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Hybris B2B Accelerator – A Case Study

Philip Bretherton, Capgemini
June, 2014

Company profile
The Challenge
Meeting the challenge
Why hybris?
The solution
Rolling out the solution

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Company profile The subject of our case study .

4 .700 employees  19 production sites. All rights reserved.  17 R&D sites © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.Company Profile  Founded in 1963  Biotech company specialized in the field of in vitro diagnostics for the medical and industrial sectors  Revenues of approximate €1 billion with 87% of sales occurring outside of France  Present in more than 150 countries through 41 subsidiaries  Over 7.

The challenge Joining the ranks of the digital enterprise .

All rights reserved.The challenges our biotech company today How can I present the whole of the range of my products to my clients? How can I learn more about my customers’ purchasing habits? How can I help my clients in the act of purchasing? THE DIGITAL ENTERPRISE How can I diminish the number of calls to my call center? How can I push my innovative products © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. 6 .

Moving to a new order management model Current Orders Management picture 45% Fax Quality of Service 25% emails 10% phone 20 electronic orders Automate processes 60 000 distributor orders per year Develop online self-service customer selling channel Promote new business processes to up/cross-sell Offer a service integrated with the information system Short term Middle term Long term © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. All rights reserved. 30% eCommerce orders 7 .

Meeting the challenge Building an eCommerce platform .

An eCommerce project is not simply (one more) web site Above all. 9 . it is… A TRANSFORMATION PROJECT Above all. All rights reserved. it is… A BUSINESS PROJECT Above all. it is… AN INTEGRATION PROJECT © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

A Business project Better understand your customers Promote your entire range of products Personalize your offer © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. Facilitate the putting in place of promotional campaigns Diminish the cost of the sales process Increase your Customer loyalty 10 . All rights reserved.

bringing real value to those affected by the deployment of the eCommerce platform © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.A Transformation project Need to address the topics that require particular vigilance when an eCommerce site is rolled out  Impacts on the organization and processes  Coherence of the customer’s journey through the different channels  Improve the quality of data This requires …. A real deployment strategy An effort to make sure that there are robust processes in place that ensure the of content management Particular attention to change management so that it avoid being process-oriented and general. 11 . All rights reserved.

Print Material DM Campaigns CD / DVD POS Deployments 12 . All rights reserved.An integration project for which Capgemini chose hybris Back end connection Procurement Supplier Product Content Managers Marke-ting Managers Sales Users Various ERP Online Store Initialization CMS / ECM PLM Organization Internal / External Data sources Online Channels Websites POS CRM MAM / Mediaserver Mobile Offline Channels Call Center Suppliers Print Catalogs © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

Why hybris? .

Hybris: a perfect fit Strong & robust solution Complete Omnicommerce solution Native support of B2B processes © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. All rights reserved. Scalable & competitively priced 14 .

A modular. homogenous omni-channel platform © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. 15 . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. 16 .Hybris B2B Commerce Accelerator Out of the box:  Configurable model of customer business unit structure  Advanced user rights to give certain customers users a ‘middle office ‘ access  Budget and cost-centers  Customer purchasing approval process  B2B pricing (negotiated prices)  B2B oriented payment methods (Purchase order) © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

The implementation From Accelerator to integrated eCommerce platform .

All rights reserved.Bootstrap the Accelerator 2 weeks © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. 18 .

All rights reserved. Analyse the gaps between out-ofthe-box features and must-have requirements Extend the Accelerator features without breaking the data model 19 .Extend the Accelerator Demo the Accelerator and train business to use its main features © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

All rights reserved.Integrate the Accelerator with the company’s IS eCommerce platform Reusable assets CATALOG Products & Services Countries Markets CATALOG Interface Hybris Accelerator Customers LDAP AUTHENTICATION Interface CUSTOMERS LDAP Batch PRICING Prices CUSTOMERS Interface REST CyberSource PRICING Interface ORDERS Real price Launch order Order tracking © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. ORDERS Interface 20 .

Shipment addresses Billing addresses Contact addresses 21 . All rights reserved.Map the Accelerator to SAP Account Account number Sold to address Ship to addresses Bill to addresses Payer addresses Account Business Unit Unloading addresses © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

Rolling out the solution .

enhancements. usage monitoring) Centralized Rollout support (Training. change management. All rights reserved.Rolling out the solution to all the subsidiaries Specifics Core vN bMx eCommerce vN Localization scope Gap analysis Core vN+1 Specifics bMx eCommerce vN+1 Rollout country 1 Rollout country 2 Rollout country 3 Release management (change requests. 23 . level 3 support) © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

Conclusion .

All rights reserved. 25 .Key take-away points An eCommerce project is… A BUSINESS PROJECT An eCommerce project is… A TRANSFORMATION PROJECT An eCommerce project is… AN INTEGRATION PROJECT © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

All rights reserved. 5 Project Managers 5 UX experts and designers 15 Hybris consultants 4 Business experts 4 Integration architects Agile RUP ! 26 .Capgemini is equiped to align business and IT to address the project stakes and objectives Transfer the practices of B2C eCommerce to the B2B world Integrate the eCommerce solution into the existing information system Anticipate the organizational and procedural impacts on the traditional sales channel Our Resources Our Methods and Tools © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG.

bretherton@capgemini.Thank you Contact information: Philip Bretherton Managing Consultant Tel. All rights reserved. +33 6 10 75 13 05 © 2014 SAP (Schweiz) AG. .