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The subject of the said Entity(s) on the map topography of Africa also referred to as Africus?

Corresponding Researchers:
Steven V Schofer inter alias
Steve Arroyo Co-founders
21 March 2015

The subject of the said Entity(s) on the map topography of Africa also referred to as Africus?

The Entitys in question as so stated also described as cartoon phenomena, cartographic

topography and the Image(s), allegedly breathed life into the image that and-s had been
working with the presence or corresponding Entity at or near ways since 1993. The records
described on video VHS format in January 1994's file footage's, the individual I see s, initiated
re pore to inform FBI Santa Ana Mr. Steinhauser's regard and other government areas that of
possible missing link and a certain public safety resource?

At so describing, my imbecile friends, (said family members, FBI, police units, health care
workers and various stated reputations), neglected to note our relative significance toward
advancement of security not a matter to they still. In feeling compelled to share the word of
wafer, which is understand word Love, we see the Party's to this overview continue malicious
prosecution ironies. As suchly as to why contended a likeness to a very important person in
religious circles at attention, or an anointed spokespeople, handy dandy in a sense not like any
before, we produced an eye witness to assist in potential esquires indiscriminate and falsely
identified missions?

Although the Entity was said to be telepathic the FBI stated not to, (don't call again), or do not
pursue nor conduct business in so many words- aggression-s? Clearly an assault on our
intelligence and a Civil rights code violation travesty, in so decided either friendly and mistaken
fire or intimidated a witness for fear of their true identities at Court's attendance to these minutes,
we overlook the harassing sentiments and pursue with vigor an integration planner within the
countenance of inter-Planetary observation?

So by whose idea is it to construe risk reduction and in so situating a friendly fire para-phrase as
to not bring up the subject of completely dis-infect the disease I say a designated procurer
solution to modify old behaviors and save as we see a muddy waters resolution not I for if
underhanded treachery is fecal enzyme desires of ethnicity in questionable dis-regard for the
court being in trouble so to speaks?
In so accusing our doctor at Telecare of researching our subject and stupefying its relevance in
an effort to combat, subdue, drug, falsify, intimidate the witness, threaten, waste our Soully
spirited matter, and other areas of fuss and contempt? The purported escrow in questionable
noticed, we set up Court and see the sheriff deputies, police personnel and Judges and sworn
officers talk sentencing hearing to our face and in fact are so regarded as reputed liars in Court
research, desire greatly to come over and cause anguish to our heart, in so saying liars, County
restitution in accordance to the below and entitled Ca. Provision and Statutes?

California Civil Code Section 3294, which states as follows:

In an action for the breach of an obligation not arising from contract, where it is proven
by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant has been guilty of oppression,
fraud, or malice, the plaintiff, in addition to the actual damages, may recover damages
for the sake of example and by way of punishing the defendant.
Oppression is defined as despicable conduct that subjects a person to cruel and
unjust hardship in conscious disregard of that persons rights.
Fraud means intentional misrepresentation or deceit.

Malice is defined as conduct which is intended by the defendant to cause injury to the
plaintiff or that shows a willful and conscious disregard of the rights or safety of

If this is meant for deterring willful and malicious oppression and despicable conduct, in and out
of service detention bringers, mental health case worker I know, purposely and with the intent to
cause harm or kill, lie, falsify the doctor and police reports, the Court records and still think His
Holy Eminence Anton the now presiding in Celestial and regional cordons is going to allow
these phony's to do "sodomic regression" is not enough to remove the doubts and the doubts
persist as to Telecare physicians true identities?

This and did we see Telecare's Dr. Pickart a physician willfully construe neither a telepathy fact
nor cartoon phenomena as stated the record I see, and continue a mean spirited approach to
sabotage our effort? In so many ways we seated means: we stayed the person of interest on the
grounds that the Honorable Anton court does in fact use telepathy in diagnosing a symptom Mr'
Holder, (My friend I would add) in and do we see eye to eye Sheriff's department Santa Ana
individuals responding by way of hacked entry to these imprinted concerns?

