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HeliFlight R&D and

Training Simulators
For rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft
The HeliFlight family of simulators include:
HeliFlight-R (Reconfigurable) used for R&D and
Engineering, and HeliFlight-S (Aircraft Specific) used for
pilot training.
The flight dynamics models installed in ART simulators
are certifiable up to Level D standards.

HeliFlight-R includes a cockpit that is reconfigurable to represent a wide range of aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing. The
instrument panel uses LCDs to provide realistic rendering of analog instruments as well as simulation of the Multi-Function
Keyboards and Displays used in modern aircraft. Touch sensitive transparent overlays provide functional switches for the
computer generated switch displays. Reconfiguring the cockpit to different aircraft involves loading different software to
provide the aircraft-specific instrument rendering, so this can be done in a matter of minutes. The flight dynamics model is
also software reconfigurable, as are the load characteristics of the pilots and copilots controls. HeliFlight-R is designed to
be readily deployable to remote facilities so the system has a modular design that facilitates rapid assembly and disassembly.
The HeliFlight-R system is expandable to allow upgrades
as the customers requirements change. The fixed base
configuration may be expanded to use a motion platform;
the field of view can be increased to accommodate chin
windows, and the simulator can be networked to other
simulators to support distributed simulation applications.

The HeliFlight-R system includes interchangeable crew stations

to support either a two pilot or one pilot cockpit. The Crew Station
and an on-board Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) are housed in a
12 ft. diameter visual display dome. Both rotary and fixed wing
controls are provided for maximum flexibility. The rotary wing
controls include four-axis control loading to provide programmable control load characteristics. Interchangeable tables of
geo-specific navigation aids are interfaced to navigation sensor
models to drive instrument displays. NAV/COM channels are
either selected from a glass cockpit type keyboard unit or from
conventional radios. All instruments and displays are computer
generated on LCDs with a touch screen overlay for crew

The HeliFlight-R system

includes an optional 6
degree of freedom motion
platform. This feature can
also be added at a future
time since the fixed base
HeliFlight-R simulator is
designed for compatibility with the motion platform. The IOS allows for record and playback of both visual display channels
and selected flight data and audio and visual signals may be routed to external monitors and speakers. An external IOS
includes three displays to replicate the out-the-window visual channels and additional displays for external viewing of the
aircraft, monitoring of MFD displays, and simulator control functionality.

ART has combined our advanced flight
dynamics models with state of the art
Commercial off the Shelf (COTS)
simulator hardware to provide integrated
and tested simulator systems that can
achieve Level 6/7 FTD certification and
Level B/C/D simulator certification.
The HeliFlight-S system includes a
high-fidelity aircraft-specific cockpit.

HeliFlight-S provides an aircraft-specific crew station, built to user requirements, with high
fidelity replicas of the aircraft instrument panels and switches and accurate visual masking of the
pilots field of view by the cockpit shell. HeliFlight-S is typically used with Advanced Flight
Dynamics Models Level 6/7 for Flight Training Devices or Level B/C/D for simulators.
Visual Display options include 15-20 feet domes with high resolution and high field of view.

HeliFlight uses ARTs distributed host

software, SIMphony, to drive the
computational systems. SIMphony cycles the
FLIGHTLAB flight dynamics model on the
flight model computer and uses distributed
shared memory to communicate with the I/O
computer and the Avionics computer over the
local area network. SIMphony software
drivers on the Flight Dynamics Model
Computer also interface the flight dynamics
model directly to the Control Loader
Computer, Audio Computer, and Image
Application Programming Interface (API)
provided by the manufacturers of these

Shipboard Operations integrated

into HeliFlight

Sling Loads Training

Specialty Training
ART also produces FLIGHTLAB development software to prototype, analyze, validate and simulate real-time
models. Pre-developed aircraft models for simulator and engineering use are also available for purchase.

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