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Condition and Memorandum 2

(A side-s from the above and entitled High Recommendations)

U S NATO (Troop and emplacement Withdrawal from former Soviet States)

1. In such as recalling an assimilation in area of ambiguity, the Independent

Contracting Insignias by orders of the Honorable Mikhail Gorbachev as recollected,
did describe not enter into an alliance against Russia in so many words so stated to
our recollection the terms and described, news worthy common understanding in
which the then United States President George H. W. Bush and James Addison Baker
the III did see I do dissertation to aims.

2. In so situating an United States and NATO decision-s, an iotas of candor we

continue to suppress ; the U S A cordons, are neither a concern for geo-political
supremacy, nor allied protection reservation in areas of said ambiguity to the
validity of assimilation of configuration to the areas discussing.

6. So when discussing arming Iran as topic of research consider approach as

described in this Article where by the United States and NATO alliance in area of
assimilate anatomical parity and in an effort to construe work station agreed to:

(a) cease, desist and withdraw military exercises, defense related funding of any
said weapons neither strategic nor anti-missile radars and batterys from any such
former USSR Republic, State, Ensign or Marquee in an effort to prevent escalation or
hostilities in Accordance with this entry and by virtue of our most high advisers
God all mighty whose is it to decide?

(b) neither sell, transfer, allocate military support , station military conscripts
or advisers, sooth-say, nor incite, aggravate, intimidate mayhem or unrest aimed at
Russian Federation or her allies?
(c) withdraw all said military relative emplacements, radars, ballistic and anti-
ballistic missiles of any aggregate or anatomical superiority or nether, explosive
devices that weren't manufactured by corresponding Soviet former's accord?

(d) neither expand nor pull out and rescind on all aircraft, submarines, flotilla
support in connection with the assimilation of aggression interprets we see
escalating tensions and compromising an hostile arms race in accordance with these
Sub-paragraphs in any areas described as former Soviet airspace in such as

(e) cease and desist trade nor trafficking in areas of small arms, ballistic missiles,
nuclear energy complex development, armed air-force and naval protection in
accordance to the agreement we service during the Bush- Gorbachev Conventions
and with a view to anatomical superiority and the perception of not afraid to
counter a side to contend for.

7. In other areas of descriptive encodes meaning, the former Soviet satellite escrows
are to enjoy the fine liberties of life, in so saying we. describe neither western
militancy and exploitation's nor that which weapon systems of any assigned
deceptive practice we catch pose a phony breech nor an escalation of hostilities as a
framework to this actions and in an effort to assimilate function of articulation,
glasnost and perestroika, senses of Community, honor and values in accordance
with accepted practices and interpretations of laws and Treatys on file?

8. In so be inseparable has an U N secretary General Courts out of order to this

afternoons dictation I see? That area of fuss, a United Nations had been Party to the
20 years of telepathy by our God who is all mighty. As precedence allows for
procedure, the U S and U N re pore is in arguably in violation of President regarded
corrupted by this it is advice to decide re- situate room for improvement so stated.
So a color of flag issue in as such consider the stated needs for verifiable means
when addressing the contemporaneous de-escalation and assimilation's of
disarmament issues in the face of Gods the Father who is all mighty to retaliate?

9. The High Contracting Parties of INF Start I and II agreed to limit and deescalate
neither an iota of concerted attention to police units hacked proceeded, therefore
precedence, de-escalations, perestroika and glasnost are an application to recollect
when dealing with issues as described disappearing capability or vanishing
arsenals in new disarmament drafts or other related contentions; having
assimilate a sense of priority to United States Senate attention and executive
corridors at attention to supply reserves a right to comment or contest let no other
issues trump the obligation we seated as such to describe?

10. The subject-s of (American Nationals), contending with God-forces and Entity's
who situated individual and power of attorney to contending, stellar-like diplomacy
is rare and incidentally an assimilation of de-fact-us submergence-s, so if attention
is concerted to our said faulty design approach in combustible mineral worths
escrows, nor else wheres, we the surprise visit to our a tentative discussion I say do
so so offer a pledge to be under Gods watchful and discretionary observation than
to die a phony and belligerent nuisance patrol units nearby so to suggest?

11. Having seen an assimilation that of disregard and menacing re pore besides
NATO and a United States Attorney Generals graven intimidation for an Entitys
advice on Belgrade, that and-s undertake friendly relations with its former care-
giver and Host during and subsequent to the Yugoslavia breakup; an effort to give
the nice Russian Federation care-givers a re-constituted effort consider approved
membership to an EU seat, say, and working relationship in accordance with this
exercise of free speech.

12. These above and a fore-specific mentioning-s provide a pattern of potential

collaborative policy pertinence, all aimed a definite pattern of authenticity;
meaning: Seek an variant of this draft if the consenting affiliations care to omit parts
here inside-s. The subjects of disarmament and-s abuse of alien technology will
continue to be the subject so long as the Heavenly placard destination is decided.

13. This updated evaluation and agreement will serve the Interests of all partial
predominantly presidential ethnic diversities to an assimilation of Party lines. A
United Nations escrows fully aware deputies can arrest a phone numbers on file to
press the issues of Celestial supervisors rank and file so sarcasm a threat not nor
describe a lunatic neither knowing all too well the subject of abuse of alien
technology and a right to contend is within the guidelines set forth in United Nations
principles and its Charter of legislative connotations also contended.

14. By virtue of this declaration and in its elusive ways of capture, we seek, trade
and fuel lines be resumed including a lifting of economic sanctions against the
Russian Federation a way to assimilate constructive engagement suggested. A High
Standing Commission we see will suggested share or consign a United Nations Judge
or secretary's quarter to oversee and hears said violations or causes as to address
the senses of needs there stated.

15. This accordance will self-serve its execution of free will this and-s economic
needs and working responsibility based on the insignia's desire to maintain trade
and friendship status with the former Soviet Republics. Further, the Russian
Federation and its counter parts, loyal advisers, under-statesmen and consensus
seekers protection assets conveyed a message I say. So by recognizing its legal and
moral needs an I D looking at your planner to re-establish working relation is so
situated as before the impasse.

16. The subject of working relationship brought to the table gives rise to remind the
United States people retro-in effect Entity sided up-ways by and by way wards 31
April 2015 12. am.PST latest time stamp to decide by However in other Treaty areas
of fuss process verbal is used to assist the retro-in to effect accession details so
belong to your community more and deserve a side of self-seeking?

17. In so sided by whose authoritys to fulfill and decree do re-write; let not the
torch be lied to and-s hereby take into consideration: Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry, General
Dempsey Sir-s and-s sworn deposition in writing to your counterparts rights to
exercise precedence and etiquette and good Faiths allegiance worthy of praise Sirs.
In other words Senate majority leaders attention and-s nod of support did decide
lift sanctions and end cold fever we set a-side-s as official entered; that so serving
our leaders offices remember not to let a smolder burn when lighting a fire-s so
celebrate responsibly I say-s.

18. This Accordance, including text and messages assimilation be forwarded to The
High Contracted Partys and their individual capacitys to construe liability Sir-s. Mr.
Obama, Mr. Kerry Sirs, the Honorable Mr. Putin, and friendly Russian Federation
represented by way of telepathy I see, set aside warfare architecture, foreign affairs
committees and our police department hacking our entitys projection so stated.

19. Also noted, this assimilation of interpretation by legal and binding accordance-s
is set to become active and in force not ladder than 31 April 2015. The budgetary
supplement re concerted to describe partial liability ad adage a restitution issue as
described herein is an integral part of this iota to care-giver assimilation.
20. This Accordance and its texts done in Telepathy and more-over English
languages is being situated for personnel to re-constitute dialog and transcription
analysis for translation-s assimilation topic-s, therefore accession grace periods
retro-into effective to the moments of truthful assimilation of discernment not
ladder than 31 April 2015 12:am PST. Services mindful of our patriotic chores on
site observers and disappearing activities planned as assimilated desires in that of
where updated series of Treaty(s) focal points so stated. Also noted: this version
and update, that which of the DESBIC Accordance 2 is super ceded by DESBIC
Accordance 8 or (D A -), hereby inscribed, and is an integral part of the
contemporaneous disarmament solutions as such.

21. Whereby virtue of this assimilated declaration the Contracting Parties agreed to
end all hostilities and resume faithful relations enjoined by Entity's procedural
connotations and Celestial approach. This accordance is subject to revision by its
author-and protection service in the event unintended questions should arise.


DONE 19 MARCH 2015 92655 USA 10: 41 pm PST IN GODS WILL WE TRUST


Russian federation________

United States of America________

NATO Chair_______

Witnesses___Steven Van Arroyo__dba Steven V. Schofer 19 March 2015