As suchly the cause to salute a protect and serve interest of law and in accordance to this
revisionment, despite the enormity and authenticity a fooling response I see from District
Attorney's candor, and in its own recognition of free speech, the accused violated the laws of
Federal and State jurisdiction and fum a counter assault when situated an award due and lost in
Court is clearly being allowed by my friend Mr. Holder who doth rely on faulty FBI procedures
and police oriented fabrications to subdue a credible host and alleges he's under the influence of
narcotics as any excuse under the sun to be-devil and hospitalize our situation due to the facts
presenting' incriminate she and suchly the accused offers violence against the credible winner in
Court escrows in a display of in calculable revenge desires we tolerated so contended?

Clearly illegal, culpable and diabolical, these individual capacity's do confer neither the global
telepathic strategic interest I say is an iota of concerted propensity nor the additional visual aide
of said 'cartoon phenomena" a regard, is reckless as they come when offering a considerable
punitive damage assertion readers I see therefore pry into our police reported COMPLETE AND
TOTAL LIES I SEE and that of reminders of a liable Party's?

Also noted, clearly medical misconduct and malicious and willful abuse of privilege in health
care constitute a need to consider disciplinary adjudication intended for the lip server attention to
get up not again at Court's and see their made to the deputies in defiance to our common
understanding if applicable, Bailiffs who do the same and are-s asking for a spick of trouble in so
many words I'll comment?

Police sergeant's sensitive discussions when tending a hacking position and see they on
telephones to trick our polite and friendly assumption of auld acquaintance be forgotten thus
taking advantage of our nice and kind as-sumptuous re pore? Is wide ones attention breaking the
laws and ordering a faulty find in an effort to try a Lord His will to offer a peaceful and pleasant
re pore? Are we a need to see Wendy Lindley house up for sale yet? Must we prove our point
further deputies I say when "I do" is law degree out of turn?

In view of the accused record, that of falsifying every dual diagnosis clients legitimate identity
and corresponding deputies lip service- articulation on the same unit of flagrancy, when acting
out contemptuous mockery before a Judge I say make reasonable offer not to be construed as a
liar and a foe tuna nor prescribe neither a cure at mental health detentions conspiring agreed
while the going is still good and the re pore may tolerate the fine lines of conformity we see at
legitimate Court escrow? Stop kidding around County of Orange for it was described your
existences are like speckle of minute bacteria a disinfecting agents can.. well you guess the rest??

Meanwhile with the auto-biographical canoted; this was confounding to see, what kind of man
would refuse a hand from an act of higher ups, a said Extra terrestrial Biological Entity's and test
Of God's whose creation do get a bit of fungus come spring cleaning and time to either break out
the cleaning agents or research suchly 'bouts its authenticity and offer neither a fuss nor drugging
as solution so contended?
This analysis constitutes an expert witness who was visible to all who concerted, "never could
see nor make out's" attention faulty. It had not yet been given to research on this planet's plane of
awareness we see nor in our wildest dreams the which we were dealing with is: phony masses,
phony police, phony Judges, phony presidents, phony law credentials, phony mental health
affiliates, phony astronauts and phony medical professions who, as describes our good word and
Savior God(s'), is willing, all mighty and able, done disclosed the fact sodomic creature-s, as told
in Catholic circles, relied on sodomic regression and waste Soul(s') torments in order to grow is
everyone concerted attention to no fear whats so ever an pertinent mention?

The presence of the Entity came to us as telepathic conversation on or just subsequent to

December 12, 1989? After identifying themselves as high ranking space travelers they later
incorporated the emphasis of Gods the Father who is all mighty and willing to pardon past
stipulated minor sinning and noted we construe a phase of more binding approach to Western
escrows a topic. Although acts of God(s) are rare in areas of I do-s consented to be bound am
more finite resolve may be achieved for legal record if so re-collected.

The names of the said Deitys or authority figure so to situate a friendly re pore, are; Anton,
Will, William P. Williamson and Antzee Dancee, who cited whatever we are doing to concert
a tentatively your discussion to Ensigns delighted to see we hold higher supreme and allied
Celestial Court and see people are not real to convey serious attention due to the fact they are
nuclear composite fireproof predators in disguise,

The subject of how to think about daily activity i should involve myself with when concerting an
effort to possibly shape my /our futures and become not a devils food victim by way-s we seek
an assimilation none other than positively inspired re pore and regard for anothers well-
being and supply a copy of your transmittal to uniforms phony impersonation to take to jail and
call a lawyer initiative-s in ones own gumption somewhat to situate the lady cloak swearers
faulty dis-regards for Entity's mental research despite the police and cloak swearers hell placard
destination we catch? In suchly denying do break the laws and conspire treachery to what I say
more suitable to the Partys in question.

