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Lesson Plan Guide for how you might plan for a whole group or small group.

Learning Development Area:

Communicating: explores and engages with literacy in a

personally meaningful way

Active Learning: shows increasing confidence and
involvement in learning.

Implementation Date
Inside time 20-30mins

Context for learning:

Inside activity
Does this build on prior experiences/interests of the children?
Students have previous experience in matching images with the correct starting letter.
What is the focus? About what am I being intentional? Will I observe/record information?
To increase the development of students understanding and connection in regards to the
alphabet and how it links to real life objects.
Guiding Behaviour Consider what you need to put in place to support children:

Use language that only states what you want them to do not the unwanted
Positive Acknowledgement
Reminder, warn and action
Move disruptive student to another activity if preventing other students from
learning and does not stop after multiple reminders.
Use my tone of voice to guide students in behaviour management

Ice-cream cards with alphabet and items
Differentiation strategies:
Some students will have difficulty in knowing which letter starts the object without seeing the
name. So some students I will have to write the name for them and this will develop their
recognition of the letters more. For those who are advance I will encourage them to write the letter
on a whiteboard.
You will use a lesson plan for group times (music, language, story, beginning a session etc). You need to think
though how you will engage with the children, the language you will use, the questions you might ask etc.

Introducing the
topic and settling


Set out the resources on a table. Demonstrate to the students how to do this
activity. Only have a maximum of 5 people at this table.

Get students to start the activity.

Re explain the instructions is some students are struggling to understand
what they must do.

Depending on the individual students the differentiation strategies will be

incorporated. Students will be either extended or helped by placing the name
with the item.
Each student will read you the letter and the items to double check.
Evaluation / Reflection: