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Opening Program
Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.
*To our principal Madame Isabelita R. Duadua, our asst to the principal
Sir Martin I. Diaz, Teachers , and to our fit and strong students, Good
Morning! And Welcome to Grade 11 Physical Education and Health,
Aero- zumba Marathon Competition with the theme: Be fit and Be
strong, Lets move to the beat.
*To formally start our program, may I request everyone to please stand
for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, followed by a prayer
to be lead by Andrea P. Cordova Grade 11 ABM- A student and please
remain standing for the singing of Tacurong National High School
Hymn and Tacurong City Hymn.
*At this moment Sir Jezrell L. Fulgencio P.E and Health teacher will
give his Opening Remarks.
*Madame Isabelita R. Duadua will give her message.
*At this Juncture may we call on Sir Martin I. Diaz Asst. to the Principal
to inspire us with his message.
*Now let us move on to the second part of our program INDEED! It is
the moment youve all been waiting for, but before that
*May we call on Sir Jose T. Decena III P.E and Health teacher, to
introduce our board of judges and Zumba instructor followed by reading
the rules of contest proper.

*At this time Let us give certificates to our distinguished judges for
sharing their time and efforts.