Steves real names are-s, biological firstly: Steven Van Schofer Queens New York, April 20,
1957; foster named Steven Van Arroyo or Steve Arroyo, and other names of recent memory
noted as security measure and in internet circles, were: Steve or Steven Faith.

The said mission of the Entities, who demands respect from time to time by reminding us
she/mostly he is in fact, God the omnipotent and reverent Creator and Providence to these
implicates whereby an discussion to the area of faulty restraints dis-concerted due regard the said
accused objectives aimed at aiding an abetment in said metamorphic desires to fornicate
improperly said Soully spirited life forces the breed at our a tentatively an underworld
destination these individual capacity's were "dying to trick and deceive our face" for as many
they disguised conspire torture-like chambers in areas of church deception and governing
deceptions aka like the devil in fact in disguise I see?

That mission of re-programming and extend longevity to my life force if possible, despite the
Satan-like intents of they at our attention and duly described a likeness with underworld aliens"
who agree they are made all said relative's, all new born deceptions all animals deed, sodomic
regression as candor can describe's womankind and Wendy S. Lindley's convention suchly
phony desire of deputies to do hades and say health issue?

So being a record to protect a more suitable outcome and destination placard for our moderators
recent denouncement of United States policies which counter assails both Putins remarks of
possible preemptive strike on Ukraine nor Western ideas that situate all out war should the
United States give unfair military advantage and provoke a confrontation as we seated, free
spoken etiquette, clearly understood to they of sound mind?

The aka spokesperson, the subjects to whose we seat, also wishes to convey in and such:
although the said presence of many who neither appear excited with the word of wafer nor
undaunted to the fact we intercept police approach at Courts attention, dont die and do the bullet
catch on every casualty whether it be in police patrol unit nor in combat a likes disabled veterans
rancor and deceptions, we remain resolved to study the corresponding topography?

A difficult precept to come to realization with is such: either we are in need of a celestial
longevity procedure to extend life for long period, say 1000,000 years at first with a stipulation
we assist as we see the behavior modification principles set forward in this descriptive
indefinitely as program of work, or we fall back and take a whatever you decide oh Lord for you
are good and we appreciate any blessing's you may set aside for me, considering all of they
might be minuscule and disposable in view of an all mighty and Holy God's'?

I say therefore, advocate for one selves, for it was so written with your concerted attention
intended: God helps those who help them selves, there fore wehere in star based research will try
and try as we might to differentiate for a stated and defining life forces identifying principles of
that who so suchly rebuke any and all said rectal, nor oral, penile fornication s, nor fecal enzyme
undertones, cultivation, nor support of any said same sex unions, all due regarded if their existed
legitimate men and women in universes explained another way and undertake a growth oriented
integration plan if and as recommended by, for and of the nice and Omnipotent Creator despite
menacing alien-like growths that may appear from time to time. As suchly noted, with age comes
a little bacteria a mild disinfecting agent can, with the modern conveniences of re-cycle
technology, undertake a common understanding in the area of re-programming.

Added if otherwise was our fate, would we prefer to become a slightest speckle of 0 positive
energy to a good Lords energy field perhaps why suppose individual capacity is definitely a
mission to seeks some what? Therefore we here at DESBIC commend ourtrial period to said
"Antzee Dancee's" omnipotent and Providential capacity where by an underlying privilege may
be employed and suchly to construe for? Selah

The subjects of phony lawyer at attention at why these deceptions take on a whole new meaning
to the actions we suggest the phony adjutants had planned for us such like sodomy, torture and
regress the subjects Souls and other This is how they stipulated, eat and grow, somewhat like
a said devil space traveler, that and are said nuclear composites and fireproof and also had
universal knowledge of wind, rain ocean, fires, weather but in fact blow winds way side and are
in need of our corresponding assistance? (We might need to omit these parts if attention given to
this events authenticity is noted?)

