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Reflection Day 17 25/10/16

After observing todays outside time and also inside activities I noticed
one teaching skill that I have to continuously be developing that is crucial
in the classroom. In standard 4 Create and maintain supportive and safe
learning environments. Sub standards 4.2 Manage classroom activities
and4.4 Maintain students safety is accomplished by this teaching skill
every day. This teacher skill is being able to observe and have knowledge
of everything that is happening around you whilst still being able to
engage in an activity with one student. Multiple times in inside activities
my teacher has been aware of a challenging behaviour that is occurring
across the room however she is still giving students her focus on the
activity they are doing.
I have found that I can be quite focused on observing a child or in their
activity that I am sometimes unaware of what is happening all around me.
At times I will be not as engaged in an activity but then will struggle to full
listen and understand a question a student has asked me as I am trying to
observe the whole room. Finding a balance is something that teachers
must do. Observing the whole classroom is very important especially if a
behaviour management problem arises seeing or hearing majority of what
happen can help a teacher make sense of both parties whilst they are
upset. However, observing the classroom should not reduce the value of
learning of a student that the teacher is engaged with.
At outside play I was in the process of walking over to the sandpit to
engage with a student however I heard another student crying. I was able
to observe the outside area whilst in a transition process and talk to the
student as we were walking. I found keeping up with the conversation
hard but was worth the difficulty as I was able to assist this student to
settle down and find out what happened.

As a pre-service teacher I need to continuously develop this observation

and classroom management skill. As this will ensure I am keep all children
safe and are able to supervise all children in my care. With this skill I will
be able to maintain a classroom environment and culture whilst placing
great value on the learning of each individual student.