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Introduction to Spanish Course Description 2015-2016

Nombre: __________________Fecha: el ____ de ______________

This course is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language and
Hispanic culture. Emphasis is on speaking, listening, reading and writing. The
course is supported with audiotapes, videos, a textbook, and worksheets. We
will cover the basics in four units.
The class will meet every other day, on an A/B schedule. Homework will be
due at the next class meeting unless otherwise specified.

1st Marking Period Curriculum

Unit 1: Conocer mi mundo
Essential question: How can learning & using a new language help me
assimilate into a new culture?
Topics covered:
Greetings & introductions
Brief conversations
Communicate one's origin and that of others
Geography of Spanish-speaking world - cultural comparisons
Intro to numbers
Body parts
II. 2nd Marking Period
Unit 2: Mi vida personal
Essential questions: How can I enhance my connections with people through
Topics covered:

Numbers: age, phone numbers

Favorite colors
Personality traits
Cultural comparisons: holidays/celebrations
III. 3rd Marking Period
Unit 3: Mi vida escolar
Essential question: How can I use my Spanish in a classroom setting?
Topics covered:
School subjects
Describe myself & others
Classroom items
IV. 4th Marking Period
Unit 4: Mis preferencias
Essential question: How do my preferences reflect the culture of where I
Topics covered:
Food preferences
Spanish-speaking artists & performing arts
Activities & pastimes

Grading Procedures:
Students will be evaluated in a number of areas. Homework will count for
10% of their marking period grade; Classwork for 15%, summative
assessments (e.g. tests and projects) 40% and formative assessments
(quizzes) 35%.

Materials Needed:
Notebook or Section in Binder (for all notes of instruction)
Folder (for all speaking activities and other handouts)
Writing Utensil
Extra Help
Students are encouraged to participate in SOAR Extension, that takes place
every day for approximately 35 minutes and Targeted Learning
Opportunities (TLOs) that take place after school on the 1 st, 2nd, and 3rd
Tuesdays each month. These are intended for intervention purposes in
order for students to understand content and improve grades.

Students have up to five school days to attend SOAR, or TLO, for reteaching and reassessments.
Make Up:
Make ups will be done during SOAR or TLOs. Students are expected to let
the teacher know in advance when they will attend TLOs and whether they
will be there for make-ups or re-teaching.
Please refer to the Countys grading policies in this matter for details:

A word about learning a foreign language: Although it comes easy to some,

in general it is quite challenging. We will make every attempt for our classes
to be enjoyable, but a significant and sustained effort is required from both
students and parents. By this we mean some maintenance study/review may
be encouraged even if there are no imminent quizzes or tests. Language
skills fade without regular use, and its worth mentioning that while most
students will have been taking math or science for the last 6 years, this is
like being in first grade in certain ways: much of it is entirely new and not
building upon previously-learned information and skills.

All students will have a Duolingo account which is a free online program that
enables students to become proficient in the target language at an
expedient pace.
We thank you in advance for your assistance and expect this to be a great
If you have any concerns please contact us at and
Please provide parental and student signatures.
Thank you,
Seor Ros

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