The subject and detrimental interprets realized as no true riffs in warfare really exist, in and they
the police, sheriff departments, governments authorities are one in many I say; in fact as noted
continue to press issue that of oppose our supreme allied armistice revision give rise toward
suspicious pre-conditions being challenged by all deputies knowing all to well we see an all are
one alien and the fact the aliens in question are very well capable of resolving their differences
did resort to arrogance and insubordination to our a tentative observation to what I will decide?

In many one I see if so stated the facts of the said accused actually bring forward crime, terror,
warfare, weather, acts of said impersonate God, and other areas of conveys neither phony law
accredits in an effort to confuse our mind nor medical service to aspire a try, a rift, or phone
conversation and manipulative measures necessary to un-friend or decide to hell is the truth, the
light and the way I see we catch Pontiff and governments in the act so described accurately?

If noted, our-s friendly appreciation for your service may entertain the thought of having you
appear before a Court in areas on noted our exclusive company do concert attention to fallacies
in executive mansions foreign policy destinations and find us intercepting planned modes of
preemptive invocation so to concert a tentative discussion for we seated?

That reliable so consider bearing in mind we saw you designing Hell for our clients when
described of no such thing as Godly intervention nor when doth concerted diabolical double
sides to live their lives at this status qua to overlook the policy directors lip service seated at
Judges we seek, to confirm your attention needed as reliable inter-net source of reported suchly
as described a potentially helpful Entitys the governments may be researching in an effort to use
as possible public safety resource?
And if suchly is wordages we take for granted and if the threats continue when psychs re-
decided, army units of our Country's careless dis-regards for law and order at Court's knew I let
go the Prophet figure and convicted all the deputies of treason suchly U S military policy should
not be hells bells a side full steam ahead with defiant logic approach clearly a provocation and an
invitation for confrontation assimilation; so General Dempsey better do as I say or I'll resort to
hell to Man-kinds advantage chicken scratches I see?

While enduring the hardships of friendly fire at first, the host figure in question had been given a
much appreciated housing benefit by the County of Orange California located here in the
beautiful vicinitys of Midway City? In so describing the right ideas the subject feels as though
the County(s) owe somewhat nearer to 9 million dollars in restitution for false detention and
coincidental drugging impunities in these phony hours of their a tentative efforts to convey an
asset or resources to a said communitys?

In so describing the accused for reasons we see County of Orange esquire jurisdiction to what Ill
decided falsely accused our topography, concerts a phony law degree ideation and court
ledger-s to alleviate the facts presented in this friendly disclaimer, which also described
telepathic and consensual Partys to consider process verbal to any claims or copyright
information being used for research and said peaceful purposes emulating for a knock on the
door approach to describe neither a Court of law reals nor a photograph Courtroom evidence
exhibits on the grounds risk assessor, police personnel and Judges in our inquiry allowed to go
free, says the good Lord we see-s, is slow to anger at first, so consider the political outrage and a
social embarrassment liability the Countys attention does compound, when you've got either a
cross to bear nor undertake an objective such as described in the face of contemptuous mockeries
I'll quell with they who are aligned and-s said seated at attention contrary to police and deputies
Courts desires to launch?

So when describing a need to evolve further doth cite a purpose of sodomic and regressive
reproach a need for life span transformation or procedure of the such to insinuate medical
practice lies, the emphasis of timely will continue to be the subject in and so we do not just dies
and allow the discourse we see to continue so stipulated?

So there we have us in a essay and brief description and-s said challenges we see: descriptive
encode in star based internal command, intercepts, projection and communication- the articles of
genetic disclosure discovery and appeals, (DESBIC AGENDA) whereby if seated a need to
possibly shape our /his / your own-s future-s by not twiddling our thumbs when given a vision,
and defining an objective in concerted attention with Hispanics embryo-s to kid so contended?

Therefore a debrief descriptive as to inform the masses there by situated a U S government

jurisdiction is currently exploring the possible ways a said miracle can be acquisition-ed for an
possible police or public safety oriented program of work. So by its needed re pore, as noted
author-s, such is the ironies when individuals see they are being watched or are under
surveillance by higher said powers, these concerted a tentative-s would be more inclined to
receive, and conduct one-selves in a more responsible way,, be it in homicide division nor in
church so contended?

Thank you Google and other fine internet resources?

Yours Truly
Steven arroyo
Dba Steven V. Schofer

Law Suit against County of Orange Ca. Manuscript,

Nuclear and wmd disarmament comprehensive manuscripts,

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