one head Post office to another within the
jurisdiction of another Postal Accounts Office
a. Head Postmaster b. Head Postmaster and Postal Accounts Office
c. Postal Account Office
Q137 The revenue stamp shall be printed -----------------a. Security press Nasik b. Central Stamp store . c. Central Philatelic Centre
Q138 Who will keep reserve stock of stamp and stationery

a. PSD b. Security Press Nasik c. Central Stamp Store

Q139 Who will submit forecasts and indents for central excise revenue stamps
a. Superintendent of CSD b , Head of Central excise department c. Collector of Central

Q140 From the following which official can forward indent direct on
The Central Stamp store?
a. Postmaster of GPO b. Senior Postmaster c. Postmaster of Presidency Post offices

Q141 Government officials authorized to obtain service postage stamps from local depots may
exchange such stamps either for service stamps

The above statement is

a. True b. False

Q142 Damaged and obsolete Postage stamps that can counted and identified shall sent once in
a--------------- to ----------a. month PSD b . quarter CSD c. year Security Press

Q143 The stock verification in CSD can be done by a team which is determined by
a. Head of circle b . Ministry of Finance c. Ministry of Communication

Q144 Which is the most convenient date for changing the status of Head Post office
a. 1st January b. 1 April 31 December


Q145 Haulage charges is related with --------

a. Conveyance of mails b . Charges payable to Railway on account of conveyance of mails

c. None of these
Prepared by S Jayachandran, SA , Divisional Office , Mavelikara-690101- Kerala
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What is meant by FRSR

a. Financial Rule and Service Rule b. Fundamental Rules and Service Rules c.
Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules
Q147 The Fundamental rules shall come into force with effect from

----------------a. 1 January 1970


b. 1 January 1922 c. 1 January 1975



Q148 The fundamental Rules apply subject to the provisions of Rule

3 to all -----------a. Government officials b. Citizen of India
Q149 what option was given by president of India to the government service from 1 July

a. option to continue to be governed by provision of civil services regulations or come over

to fundamental rules
b option to continue to be governed by provision of civil services regulations
c . None of the above
Q150 The option in respect of fundamental rules which was selected by non
gazetted staff may be recorded in ----------a. option may be recorded in service Book b. option may be forwarded to account
officer c . Both
Q151 GPF rules 1960 can be amended time to time
The above said statement is
a. true b. false

Q152 From the following action , which action is not re delegate to subordinate
authorities ?
a . action related with creation of Post . b. appointing a government servant c.
issue order related with changes of allowance
Q153 --------------- of the constitution is based for appointing administrator of union

a. article 239

b . article 240 c. article 241

Q 154 Travelling allowance may be considered as ------------a. Special allowance b. Compensatory Allowance

c. Both

Q154 A government servant is under training then it will considered

as he is under duty
a. The statement is correct b. the statement is incorrect
Q155 For departmental promotion examination a government official is granted
leave.Then leave period is calculated on what basis?
a. duration of examination b. duration of examination plus minimum period required
for journey to and from the examination centre nearest to headquarters station
c. duration of examination plus minimum period required for journey to and from the
examination centre to candidates home

Q156 A Government servant attend in departmental examination may considered as

duty then the official should report his/her office
after the examination
The above said statement
a. True b . False
Q157 Halts necessitated by breakdown of communication while government servant is on
transfer or training Is it possible to grant all such halts considered as duty
a. No b Yes

Q158 From the following allowance which is considered as recurring Honorarium?

a. Over time allowance b. TA c. Honorarium for examination
Q159 Number of persons so entitled is more than the posts available
then lien will be given on------------ basis
a. Junior most person in the grade will be liable to be reverted
b . Senior most person in the grade will be liable to reverted
c . None of the above
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Q160 If A performs the duties of post on which another person holds a lien then it
will be treated as --------a. A is working under probation period b. A is working under training period c. A is

Q161 When a official get overseas Pay?

a. Officials who have working away from his Parent department
b. Officials in consideration of the fact that he is serving in a country other than the
country of his domicile

c. None of these
Q162 if a Government servant holds a posts carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned
without limit of time
Then it may be treated as
a. Post under probation period b. Post may be treated as Permanent
c. Post may be treated as provisional

Q163 if person hold a temporary post then which of the following statement equivalent
for temporary post
a. Post carrying a definite rate of pay sanctioned for a limited time
b. posts carrying definite rate of pay sanctioned without limit of time
c. None of these

Q164 ----------------- is very important document for appointment of a post in government

a. Health card b. Fitness Certificate from any Hospital
c. Medical certificate of fitness from competent authority
Q165 The drawal of pay and allowance for a period not exceeding --------------- in respect
of fresh recruits to government service without a medical certificate of health
A One Month b . Two Month c. Five Month
Q166 in the case of quasi permanent Government Servants who wish to revert to parent
department /Office within a period of two years then the government servant will be
appointed to the post of -------------a. the post held by him prior to his joining the new department

b the present post he occupied

c. None of these
When Government servants refuse to work overtime where such overtime work
is necessary in the Public interest
Then it will considered as
a. Strike b. unauthorized absent from service c. None of these
Q168 The break in service should affect promotion through normal DPC
The above said statement is
a. True b. False
Q169 The period of absence not covered by grant of leave shall have to be treated as

A unauthorized absent from service b. Break in service c. Dies non

Q170 Home town deceleration under LTC Sceheme to be kept in --------------------a. PF of official .b. Service Book of Official c. None of these
Q171 The Head of department should verified service books of each official by

a Every year b. Every Quarter c. Every month

Q172 The allotment of Post attached quarters to official may be cancelled on the basis
of ------------- months notice

a. One b. Two c. Three

Q173 A Female officer who has been allotted residential accommodation free of rent may
be permitted to enjoy the rent free concession during the entire period of maternity leave
The above said statement is
a. True b. False
Q174 In what time is allowed a Government official to continue his occupation in rent free
quarter after his retirement ?
a. One Month b. Two Month c. Six Month
Q175 Permissible period for the retention of the residence while the officials are
temporary transfer in India or transfer to a place outside India
a. One Month b. Two Month c. Four Month
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