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Cumulative Project

DUE: Monday, Dec. 12, 12pm

Purpose: The objective of this course is to prepare students with the foundational skills they
need to complete graduate-level research. This assignment invites you to put into practice all of the
skillsinterpreting, analyzing, evaluating, and critically reading scholarshipthat you have been
practicing this semester. It will also help you concretely prepare MM or DMA documents as well

as grant-writing, should you decided to move forward with any of these projects.
Annotated Bibliography (10% of your final grade): related to your individual graduate
work (focusing on recital repertoire, for example). For more information on what
information to prioritize in the annotations, refer to the attached handout. Pay special
attention to the role(s) of methodology in the sources you encounter in your annotations
and address the way(s) the source might inform your own project. This assignment will
help measure your effectiveness as a researcher.
State of Research (20%): Write a 8- to 10-page literature review of research in your field.
Your review should not only summarize major contributions and findings, but analyze
for connections, value systems, and/or methodologies that operate within its discourses.
We will/have cover(ed) some lit review models in class, but Daniel LeechWilkinsons
The ReInvention of the a cappella Hypothesis is a more-than-thorough example of
what a lit review might look like. This assignment will help measure and formulate your
conceptual understanding of your field so that your own work will ultimately contribute
to it (which is to say, so you can answer the So What? question related to your
Tips: For this paper (and research generally, really) it is best to focus on one piece, composer, or
idea related to your recital program, rather than the whole program.
Formatting: For both assignments: double-spaced, times new roman, size 12 font, 1 margins,
Chicago style citations.
Grading Criteria: I will be using the rubric handed out with this prompt. Although your grade
will be determined holistically (i.e., by considering all five criteria in relation to one another,
rather than evaluating each one separately), I will focus especially on those areas most relevant
to each assignment (in the case of the Annotated Bibliography, the conceptual work; and the
State of Research, the conceptual column and production of analytic [rather than reportative]
Submission Date and Procedure: You will need to submit hard copies of your papers to my
mailbox at the music office by noon on December 12. I will be happy to continue talking with
you as you develop your thinking and interpretive claims you wish to make.